2019-06-02 - Hod and Kate play a duet in the subway.


Hod and Kate duet in the subway.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Jun 2 04:20:40 2019
Location: Subway Station

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Astor Place subway station gets one to or from the Village in right short order. There's nothind special or grandious about this station, it's a narrow platform, some benches, lots of lit advertising posters, rows of perfect columns, tile walls, shitty PA system for what few announcements are bothered with across the area's stations. Frankly, if one didn't see the name plate over the stairs upon entering it would be indistinguishable from a dozen other stations across the city.

Except for one thing.

This station has been the recipient of a public works piano. It's not some big Grand, nor is it by some famous maker. The keys are intentionally muted so anyone toying with it wouldn't deafen anyone else in the concrete box that is the station, and it's dull chipped black finish makes it look more like a Flea Market reject then a concert worthy instrument. And yet. There it sits. Complete with bench, chained to the piano itself, which is bolted to the floor. It's a half stand piano, narrow so it takes up little space, and there's an empty musice holder sitting dead center above the keys, all of which are yellowed plastic.

Hod sits on said bench, cane in hand, and listens to the faint sounds of humanity moving around him. It's late, night has fully fallen, and despite that the city booms on, especially on a weekend evening. People crowd the platform benches, many standing, almost all on their phones or bobbing their heads to whatever plays in their ear buds, ignoring one another.

As luck would have it, this was the very same station that Kate was currently getting off at. Her cello case is slung over her back carefully to avoid bumping into anyone. It wasn't a full sized symphony cello at least, though it was large enough in size to get good amplification and sound when she wanted. She starts for the stairs intending to head up into the New York streets when the sight of a familiar fellow at the piano catches her attention. Curious, she diverts her path toward him.

"I didn't think you for a pianist, Hod," she greets with a small chuckle as she takes up a lean against the side of the standing piano. It wasn't as if it was going anywhere. "Also not seen you in awhile… which would make your brother upset no doubt, but…" She trails off with a shrug in spite of him not being able to see it.

Hod tilts his head almost dog like when Kate pauses next to him and speaks, and he offers his version of a smile, which is a sort of wry lip twist. "I am accomplished in many instruments. It's been three millenia, you have no idea how hard it is to fill that much time when you're trapped in this Realm. I mean sure, most of the time it's not that hard, what with the trying /very/ hard not to die, but once in a while you find yourself not in immediate danger and not yanked about by the hands of fate and with a decade or two to kill. Suddenly it's 1541 find yourself sharing a meal with your friend Alonso Mudarra discussing all this crazy talk you're hearing coming from Spain about a fancy new route to," he air quotes here, "'India' that's taking Europe by storm and he pulls out one of those ridiculous guitars you've heard about but no one takes seriously and with a few swift motions blows your leggings off. And you're hooked." he sighs. "There may also have been copious amounts of wine involved. Still. Man could fuckin' /play/." another sigh. "Unrelated note, Baldur can wait. I've been hiding from him for over two thousand years. I'm very good at it." usually.

Kate Bishop finds herself listening with a slow emerging grin of her own. It was kind of nice that he was blind given he had no idea what was currently strapped to her back. She'd just come from upstate where her finishing school was to give her final for music class. Which was dreadfully boring and over quick enough but left her itching to do some real playing of the sort she liked.

While he's going on about the guitar, she reaches behind her to unsling the strap of the cello case. It's pulled off, and she leans it against the piano. The sharp clicks of the spring locks are impossible to hide, but that doesn't necessarily mean he would know what it was just yet.

"I suppose the better question is, can *you* play, Hod?" The cello is drawn out to rest between her knees, balancing on the kickstand, and she reaches out to gently tap the top of his head with the string side of the horsehair bow. It's then drawn back as she slides it over the strings of her cello drawing a quick riff of notes along with an audible chuckle.

Hod smirks as, once the case is opened, he can hear the soft moan of air on strings and the gentle echo of the cello's drum whispering in the air every time she bumps and touches it. "I played once for Bach." he says before spinning lightly on his bench seat and wriggling his fingers lightly in the air, a few of them popping and cracking. He then reaches down, checking with his fingertips before flipping open the key cover on the piano and running a light touch along the keys, wincing slightly at the nature of the machine's tune. It's not… a catastrophy. But Carnegie Hall material it ain't.

"I'll do my best. What's your poison?" He asks curiously.

"That depends. How up on modern music are you? If you know Imagine Dragons and their song 'Natural' that's good…" Kate draws out a few long sweet notes, "Otherwise just play along as I go. It's not that hard a song really just one of my favorites." Really it was. She doesn't have a seat so extends the kickstand of the cello further so she can stand and play without having to strain her reach.

Nevermind she was about to play a thousand dollar cello in the subway. Nevermind she was IN a subway… she just starts to play humming quietly beneath her breath the parts that Hod should do on the piano as she often did this song solo to begin with.

Hod tilts his head to the side, "I admit, I have never heard of them, but if they have to imagine dragons then I feel like they're sheletered beyond words. I should bring them one, so they know better." Which is exactly what pop stars need, giant hungry lizard monsters that breath fire. Cause reasons. He listens to Kate play a few notes, getting a feel for the speed and the intent before shuffeling in his seat and reaching out to let his fingers drape across a few of the keys, drawing out a mournful sound from the piano, soft and sweet.

Kate Bishop finishes the song up with a flourish only to turn back toward Hod and the piano with a grin. "Not bad for an old man," she teases lightly. "We should do this again some time. You get to pick the song next time of course," she adds as she moves to pack up her cello again. "But for now I do have to get to my apartment before my father does. He insisted on making sure I'm 'doing all right.'" You can practially hear the air quotes as she says it, along with the obvious distaste for her father. It was very similar to how Hod himself often spoke of avoiding Baldur. "You ought to get a phone, too."

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