2019-05-28 - Powering Up


Riri jump-starts the heart of her new armor.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed May 29 02:07:45 2019
Location: Empire State University

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It's 3 AM, and Riri Williams is still awake. The teen sits crosslegged in an office chair, hunched over a worktable strewn with assorted electrical components, a laptop displaying schematics, and other equipment. A variac sits on top of a large transformer unit, and thick cables lead from the assembly to a ring-shaped device on her desk. "Okay, the core gas is at the right pressure, Coil continuity is good…" She leans over a bit, typing in a few more commands and watching the shifting calculations.

This was it. If this didn't work, all her other work on the armor would have been a waste. "Here goes nothing…" Flipping a heavy switch on the side of the variac, she starts turning the knob. A deep electric hum fills the dorm room, the desk lamp starting to buzz and dim. Biting her lip, Riri cranks the knob over, a dull glow starting to pulse within the torus. "Just a few more seconds…"

There's a distant clunk, and Riri's room is plunged into darkness, shouts of dismay coming from the halls as the entire floor goes dark. Crossing her fingers, Riri holds her breath and stares down at the pulsing light. It blinks faster and faster, finally stabilizing into a smooth white glow, whining softly. Riri shoots to her feet, arms raised in celebration. "Yes! It works! It works!" Normally, power outages don't make anyone happy. But this time, one person on floor 3 is celebrating.

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