2019-05-27 - A Fantastic Meeting of Young Avengers


The Young Avengers meet with the Fanastic Four to determine if the Baxter Building for the YAV base is a good fit for everyone.

Log Info:

Storyteller: None
Date: Mon May 27 00:08:49 2019
Location: Baxter Building

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There's been a lot of buzz about the possible new digs. Kori's been enthusiastic about the idea, which… bodes badly for most people. She's big on energy, low on follow through, and a lot of her young allies can't help but be suspicious that once again, Kori's badly misunderstood a situation and they're going to get swept along in it.

But the day was set and Kori assured everyone that their new patrons, a pair of 'famous musicians', were going to come by and meet the crew. Talk to people. Discuss the possibilities, or costs, of occupying the building downtown.

Hopefully Kori's not being literal with her explanation that she's paying rent via modelling. That seems ambitious.

"Is anyone the hungry? I have made popcorn and pop tarts," Kori says, setting out a bowl and a platter. The bowl's full of popcorn and covered in mustard, and the plate sports pop-tarts with sriracha and peanut butter spread on them. In a cute a-frame romper-style dress, she's making a very good June Cleaver imitation.

Y'know, except for being a braless redheaded amazonian alien floating around without actually walking on the carpeted floor of the Logan Estate's living room.

Sarah is a bit unsure about this whole 'renting from musicians' thing…because usually musicians don't exactly have the best digs, unless they're like, washed up has been headliners or something, and then they're probably desperate to offload one of sixteen houses they bought in a drunken bender that they have to pay taxes on or something, and…well, it's like…questionable, in her mind. Granted, she's not really paying a lot in here yet, then again, so she's kept her opinions to herself thus far. Still, she doesn't exactly want the Young Avengers to end up with a badly in need of fixing up frat house looking place or something. "Mmm…" the Apache says, eyeing the food. "I just ate, thanks."

Rose Wilson came prepared. For - well, anything. She was exceptional at putting together information, and it seemed this little party of Kori's wasn't disingenious, but it also rang of having something else to her powers of observation. Not that she cared.

Rose enters, wearing a tight t-shirt that rides just high enough to see her navel. In bold letters on the front of the shirt, the print reads: HAVE YOU SEEN MIKE HUNT? The jeans aren't 'painted on', but they do hug her waist pretty tightly, a little looser. Calf-high suede boots complete the outfit.

She carries two bags in with her when she arrives, setting each of these down. And, starts from one to extract two 40 ouncers of beer, a bottle of grey goose vodka, and a bottle of Jack Daniels.

From the other bag, a 2-liter of Coca-Cola, and two six-packs of Red Bull. She came prepared. And even brought enough to share.

"Maybe later, Kori," Rose says, uncapping one of the 40's right away. She tells the others, "Help yourself."

There's a glance to Kori. "Let's get this party started."

"Why…is there mustard on the popcorn?" Blackbird is, as usual, in costume. All those crazy bat-people. So paranoid. So between the hood, the mask, and the gauntlets, chances of her eating the popcorn were already slim, but she can't help but ask. Curiosity, cats, all of that. "Is that…peanut butter and sriracha on the pop-tarts?"

She sounds shook. Apparently, the gravity of crimes against food were well-instilled by Alfred.

Christopher Powell glances over at the pop tarts and the popcorn, giving both a dubious look and then shakes his head, "Already ate, but thanks." He has no idea what they're actually going to discuss or what the whol arrangement entails, but he's here, to hear what's going on and be supportive and all that jazz. He's in jeans and a t-shirt, sneakers, looking pretty relaxed. He finds himself a seat to collapse in and sprawls there comfortably. He glances over at Helena's question about the popcorn and says, "Because Kori."

America is also floating as she moves around, her bare feet hardly brushing against the floor. The girl's long, dark hair is drawn back messily through a hair tie but still manages to go in all directions both behind her and trying to get into her eyes. She's rubbing at her brown eyes with the back of her left hand and yawning softly as she drifts past Kori. The Latina is wearing a pair of blue boyshorts and a red t-shirt with a star on the front somewhat reminiscent of one of the world's most famous mechanical superheroes.

"Thanks," America mumble as she reaches into the bowl of popcorn and sticks her hand directly into a pool of mustard. "…Bwuh?" She grimaces as she pulls her digits free, now clad in bright yellow. "Kori.What did I tell you about putting mustard on breakfast?" A soft sigh follows and America continues drifting, this time moving past the redheaded alien and toward the nearest sink.

