2019-06-04 - Beer And Flying Motorcycles


Reed stops by to talk to Rose, and meets Noh-Varr.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Jun 4 02:04:17 2019
Location: Baxter Building - Young Avengers HQ

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Rose is sitting at the new, very fancy, and very well-connected supercomputer that the Fantastic Four have been gracious enough (though Rose will never admit it) to provide them with. Presently, she seems to be doing some data mining on it. There's nothing illegal going on, but she is using a rather lot of computing power and processing memory to pour through public, and law enforcement records that they'd otherwise have access to.

There's a furtive look to her brow that wasn't there the night they had met Reed and Susan. An intense focus.

The young girl is dressed comfortably, simple t-shirt, plain, and a pair of jeans, relaxed. Her feet are bare. And, by the number of empty bottles around (at least these are mostly water bottles), she's been there a good few hours.

There's a quiet ding from the elevator as Reed arrives on primary floor currently in use by the Young Avengers. He steps inside, trailed by a floating robot. It's fairly simple (Reed would probably say 'sleek') with a teardrop shaped body and a flat head with a black screen showing two yellow digital eyes. It has smallish arms hanging down at well, ones that seem to be built to telescope out to give it better range when it needs to do something. He glances around, then starts deeper in.

Soon enough, he reaches the area with the computer, stopping a distance away and observing Rose for a time. He notes the bottles on the ground, and the intense concentration. He eventually clears his throat briefly then says, "Ms. Wilson." Not wanting to perhaps startle her by appearing right behind her if she's too focused to notice him. Then he makes his way closer, the robot still trailing behind him. "I seem to be interrupting. I could come back another time if that was better for you?"

Rose turns in her chair, swiveling her head, and then clicks off the monitor viewscreen, though the computer keeps running in the background. Her singular eye regards him, then the robot even as her features transition from that focused intensity to indifference nearly instantly, and without effort.

"Just working on a side project," she says, vaugely. "Nothing important." Then, her arms cross, and she looks at the robot further, then back to Reed. "Something wrong?" She figures something is, otherwise Reed wouldn't be here.

Reed nods his head, clearly not intending to push on the subject. "As you say. I'll try not to take too long so you can return to your project soon." He smiles in a friendly, open sort of way at the one-eyed girl. "Well, I had two bits of business today. One of them is for your group at large." He turns and gestures at the robot. "This is a Humanoid Experimental Robot, B-Type, Integrated Electronics." A pause. "Well, that was the originals name. We started calling him Herbie, and it sort of stuck. I imagine that your group is busy with all of your work, so I thought I'd give a housewarming gift. Herbie can help you with housework like cleaning and cooking, and standard repairs. He also has some integrated weapons for home defense, but hopefully you won't need those."

He turns back towards her. "As for the other thing… well. When I went to Mr. Logan's mansion and met your team, you expressed an interest in a mode of transportation? I believe it was a flying motorcycle." The thing she brought up half-jokingly and didn't really expect anything to come of. "Well, I wanted to have a talk with you about the precise style and secondary equipment you were hoping for in such a thing." Apparently you have to be careful what you ask of Reed, because he might actually do it.

Neither of these things are what Rose expected, and one can see that by the way her expression twists. The 'housewarming' gift was a nice touch, certainly. Unexpected. But, then they are a bunch of later aged teens, and it's probably best to have something along those lines. So, Rose nods with a measure of appreciation. "Alright. That's handy," she admits, somewhat reluctantly.

IT's the latter that gives her the most surprise. She'd, certainly, been serious when she was asking for it. But, just as earnestly was quite certain that nobody in their right mind would give one to her. Or build her one. Yet - if anyone could? She knew Reed Richards could.

That focus returns in a heartbeat. "Huh." She watches Reed for a few moments, then, she actually chuckles. "Alright. Sure." A moment taken for consideration, "It should be fast, and manuverable as a motorcycle would be on land. Turn on a dime," she begins. "And, a remote homing would be handy. A 'come here' device," she explains, shrugging. "That way if I need to ditch it and jump off in a fight, I can call it back. Small storage place for extra supplies, gear, that sort of thing," she begins.

It was meant as a gift. Though the thought that a group of teenagers might not be the best housekeepers might have crossed his mind as well. He nods his head to her. "I thought it might be." He crosses his arms over his chest, cupping his chin with one hand. "Hmmm. That all sounds fairly reasonable. The Fantasticar has all of those options as well. Would you want it to be able to operate like a normal motorcycle as well? I should let you know. Any weapons systems I might interate into it would be set up so that they can't be used to lethal effect on living opponents." He considers her. "And any particular colors?"

