2019-06-03 - A Mention of Spiders


Quinn and Hank offer each other propositions..

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Jun 3 01:52:44 2019
Location: Institute - Library

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Muttering to himself, Hank McCoy is seated at a table literally overflowing with books on of all things - spiders. He is pouring over at least six open books, but there's probably twice as many unopened on the table top. His massive hand makes surprisingly precise and neat notations in a small leatherbound notebook to one side. Of course, he's paging through books with his hands - the writing? That's being done with a foot. He's dressed in a powder-blue lab coat, and wearing khaki shorts otherwise. Yeah, not exactly a fashion statement!

Wandering is the name of the game this time. Quinn found herself unusually alone this time of the hour, not particularly in self loating mode, but just the mood to actually bug the piss out of someone who wouldn't immediately smack her into the next dimension. And, it wouldn't kill her to find a book to read.

The halls of the manse were expanse enough to get her daily exercise in, and wind her all at the same time. So when she enters into the library, staggers, drags ass all the way towards Hank, she pulls out a chair in front of him with a loud *PLOP* and wheeze. "Spiders? Really?" Half the men she knew were afraid of them. True story.

Hank blinks as the pink haired and rather tuckered out young lady sits down so dramatically in front of him. "Ah, hello Miss Quire." Eyes of bright blue turn to regard the girl, not that she's all that much younger than him, but he IS older! A glance at the plethora of spider books. "Mmm? Oh, yes…spiders, a side project I'm working on." A toothy smile. "Anything I can help you with…?"

So what he's older! She could still give him a one two and he wouldn't know wha.. "Gross. You're not trying to go all fucking Hagrid on us are you?" Still, she shakes her head, waving her hand, attempting to gain her composure. That was done by pushing her glasses flush against the skin of her nose. "Let me in your lab." Well, that was simple. "Pretty sure you have stuff in there I can use to give me a slight energy boost." Aka, narcotics.

"Hagrid? Not at all - interesting character, but not where my focus lies in general and definitely not on this specific side project." Hank closes his notebook, and tucks it away with a foot, the pen tucked away in the pocket of his lab coat. A brow quirks at the request, it isn't like it is veiled either. "Oh, I'm certain there's any number of substances and tech there that could do the trick, depending on what sort of a energy we're speaking of, the question is…" He meets her gaze, his smile unflagging. "..why would I do that? The materials in my lab are dangerous and require precise care in use. Further, I'm not a medical doctor, so I cannot legally dispense any sorts of meds."

"Well that type of project.. granted I didn't ask or steal bits and pieces from your head.." She wiggles her fingers in his direction, "..feels to me like you're trying to summon the unholies of all holies to our fair scummy school." She leans in her chair sideways, finally gaining herself. "Though, I'm just joshing."

His directness was appreciated. She never knew Hank to shy away from being honest, he usually did it with a smile. "Well, Hank. I will tell you why. You are helping out a fellow mutant who has and is recovering from a two year coma. Think about it, we both equal in smarts.." Or so Quinn likes to think.. "..so nothing will go wrong. All we need are the right books, a good few days study, we cook something up and.." Quinn puts a fist to her mouth, then makes a *pshaw* sound, tossing her hand up and jazz handing along the way. "Quintavia Quire is back in business." She clears her throat. "Plus, I'll dispense my medication myself. You, really ain't got to do shit. Just let me in there and run loose, unless you're wanting to take a break from researching xenethis' and missulena."

"And your restraint in not poking about in my skull is greatly appreciated, particularly in light of your ability to do so in a number of ways, Miss Quire." Yes, Hank is generally pretty formal, especially at school - he IS one of the teaching staff after all. A snort of amusement. "No, sorry, summons are between 9:30 and 11, and only on weekends." And yes, he's always pretty direct, considering he's surrounded by several telepaths, empaths and people capable of /smelling/ your emotional state it just hasn't been something he'd even bother with, were he inclined to, which…yeah, we'll leave it at he's generally honest.

When Quinn points out a reasonable reason to help her out, he nods slowly, not commenting on her smarts…she IS smart! "No you most certainly will not dispense any meds from my lab, I'm responsible for the contents and their disposition." And he's be the one in trouble should she err. "However, if you'd like to pop up and let me examine you, I can come up with something to help out, including a diet and exercise regimen…"

"Hey. I'm trying to catch a big fucking fly with a tiny pot of honey. I'm trying here." She gestures. "Look. Listen." Quinn says, finally straightening up and faces Hank directly. Both hands were placed politely upon the table, fingers interlacing together as if she were scolded into being of polite stature.

"I could go the route of no one has to know, but we all know that one guy who's the head of the school knows all." She rolls her eyes at that. "So yeah, lets play it that way. You lab rat me up in one of those hospital gowns with the asses out, get a pretty little show out of it.." Though, now she stops and thinks, leaning back a touch to stare at the grand ceiling. "..gotten a bit flabby during my downtime, but pretty sure I can perk it up. Nevermind that, get all trussed up as a lab rat, you do your lil' blood draws and what have you, make your notes. Send it to the nurses, boom. And maybe, just maybe I'll forego the greasy burgers I used to have and stick with some stuffed portabella and trees. You know, leaf it up. Vegan style or some shit. I'm cool with that." She strikes out her hand. "Deal?"

"And as I said, your restraint is appreciated, honestly." Hank's smile is genuine, and he rises and takes a few moments putting the books back where they belong. Though — Quinn /might/ get impatient. "Truly, Miss Quire, have you ever known me to prevaricate or speak falsely?" This over a massive shoulder as he shelves a tome. Either way, her long speech is listened to intently, and then he laughs softly. "Oh, yes…Charles is quite difficult to fool, especially in the mental arena." He clasps his hands behind himself a moment. "Very good then, we'll run some tests and I'll work up proper suggestions and the like, though I assure you I won't be peeking, and any examination isn't for my tittilation. Strictly professional, I assure you." And then he smiles, full on smiles. "So…follow me, and we'll get the wheels in motion." A conspiratorial wink. "And I do believe I have something, completely legal and non-prescription that will help a smidge, but it is in the lab." As he leads the way, he continues. "Now…there's one caveat — it is /helpful/ but the energy drink I've made tastes…well…awful, is probably too kind…"

Watching him put away the books were like watching paint dry. While she still had the full use of her gifts, she didn't dare expend herself. It doesn't look great to bleed all over the floor in a library. Kids might take that as an omen to never visit. She fidgets in her chair, then finally stands upright, so much that her glasses fall down half a fraction from her nose.

"Hank. You need a girlfriend to tittilate. Now, I'm not saying that I could be that girlfriend, I'll probably let you smack it a few times for practice but.." She gestures. "..you're too nice. Too hairy. I'd have to shave you a good three times before I even consider.." There -was- the asshole! "Let me guess. You cooked up something akin to a redbull that not only taste like fifteen doses of cough syrup.." She begins to follow him as she speaks, though her smaller stature allows her to squeeze through the door ahead of him and out into the hall. "…and four points of hell.." Their conversation would sound weird at the end to anyone hears, talking about cough syrup, hell, and probably jelly bellies..

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