2019-05-31 - Sorcerous Mediation


Baldur and Loki approach Doctor Strange about mediation in the brewing tumult between the pantheons.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri May 31 00:54:20 2019
Location: Sanctum Sanctorum

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All things considered, it's not really surprising that Baldur is taking precautions when he's out in public. Which is not to say he's attempting to keep a low profile. Mounted on Gisl, he rides up to the front door of Doctor Strange's residence. Both he and the Asgardian horse are wearing their armor as an attack can occur at any time and any place. Dismounting, he climbs the steps and reaches for the knocker. Once, twice, thrice, he lifts the knocker and brings it down loudly upon the door.


The knocks resonate through the Sanctum as if it several times larger than it appeared. This wouldn't be untrue, necessarily, at least to the first once-over by a mundane eye. After the third and final knell of the heavy knocker, the door itself swings open without a person behind it.

The interior of the Sanctum entryway is cool and inviting out of the late-day sun, scented with incense and the dusty woody smell that comes of a place kept in museum-like cleanliness. The foyer itself is empty…at least, at first. His shadowed silhouette before the stain-glass Eye of Agamotto announces him first. The crimson Cloak of Levitation spreads and silently riffles before he lands on the foyer floor with a quiet tump-tump of boots.

"I wondered when I'd see another Asgarian darken my door. Bring the horse in, it'll get a ticket if you leave it there on the steps," Stephen adds as he walks towards Baldur, his air composed and curiosity barely contained despite himself.


"Doctor Stephen Strange, I take it. I am Baldur Odinson. While I thank you for the offer, there is no need." Baldur half turns to look at Gisl and says "Return to your pasture, my friend. I shall call if I have need of you." Gisl neighs his agreement and starts walking forward. At the first step, mist starts to surround him and by the third he's completely shrouded. A moment later the mist dissipates and the horse is gone. "He will be more comfortable without his barding." he tells Strange.


"That's a trick," the Sorcerer acknowledges of the vanishing horse. He nods to himself and then gestures for Baldur to come further inside. "Oh, and close the door behind you, please." Stephen continues further into the foyer and turns once he's reached the center of the artfully-designed flooring in its sumptuous patterning of pale and dark woods.

"I am Doctor Strange, yes. I wondered if you were one of the Odinsons. It's in your face," he adds, drawing towards his own with a scar-lined finger before returning his hand to the paired steepling before his sternum. "I assume you need something of me?"


Baldur steps into the Sanctum, giving the door a light push so it swings shut behind him. "You are, I am certain, aware of the war brewing among the gods. It is deliberate, having been devised by an unknown enemy who is carefully manipulating events to turn us against each other. One such situation has brought us and the Pesedjet to the brink by framing my brother and some of his companions for the murder of one of Thoth's priestesses. He is innocent and their magics can be used to discover this but existing tensions make meeting to prove this difficult." He pauses to study Strange a moment before continuing. "I have been in contact with Khonsu and he suggested neutral mediators to be present. My half brother Loki suggested you."

True names are powerful things, and evoking it coincides with another presence at the front of the sanctum, this one oozing a sorcerous power of his own, unearthly and odd. He knocks with a flick of magic to get attention to himself. "I know you are meeting in there with Baldur…"


Strange's face flickers through a series of emotions and like the spin of a dice, lands on forbearing acceptance. "Yes, I am aware of the stirrings in the pantheons. It's unfortunate to hear of the machinations involving your brother." And it is…mostly, given how the most minute twinkling through his eyes. He turns away and begins to pace, not intending to leave Baldur behind by the way he swings the path of his travel around slowly again.

"I'm honored to be nominated, I suppose. If — "

The Sorcerer pauses and looks towards the front doors of the Sanctum. "I bet his ears are burning," he mutters mostly to himself as he fully turns towards the entryway. "You might as well come in. Loitering's frowned upon around here," he calls out to Loki, easily enough heard through the doors.


Baldur seems unsurprised to hear Loki just outside the door. "I was speaking of Hod initially, not Thor. In any case, Khonsu has asked Amaterasu and Loki, as I mentioned, suggested you. You and the goddess would see to it that hotter heads do not prevail at the meeting while they question Hod as to what really happened that day."

Loki opens the door and slips into the foyer, though he looks suspiciously about the place. He is, after all, able to sense powerful magics, and there are things about that even he wouldn't want to take care of. "Ahh…inviting him to mediate." Verdant eyes narrow slightly and thin lips curve. "I think you will find it an interesting challenge. And…its in your interest unless you like the streets wandering with ancient dieties." His hand makes a flourishing gesture and his words thrum with a luring cadence.