"Weapons would be a bonus." She shrugs, "Should show you my Energy Katanas sometime. Picked them up off a job." Or, off someone. "They're quite handy. They can virtually cut through anything I've come across. But, they don't cut flesh. Steel? Titantium? Concrete? Armored Car Engine Block? No problem. Can't get as much as a papercut with them. Go figure." She adds, mildly, "Besides. Team has to keep a positive reputation, right?" A smirk, then, with a shrug to follow.

Her singular eye narrows, briefly, and then a larger grin surfaces. "Damn. Didn't even think about that. Conversion would be pretty sweet," she agrees. And, in case there was any doubt? "Black."

That comes with another thought. "I'd be generally flying low enough to not have to worry about air traffic. But some radar, including night vision, running lights and spotter lights might be wise to throw in there too." Safety first. Or, something like that.

The elastic scientist nods his head. Presumably he's making a mental checklist of these various things in his head. "Hmmm. Is that so? That's an interesting effect. I would like to see those, if you dind't mind." He smiles a little at her. "And yes. A positive reputation is important. It's a little disheartening how fast people can turn if you do something they disapporve of strongly enough. Or the unfortunate support you might receive from those that do approve."

He glances over at the computer then adds, "There would also be a link-up with whatever database you set up here at the Baxter Building. Likely some sort of scanners. And most likely some sort of force field for when you're driving. To protest you from unfriendly fire. And to cut back on wind when moving at higher speeds."

"Both useful," agrees Rose - further points she hadn't considered, but she certainly seems to approve. There's a long pause while she watches Reed, then, finally, she nods. "I'll drop by, sometime, and let you look at them," she agrees. Which is - well, something she's never done before. But. Considering what he's doing for her? Or seriously looking into? She figures she owes him at least that.

"Beyond that, anything else you can think of that'd be useful? Additional room for someone else might be good too, in case there's a rescue - or a tag-a-long needs a ride."

She frowns, and says a word she doesn't say often, at all. "Thanks." By her expression, Reed can likely tell she never expected to even have this conversation.

The Fantastic Four leader nods to her. "I'd appreciate that." He tilts his head and considers for a time. "Hmm. I'll give it some thought, and run any ideas I might have by you. Two-person capacity would be a good idea, yes. Though I am under the impression this is meant to be a smaller personal transport, so not too large." The look on her face as she thanks him draws a brief chuckle from the older man. "You're welcome, Ms. Wilson." While the two of them are talking, Herbie has been busy. Picking up the water bottles and sliding them into a chamber on his front. There's a little woosh of air each time as an internal trash compactor reduces them to as small of a state as possible. Once he finishes that, he floats off into the rest of the headquarters, looking for things to clean. He HAS been programmed not to enter any of the Young Avengers personal quarters unless asked to come in, however. Reed glances around. "Have you and the others found the lodgings to be adequate for your purposes so far?"

Rose nods. "Mostly," she agrees. "A few prefer to network, versus keep this as a homebase, like Blackbird. But, it is what it is." She is not one who seems to care too much about her identity being kept a secret, though she'll usually wear the mask and gear when on a mission. "Better than what we had by a mile," she's willing to admit. Apparently Reed has her in a pretty good mood, as nice as she's being right now.

"We think of anything more, we'll let you or Susan know," she promises, adding, "Call me Rose. I don't go for that formal crap."

In the room with the super computer, Reed is standing in front of Rose, who's seated in front of it in casual wear. They seem to be having a conversation. There's also a new, white robot floating around the headquarters that seems to be cleaning up. The gray-templed scientist nods to the one-eyed superheroine. "Very well then, Rose. And you can call me Reed." He reaches out a hand to her, offering a shake. His grip is strong enough, though he's not really any more than human strength when he's not using his powers to alter his body in weird ways. "Blackbird. She seemed excited about the idea of operating out of this building. I should talk with her sometime. I know very little about the Staten Island batfolk. They seem like they mostly keep to themselves."

"Private," agrees Rose, mildly. "Defensive. Paranoid. Blackbird's the exeption." She gives an indifferent shrug, "I've run into the Bat a few times, myself. He doesn't like guns. Or sarcasm. Don't think he even has a sense of humor." Again, she shrugs. "But enough about him. Them. I'm sure Blackbird would be more than happy to talk to you. You saw how she reacted when you came to meet us," she answers, with a roll of her eye.

