2019-06-04 - Tentacles, Fireballs and Coffee Talk


In a caffee, Eve and Sunny meet Junko… and exchange a couple half cooked secrets.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Jun 4 11:41:57 2019
Location: Greenwich Village

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…so Eve and Sunny are walking doiwn the strreets of Greenwich Village. After their previous meeting in the CAtskills, they'd agreed to get together and chat a bit.

"It's just down this way," says the smaller Goth, who's appearance couldn't contrast more sharply from the taller blonde she's walking with.

"It's greenwich. Of COURSE there's good coffee."

There had been questions, curiousity, stuff that Sunny wanted answered after their last meeting. Questions better asked over a coffee or whatever rather than in the middle of a haunted woods with blood and mess all around them. Today she wasn't wearing her coat, her gunslinger belt and everything else that marked her 'heroic' actions.

Wrapped in a black skirt beneath her leather jacket and that obnoxiously bright orange tank beneath, the blonde woman didn't look quite so 'Goth' as her companion. "Good coffee and good food don't always go together, but I'll follow your lead at this one."

Similar to Sunny, Junko wasn't in 'Hero Garb' either, just dressed in Jeans and T-Shirt, a sports bag over her shoulder branded with some Chinese or Japanese text. Only those that could read it might notice it as the first lines of the Go-rin-no-sho, the book of five rings by Musashi. And she was on a hunt for coffee herself. On foot, since finding a parking spot was a thing of luck often.

Coffee is the single most important thing and climate change is going to ruin it! Perhaps the people who made Eve had the right idea. No, wait. can't think like that!

Eve smiles, though, and nods towards a small coffee stand. It also has a variety of scrumtious sandwiches being warmed.

"Here," she says, with a nod. She's gonna get herself an overly sweetened frappe, it seems./

It was all that little bit fancy, fancier than just beans and water she'd come across in her years. Despite herself, Sunny just shrugs and holds up a hand to gesture for the 'same again'…even if she had no idea what Eve was ordering. What was immortality without a little adventure, huh?

Sandwich picked for accompanyment, the woman makes to find a seat and tilts her head to the side. "So…you wanna start with the eating monster's thing?"

Junko enters just about when the other two are ordering, lining up behind them and then ordering herself a green tea and a sweet buiscuit. She had the little nerve to ask for the water to be a specific temperature as she waited, leaning a little against the counter where the orders were given out.

As Sunny mentions eating monster thing, Junko's head turns, an eyebrow raised. Was she referencing some monster she hunts or was she calling her that name? But that were chinese foxes that ate humans…

"…can you /wait/ until after the coffee and we're not on a street?" groans Eve.

"It's not exactly a great conversation to have in the FIRST place." She makes a face, then she has her drink and has a looooong sip of the overly carmelized beverage. SIIIIP.

"Yeaaah. It's just something I do."

That's Sunny, not exactly the most subtle of women. Then again, who really expected a goddess of the sun to be low-key? Tilting her head tot he side as she gets her drink, she shrugs her shoulders. "Wasn't the most appealing thing to watch either," she points out, but there's a shrug before she takes a sip of her own drink.

Well, that is sweet as all get out, but hey.

"Yeah, that just leads to more questions."

Something she does… Sighing a little with relief as the two are not talking about her, Junko's interest is peaked nevertheless. Monster… eating… people? "Excuse me, you have a moment?"

"Well, yeah. That's the problem with supernatural mumbo-jumbo, isn't it? There's awlays m-," and then Junko is there. Talking to them. Skeptical eyes are now on her.

"…okay, I'll bite. What is it?" She tucks her hands under her arms.

If there was reason for them to be talking about Junko, Sunny wasn't aware of it. When they're interupted? The Blonde just sort of blinks and turns her gaze to the newcomer, tilting her head and raising an eyebrow behind the second sip of her drink. Still sweet, but the taste was growing on her.

"What's on your mind?" she questions of the newcomer, seemingly having enough sense to halt the discussion when a stranger approaches after all, even if her restraint on volume had been lacking earlier.

Junko Saito says, "I just heard you talking about supernatural stuff… you happen to know about this? Things like monsters and such." Junko smiles apologetically, putting her own cookkie on top of her cup of tea to get her left hand free and summon just a little ball of fire between the fingers before dismissing it again. Just a short flicker of flame. "I am interested in such things…""

"..sssssssssssssee?" says Eve, giving Sunny the dirtiest look!

"Oh, well. Is that right?" She offers after a moment to Junko. Another dirty look. YOU HANDLE THIS,SUNNY! IT IS TOTALLY YOUR FAULT!

