2019-06-01 - A Place To Call Home?


Koriand'r has an offer for Alison

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Storyteller: n/a
Date: 2019-06-01
Location: Alison's rehearsal sudio

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Teaching Koriand'r to dance is the sort of task that challenges someone in ways that grows them as a teacher.

It's not that she isn't athletic or has no rhythm. But there are elements of dancing, particularly human customs, that rely on the human anatomy. The curve of posture, the contour of frame. Especially the sort of dancing that many expect of pop culture. Energetic, sybaritic. Excited.

Kori dances like a ballerina, as if she barely needs to touch the ground. The deeply rooted discipline of body and balance that humans develop into a dancing language become largely redundant when paired with a species that can *fly* on demand.

"This is not the fun," Kori complains. They're in Alison's little practice studio, working in front of a mirror. Kori's in black boyshorts and calf-high socks, a lightweight hooded tee in white clinging to her frame. Her feet are wedged into the largest dance slippers they could find on the internet. "We have been doing of this 'the routine' for an hour." She moves laterally through a sidestep Alison had been drilling, watching her reflection with a pensive frown. "Why can your musical routine not simply have all of the wild and creative dancing, improvised?"

"Try not to float too much" Alison suggests. After the Memorial Day clown incident, she's fully aware Koriand'r can fly. "People will be more impressed if they think that you're pushing your physical limits. This isn't really hard for you at all so we can't let people know that. Alternatively, we do a routine where you full-on fly. Though that will give away who you are. As for wild and creative, you have to do that to figure out the routines" she grins. "Routines are more attractive to the human eye if there are groups of dancers. Being in time with each other. The visual of the collected movements. More interesting than having people fling around solo…in a group setting."

Alison frowns as she gives Kori a hug. "But if you're not enjoying it…then don't do it. It shouldn't be about being bored or miserable. Have you been doing dancing with Pris? See, that one, when you're solo, that is where wild and creative is better. But, even then, you need to learn moves so you can do the best creative you can. Want a drink?"

"I am not *hating* it," Kori allows, suitably chastised. "It is … it reminds me a great deal of Oka— of my schooling. Before America," she amends. "We would spend many hours practicing forms and routines, learning how to fence and fight. But that was for a purpose. Dancing is supposed to be fun. This will make me a better dancer, which will make it /more/ fun to dance."

She frowns and moves along with Alison, deliberately forcing herself to tread on the ground. A water bottle's retrieved and she takes a few polite sips. "I'll need to think about this more. Priscilla is helping me with my dancing, but the club girls keep saying 'gotta get the honey, moneys'," she tells Alison. "So there, I am learning how they do their dancings for work. Not for pleasure."

"They'll make more money if they enjoy it" Alison offers. "Or at least look like they are enjoying it. It's all an illusion which people pay to see. Whether it's dancing to song, dancing to seduce, or dancing to take your clothes off." A beat. "Those last two are not the same. Are you sure they didn't say 'money, honey'? Different way round. Hey, don't want to tell them their business."

Alison does the routine with Kori, trying to keep their enthusiasm up. "There's also the achievement aspect when you get it down pat, you know? That makes it fun. Though, again, pretty easy for you to do anything. So, you're an X-Mutant? From Malta."

"No, I — oh, yes," Kori amends, hastily. "Yes, a mutant. I believe that is what I am," she tells Alison. "I hope you are not the angry with me for not volunteering that information. I know many people are uncomfortable with my presence. The cheerleaders at Midtown were very hateful, and no one in high school thought I was a mutate. I was merely an unwelcome foreign guest. If I were a mutant *and* foreign, it might have been even much the worseness."

She goes through the routine again, nails the complicated step over. Despite her vacuous speech, Kori's proven to be a remarkably quick study in matters of physical dexterity and movement. She needs only be shown something once. "And you are a mutant as well?" she asks, hesitating. "I have never met a mutant who could make such dazzling light displays."

"People can be cruel. Especially in high school." Alison understands this all too well. "Let's take a break" she suggests as talk turns serious. A few sips of water. "Nothing wrong with being a mutant. You know, we shouldn't even use that word. It has too many bad connotations. Not sure what to use instead…"

As for what she may be, Alison purses her lips in thought before shrugging. "I guess I'm a mutant" she admits. "Something I've never told anyone before. Never had to do what I did the other day. But, hey, couldn't let my Friend Kori get hurt. Never registered when that was happening. Most people just think the lights are part of the show." She laughs at that. "Shows that people believe what they want to believe. I don't even have a lighting person."

"I would not wish for you to be the injured, either, friend Alison," Kori assures the musician. "I try very hard not to fly in public. I know it scares and frightens people. I /never/ throw cars," she adds, quickly. "They are heavy, and I also have been told they will sue me and steal all the pants from my house if I lose."

"I have a few other friends who are in the same situation. As yours, not of pants," Kori amends, with a distinctly unhelpful helpfulness. "They have these powers and do not know what to do with them. Do they help people? Do they hurt them? Is it safe to be a mutant or better to hide it?"

