2019-06-06 - Welcome to Our Parlor


Spider-Man drops by to check out the Young Avengers' new digs.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Jun 6 01:34:29 2019
Location: Baxter Building - Young Avengers HQ

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This would be the first time he's come here since the founding of the Young Avengers. They got the Baxter building, which was nice, for their base.
Well, he had a base, too. Well, baseMENT. But it counted! He had a lab and a PS4 and everything!
In any case, he was going to check in and see if there was any consulting work he could do for the team. He could do that on his own time, and leave the world-saving to the Young Avengers.

He was already on the way when he realized he hadn't RSVP'ed. Oh, well. He could just nip in, get the lay of the land before security ousted him, and then head back to work on the suit some more.


Blackbird's presence in the Young Avengers base is an infrequent thing. It's probably not a huge surprise to most of the team, given her generally secretive nature and her assurance that she has her own place. After all, she apparently works with Batman, and who knows what that guy does?

But she does make sure to check in at least once a week. At this point, that's as much checking on the progress of the place as anything else.

She's at least somewhat in costume as she looks over the shiny new control center. She's wearing the uniform, and the gauntlets, and the cape. But at least the hood and mask are down. Her eyes are still that uncanny bright gold, though, set in seemingly exoticly eastern features that don't…quite match the skin tone of the rest of her (admittedly little) visible skin.

Rose Wilson is one of those that wears her name, and her codename with equal balance, they are one and the same. Presently, the hard body platinum blonde is sitting at the supercomputer, wearing a pair of short-shorts and a half-shirt declaring her allegiance to a band called 'The Dead Weather'.

She's got the super-computer on a high-level functioning data search, blowing through worldwide databases, court records, military, police, anything. Not that she's told anyone what she's looking for.

Her head turns to consider Blackbird, "Just do me a favor, and don't dismantle Herbie to figure out how it works, yeah?"

Herbie, the tear-dropped shaped robot was a gift from Reed, and seems to have been programmed to be a tidy housekeeper. Rose has - well, taken advantage of that, to some degree. Gotta keep the mechanical man happy, and employed, afterall.

Nate Gray has taken to calling the Young Avengers base his home. He's currently looking over some of the controls and moving around to make sure everyone is getting comfortable in the new home for the group, so to speak. He's wearing a black jacket and a dark shirt with a white X on the front, and some leather pants. He walks around, look at Blackbird and giving an upnod. "Hey, how you doin'."

He looks at Rose. "It has a name now? Nice."

Nate looks around for a brief moment before he seems to be continuing to explore around the headquarters.

Entrance, entrance, where the deuce is the entrance? Ah, heck, just try to find some kind of balcony area. Just swing around…hey, that'll work.

Spider-Man wheels around to land lightly on the railing to the balcony. He hops onto the platform, then walks towards the double doors. He tested the doors. Closed and locked, of course.
He paged through the frequencies until he found the one Kori gave him. He took a deep breath, then dialed it in.

"Breaker, breaker, this is the Spider-Man without a Spider-Plan. Anyone in there, or are you all out saving the world…?"

"It's a high-end roomba, I promise it's safe from my curiosity," Blackbird smirks over at Rose, leaning over to look in on the search Rose is running. "What're you looking for?" she asks, leaning against the control board and crossing her arms loosely over her chest. She tips her chin upwards at Nate in a brief greeting, but she's busy stalking Rose's work here.

At least until Spider-Man calls in.

"What, no keys for Spider-Man?" she asks, quirking a brow before she pushes off to go unlock the balcony doors. "Welcome to my parlor, said the Blackbird to the Spider," she says with an exaggerated bow.

"Sure we can't use twenty million dollars?" Rose asks in a mild tone that almost sounds serious. Though, at least Blackbird and Nate would know her well enough by now to know she wasn't really serious. Convienently, as Helena's attention is diverted to their visitor, she doesn't have to answer Helena's question and instead saves, and shuts down the progess of the search with a few key-clicks.

"Hope you brought some beer," Rose tells Spider-Man as Blackbird lets him in. She grunts to Nate, "Reed said his name was Herbie. Don't ask me why. Think it's an acronym." She shrugs, indifferently. She stands up from the seat at the computer and folds her arms over her chest to regard Spidey with a less-than-impressed look. So, pretty much normal Rose.

Nate seems to look curious as apparently Spider-Man is using the frequency the team uses to communicate. "and this is why I suggested I link us all mentally. Saves us surprise guests." Nate quips lightly as he sees Blackbird let him in. "Hey Spidey. Didn't think I'd ever meet you in person." then he looks over at Rose.

"We can always use twenty million dollars. if its offered, don't say no." of course, he's just teasing…or is he? But then he looks directly at Rose as she tells him about the name Herbie and the origins. "Acronym that means?"

But, in the meantime, Nate just finds a spot to lean against. Possibly even wonder who else will show up.

They're asking HIM…Spider-Man…for twenty millions dollars. Spidey cannot suppress a snicker as he meets the enigmatic Blackbird at the door. His finances were still at "church mouse" rankings until the thing at Kane starts. He looks over to Rose at the mention of beer. About the same result. "Yeah, Kori asked me to check in every so often, see if there was anything technical or scientific you all might need help with. I didn't get the nifty consultant badge, though, so you'll have to take my word for it."

