2019-06-02 - A Magic Fox in Central Park?


A sunny day in Central Park…

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Jun 2 18:37:26 2019
Location: Central Park

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To be fair, Priscilla Kitaen is not usually one for the normal touristy visits. She usually moves around far too much, and is frankly too busy to bother. But with her gig at the club extended by another month - a nice bonus - and no current leads in her hunt, she has decided to relax for an afternoon. Sundays are ideal, since the Club doesn't open on Sunday nights, so she isn't wasting prep time or sleep time before an evening of work. She always heard, from her old friends, about the beauty of Central Park, so now she's here to take a look for herself.

Even amongst the summer crowds in Central Park, Pris stands out a bit. Just shy of six feet in stockings, with the heels of her boots she's a good two inches above. And Pris really doesn't do subtle; virtually painted-on cut-off jeans shorts and a midrif-baring white t-shirt with Voodoo in purple across her substantial chest could be almost anyone, but that caramel skin, and those sinfully unfair curves, along with startlingly vibrant gold-tinted green coiled dragon tattoos on each thigh and peaking out across her back? She tends to draw the eye of even the most jaded New Yorker, at least once or twice. She's not exactly trying to draw interest and attention, but the aura about her does that all on its own without any will on her part. She just lives with it.

For Junko though, even what New Yorkers call a crowded day in Central park is ok. She has been traveling the world, has seen what is called crowded in Japan, India and China. Waterparks where falling over was pretty much impossible. But Central Park? Just a little crowded. One could fall and wouldn't have problems stretching out the arms. The greens were even empty in most places, even though the spots where it was allowed to settle for a picknick all were taken. The Asian girl had taken herself a rare liberty for herself, putting on a simple Yukata, the traditional japanese gown standing just as much out as Priscilla. To some degree, she even managed to close the distance between their heads to just a little over half a foot, the wooden sandals giving her a good 3 inches off the floor ash she just walks along, a wood and paper umbrella over her shoulder, the hair taken together with a comb and hairpins.

As widely traveled as Pris may be, spotting a woman dressed in ultra-traditional Japanese garb in the heart of Central Park definitely causes her to stop and raise an eyebrow. She's not quite sure what's up with the woman, but her attention is piqued enough to change the course of her walk and follow for a bit, just to observe. Besides, the red hair looks entirely too variegated to be a dye job, so this is definitely weird. The parasol is fun, at useful at diffusing direct sunlight, so double bonus there.

Junko doesn't seem to have a particular goal as she walks through the park, no handbag with her. There's a smile on her lips as she passes into one of the lesser crowded areas, changing onto a smaller path that leads through a more shaded small forrest. Then she turns aroudn a tree, a delicate hand stretched out towards it and her hair has changed a little. Where it had kept the ears free a moment ago, they were gone now. Where it had been somewhat pushed up in the back, it now also towered up in a pair of trianles…

OK. Pris definitely wasn't expecting … whatever that is. Apparently the woman has red hair, and now … she shapeshifts? It's subtle, but there. Most odd for Pris is that now that she's closer, she's feeling that odd prickling sensation. She still doesn't entirely know what that is or what it means, but it always means something is about to get interesting. A clueless city girl, Pris has no idea what makes these trees any different from any others. But she makes the right turns, following the path the other woman has, and comes close enough to call out without yelling.

"Nice trees. They look healthy." Great line, Pris! Gosh, that's awful!

With a chuckle, Jungo stops, the umbrella behind her spinning slowly as she waits for whoever spoke to her closed up some, turning around to her. "Oh? You like trees? There's a very old London Plane over at the Reservoir. I heard she was planted when they built it in 1882." She smiles, the foy ears holding still in top of her head as she looks over to Pris.