She glances at 'Herbie' the robot, "Herbie, huh? It's an efficient little bastard."

In the distance, some not quite faint music can suddenly be heard. As if a door opened onto a room where someone was playing Bon Jovi's 'best of'. Specifically, It's My Life at the moment. Not long after, Noh-Varr passes the doorway, pauses, returns to the doorway and looks in. He's wearing just a pair of gym shorts. "Thought I heard people. Hey Rose. Hi Reed. Nice to meet you again here." He wasn't at the meet and greet the other day. "Do places deliver beer?"

Reed's head tilts to the side. "Hmm. Well, I suppose some people are serious about keeping their secret identities." Which… was not something that his team had ever really done. Ben was incapable of having one, with his appearance. So the whole team was open. "Indeed. I'll be sure to talk with her sometime." His attention returns to Herbie, one of whose arms has transformed into what looks like a vacuum of some sort, and is running it over the carpet in the hallway. It's almost silent, just like the robots floating about. He smiles a little. "Yes. Herbie has been a great help over the years. He's almost one of the family." Admitedly, this is one of a number of Herbies currently active. But they're all pretty much the same.

Then Noh-Varr passes by, and he glances over at the Kree. One brow quirks in a moment of curiosity, then he inclines his head towards him. "Good afternoon. I'm sorry, I don't think we've met." He stretches out an arm towards him, the limb extending several feet before he offers his hand. "Reed Richards, as you seem to know. You're another member of the team I take it?" He supposes it could be just the boyfriend of one of them crashing at the headquarters, but that seems unlikely with an alien.

Noh may, or may not have been aware just how much time Rose has been using the computer while she's been around. The last stint was almost a full working shift, but Herbie has cleaned up all the evidence of this already, and the computerbanks continue to near-silently run in the background while the monitor has been purposefully shut off, either to prevent distraction or to obscure what Rose is working on to Reed.

"Not unless you own a store," remarks Rose to Noh-Varr, "Or, you get a beer-of-the-month club membership, or something," she says, wryly. "We out already?"

Noh-Varr clasps the hand, not even blinking at the elongated limb. "Yes, I am. Noh-Varr, Kree warrior. We met in another reality so I've been meaning to talk to you. I just never got around to it. I thought you might want to buy some advanced technology. Since I've decided to stay on this planet, I should have lots of money." Nodding to Rose, he tells her "I drank all the good stuff. There's still some of the pale crap." He likes his beer dark.

Reed shakes briefly with Noh-Varr. "I'm familiar with the Kree. And their technology. I do appreciate the offer, though." He smiles towards the man then sayhs to Rose, "There are some grocers that will deliver, but it costs a bit extra. It can be useful if you're busy however." He withdraws his hand, crossing his arms. "I take it that nobody was looking for non-heroic work? At least, nobody has contacted me with any information so far. I can understand that. I'm sure you have your own resources." He tilts his head at Noh-Varr. "Is there any particular reason you decided to settle here on Earth?"

Reed's inquiry to 'non-heroic' work gets a small chuckle out of Rose. "I'm set. I do a few odd jobs here and there, but I've got some set aside for a rainy day. Was going to chip in a bit for our base - but then, fortune smiled." More than likely Reed, had he investigated much of Rose, or Ravager, would have already found out about her mercenary ways - the kill contracts she'd done, and then swore off of. And, the few contracts she still took - one of the more recent ones saving a girl from human traffickers that were on the move.

She glances to Noh. "We'll get some more. Don't you dare go drinking it all next time, though," she warns.

"The Kree in this reality are assholes." Noh-Varr answers with a small shrug. "I don't have a place with them. And even if I build a ship with a kirby engine to get home, there's no one for me there any more. So I might as well stay here and protect your planet. It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it." he intones then grins. "And humans have really great music." Rolling his eyes, he tells Rose "I'll get more."

That does get Reed's attention, the scientist perking up. "You're from an alternate reality? Fascinating. I might want to have a look at your technology after all, and see how it differs from the Kree in this reality." He studies Noh-Varr with renewed interest. "Only if you were willing of course." Then he says to Rose, "Mmmm. Well. I'll start the plans for the bike up in my lab. I'll let you know how it progresses. It was a pleasure to meet you, Noh-Varr. I'm sure we'll meet again." He nods to the two of them. "Have a nice evening." Then he turns, and starts for the elevator.

"You got it," Rose agrees to Reed. "Thanks." She seems to mean it.