She frowns. "Except Rose. Rose just throws things at people. 'It is too early!', she says. 'Kori, stop pestering me! Kori, I am trying to sleep!' 'Kori, I am trying to shower!'"

Koriand'r rolls her eyes in exasperation. "But I am lucky to have her as a friend. She is very patient and only tries to stab me once in a while."

"You have a friend who tries to stab you? Umm…okay. I guess stabbing you doesn't really hurt you? It would probably hurt me so I better make sure I have friends who are less into stabbing" Alison smirks. "Though…maybe not go into the shower with other people unless you know them really well and want to get snuggly. I hear in Europe, where Malta is, people are a lot more into sharing showers."

"I use my powers for good…or not at all" Alison laughs. "I mean, I'd love to help people out but I can also do that through my music, you know? I mean, there'd be training involved or something, and how would I find the time? And I'd be a useless Avenger without any training." She shrugs sadly. "I think my time as a superheroine has passed me by."

Kori frowns pensively. "The Avengers do noble work, but most of them are much 'the old'," she points out. "They have significant amounts of experience, resources, and support. They also had many independent careers before aspiring to that level of global heroism."

"Most of my friends are in their early adulthood," Kori points out. "And some of us have started taking measures to help each other and use our abilities responsibly and positively. We do not have the luxury of wealth and influence for a net of safety. We are relying on each other. Teaching each other, learning. Supporting. We do not tackle at the 'big projects' such as the Avengers, but we consider ourselves 'Young' Avengers," she explains. "Would a community like this help you?"

"They are pretty old" Alison nods sagely about The Avengers. "Pretty stuffy too. I mean, it's great they do good and all, but, sheesh, lighten up a little. It's like a group of parents…and they probably are parents too."

"I'm still a teen" Alison points out. "Not even young adulthood." But she listens intently to Kori's words. "I certainly don't have wealth and influence" she smirks. "Who are these friends, other than Rose? 'Young Avengers'? Cute name. So, you've been out there helping people, and no one has ever heard of you? I guess that could be helpful…"

"We have done some small things. Mostly rescuing other teenagers and adults," Kori says. She floats off the ground on her toetip, thinking, and tugging on her left earlobe as she contemplates things. The motion starts her in a lazy pirouette.

"None of us have much influence, or wealth. But a very gracious few individuals have offered us money and lodging. We rented several stories in a building downtown and remodeled of them to make for a home," she explains. "Not all of us live there, of course. Myself, Rose. Dani. Christopher is considering moving in, though I do not think Blackhawk or Hawkeye would do so— they seem to have homes of their own. But it… it creates a sense of clan. Family," she explains. "To have people like you, who support you, and will help you."

"Hawkeye? Isn't he in the Old Avengers? You have a place to live?" For someone who relies on the kindness of strangers, this could be an important part of the offer. "Do you make this offer to anyone who has a little power?" she giggles before getting a little more serious. "Is there a test I have to take or something? And, you know, when I'm famous as a singer, would that cause a problem?"

"I… those are very good questions," Kori allows, finally. "I do not have the answers. A test would be prudent, but I would not have any idea how to compose an effective examination. "And no. I do not offer this to anyone," Kori says. "I am the leader, but /we/ are a team. I saw you fight those clowners. With no fear or hesitation, despite the risk. You were creative, adaptive, and brave. These are rare qualities and impossible to teach to someone," Kori explains, her sweet voice a strange contrast to the heavy topic.

"As for your fame, perhaps you need a mask. And a codename! We could call you…" She frets her cheek, thinking. "Oh! 'Music Lady'!" she proposes brightly.

"You're the leader? At least I'm talking to the right person" Alison grins. "Any word about those clowns? It was barely on the news." She blushes a little at the praise before a friendly push of Kori's shoulder. "Oh, stop all that. I wasn't that awesome. Dinah was pretty cool too. A mask? Umm…not sure about that. Do you wear one? I mean, you're a really tall orange woman from Malta, would a mask make a difference?" Her codename is greeted with the arch of a single brow and a disbelieving look. "We can think about that one later."

Kori budges obligingly, though one gets the sense that she rocks on her heels to keep Alison from hurting herself. The Tamaranean woman is fairly unyielding under that soft tangerine skin.

"Security is a process, not a state," Kori explains patiently. "I can do little to disguise my appearance, but while I am distinct, I am not unique. There are plenty of tall women with red hair in New York. And ones with orange skin in New Jersey. A mask provides a modest protection against identification at little cost to your comfort or effectiveness."

"You're right about New Jersey at least" Alison nods in agreement. "I dunno. I mean, I'm gonna be a pretty well-known figure in the world one day. Maybe I shouldn't hide at all? Maybe I should just, you know, come out of the closet. Metaphorically speaking. Would that be a problem though? Are you all trying to stay secret? I mean, I can be secret while I'm not famous…which could be forever."

"A better word might be 'discreet'," Kori says, carefully. "It seems unlikely that we will be able to operate covertly, indefinitely. At some point we will do something that puts our collective out as a public item of discussion. For now, though, we're operating as carefully as possible. Keeping ourselves from being easily found or tracked or intercepted."
"Which, of course, circles us to the original proposal: a mask!" she says, cheerily.

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