"Amaterasu, is it?" Stephen muses with a glance over at Baldur again. He looks to Loki upon the Trickster God's entrance to the Sanctum. Nothing palpably changes within the manor itself save for the feeling of being observed increases — and it has nothing to do with the Sorcerer's attention on the dark-haired brother.

"Of course it's in my interest. It's my reality under threat." His own eyes narrow in reaction to the bait put out plainly as such. "I'll mediate. Let me know of the time and place of the meeting and I'll be present, bells on."


"You suggested him." Baldur reminds his brother. The mention of streets wandering with ancient gods gets a brief, wistful look from him. Ah, the good old days. "Very good. I'll inform Khonsu that we have chosen and we'll make arrangements. Once we've decided upon a place and time, we'll let you know."

Loki holds up a hand. "Of course I did, because it is a fantastic idea and I am rife with those." Loki smiles broader and looks over his brother. "Do you have a favorite pantheon?" He asks of Strange to see if he has any reason to not be impartial, though, mostly, its a bit of curious prodding.


"Perfect." Strange stands a bit straighter now, his hands still steepled before his chest as if he were about to dictate before a podium. Old consulting habits die very, very hard. Loki's question takes him somewhat off-guard. He clicks his tongue once before he turns and looks up the grand staircase towards the stylized stained-glass window yet again.

"If I had to claim a favorite pantheon, it would be my patrons, the Vishanti," he replies, and as he turns back, he wears a small and secretive smile. "Of all the gods I've encountered, they are the most benevolent — and when disinclined to benevolence, without designs of their own. Don't get me wrong, I'm well aware of their propensity to meddle in the affairs of us, but…from my perspective, everything seems to be going well thus far."


"It was not a bad idea." Baldur allows. "While we might have suspicions as to who is behind this, they are still just suspicions. It is possible that someone asked to mediate could be the one behind all this. Choosing a mortal instead makes that possibility highly unlikely. You have our thanks for accepting, Doctor Strange."

Loki nods faintly. "Vishanti…yes…they are not likely involved in this mess, so…that choice is fine with me, even if it isn't Asgardian." He smiles crookedly, then taps his fingers on the side of his leg, absently fiddling. "I think its the Tuatha…I finally spoke with an Olympian, did I tell you, brother?"


Stephen nods towards Baldur, the motion curt and refined. "Of course, Baldur. Thank you for approaching me." He looks to Loki again and does smirk despite himself — yes, there was definitely a 'subtle' bias in his professed preference for the Vishanti, without a doubt.

"It took you this long to come across an Olympian? Of all the pantheons, I would've thought them most often encountered here. But hold: the Tuatha — de Danann?" the Sorcerer finishes, indicating he knows of the pantheon in particular, if only in passing.


"That would be them, yes." Baldur agrees and motions to Loki. He can go into detail as to why. "So far they have gotten at least three, more likely four or five different pantheons at odds with each other. If it is them, they stand to come out ahead once, as they say, the dust settles."

"You would think they would be easier to find, but…due to arrangements, and the past, and an incident with flamable oil and a city, I am actually not supposed to /go/ to what you call Italy." There is a pause and a faint squint of his eyes. "Or Crete. But, I did find one here in New York, eventually, and he turned out to be a perfectly pleasant godling of Fear, so…we had a chat. Yes, I think the Tuatha are behind this, but…we shall see soon enough."


"I'd rather not see any throwndown come to fruition with any of the pantheons, but that's my personal opinion." Sighing to himself, Strange can be seen to go briefly introspective by the slide of his eyes off to one side. "Yes…I'll speak with Amaterasu while I await more information. Still, the Tuatha. I suspect there's another goad yet if this pantheon is truly behind the attempt at war." The shake of his head indicates disbelief.

"Regardless - gentlemen," and he gives each Asgardian a lingering glance, now appearing almost bored. "Is there anything else at this time?"


"I have nothing else to add. I shall send a message to Khonsu now that we are able to proceed. The sooner this is taken care of, the sooner we can make war on the truly guilty and teach them to regret their deception." For all that Baldur's the god of light, the summar sun and kittens and puppies, he sounds like he's looking forward to it.

Loki glances over to Baldur. A slow grin appears and then he looks back to Strange with a dip of his pale chin. "Well, I would not mind some mead and brownies sometime, but…at the moment, it seems you have distractions." His fingers wiggle for a moment and then he makes to head out with his war-eager brother.

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