"So… When are they going to be coming around?" America will call from the adjoining kitchen.

"But mustard is the delicious!" Kori protests, and picks the bowl up. "If you wish something else, you will have to make it. I used up the last of the corn for this. It took me *forever* to shave the corncobs," she explains. THWIP! Lizard tongue snakes out, wraps around a few kernels, and she sets the bowl back where everyone can reach it again. Crunch, munch, munch. A reminder, once again, that Kori is an alien.

For people who forget.

There's a knock at the door and Kori skipsteps to it with a total disregard for gravity, barely touching the coffeetable as she vaults over it. "They are here! We must all be on our behaviour of bestness," she reminds her friends. A palm rests on the door knob. "And please do not lose of your minds just because they are famous," she adds. Says the serial celebrity hunter.

The door swings open and Kori beams at Reed and Sue. "Hello friends! Please come in. We have Bull's Blood and fawty for the shawtyies" blame Rose for that one "and I have made the popped tarts."

She beckons them in. "Friends, this is Mister Fantastic Reed Richards and Missus Fantastic Susan Storm, of the Fantastics! They are *very* famous," she reminds her friends, and casually admits America's most famous superhero couple into their home. An effort's been maintained to keep it clean, but there's only so much you can do with twelve superpowered teenagers in one house.

Outside, a white horse is eating grass, and sticks his head into an open window to stare at the newcomers.

The approach of the 'rock stars' in question is nearly silent, but not invisible, as through the windows one can see a flying car sort of… float gingerly into place and land in the driveway, where Susan Richards steps out of the vehicle in the blue uniform of the Fantastic Four, putting one hand to her brow to block the sun as she looks up at the estate. "Wow, she really does have a manor house." She notes aloud. Not that she thought the strange alien visitor was lying, but… she DID seem a bit confused.

She's reaching for the doorbell when Kori swings the door open, elicting a slight jump and a surprised "Oh!" From Susan before she smiles and waves. "Hello, Kori!"

She steps into the house, and immediately has a lot to take in. So many people here! What does that young lady's shirt say?


… C-Creative.

Wait Bull blood? Susan's attention returns to the matter at hand. "Ahah, wow, I haven't had pop tarts since college." She notes embarrassedly, considering the spread for a moment before she straightens up and gives a friendly wave. "Hello everyone! I'm Susan-" she glances at Kori, "-Richards! It's a pleasure to meet you all. Me and Reed were told that- Oh!" She yelps with surprise in mid sentence as she notices the horse, and puts her hand over her mouth, confused yet somewhat amused, laughing "… You really do have a horse." This might take a bit.

Christopher Powell has heard of Reed Richards and Susan Richards, and the Fantastic Four, and so there's a bit of a squint when the "rockstars" turn out to be them. Both brows go up a bit. He says, "Hey. Nice to meet you," lifting a hand to wave. "She means Red Bull and beer," he explains at the obvious confusion. There's a nod toward the table where it resides. He doesn't live here, but he seems comfortable enough in the midst of the chaos.

Sort of stretching out of the drivers seat, Reed Richards snaps back into shape next to his wife, examinging the grounds. "Indeed. I believe she said that one of the other group members owned it? It does seem like it would be too small for a dozen people and several animals, however." His attention is drawn by the winged horse eating grass in the yard, brows raising with curiosity as he examines it. "Hmm. That wing size, paired with that body size… I wonder if it has any trouble taking off…"
But, they're here to meet people. He can't be distracted by such things! Reed goes to the front door with his wife, nodding his head to Koriandr when she answers the door. "Hello, Miss Koriand'r." He looks over those asembled inside, noting the floating being done by at least one of them other than her. Well, they're not all Tamaraneans anyway. He had wondered. He smiles when his wife starts, a hand resting briefly on the small of her back. Then he steps inside and raises a hand in a wave to the rest of them. "Good morning! I'm Reed Richards. We were asked by your friend here about the possiblity of leasing part of the Baxter Building for use by your group. We're here to discuss it with all of you, and see whether it's a viable option or not. It's a pleasure to meet you all." He nods his head to Chirstopher. "I see. Well, I don't think I'll be partakeing all the same."

