2019-06-02 - Furtag


A random visit to an art gallery turns into a game of tag in animal shape.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Jun 2 12:47:46 2019
Location: The Store

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Catseye is still not quite sure about this new safeplace, nor is she ready to shift to smoothskin. She spent part of the night before prowling, rubbing her cheeks against things, and finding places to hide, some of them in plain sight. That's where she is now, on top of a very sturdy set of shelves that are anchored to the wall and put her over the head of anyone else on the first floor. She is laying there, her eyes mostly closed, facing the front door. She looks like an unusual stuffed animal, after all lions are not lavender, nor are their manes curly. Only the subtle movement of her breathing and the slightest twitch to her tail betrays her.

As the door opens to the art exhibition/community house, it lets in Junko, her eyes darting through the room a couple times as she raises her voice. "Helloo? Is anybody here?" she asks as she starts to ntice some of the more odd features. Among them the purple feline on the top shelve, but on first glance indeed it might be a stuffed animal. Which is, until the girl notices the tail moving when her seaching eyes return to the shelving. "W…Wait a moment… Is that… Wow…" she mutters under her breath

Catseye realizes that she's been spotted and yawns and stretches out full length, claws briefly extending. Her body language reads 'see how big my teeth and claws are? I am not scared of you'. In fact, she starts grooming the shoulder closest to Junko to prove she is not scared. "Deadgirl go out, others sleeptimes, yes? Just Catseye now."

The asian girl's chin drops, as Catseye talks while grooming herself, her eyes fixing on those of the lavender bigcat. "Wow… just wow. I mean, I was perplexed to see a living purple cougar or something, but a speaking one?! Dangit, I bet some people can't hold their fingers back to pet you."

Catseye tilts her head, considering the girl, her mouth opening a little, whiskers arching forward as she tastes the air. "Most smoothskins scared of Catseye. No pettings longtime." She leaps off the top of the shelving with easy grace, landing lightly next to Junko. She is huge, the size of an actual lion or tiger, but that mane is just too curly and fluffy. Not to mention the whole light purple thing. She looks up at Junko, her golden eyes going very wide, very sad, "Redhair not scared of Catseye? Pettings maybe?" Any cat owner eating in front of a cat has seen those wide, pitiful eyes.

Junko ahs a little as she reaches out to pet the huge feline, her fingers seeking the skin hidden under the mane between the ears. "Well, you are a large cat. maybe they are scared you might topple them over?" The redhead has some odd mix of smell, something wild under the normal human smell. "But you would't do that, would you? After all you're a smart cat, Catseye. I'm Junko Saito."

Catseye purrs when Junko starts to pet around her ears and the sound is like an outboard motor or a cement mixer, a deep rumble that vibrates the whole body. At the comment about toppling someone over, her expression becomes one of pure mischief and she starts to slowly lean against Junko, ever so slowly increasing the pressure as Junko pets. It is very easy for the redhead to brace herself, or even step aside rather than be toppled. "Maybe…." Catseye drawls out through the purring, very clearly teasing.

Junko giggles as Catseye pushes, her fingers raking through the thick mane and ruffling it all the while she slowly backs away the same ammount Catseye pushes, taking it more as a steering than an attempt to topple her over. "Maybe what, you huge kitten?" she teases back, winking a little at the lavender cat as her body seems to blur a moment. Just a short moment later her ears are gone, moved up to the top of her head while her jeans ride somewhat lower, a bushy floof of red-orange tail having found the way over the waistband.

Catseye's ears and tail perk up with interest. "Maybe PouncePlay? Redhair furfriend maybe?" She playfully bats at Junko's tail, her claws not showing though her paw is huge. While her form no doubt has a lot of strength, she's being as gentle as if she were playing with a kitten. "Garden on roof. Safe from badmans, no crashbang while playing." She headbutts Junko, like an overgrown housecat, looking up at her with wide eyes.

"Furfriend?" Junko asks a moment confused before her tail swishes out of the way of the paw, earning Catseye a slight pinch to the back of one of her ears. "Careful Catseye." she scolds her just a little bit while the ears perk up at the mentioning of a roof garden. "Hmmm… ok, we can take a look at the roof garden and maybe play a little, but I have a name. It's Junko," she explains, resuming the ruffling of the big feline's mane.

Catseye nods agreement, "RedJunko furfriend. Catseye play careful, promise. Only clawbite badmans." She tilts her head to one side, that gleam of mischief in her eyes. One giant violet paw comes up to ever so gently brush Junko's nose. With absurd solemnity, Catseye declares. "Tag." And then BOLTS up the stairways to the roof, leaping up three or five stairs at a time, whiskers twitching with cat-laughter. The door to the roof does slow her up for just a moment, as she shape-shifts to a six-foot tall lavender furred were-cat, carefully opens the door, then shifts back to lion form.

