2019-06-04 - Recruitment Day


It's recruitment day at NYU, so time to visit campus

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Jun 4 02:09:15 2019
Location: New York University

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The lawns of NYU were filled with students, teachers aids, and just random people who loved to have a good time! There was nothing sinister afoot, just the remenants of booths that were set up along the campus all day; where some students tried to vy passer-bys of donations and enrollment into that particular brand. But what stands out most is enrollment into the actual campus itself. NYU was just as prominent as ESU, but it seemed, at the moment, they were housing better entertainment.

Mary Jane was there, in a somewhat of disguise. She epitomes the 'I wear sunglasses' at night look with her fedora rocked at a backwards tilt. Suspenders, ribbed and flowy dress, white shirt and a pair of chucks were work, with socks that slouch against the entrance. She looked like one of those.. hippy 'I did it first before it was cool types!' But as long as she didn't look like her!

She was there for the pledges. Mostly the fraternity dudes were out there dancing, doing screaming or some weird ass drills. So with each pamphlet gathered in her hands, she swings her head back and forth in anticipation with hopes for a show!

Well, one thing that can make a show is a Valkyrie showing up. In this case, Danielle 'Mirage' Moonstar (call her Dani) was looking around the campus as, well, she got her GED and decided to start looking at university options.

Hey, it isn't like Asgard is approved by the New York Department of Education!

In any event, though she's really affiliated with Xavier's, she decided to look at some other schools. Brightwind, for his part, is lurking out of sight on one of the rooftops, while Dani is dressed pretty normally so she doesn't give it away. Just blue jeans and a denim shirt, really. She does spot Mary Jane and, disguise or not, gives the redhead a smile, meandering over in her general direction.

Apparently there were no shows going on late, cue Mary Jane Watson, disappointed at the age of nineteen. "Shoot." She says to herself, pulling her way out of the crowd with a backward step just to make sure that she really wasn't missing a Good Thing (tm). She turns and.. her head jerks back, brows furrow as she blinks once.. and twice.. then points towards Dani in recognition.

She makes the path towards the young woman, meeting her half-way with a generous smile. "Hey!" She says, practically loudly. "I know you! You're Peter's friend. Right?" Man, it felt great to know someone in a sea of people, it doesn't feel as lonely. "Danitella, right?"

Dani blinks at MJ, then grins, "Um, Danielle actually. Though most people call me Dani. I mean, Peter does." She pauses and looks at Mary Jane, then she blinks again, "Wait, he mentioned you I think. Mary Jane, right?" She grins a bit, "I mean, unless he knows more than one beautiful redhead anyway." Okay, she might be flirty or she might be stating the obvious. Or possibly both. But she then smiles, "What brings you here on campus?"

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry!" Pamphlet was dropped, snatched up, tucked back into the packet that she had. Along with her slightly hippy new-fangled look, she should have brought an eco-friendly bag.

"Dani! Yes! See, I knew it. I think most of the time I spent wandering the halls and listening to conversations.. you know.. to fit in?" She nudges Dani, completely umprompted. In fact, that remark was umprompted, she was a party girl. Yet, the compliment drew out a serious blush, one that could be seen in the lamplights of campus. "Shoot. Dani, that's really sweet of you." She wrinkes her nose, then gestures around. "I'm -debating- on going to school part time. I mean, I had my eye on Julliard but, who's to say I can't start here too. What about you?"

Dani smiles warmly, eyes flickering to Mary Jane as she says, "Well, it's only the truth, after all. A Valkyrie would never lie about such things." She grins, "And yeah, that's my thought too… much as I like my day job, I still want to be a vet, eventually. Which means I'll need to get the degree work in. Now that I finally have my GED, I can try and take the next couple steps." She smiles, "Wait, Julliard, you want to be an actress? You'd be great at that."

"A Valkyrie's entirely too fond of redheads," observes another redhead, wandering down the hall behind Dani, a wry smile twisting her lips. One arm is slung across Dani's shoulders chummily as she flashes a grin at Mary Jane. "Dinna mind her, lass. She's an incorrigible flirt. Pleasure t' meet ye though, I'm sure. Rahne Sinclair. Juilliard? Ye must have some talent, then!"

"Why I do declare, Dani.." Mary flirted back, and in a southern belle accent to boot! She breaks out into a laugh, but listens honestly to Dani, yet out of nowhere, there was obvious concern riddling her face. "Aren't you scared? Like.." Ruby red lips press together, attempting to figure a way to express her own fears.