"Yeah, it takes some getting used to. So does the cooking." Sarah says dryly, sitting crosslegged on the couch as she eyes the pair, her brow furrowing. "Oh! Ah…wow, hi…Kori was saying you two were musicians!" She tilts her head. "….are you musicians? I mean, you're lots of things, but I hadn't heard about that one." The Apache says thoughfully. Sarah herself is dressed slightly nicely, jeans and a safron button up blouse that's tied over her midriff, showing a generous expanse of coppery skin, her long raven hair bound up in braids and a long ponytail to keep it out of the way. She's not even going to say anything about the mustard and popcorn for the moment. Really, the poptarts would be delicious if it was ONLY peanut butter, too…in fact, she snags one, then nibbles on it curious to try the taste. "Mmm…"

America reemerges, this time with a giant glass bowl full of lucky charms doused in milk and a large spoon. She is shoveling cereal into her face as she comes upon the sight of their new guests and the rest of the household gatheredtogether near the door. A slow squint follows and then America looks from the Richardses to Kori and then back. SLowly.

"I thought you said 'musicians'," the girl will begin slowly. A pause follows. "…Oh. Uh- hi." She blinks once, then shoves another spoon full of cereal into her mouth, perhaps to keep herself more or less silent. A few quick chews and a swallow later, Christopher and Reed have had their exchange and America just… Blinks once.

"So… WHat do we need to do?" America will ask softly, those dark eyes shifting to Susan, then Reed, and back. She contiues to cradle her creal.

"'Sup," Rose greets Sue and Reed, lifting one of her fawty's up as a salute, before taking a couple chugs off it. She studies Reed, studies Sue, and without looking to America answers her, "That's because she wanted it to be a surprise, dumb-ass. Or she was trying to trick us." As if Rose had realized it from the start.

She leans back in her chair, then, getting more comfortable yet. "Rose Wilson," she introduces herself, to the pair. She adds, "And, while you're asking yourselves, yes, that Rose Wilson. Slade's daughter." She lifts the beer up again in toast, takes another drink.

It's apparently a day for shocking Blackbird, because when Kori opens the door to THE RICHARDSES, the girl just goes completely still. That's…that's Reed Richards. REED RICHARDS.

Never mind weird snacks.

Finally, she breaks out of her stunned silence with a shake of her head, hopping off the back of the couch to step forward and offer a gauntleted hand. "Dr. Richards, thank you so much for coming. I don't think any of us realized Kori was talking about the Baxter Building, but…truly, it would be an honor just to work in proximity to you and your team."

Nerd Bird.

"You… are you not musicians?" Kori asks Reed and Sue, looking baffled. "You live on top of a tower, you have a quartet, you are very famous," she remarks, counting on fingers. "Everyone says the musicians are the only people who can afford penthouses, and you live on top of your building."

She furrows her brow, looking confused. "Well, musicians or not. They own a big building downtown, and we talked, and Mr. Fantastic Reed Richards said if I agreed to work as a model, they would let use use part of their building," Kori explains to people.

What a crew is assembled here. Teens in pajamas, casual clothing, armored Bat Outfits— eating cereal, drinking malt liquor, eating Kori's terrible cooking. But every one of them looks dangerously competent, in their own way, though they're clearly struggling with the typical teen issues of finding a sense of self identity in a world where superpowered young teens are often left to fend for themselves.

Misfits, maybe, but a *family* of misfits, however struggling.

Susan can recognize at least that much - to an extent - looking at the group, as disorganized and unprepared as most of them seem; though Susan gives a bemused smile at Blackbird's enthusiasm - the only one here dressed like a superhero no less! - and gives Rose a bit of a confused look that she briefly shares with Reed.

To Kori, though, she blinks with surprise! Oh no! Nono, we're-" Susan feels a little embarrassed now, "We're the Fantastic Four. We're… sort of…" Sue shakes her head briefly and goes into TV Interview mode, "We're a lot of things, I guess. Adventurers, astronauts… and we do our part to keep our planet safe but…" she puts a hand on Reed's arm, "Mooostly we support Reed's research. He's one of the foremost scientists on Earth and he's done a lot to make the world a better place!" She gives him a bit of a wry but fond look, "Annnd a lot to get us into a trouble." She puts the side of her fist to her mouth as if to clear her throat embarrassedly, but never quite follows through, just closing her eyes and smiling softly.