Handle this? Alright. Sure. She's totally got this…right? Sunny just shrugs and begins the easiest lie she can think of. "We're talking about a story we saw on th-…" she begins, only to stop as Junko's sudden fireball summoning has her blinking and looking back to Eve.

"And you were thinking I was bad at keeping things unnoticed?" she muses at the flicker of firelight before shrugging her shoulders. "'Fraid there's more questions than answers around here."

"Oh, I like answers just as much as questions… so what were you talking about again?" Junko asks, waving towards the corner of the shop in an invitation to sit down there. "Easier to sit down, don't you think?"

"Oh, you know. Some weirdo approaching us with a thing for magical fire and what not," says Eve, laughing helplessly after a moment. "Why is life like this," she adds to Sunny, a hand over her face for a moment.

"I just wanted coffee and to dodge questions. Is that so wrong?"

"Well," Sunny shrugs, sipping her own drink and looking to the girl who looked around about her age, but was likely far from it. "If it helps, my plan B was to try and get you drunk and then ask you…but I wasn't entirely sure that was going to work given the whole…yeah." the blonde shrugs, looking back towards the corner of the store where Junko suggested and shrugging a little. She wasn't wrong after all.

"Might as well play the hand you're dealt hun."

"We all have to play the hands we have. Take a seat." Junko sais as she moves over to the corner, settling onto the bench so she could look into the room as a whole. To cover backs. "Making her drunk would be awfully bad though. I mean, it's mean. So, what exactly were you talking about?"

"Eh, just a strange encounter we had. It was dealt with," replies Eve. "Just who are you, anyway, exactly?" There's charis, so well, she takes a sreat herself. She takes a moment to smooth her ridiculously ruffled skirt, you see. It's all the Goth.

"I'm Eve. She's…" She turns to look at Sunny. lets her introduce herself.

"Sunny," the blonde offers, her own skirt far more easily wrangled. A plant girl, a sun goddess and a…whatever Junko was walk into the cafe? It sounded like the start of a bad joke, but Sunny simply shrugs her own shoulders. "And it wouldn't be so bad. Just 'happy talk-y' drunk, not 'on the floor' drunk."

"Junko Saito," she introduces herself, offering her hand to the two. "That would be still mean. I mean, deliberately maki ng her drunk to question her. And you'd have to probably be better at holding your liquor then her, Sunny."

"I don't drink too much, I'm afraid, so you'd have run into a problem with this plan in the first place," replies Eve to Sunny, dryly, taking herself another sip of her frappe. "Nice to meet you, Junko," she ofefrs. "You've a good point there. It would have, in fact, been very mean. Super mean. Monstrous, even." Solemn nod. "So.. you can make fire. That's.. ccol?" HA ha. Get it? Cool?

Junko looks over to Sunny as her phone rings and the young woman in the orange T-Shirt leaves to take the call. "Well, sometimes it is, but it is super impractical at times. I mean, you always have to look out to not light up structures…"

"Well, at least you're never cold," remarks Eve, drylyy. Another sip. Sunny is off tending things. Whatever it is, she's tending that.


She's trying to figure out 2what to say now that she's been unceremoniously left at a table with a stranger.

"Never cold? I am not the Human Torch. I can just toss a couple fireballs. I can still freeze," Junko anseres with a chuckle, shaking the head.

"What about you? You two were talking about a monster…"

"What, can't keep enough flame to keep yourself warm? Unfortuante," says Eve, "That'd be really useful in a NEw England winter." A lazy, one shouldered shrug follows. "Yeah. Some thing out in the CAtskills. It's dealt with. You know, just girls in more trouble than they needed to be and scared enough to make it worse trying to get out of it."

Junko pouts a little, sighing. "You know how many different Catskills monsters are claimed to be out there? More than I can count on two hands… I mean, something like werewolves, vampires, living plant-things and the list goes on. Isn't the NYC Rogue Gallery big enough already? I mean, there's people like Rhino and Juggernaut to fear."

"…well it's kinda gone now so I wouldn't worry about it. This was nothing /that/ big or scary. I mean, it was supposedly going to kidnap girls and turn them into dolls but it chose the wrong girl." Sip. "And then Sunny shot it."

Junko Saito says, "Wait a minute… you're saying Sunny is some kinda hero or such?" Junko asks, blinking slowly."

"No. I said she shot it," says Eve, to Junko, curiously. Head tilting. "You know. With a gun?" She makes finger guns.

Junko sighs and shrugs. "Still makes her kind of a hero, you know? I mean, she stood against some kinda monster…"

"No. She shot it. I mean, thatw can be heroic but it's not enough to make you a hero. It's not like she's Spider-Man." A shrug follows.

"I ate it. That part you heard already."