The redhead blinks as the paw tags her on the nose losing a couple valueable seconds before she bolts after Catseye, changing mid stride from human with some features to a full fox, just that she was 4 feet tall at the shoulder. Small paws thread silently as she climbs the stair after the feline, winning back a couple of the lost moments at the door… And then jumps. Almost seeming to fly as that tail of her brushes down to try to tag Catseye by jumping over her.

Catseye's whiskers twitch and her voice bubbles with laughter as the fox bounds over her and through the door. "RedJunko is Cleverfox! Catseye chase!" It's the playing that is important, not the catching, at least for Catseye.


The fox darts towards the wind turbine, her vulpine head looking back over the shoulder to Catseye as she chases her, that tongue coming out to tease her just before she throws herself sideways and around the turbine to change course towards the solar panels, planning to dart under their higher side.

Catseye chases the fox happily, and when the fox darts under the higher side of the solar panels, Catseye leaps over the lower side, shifting to were-form mid leap, and landing on the far side to peer beneath. The lion form would never fit, too bulky, but her were form though tall, is much leaner. Her tail quivers behind her in excitement as she reaches for the fox with just one finger, being sure to 'play careful' with the smaller shifter.

The fox, darting out of the shadow had to blink into the sudden light, pretty much head first bumping into Catseye and tumbling to the ground with a shrieking sound. She might be leaner and smaller, but she was more comparable to a wolf in size and weight than the fox she resembled…

Catseye leans closer, sniffing at the fox as she shifts back to lion form. "Catseye not hurt RedJunko, just scare startle? Catseye is clever, yes?" She noses at the oversized fox, not happy until her new furfriend is safely back on her feet and Catseye is sure she is alright. The tip of Catseye's tongue sticks out a little, as she tries to resist the urge to pin Junko down and bathe her. Most people don't seem to be fond of that, for some crazy reason.

The fox plays dead a couple moments before jumping up and giving Catseye a nip to the tail before darting off to one of the benches. "Nope! And you're it!" she answered, her voice somewhat eery as she did not in fact part her jaws to speak, yet it was an audible voice.

Catseye laughs, "Catseye catch cleverfox!" And bounds off after the fox. Trees give her an idea, and she bounces up into them with a twitch of a tail, then a rustle of leaves. And then… silence. Stillness. Just the echos of distant traffic and city noise.

Junko halts as she is among the trees, eying around to try to get an idea where Catseye might be hiding. Between them? Behind the corner of the roof access? Her ears swivel around as she sits there, trying to figure it out…

Catseye has shifted into wereform, long arms and legs are useful sometimes. She hangs by her knees, slowly lowering herself down behind Junko. Once she is hanging upside down behind the large fox, she blows a puff of air at Junko's neck. Much more amusing than pouncing!

Junko shrieks up at the sudden blow of air into the neck, her body jerking around to face Catseye, her tail leashing out in the sudden spin of the body. "Hey!" she protests a little.

Catseye giggles, "Hihi!" She grins. "Catseye still it?" She drops out of the tree, flipping midair to land on her feet. After all, she hasn't touched the fox yet, and if the foxgirl wants to run some more, Catseye is happy to chase.

The fox seems to ponder the word a moment before actually lifting the shoulders in what might be a shrug. "I dunno… did you tag?" she asks, that mouth staying closed desoiute her clearly speaking.

Catseye shrugs, a gesture that looks really weird on a lion's body. "No touch, no tag." Then she reaches out (still no claws) to lightly bat at the fox and try for an easy (and sneaky) tag.

Junko dodges the bat by reeling back, almost doing a barrel roll. Which ends her against one of the trees. "Then you're still it!"

Catseye laughs, and reaches out with a large paw, gently pinning Junko to the tree. "Tag." And then leans forward and tries to lick the top of Junko's furry head. "Play more? Or food? Rice and Lamb in fridge maybe."

Junko squeaks as she is pinned to the tree, looking up to Catseye as her body blurs while still being pinned, shifting back to her human-ish shape as Catseye licks her head. "Eh, Got me?" she asks with a little chuckle, her cheeks flushing. "What are you up to?"

Catseye says, "Grass in RedJunko's header." She shifts to her werecat form, and ever so gently claws through Junko's hair, removing the grass and dirt. "Catseye forgets human rules sometimes." She pauses, "Not really /forget/ just… not think of. Human rules stupid."

"Hmm?" Junko asks, looking a little puzzled up to Catseye towering over her, raking through those long hairs with the fox ears poking out of them. "Some are stupid, yes…" she answers.

Catseye nods. "No run, chase, play. No Shift. Sit still. Be quiet. No purr. Go to classes. BAH. Catseye is cat. Cat is better." Once Junko's hair is free of debris, Catseye shifts back down to lion, and stretches long and slow. "Furform is better. Hands useful, but furform best."

Junko chuckles as she reaches up to the fuzzy head, scritching between the ears. "Ok, your call, kitty. I mean, that's kinda adorable…"

Catseye purrs sleepily, curling up with her tail over her nose. She's fed, she's played, and now there is sunlight and someone scritching her. Life is good. Time for a nap.

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