That said, Kori's idea about modeling draws a bit of alarm from Susan. "Aaahhhh, well- that's not- not *exactly*. I mean, you still can! If you… need the income. But, you told us that you-" Susan smiles and gestures around "That all of you were working together to help protect the city! That you needed a safe place where you could recover and train. We'd… like to support that if we can! If it's all right with you… and if you can be responsible… we thought we might give you space to use in the Baxter Building."

Susan smiles… then tilts her head slightly, "… not that we'd *turn down* rent, but, ah…" Susan grins a little, "We understand your situation."

Well, they're certainly an energetic little group, aren't they? Reed crosses his arms as he studies each of the Young Avengers in turn. He raises a brow slightly at Rose Wilson. "Mmm." When Blackbird approaches him, he smiles slightly and takes her hand as hes ays to Koriand'r, "Musicians? Not exactly. We're more… explorers, I suppose you could say." Susan of course gives a better description. Then he focuses on the woman in front of him. "Thank you. Though really, we're just people like anybody else." They might be a little disorganized at the moment. But there's unmistakeable feeling of familial connection that reminded him so much of his own family. He smiles slightly to himself, glancing over at Susan and thinking of Ben and Johnny back home. He gives her a smile at the positive description of his abilities. "Thank you, dear." And then the rest of it. "….thank you, dear."

He clears his throat himself, looking over the group. "Yes. If you'd still be interested in modeling work, we could help with that. For the rest of you. From what Koriand'r has said, it seems like some of your circumstances would make finding work… problematic. So you don't need to worry about rent right now. If you WOULD like to find work, to make extra money or for some other reason, please. Feel free to talk to Susan and I. If you just tell us what skills you posseess, we can perhaps help." He produces a PDA looking object from a pocket. "And while I have you all here… are there any particular needs you have for the living quarters? Things that would make it easier for you with your specific circumstances and… talents?"

Okay, she's not too startled by the confusion. Though she does quirk a dark brow at the mention of Kori working as a model for Dr. Richards, that dark gaze falling on him a bit suspiciously now. Then again, Susan seems flustered by the idea, so perhaps this is…y'know, she's just going to assume it's a misunderstanding for the moment, she's finding it's best to just assume that when Kori's involved really.

And really, America's walking around in sleep shorts looking like she literally just rolled out of bed, so it's not like they're going to make a perfect impression here. Unless Reed is going to ask the latina to be a model too, in which case that is DEFINITELY suspicious.

"Well, how were you wanting us to pay for the space if we did want to pay rent, then?" the native girl says after a moment. "Helping out around the building or something? Or if you need our abilities for some sort of experiment?" That in particular does carry a faint tinge of suspicion from the girl, given her still very recent abuse in that regard.

"So," Chris says, studying Susan and Richard, "Let me get this straight.. you're offering us space in the Baxter building rent-free to train and recover and.. living space?" He seems a little skeptical, and glances over with a nod at Sarah's question. "What do you get out of this, exactly? Are you going to study us? What we can do? And for what?" He doesn't look particularly capable. He looks like a pretty boy teenager in jeans and sneakers, and not much mroe than that. "How much control do we have over what we do, and when, and for who, and how much privacy will we have in your building?" Because these are questions he feels need to be asked.

Helena dies a little bit inside right then. She could ask for an internship with Reed Richards…if she was willing to admit who she is. This hurts worse than the healing bullet wounds.

"Guys. Reed Richards owns patents that number in the thousands. And Susan Richards is one of the best PR and investing minds of a generation. The Baxter Building is in the middle of Manhattan. The place generates rent. These are- This is not 'the good guys,' this is 'the best guys.'"

This, coming from the paranoid bat, is the ultimate seal of approval, right?

Rose watches Sue and Reed, in an almost indifferent fashion. She is, perhaps, the complete opposite Helena and fairly blase about their celebrity status. Still, the offer to stay at the Baxter Building is - an interesting proposal, she can't deny that.

Rose, however, has more practical questions for the pair. "We'll need approximately a dozen private bedrooms. Bathrooms. Kichen. Lounge. A training area, preferrably one equipped with holographic technology for optimal training - but, for now merely a space along with rudimentary equipment would suffice. We'll also need an armory - we'll take care of filling it, just need a space for it. And, a central computer to assist in research, data mining, surviellence, communication, and to allow us to further network. Vehicle storage - or, animal storage, as the case may be," she says, offhandedly. A glance at Blackbird, "And, a workshop. As I imagine you don't want our tech crew down in your labs, bugging the piss out of you while you're - inveting whatever you're inventing." She waves a hand in a weird gesture to indicate that engineering shit is beyond her.

