2019-05-22 - Revolutionary Rebellion


Daisy finds out what she is and that Ahura is a Prince. Viva la revolution! The teens rebel!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed May 22 21:32:45 2019
Location: Jones Beach

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The beach is a lively place throughout the day, with those coming to enjoy the pristine sands or the various things offered along the boardwalk. At night, however, the atmosphere begins to die down and other than a few people enjoying a romantic moonlit stroll through the surf or the odd bum or drug deal going down, the beach itself is somewhat deserted.

It has been a while since Ahura and Daisy had met in that restaurant, ending in a spectacular earthquake-like fashion. True to his word, however, Ahura had been keeping tabs on Daisy after discovering what her van looked like. So it is tonight that he is flying high above her van under over of darkness, watching as she drives toward the beach.

It was a slow night; Daisy wasn't too keen on going back to the studio apartment right now. It wasn't hers anyways. Maybe it was because of that, is why she didn't want to be there. Plus, there was an added benefit of being alone. Thankfully, her van wasn't extremely loud. The motor hums as she drives down the pathway, keeping her lights high to make sure she doesn't accidentally hit an animal or a person. Once she comes to the end of the line, she breaches the parking space, driving her van onto what.. used to be the grass. The engine was shut off, back doors kicked open to let the cool air in. And on the couch she flops out, kicking her legs up and opening a bag of chips to quietly munch.

As Daisy's van begins to slow, so too does Ahura high above her through a subtle manipulation of the jet stream of particles that keeps him aloft. Pivoting in the air to angle his feet toward the ground, he begins to slowly lower himself toward the Earth about twenty paces from the now open back doors. Once he touches down, he grasps the lapels of his jacket and calls out conversationally, "How are you this evening?"

Daisy tries her best not to jump; thank goodness she was coming down from a high. The voice, recognizable, causes her to sit right up upon her couch, keeping her elbows primed and pinned onto the sofa seat that was haphazardly installed in her van. "Tired." She blurts out. "You weren't kidding. You did find me. How's the fleeing from big bad Dad going?" Which, is a good thing she brought it up. She did want to ask him more. Especially with how she learned the name.

Ahura nods, both for the statement regarding her tiredness, and for the bit about him having found her. "Yes," he says simply, his eyes studying her briefly before they slip past to sweep across the contents of her van. He begins to move toward the van at a leisurely pace before turning to sit sideways on the back bumper of the van so that he can still see the woman. "It is going well enough," he says with a slight smirk and a sweep of his hand in a vague motion to encompass their location. "I am still free, so I must be doing something right. And what of you? Have you recovered since our last meeting? You seemed a little… on edge."

The bag of chips were crumpled within her hand, just the top folded down to make sure none would spill. Feet kick off from the couch of the van, and soon she was rising to sit along the edge of the van next to him. The bag of chips were placed in between, which she helps herself to, and her shoulders are shrugging almost immediately. "I'm high." Period, point blank. "Had a bit of marijuana earlier. So I'm calm as a pickle." Even still, it didn't really explained what happened.

"No really, 'm fine right now. It.." She hesitates clearly, then just lets it out. He was strange, maybe he'd understand? "..it takes a lot out of me. Broken bones.." She looks down at her hands, then winces. "Fractures actually. And just pure energy. I'm tired all the time most days when.. that happens." She looks up towards him, as gloved hands swipe hair away from her face. "You're a telepath, aren't you? I.. kind of figured it out but you can read and speak to me without speaking. Right? You're a mutant?"

"High…" Ahura repeats as he studies Daisy intently, his brow slightly furrowed in thought. "Ahh… you are taking the drugs," he says in dawning understanding, a slight smirk coming to his features. "I see," he says, listening as she begins to assert that she is fine. And then he is offended. "A mutant?" he balks, as if she had insulted him. "No. I most certainly am not a mutant. My people are their own species, genetically engineered to be superior to humanity!" There is an awkward bit of silence following his statement before he says, "Are /you/ a mutant?"

"What?" Daisy watches him with a raised brow. His manner of speech is.. a bit funny. In fact, when it appears that she insulted him, his diatribe cracks her up! In fact, while he's ranting she's laughing, her hands clapping together as she rocks back and forth. Yeah, she was totally taking the drugs. "I'm sorry!" She manages to squeal out, allowing the laughter to die down as she clutches her stomach to brace. "ME? Maybe? I think so. I really don't know." She shrugs. "I certainly wasn't born like this." She leans back to get a good look at him, then shakes her head. "So what are your people?"

The apology does seem to calm Ahura somewhat, but he does still look suspiciously affronted as he considers Daisy's answer for a moment in silence. "You weren't born like this… with your abilities? That could point toward a mutation, I suppose. From my reading I have learned that most mutants develop their powers during puberty… but that does not necessarily rule out other options. Tell me about when you discovered your abilities. When they presented themselves." He does seem interested, his attention remaining on Daisy rather than looking about. "And my people are known as the Inhumans. Have you ever heard of them?"