Junko blinks and raises an eyebrow. "She shot the monster, and then you ate it. Like… you cut it up and took a couple bites out of it?"

"YOu heard that part. That's why ou came over," says Eve with a smile. "Yeah. I cooked it up and ate it." She has to be fucking with her at this point.

The Japanese girl's eyebrows stay raised, even managing to go up a little more. "Really? I mean… Have you any idea what that might do to you? I mean, eating some monster might do anything to you. Like, give you powers or something. Have you tried and such? I mean, you might… uhm… What did you say that monster looked like?"

"..pffft ahahahahahhaha," Eve is laughing, now. "You should have seen your face," she says, throwing her head back afterwards.

"Wha? Why?" Junko asks a little confused. "I mean, comeon, if it was like some ghostly thing you might start to… I dunno… grow extra limbs or become a gillman or something."

Now Eve is laughing even harder. Because of course she is.

Junko looks back at Eve still confused and bites into her cookie to try to hide it somewhat. "What's so funny?"

"You, you know, seemed to swallow that one right up," says Eve, gestures vaguely. "Come on. Do I look like I butchered and ate a monster?" She makes wiggy fingers. "It'd muss my makeup."

Junko Saito says, "Well… you look like you'd at least think about it… Uhm… What did really happen?" Junko asks carefully, shaking her head."

"WEll, I mean, I'd think that was obvious," says Eve after another sip, seeming to find this amusing still, personally.

"It's not really obvious. Sunny shot it, then you ate it… how?" Junko remarks, carefully eying Eve as she was sure she was hiding something.

"…didn't I just tell you I was fucking with you over the eating it?" says Eve, laughing. "Really, it's okay. And I don't even know you from Adam so why should I be telling you /anything/? You're all the questions and so far you haven't told me a thing about yourself except tht you can wiggle your fingers and make a little fire. For all I know, you're the Witch Finder general out to melt a goth."

"You didn't ask questions in return. Ask away." Junko answers with a chuckle, tapping her nose. "But Witch Hunters usually are catholic as far as I know. I'm not at all christian. In fact, they might put me onto their list…"

"Well, you kept pushing," replies Eve, leaning back in her seat. "Soooo. I've got a name. What's with the magic fire fingers stuff?" She puts her hands together behind her head.

Junko shrugs a little, twiddling the fingers a little. "Well, it's a tiny fireball I dd back there. I can throw larger ones too. Like, pull them from thin air and hurl them. Mighemark me as a witch for them."

"Mmmn," says Eve, nose wrinkling. "Who exactly /are/ you, anyway? I mean, really?" She's still staying where she is, unbudged for the moment. She doesn't even blink.

"Junko Saito. That's my name." the young Asian repeats, her eyes earnest. "And I'm the Yojimbo of the head of the Saito family. Though that's mostly ceremonial."

"…well, you're not a bunny rabbit, at any rate." Yes, Eve is making an Usagi Yojimbo reference. Why wouldn't she? It's not every day someone itnroduces themselves to you as any kind of Yojimbo.

Junko Saito says, "Well, no, but I could hold against someone skilled like that one. But if you want to compare me to someone in that comic… I think Sasuke might fit." Junko replies, chuckling a little."

"You did, of course, see the reference. Ha." Eve shrugs a shoulder lazily and has a drink of her frappe. "Sure, sure. Whatever," a grion follows. "Duly noted."

Junko shrugs a little. "He's closer to me than Usagi," she reasons. "For more than one reason."

"Maaaagic," mutters Eve with a sigh, giving her fingers a little mocking waggle.

"Kinda? I throw fireballs, counts as magic I guess, but not what I meant," Junko replies, still smiling.

"Oh, it's not?" asks Eve. "Whatr /did/ you mean, then?" she's still stretched like that. Waiting. Curious. Especiallyu now that the subject is /not/ her. It's literally her least favorite subject.

Junko checks the surroundings carefully before she chuckles, having a hand wave in front of her face, the shape blurring a moment, the ears having moved up along the head to form Vulpine ears. A couple moments she keeps it up before the hand once more waves over her face, and the blur turns her face back. "And you?"

"…you must be a /riot/ at the con circuit," says Eve after a long moment of staring at her.



"Why?" Junko asks, lifting an eyebrow. "That was not a con. Just a face of mine."

"Pfffft, no no! I meant the cons. Conventions! With all the cosplay!" Eve explains, looking even MORE amused now after that reaction.

Junko Saito says, "Ohhh!" Junko chuckles a little. "Well, that could be fun… some time.""

"You've really not done that? with all that cosplaytunity?" Eyebrows are arched. "Very disappointing," she adds.

Junko Saito says, "I have spent the last three years more finding myself than having time for that… sooo… yea, might not have had a chance?""

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