Her singular eye looks to Reed, then to Susan, "How feasible is that? We're barely functioning now as it is. If we're going to be a team, we need to do this shit right."

Finally, she glances towards Christopher. She shrugs, wordlessly, before looking back to Reed and Sue. She says simply, "They want us to be noble and just heroes, and do the protecting thing, with the saving people, and the punching of peoples faces in when they put people in peril. All that crap."

Kori floats not far from the Richards-clan. "I do not like to tell my friends what to do," Kori reminds people. "But in this case, the Richardseses offer us a way forward that we never would have been able to accept before. Not living in the Logan house, not renting some disaster zone in Midtown. I know many of you chafe at the idea of authority. Perhaps Mister Fantastic Reed Richards can offer some insight to allay your concerns?" the Tamranean asks, and yields the floor to Reed again.

The suspicion from the younger metahumans doesn't seem to really surprise Reed. They're teenagers, AND superheroes. Neither of those things really mixes well with anything like authority, or adults in general. "I can understand why you'd be suspicious. I likely would be as well, in your situation." He clasps his hands behind his back, thinking for a moment. "As for why we're doing this… well. We know well what it's like to be a young person whose life has been changed by strange abilities and responsibilities. How hard it can be to try and split ones time between helping others and maintaining their own situation. We're currently in a position where we don't have to worry too much about that sort of thing. And helping others like us who haven't quite managed to find that footing yet would be a relatively minor drain on our income. Money isn't all that important anyway." Sure, he couldn't do nearly as much research without it. But that didn't make it anything other than a means to an end.

Reed smiles slightly over at Helena. "Thank you, Miss. Though earning their trust over time through our own actions is proabbly going to be the best." He focuses on Chris and Sarah. "We won't be studying you. At least, not unless any of you wanted help in learning about your own abilities. As for what we get out of this… if you can focus on something besides keeping a roof over your head and food in your bellies, the city will be a safer place, won't it?" He begins to pace slowly, eyes distant as he mentally scans through things. "You'll have full freedom coming and going from your area. You won't be able to enter the Fantastic Fours levels without permission. We won't be directly monitoring you. We will have security put in place, but anything that actually records any video or audio you'd have control over yourself. There WOULD be sensors in place to detect spatial and temporaal anomalies, sudden spikes in radiation, and various other things. Those we'd have access to."

Then Rose starts on more practical concerns, and he focuses on her. He nods his head slightly at her. "Those are all things I had already factored in. As for the number of living quarters.. our own group is fairly static, for the most part. But I know that others tend to… fluctuate, in number. How likely is your group to suddenly expand? And do any of you others have specific requests you'd like to make?"

Susan gives a surprised look and smiles broadly as Helena approaches Reed and vouches for them, grinning a bit despite herself at the masked woman's enthusiasm, grateful for the support in this surprisingly(?) suspicious crowd. "Thank you very much, Ms…" Susan looks awkward for a moment before embarrassedly asking for Blackbird's name, and, should she get it, finishes warmly, "Ms. Blackbird."

Susan smiles a bit proudly as Reed speaks, nodding in agreement and clearly still somehow a bit enamored of his lecture voice after all these years.

The concerns of the young heroes in attendance does draw a slight frown of concern as she concurs with her husband, "Any surveillance would be more about keeping an eye on who's trying to enter the building, or breaching our networks or…" Susan shrugs. "Security matters. The space itself won't be monitored by us. We're, uhm…" Susan looks almost bashful about this, "The Baxter Building is possibly the most unassailable non-government building in New York! So you'll be about as safe as you can be. Security's a… pretty big deal with us. But that's all it is."

As for all the requested equipment, well… Susan looks a bit uncomfortable at the 'hacking and surveillance' equipment, but she does nod, "As long as it doesn't infringe on anyone's rights, we can supply you with most of the equipment you might need. It may come piece by piece, in a sense, while we figure out if this works or not, but," Susan smiles, "I believe it won't be difficult to get you what you need."

The Apache frowns, but seems to relax a little bit as she says. "We might lead trouble back to you, you know." she says simply. "Some of us have people who might hunt us back to your building, and make trouble." She shifts a bit, leaning forward as she rests her hands on the couch. "But..it does seem like a good deal." she admits, tilting her head. "And safer than being in Logan's place like this. I mean, in terms of outer security if nothing else." The weather witch being a bit concerned about such things after recent events. "…and I don't mind helping out with my powers. AS long as it's for a good cause." she adds after a moment. "Um..how much would we be able to add things or…that sort of thing? Move stuff around, depending what we need?"