"You know how they say that animals lash out when they're hurt? I mean, I know they need help and they don't mean any harm.. but.. I'd be scared, yeah?" She looks as if she wanted to reach out and comfort Dani, as if her own fear was shared by the Valkyrie! But that awkward moment was replaced by a lot of fun at the emergence of Rahne! "OH my god you have such a beautiful accent.." She wants to learn! "Rahne! I'm Mary Jane Watson, at your service!" She curtseys, then breaks out into a laugh.

"I think Julliard? That'll put anyone on the map! Like, I have a few small roles here and there. Look. Look." She waves at the girls, then closes her eyes, remaining very still. Then she opens them with a smile. "I think I've played at least ten dead hookers across the major networks in a year." She was not kidding. "Of course the hot dog commercials when I was a kid, small role on a show called Homeland. Had a few speaking parts on a few movies but.. I figure it's good enough to get labled.. 'That one girl.' but you don't know her name.." She shrugs. "What about you Ms. Rahne? Going to school here too eventually?"

Dani grins at Rahne, "Hey, you never seemed to complain about it!" She winks at Rahne, sliding her arm easily around Rahne's waist, "But I prefer to think of it as speaking the truth."

She then turns her attention back to Mary Jane, and smiles warmly, "I suppose that's a worry, but well… part of my… abilities, allow me to communicate with animals. And wow, really? Movies? I mean, just the small bits at first are all you really need to do to get your foot in the door, right?" She sounds really impressed at that, tilting her head at MJ as she flickers her eyes to Rahne, "That's a good question. If you do, I might have to come by to make sure you don't get into trouble." Wait, who is the one that's getting into trouble again?!?

"Thank ye," says Rahne, ducking her head in acknowledgement, but not embarrassment. Rahne Sinclair does not allow anything that borders on shame to cross her mind these days. "I'm sure ye make a wonderful dead hooker, Mary Jane, an' it's a pleasure t' make yer acquaintance." She chuckles softly. "Of course, yer made fer a role in Reefer Madness, are ye not? The love interest who dies tragically and inspires the cast t' rebel against the evil of pot?"

She quirks a half smile at Dani. "I'll have ye know, there was a lovely little green boy who wanted t' ask me out. Made a fine figure of a wolf, too."

"Really..?" Mary didn't say that word lightly. If light meant filled with wonder and I want to see and know when, how, what, where it happens, then maybe? But it was as intense as it gets. If she cared for a puppy, would it adore her? Or only want her for her snicky-snacks!? The world had to know!

"Yes! That's what I said! But, god." Mary turns away from the two, smiling at the people milling by. "I know High School was great but it seems like the College years are something to be treasured. You find out who you really are here." She nods her head, then grins towards Rahne. This back and forth banter was making her feel great!

"I think it was the way they could make all this red turn pale. Hair-dressers would get a kick out of us, Ms. Rahne." Another nudge! And.. "Oh god no! I would not do that role on principle. Do you know how -good- reefer is?" Shit! Reefer was life! "So wait.." Mary interrupts Rahne and Dani's conversation of boys, a hand waving. "A green boy? But shaped like a wolf?"

Mary Jane gets a wry grin from Dani at that, "Actually, never tried it. Reefer or high school, for that matter. I mean, I lived in Asgard after I turned 13, so… um, yeah, not exactly accredited, that. Had to do some catching up in that regard. But yeah, I can communicate with animals, and well, they're pretty smart. At least as smart as most humans you meet." She winks at that.

Then Dani looks over at Rahne, giving her a snug, "Really? Like he could shapeshift, or he was just a wolfboy? Sounds pretty cool, actually, I'd like to meet him sometime."

"I've tried it," Rahne says with a shrug. "I'm nae against it, ye understand, but I'm nae a fan on me own. At any rate, Mary Jane… MJ? Can we call ye MJ? At any rate, the Reefer Madness musical's a parody, ye know? Makin' fun of the old movie that took itself so seriously.

"Aye, a green boy," she continues. "He could turn into a wolf. Or any animal. I like wolves." Her grin is a touch wolfish at this, and she twists out of Dani's grip lithely as a dancer, sliding across the floor to lean against the wall nearby. "He was part o' our group," she says. "With Kori an' Rose an' them. I've not seen him in awhile, though."