"Humanoid experimental robot, b-type, integrated electronics," Blackbird recites on the topic of what the robot's name stands for. "Maybe not the most creative name, but hey, it made a word." When Nate mentions a psychic link, she looks over with a rueful smirk, shaking her head. "No offense, but I'd much rather put something in my ear than put a person in my head. One of me up here is enough, thanks."

She closes the door after Spider-Man, going back to the computer and tapping in a few commands to bring up Rose's last search. "So, what were you looking for?" she asks with a guileless smile.

Rose actually grimaces at Nate's offer. "I'll stick to comms. Thanks." Averse to telepathy much? Rose doesn't trust telepaths. And, she's pretty sure nobody wants to mind link with her anyways. That'd not be a fun trip for anyone.

"We're just getting set up. But, Reed's done good by us so far," she tells Spider-Man, shrugging. "We got the basics down. Though you're welcome to add a machine gun rack to my motorcycle if you want."

And as far as Helena goes? She tells Blackbird, simply, "Something I haven't found yet," the carriage of her body language and the tone of her voice suggests, strongly, nobody is getting anymore than that as an answer.

Nate shrugs at Rose. "Suit yourself." then he looks to Blackbird. "Why thank you." because now he knows what it means. "I get it." and then he's looking over at Spider-man. "Consultant huh? well, no badge and I don't trust you." he grins then, suggesting he's just teasing. "Good to have another science nut on board. Feel free to poke around, I'm not good at any of this stuff anyway."

Actually, he was. He just hates it.

He looks on over at Blackbird, then to Rose, looking between the women before finally settling on Spidey, wondering what else he might be here for. "So, just a consultant? not joining the team proper?"

Spider-man smiles, but it is a wan smile. "I've got my hands full. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and all that. Someone's got to help the people on the street while the Young Avengers handle all the big problems. I already kinda have a team…or at least, a group to help." He looks around. "You guys have a pretty nice place, here. All the bells and whistles. But I guess unless Kori…or Starfire, whichever is supposed to be used…has something in particular, I'll just leave a note to tell her that I came by. Does she have…well, I dunno, an office or a station or something?"

"We've got a few science sorts," Blackbird smiles easily over at Nate, quirking a brow at Rose's avoidance. But then again, she's the one who won't even give people a name, so…secrets are fair enough. "Part of the exciting part about being here in the Baxter Building."

She looks up, as if she could see the lab upstairs through the ceiling, with a wistful sigh. "Some day." Neeeeeeeeerd.

"Kori's got a room," Rose suggests to Peter, probably being the most helpful she'll be all day. She cants her head at Spider-Man, "If we get in a jam, we'll call you on your Spider-Phone. Or, whatever it is you have." She makes a gesture with her hand. Her singular eye watches him, almost suspiciously. "But, sure. We'll do our part. Play heroes. And throw parties. You should come. You'd have the ceiling all to yourself. Dance the night away."

Then she glances sidelong at Blackbird, equally suspicious before she agrees with Nate, "I'll use it. I'll leave it to soemone else to make it," she agrees. "I got better things to do."

"She's got a-" Rose has this well and handled apparently, so Nate stops talking then for a moment and takes the time to look at Blackbird. "So it would seem. We're living in a science sortie's giant house after all." Nate teases, before he looks over at Spider-Man. "Its easy enough to find.' he plays off of Rose's quip about a spider-phone. "Or even better, a spider-signal. That should be easy to do in a tough spot." He smirks playfully.

Nate seems to yawn for a moment and does a little stretch.

Spider-Man chuckles. "I'll leave the frequency for our Spider-Comm system, and I can always use the comm frequency you guys use. I'm also working on a new version of my suit…improvements across the board, really. Maybe if I can get it perfected, I can see what can be done about fabricating for others."

"New suit, huh?" Blackbird grins, nodding approvingly. "Always nice to get an upgrade going. This place is one heck of an upgrade." She glances to Rose, then to Herbie. "I mean, I'm pretty sure that's largely due to the robotic assistance…"

She's teasing. Mostly. "Still, it's nice to have a place that's…Well, I won't say 'ours,' since I'm not staying here, but, you know. Not someone else's, at least."

"Beats a hotel, or a safehouse," agrees Rose, casually about their new upgraded base. She admits, "Comes with a price, but, might be worth it." What the price is? Well, she's figured it out. She'll let the others do so on their own, too. "We'll see. Has it's advantages." A gesture to the computer.

"And, we don't have to worry too much about getting assaulted for paybacks either."

Nate gives a light nod to Spidey. "Hey, know a few people who would love an upgrade to their uniforms if you want. Thanks for offering." though his eyes then fall on Blackbird with a kind smile for her. "True. Even still, its just a nice place for us all to meet up all official-like." Then finally, to Rose. "It does…like all of this high tech stuff. As for being assaulted well…all it takes is someone pretty tough and stupid to make the attempt."

he crosses his arms then before he looks for the couch.

Spider-Man chuckles and nods. "It is nice to have a place to call your own. Now, I should probably head back to my…uhm, Spidey-Lair." He gives Nate a wry look, then heads towards the balcony entrance. He can't help but think they have a good start. Even if it will be a few years before he can join any party where alcohol is involved.

He steps outside, then jumps off the balcony to generate some momentum before he fires his webline and swings off, headed back to his secret base…ment.

"Yeah, no kidding," Helena nods to Nate, pulling a chair over to the terminal for herself. She's got a whole new computer system to bury herself in. What more could a girl ask for? Well. For really digging into computer terminals, it would probably be smart to remove her gauntlets, but then there are fingerprints and…Boy, she's paranoid.

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