Christopher Powell listens to Reed's answers to his concerns and gives a nod of his head, seeming satisfied, at least, with the way the answers are given. Finally he says, "Alright. That makes sense." It seems to at least assuage some of his curiosity. Though when they're asked if anyone has any specific requests, he shakes his head. "Not right now, no. Thanks." He doesn't have any particular special needs, himself.

"Well, the real question is… is there a place to keep a horse? Particularly a winged one?" That comes from Dani, who was busy scouting things out while Brightwind was snooping around. She's currently wearing a T-shirt and denim jeans, passing on the full valkyrie armor for the moment, but then she normally doesn't wear that everywhere she goes. She glances curiously at Reed and Sue, then back at the others, "Sorry, got a bit lost, there's a lot to see around here."

Rose's practical suggestions get a nod from Blackbird, even if she's still dying a little bit inside. The Baxter Building. Reed Richards. Only as Blackbird.

"I won't need a room," she chimes in, for the count of totals. "I'm good." Other than that, though, she seems to be ready to fall back into the background, mulling things over.

Rose takes another swig from her fourty, leans back on the two back legs of her chair as Reed waxes philosophical, and practical. There is one thing you can rely on, about people like the Fantastic Four - some things about them are predictable. Some things. Like, they generally mean what they say when they're dealing with most folk.

She grunts thoughtfully, nods once to Reed. Looks him over again, and looks Sue over again. There's a bit of a grin that is at the corners of her lip during something of what Sue says, it's more amusement than anything menacing or even gloating. Yes. Sue's discomfort amuses Rose. So sue her.

She then relays to those other of the Young Avngers present, "Like Fangirl over here said," she mentions, gesturing to Blackbird, though she in no way quotes the girl, she instead takes a few liberties in extrapolation, "They're on the up and up. And, hell. If they can meet our needs," or, at least, her needs? "I'm in. Cheers." She lifts her 40 up to them both once more, takes another swig.

Unlike Chris, however, Rose does have a specific request. "Yeah. I'd like a flying motorcycle. Had one I took in a fight. Then SWORD confinscated it." Curiously enough, she doesn't seem to be kidding. Either about what happened, or the request. It's an earnest one. And if anyone can build it? Reed certainly can. She knows that. Still, she adds, with a shrug, "YOu asked." As if to also suggest she doesn't expect it to happen.

She chuckles at Dani. "Already got you covered. And your winged beastie."

"Specifics aside," Kori says. "I think we're at a point where a vote would be appropriate." She surveys the room. Aliens, assassins. Time cops, natives. The spread of cultural influences couldn't be wider. But every one of them is clearly hungry for a sense of *belonging*. Of home. No longer living in perpetual transit.

"Let us vote it, then," Kori suggests, and looks around the room. "Does anyone object to moving into the Bater Building?" she demands.

Susan frowns a little at Rose's vaguely predatory look, and starts to think of one or two house rules that may be necessary to spring on them later; but for now she patiently waits for the vote, watching the group curiously

The words from Sarah cause Reed's lips to twitch in a half-smile. "We're well accustomed to dealing with trouble, Miss. If anything, you should be aware that our own enemies are likely to attack us in our home from time to time. I don't think they'll particularly care about the other tenants in the building… but you can never be entirely sure." He nods to Susan. "The building is well defended in general." He considers the question by Sarah. "It depends on what you mean, exactly. You can make some additions. But if it involves actually changing the structure of the building, I would prefer that you ask us." He nods his head over to Dani. "Your horse has been mentioned. There will be a place fo them." He considers the words from Rose, eyeing her thoughtfully. "Thank you, Ms. Wilson." He WOULD be doing research on all of them of course. To make sure he's not accidentally letting a supervillain into the building. Again. Don't ask. Her request draws a brief chuckle from the older scientist. "A flying motorcycle. Well. That's certainly an interesting request. We can discuss it later." He… didn't actually say no, anyway. So that's something? Then he goes quiet and listens to the vote.

Dani smiles, "Well, in that case, I've got no objections to setting up here." She flashes a grin over towards Sarah, spotting her there and giving her a nod. "But yeah, I don't anticipate any uninvited guests coming for me, I'm just a junior valkyrie, so I doubt any enemies of the Realm would really bother with me." Of course she doesn't think about any of the other would-be enemies she might have.