"Good in a pinch if you need to get to sleep." Mary advises Dani. "You weren't missing anything with high school, trust me. It's all about the college." Though, in some ways, hearing that animals were as smart as humans gave her a bit of a scare. But, she smized. Smiling with her eyes. No one can tell how her brain is rolling unless they were a telepath.

(EDITORS NOTE: She's thinking about a German Shephard smoking a cigar and reading a newspaper.)

But, she allows Dani to ask the hard hitting questions, where Rahne slips to lean against a wall, Mary Jane follows. One shoulder pressed, facing the two woman, leg kicked up to point toe to ground. "You can call me MJ! It's actually cooler than Mary." And then.. the most important.. "Was he hot?" A girl has -got- to know. "And how -IS- Kori?! God I miss her!"

Dani grins, "Oh yeah, you would know Kori. Yeah, she's good, she's actually got a bunch of us set up at the Baxter Building for now. Though I've actually been pretty busy." She leans nonchalantly against the wall, fairly close to Rahne but not that close, looking at MJ, "And that's a good question. Was he?" She then tilts her head, looking off into space for a moment as she seems to be thinking of… something?

Rahne purses her lips thoughtfully. "He was cute," she decides, "but I wouldnae go so far as t' call him hot. He was short an' sweet an' friendly. An' a fine figure of a wolf when he was one," she adds. Her head tilts at Dani for a moment, a brow quirked. "So she knows about a lot o' us?" And then toward MJ. "Sorry, I wasna sure how much ye knew, an'… well, I'm sure ye know it's not always such a good thing t' be too free with one's secrets. Kori's fine, so far's I know. I've nae seen much o' her lately, but I've been… distracted."

"Oh yeah. I would like to think we're besties! But everyones a bestie to Kori if you're nice!" She gleams at that proclimation, and at the fact of where she could find the lot of them when she gets lonely.

"Do you like them tall then?" She asks of Rahne, getting rather comfortable. But, Mary Jane shakes her head completely. "Not a lot." She confesses. "But with everything going on in the world, it's like the new norm. People are just people, but different. Everyones got a good heart, you know?" But, she does bob her head, refraining from asking.. nope! She asks! "With what?"

Dani smiles over at Kori, "Well, I don't know that everyone does, otherwise we wouldn't need to do what we do, but it's a nice sentiment." She nods, looking over at Rahne, "I was wondering that too… I could tell." How she could tell, she doesn't say, but the flirty persona she was giving off is gone, as she instead has a look of serious and quiet concern as she regards Rahne.

Rahne blinks at this. "Nae, no' in particular," she says, shaking her head. "I'm not sure I've got a type, really. I'm sure he'd have been quite a nice boy t' date if we'd gotten 'round to it." She raises a brow at Dani's look of concern. "Nothin' serious, Dani. I've just been settlin' in, explorin'. An' I've got my work at the coffee shop, ye know. Don't give me that 'I'm so worried about ye 'cos ye've been s' distant' look."

"Fair enough! I think I'm just glad to run into nice people, is all." Until she doesn't. But she grows quiet as she watches the two women, not wanting to interrupt. She's just met them officially, and dipping into their business wasn't too kosher on Mary's part. "Maybe you two owe it to yourselves to have a proper girls night. Just cut loose and have a bit of fun."

Dani grins, "Well, that does sound like a good idea. Though… well, I wouldn't… want to impose on the time and all that." She sounds pretty carefree about it, but it's a different flavor than before as she glances over at MJ, "Honestly, I should probably be getting back soon here. And I promised Brightwind we'd hit the Shake Shack on the way. Apparently he wants to step up from White Castle." A wry expression, at that.

"Sold!" MJ wasn't really taking a no for an answer, well.. she could but hey, wouldn't hurt. Right? She'd do the.. 'I'll have your people call your people', but that would be totally weird. "God I miss Shake Shack.." She misses carbs. One day though, its in the cards. "Okay ladies, I'll see you two around, the great pumpkin calls!" And with that, she slinks off, mingles with the crowd, and probably sneaks a free bag from the table to hold all of her pamphlets.

And with Dani and MJ heading off, Rahne sees no real reason to stick around. She wanders away until she's outside and in the relative cover of darkness, then shifts to wolf form and lopes off back toward her e-bike. Easier to park it farther from campus, after all.

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