Daisy winces. In fact, her shoulders lift to show how she really doesn't want to talk about it. But still. She was taking the drug. "I was doing a job." She bobs her head briefly. "I really don't know what happened. It turned out bad though. I was caught and got into a fight with some asshole." She looks upset, or.. quite possibly angry. "While we were fighting we fell off of the rack we were standing on. I remember broken glass. And some gas. And some.. plant.. gooey thing grabbing me. Then darkness." She shudders.

"When I woke up in the hospital, I heard the guards talking. They called me cocoon girl. A freak. Mutant. Said that CDC was on the way to euthanize me." She shakes her head. "They were probably lying. But I didn't want to be stuck in a lab. So I ran." It was a bit more information that she wanted to give, but there it was. "Promise me, just.. I don't know. Just don't tell. Okay?" It was clear that she was afraid, but thankfully, no earthquakes yet.

There is a long pause after Daisy tells her story, one where Ahura just stares at her thoughtfully. There are a mix of emotions there in his gaze ranging from disbelief to surprise and even to amusement. Finally he nods and turns his gaze away from the woman to look upward at the stars, which are visible thanks to the darkness afforded without the city lights and buildings reaching far above. Was he considering turning her in? Finally he speaks and says, "Why don't I let you in on a little secret instead?" His eyes turn back toward the woman and there is an intensity there in his features. "To my knowledge mutants do not enter into cocoons when they develop their abilities… Inhumans do."

She couldn't even look at him. There was a level of shame in this; how she damages things, hurt people, hurts herself. If she weren't -really- feeling it right now, she is sure she'd create a crater. But now, even keel. Tone deaf emotions. Emotions that naturally would make her crawl out of her skin.

As he speaks, she looks up towards him warily, her brows furrowing in.. what could be called a bit of.. confusion?

"Who? Inhuman?" That was -so- basic. She was hoping for a kick ass name but.. well? "I don't know. Wait, well how do you know? Did you read about it somewhere? Is it on the internet? Can I look?"

"How do I know?" Ahura echoes with lifted brows, his amusement quite evident now. "I know because it is what I am. It has been my identity since I was a young child. My father is the King of the Inhuman species," he says. There is a moment of silence there before he says, "There are people, humans, living on the Earth that possess Inhuman blood, but they have no way in which to become exposed to the terrigen mist which activate their dormant genes. Many people do not survive the transformation."

"Oh." Well. The plot thickens. Daisy -almost- feels sick to her stomach. Even sicker once she deduces his title and the nature of what he's told her so far. "And your father wants to do away with you." Nevermind the fact that she could have -died-. She will dwell on it later. "Kill you maybe. I don't know." She rocks back and forth, hugging herself. "Are we bad? Like.. are we naturally evil? Is this why I am like this?"

"My father wishes to imprison me because of my powers, yes…" Ahura says slowly, though it is clear he can see that that line of reasoning will not lead toward a good place for Daisy. "No, we are not evil. We are not bad. We just are," he says with a firm voice. "You cannot control your powers, likely because no one has ever taught you to. I was trained to use my powers from a very young age, and then imprisoned by my father to insure he had little competition for the throne. But… I could teach you to control it. If you want, that is…" There is another moment of consideration before Ahura stands from where he had been seated and looks toward a large trash can not too far from where they are. "Cover your ears and watch…" he instructs Daisy before bringing his gaze back toward the can. He focuses for a moment, drawing into himself before he takes one step toward the trash can and opens his mouth. A scream erupts from his mouth, but it is different than his usual voice. The air seems to reverberate, near ear splitting, and suddenly a huge dent is smashed into the metal can as if a car had hit it before it is sent sliding across the concrete sidewalk.

Daisy shakes her head. "Us just being us doesn%<u2019>t give me much faith. Or.. rather me being me." Daisy already knows she%<u2019>s a shit person, it%<u2019>s not like she tries to hide it much. With the offer of learning, she looks down at her own hands, feet soon planted upon the ground beneath her as she digs the heel of her shoe with a twist. But once he offers to teach her, Daisy furrows her brows. She even leans back to stand right along with him, hands lifting to cover her ears, her eyes watching the can intently until it pits and is tossed asunder.

"Woah.." She mutters to herself, drawing her hands down to her side to allow them to linger. "I.. huh.." She was dumbfounded. So much so that she flops back onto the back of the van. "Well." Thank god she was still high. "I don%<u2019>t think I can do anything like that. Huh.."

Ahura watches the can skate across the concrete with a satisfied look before turning his attention back to Daisy as she moves to reclaim her seat. There is a shrug of his shoulders in response to her fumbling before he says, "You likely cannot do that specifically, but there is undoubtedly power to you. Or else that restaurant would not have suffered as much property damage as they likely did at our last meeting." He does not revisit the topic as to whether they are evil or bad.