Rose, of course, had already said she was in. She looks to the others who have yet to voice their own opinion. Though, her singular vision does look to Blackbird. Observing this newer 'recruit' to the Young Avengers. So many new faces, so quickly.

"So," she asks instead, "We need to sign anything before we move in? Or, when does this happen." An exhale. "I hate moving," she mentions to the room at large.

Sarah tilts her head. "Mm, I think with all of us it'll go pretty quick." She tilts her head. "And I'm in, then. It seems like a good deal and a good place to live…"

Outside the window, the detached segment of the Fantasticar that is assigned to Ben Grimm lowers smoothly from above. Reed had been kind enough to design the vehicle to suit Ben's frame, but there is still a little unavoidable clown car appearance to it. His knees are too high. He's crouched slightly to reach the controls. Ben squints through the window at whatever is going on inside. He has a pair of green sunglasses on, a straw hat that proclaims him going to (or at?) DESTINATION MARGARITAVILLE, and a likely custom-made Hawaiian shirt. A cigar is clamped between his rock-like lips and, even through the triple-insulated pane of reinforced glass, he can be heard, "Richards! Storm-Richards! It's Beach O'Clock!" It's only after lifting a hand to shade out the reflection on the glass that he sees the crowded room within. There is a clear cringe.

Kate Bishop slides in quietly. Tries to at least. She kind of … scoots in the door and inches along the wall pretending she was always there. Just Hawkeye in her purple get up. With a fresh reddening bruise on her chin from not-so-long-ago. Ignore the fact her hair was a bit mussed too. She was probably up to something. "I'm in if the rest of you are," she pipes up… Then glances over to the window at Ben Grimm's arrival with a half-snort of laughter.

Christopher Powell glances around to those gathered and shrugs his shoulders, "I think it'd be good to have a place to train and equipment to work with, and coordinate." That seems to be his opinion on the matter, now that their questions ahve been answered.

"I'm in," Blackbird offers her vote, watching the others each in turn.

"Then… it is the settled," Kori tells Susan and Reed.

Abruptly she captures them both in a huge hug! The Tamaranean accelerates with that bewildering speed and utter indiffernce to inertia. "Oh, joy of joys! I am sure this will be an adventure most grand!" Kori declares.

And then she launches off Reed and Sue and crashes into Ben with a hug. "Friend Benjamin! Oh, the joy!~ Oh, the happy! We are to be roommates!" she squeals, and kisses Ben's rigid cheekbone.

The Tamaranean princess turns around and looks at the gathered teens. "Why are you all "the staring"?" she asks. "We have a new home! Pack your things, water the horse, call a cab! We're moving to THE BAXTER BUILDING!"

Reed smiles slightly at Rose. "Normally, I'd say yes. And somebody at least is going to need to sign. But, I understand that for some of you…" He glances at Blackbird. "Revealing your real identities could be problematic." He adds, "If you'd like, we could have some robots help with moving your things over. Though, it will take me a few days to convert your section of the building as needed. So you have some time still." He strokes his chin absently, eyes shifting to the utility belt that Helena is wearing. "And if any of you need any advice or help with anything tehnical, feel free to ask. I may be able to share some insight." He's been mildly interested in the equipment that the staten island Bats use anyway.

Then he hears the familiar quiet hum of the Fantasticar, and the even more familiar voice of his best friend. He turns his head to glance out the window at Ben, smiling at the sight of him. Moving over to the door, he opens it then calls out to him. "We won't be too much longer. I doubt they'd object if you came in until then, Ben." He turns back to the group. The bruise on Kate's chin isn't commented on. It happenned in that line of work. When Koriand'r comes at him and Sue, he braces himself beforehand. After last time, it was sort of expected. He can't help smiling at her enthusiasm. And… then raising a brow as he looks from her to Ben and back again. "I wasn't aware you two knew each other." And that was how it ended.

Susan winces as Ben makes his sudden racket of an entrance, grinning embarrassedly and waving to Ben. "Just a minute, Ben!" She says, then looks to the group, "That's our friend, Ben. I- WOOP!" She yelps with surprise as she's pulled into a hug, laughing a bit despite herself and patting Kori's back before Kori goes flying towards Ben, pure amusement on her face as Reed questions them.

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