Pris continues forward to keep the conversation easy, but still doesn't crowd the other woman; she tries to respect everyone's boundaries. "Uhm. Well, honestly, I have no idea. They're pretty, sure. But I'm more about people. Sometimes motorcycles. And most especially, music." She gestures towards the other woman with one hand rather negligently. "You … are definitely not dressed the way most visitors to the Park are. What's the statement you're making with today's fashion statement?" Don't stare at the ears. Don't stare at the ears!

The chuckle resumed, the asian girl letts the parasol spin again, the floral pattern on it swirling around. Cherry blossoms turning into a pink storm behind her red hair and ears. "Ohhh, I just enjoy once in a while to wear something out of the norm. Something from my family home. It's not a fashion statement, it's a little sentiment of nostalgia maybe…"

"That's cool." Pris offers, shrugging her shoulders a bit. She doesn't bother explaining that she doesn't have a family and has no idea what that kind of nostalgia would ever feel like; she can feel it from and within others, and that's enough. "It's still quite pretty." she offers, honestly. Unusual, definitely. But just as definitely still pretty. "Uhm. I hope this won't come off as exceptionally rude. But. You … feel kind of 'off'. In the sort of way that usually means really weird things are going on. And. Uhm. Your hair … kinda poofed up." She gestures to the top of her own head, about where Jungo's ears are on her own head.

Junko's chuckle ebbs off as Priscilla says her hair has poofed up, balancing the parasol in one hand as she reaches into the lower corner of the sleeve, picking up a little mirror to fold open, looking into it carefully. "Hmmm…" she mutters as she puts it away again, then closes the parasol and offers it ot Pris. "Would you mind holding it a moment?" she asks before getting the mirror out again and sorting the hair just a little but, but seemingly totally unfazed by the ears. "No, I think it looks allright."

Pris steps closer, reaching out a hand to take the parasol, holding it gingerly as she watches the other woman and smirks. "Yeah. Your hair wasn't wrapped around those ears earlier." She's not offended. Not bothered. Just observant and matter-of-fact. No bushes were beaten while she was getting to this point. "Anyway." She offers the parasol back to Junko. "I'm Priscilla, by the way. Pris to most. The ears are cute." Up close she can tell that it's not just her hair.

"Thank you for the kind compliment. Do you really like them? I know where you could get some that might match your hair…" Junko answers as she takes the Parasol back, a little wink on her face while her lips are upturned in a smile as she opens it again and puts it back onto her shoulder. "I am Junko Saito, nice to meet you."

Interestingly enough, Priscilla goes quiet for several long moments, turning her head this way and that, considering Junko carefully. Critically, even. And then Pris' own head and hair shape change, as a pair of near-matching ears grow up from the crown of her head beneath her own ebony mane. Then she extends her hand to, belatedly, take Junko's. "Nice to meet you." Of course, mere touch awakens all kinds of tingles up and down Priscilla's form, her entire body attuned to those natural magical emanations. Contact also heightens her empathic and telepathic talent.

Junko laughtes as Priscilla immitates her own ears, her handshake gentle but not weak. "Oh my, oh my… I think I don't need to show you how to find the perfect acessories for your hair, Kuroko." she teases, calling Priscilla her a black fox. "What brings you here?"

Pris shrugs her shoulders a bit and smiles. "It's Central Park, the heart of New York City. I figured I should get out and see it at some point. My work contract just got renewed for a month, so I have the time." And so she's here. "What brings you out to the Park in your pretty dress? Is it just the nostalgia of home and family? Or is today something special?"

Junko chuckles as she shrugs likewise, a little smile on her lips. "Oh, Just a chance to look pretty once in a while and take a stroll, thinking about family vacations I had as a kid in the family's homeland. And the sun is shining."

"True. Sunshine is a nice thing. I miss a lot of that, because my work is largely nights." Hence why she's only out here doing this on a Sunday. The caramel-skinned beauty smiles and shrugs again. "Enjoy your stroll, Junko. It was interesting meeting you." That said, she offers a nod and turns around, walking back down the paths, apparently intent on something else with her one day out and about.

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