She looks over at Noh-Varr, and actually seems to be, however momentarily it'll last, be grinning an earnest grin. "He's apparently taking me up on my solicitation, going to build me my flying bike off the Fantasticar technology. Won't need any 'rides' from you or Starfire." Her spirits, certainly, are up due to that.

"He wants to see my Energy Katana's too. Go figure."

"Be difficult to sell you tech if you didn't see it." Noh-Varr points out. "You'll probably be most interested in computer upgrades. I won't be giving anyone any weapons technology but we can talk later." Cocking his head ot the side, he grins at Rose. "Oh yeah? Cool. So you get your flying bike after all and don't need to steal it from aliens."

"Well. Don't have it yet. But," she chuckles, "Just goes to show you, you don't ask for it, you'll never get it." She watches as he leaves, admitting, "Though, never figure he'd actually do it. Guy is weird. But," she shrugs, and chuckles again, "I ain't complaining. And if anyone on Earth /can/ make one that I know of? IT'd be him. Or Tony Stark."

"Well, I could have." Noh-Varr says. "If I had access to materials. That's the hard part of all this; even when you're a genius, you need money to build stuff. I mean, if I didn't have to think about money, I could build a ship right now to take us into space and travel the realities. Not that I recommend it. It's really easy to get lost and there's billions of them."

"I'm just fine with this reality, right here. I don't need to go meeting myself and seeing how much more fucked up, or how perfect my life is on any other plane. Let alone my damn dad," Rose chimes in, with a shrug. Still, she regards Noh-Varr curiously. "Hell, then. Partner with Reed on some shit. Invent some Kree tech down here, sit back and rake in the money off patents and merchandising. You'll make a killing. Then you can buy your own brewery."

"Something like that." Noh-Varr agrees. "I was thinking of just selling it outright but that's not a bad idea. It'll take longer for the money to come in but in the long run, there should be more of it. If I am going to stay here, that might be the better option." Though he doesn't sound quite convinced that he is.

Which brings up a question Rose hadn't thought of, until now. "Why are you staying here, if we're the bilgewater of the universe?" Not that she seems to mind it. Rose is perfectly content where she is, and what she's doing. At least, that's what she tells herself. And, tell yourself that long enough, and you start to believe the lie. "Stuck? Assignment from your Kree Overlords?" Not that Rose would care one way or the other, too much.

Noh-Varr considers Rose's question, walking over to lean back against the edge of the counter. "Let's just say some people convinced me that humanity deserves a chance to grow wise even if they are a short-sighted, shallow, egocentric race. Which actually puts them on par with a lot of the other races out there, just more primitive. And I promised someone that I would protect them in someone else's memory. The names wouldn't mean anything to you; I don't think any of it happened here."

Rose, at least, can understand one thing. Privacy. That, coupled with her seeming indiffrence lends itself to Noh-Varr's favor now as she simply nods her head, "Fair enough." She shrugs, "I probably qualify for the lot myself. But, it's my life." Her eye goes back to the computer, and she flicks the monitor back on.

Rose is, for one reason or another, doing a rather massive data search through all sorts of court files, police records, and other databases of names. Not just nationwide. Worldwide. She frowns, for one reason or another, and then puts the search on 'pause'.

"Well, however long you stay around, won't mind kicking some ass with you. You're useful in a fight. Know what you're doing."

"I'm a Kree warrior." Noh-Varr says matter of factly. Of course he knows what he's doing. "And I was designed to be the best." Looking at the screen, he asks "Who are you looking for? Someone we need to kick their ass or someone you actually like?"

"Someone whose dead," Rose answers, matter-of-factly, and with a slight snip to her tone that suggests more questions aren't welcome. Perhaps she had a more selfish reason along with practicality to ask for the supercomputer? Instead, she grunts, "Designed, huh? Well. Use your Kree superiority and refill our beer."

She stands up from the computer, freeing it for use for one of the others, even Noh-Varr, should he wish it after securing the search under her own password. "All yours if you want it."

"I was planning on it." Noh-Varr agrees. "I'm going to fly down to the store and restock. Anything you want while I'm there?" Glancing at the computer, he just shakes his head. Nope, no need for a computer nor curious enough to hack it and find out more about the search.

Rose smirks, "Just get something good," is her only request. "And, plenty of it." She lifts her chin, "I'm going to my room. Don't disturb, unless there's some ass-kicking to do." She lifts her hand in a gesture of 'see-ya', and starts to pad, barefoot, back to the room she's claimed as her own.

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