"Yeah.. I mean." She shakes her head. "With precision." She gestures towards the can. "Usually, it's widespread. A few weeks ago I nearly shut down Midtown because of my bullshit." She leans back, nearly falling over with a catch of her elbow. "Shit." She turns to the side now, leaning against the wall of the van, one leg hitched up upon the floor. "I do need help. I think this will eventually kill me, or kill someone I care about." She nods slightly at that, completely convinced. "I don't have to pay you or anything, do I?" A pause. "Wait a minute. You're a prince…" As if the realization just hit her.

Maybe Ahura thinks that he is working with someone that is quite slow here. That could possibly explain the slightly sympathetic look that crosses his features. Or he could possibly be sympathizing with the fear that one's powers could lead toward an unfortunate death. He nods his head and says, "All of our powers are different. But one thing is certain. And that is that you can learn to control them. You are the master of your abilities, not the other way around. You are not cursed. I can help you." His arms come up to cross over his chest, fingers drumming on his upper arm as he studies Daisy for a moment before confirming, "Yes, I am a prince."

Sympathy.. aww.. but she listens, nodding her head and staring off towards the garbage can. What she does know of herself, and he could see her thinking, is that whenever she's highly emotional, even excited, that her powers were to go off. There are only a few times she could will it to happen, but most are born in a fit of desperation. "Okay.." She says slowly, then looks up towards him. Awkward moment is.. really, really awkward. "Should we hug now or..?" Hell, does she even bow?

"I have a personal question, Adam." She pauses, not even asking permission. "You're running from your dad, right? You don't want to take his place eventually?"

"Hug?" Ahura echoes, some curiosity in that posed question. "I have been imprisoned for most of my life. Hugs are not something that I ever grew accustomed to. Besides, I am just offering to teach you. Not asking you to be my girlfriend." He smirks at that, for a moment just appearing as any other nineteen year old. That smirk drifts slightly at her next question, for a moment the man seeming indecisive. "I have thought about it…" he admits. "For various reasons. But I am not certain that I could do it. Would you follow me to war?"

"Yes. A hug. You know, where we stand close to each other, way too close to comfort and we wrap our appendages around each other, really really tightly?" Daisy grins now. It was a little bit funny, so much so that she starts to relax at the idea that she's speaking to a legit prince of her.. well.. newfound people. She'll freak later. "I don't think I could date you. You're kind of bland. Your small talk is horrendous." Of course, she was joking, but she does quiet down to think. In fact, it takes her a while to come up with an answer that was suitable for him. It was almost like soul searching.

"Depends." She finally speaks up. "If.. at some point in this little arrangement we become best friends or like brother and sister, yeah. I'd die for you. Right now? I'd just buy you a bag of hot cheetos and chocolate milk and call us even stevens."

"Bland?" Ahura questions with a lift of his eyebrows. A grin comes across his face and he shakes his head before saying, "Give me a break. I've been held in a prison with nothing but books and guards for the past fourteen years of my life. I am only nineteen. How much can I possibly have to small talk over?" His hands come up and then move to the pockets of his jacket before shoving in to hang out. "I have considered it. Going to war against my father. Or starting a new civilization of Inhumans here on Earth. There are others out there. People like you that had Inhuman DNA in their families for however many years that have suddenly been exposed to terrigen. Just like you, they are scared and alone and needing help."

"Tons of shit to talk about, especially prison. Like, what did you do inside? Were you alone? Were there other people?" She shrugs, then finally stands. If only to pace around. "I think you should do it." Daisy says confidently. "To be honest.. I.. feel better. Not instantly better but just a little bit. Like a tiny weight has been lifted off of my shoulder because I have help. Does that make sense?" She shakes her head. "Of course it does. I just.. thank you."

"I was alone, for the most part. My mother was forbidden to visit me. I had books and food delivered to me in my quarters at the kingdom, and was under lock and key at all times. I was not allowed to go outside because I can fly and they thought the danger of me escaping would climb," Ahura says with a snort. The latter part of what Daisy says gives him pause, his expression becoming somewhat more guarded. "Creating a new civilization of Inhumans would likely draw the attention of my father and the council. We would need to be together in the effort, were we to have a real chance of success…" He studies Daisy as she begins to pace. "Would you help me find them and convince them to join us?"

"So you do some weird thing with your voice and you can fly. Oh, and read peoples minds. How fair is that?" Daisy jokes. But, her pacing stops, and soon she was back upon her stoop at the back of her van leaning against it to think. "I'll help you." She finally murmurs. "If it draws attention it draws attention. In a way, we are all we have, in a sense, right?" Her desire to find a real family takes over in those words, but she tries her best not to let that desperate attachment show through. "Just so you know, I'm not going to kneel or call you high ass or anything. And I definitely will not call Blackroot Underpants king either. Especially if he does that to his own fucking kid."

"That is not all that I can do…" Ahura says, though he also does not go any further toward explaining his talents. Instead he offers a smile toward Daisy, one that is actually half way charming as he says, "Yes. I suppose that we are all that we have in a fashion. The majority of the Inhumans have retreated to Attilan on the moon. My father ordered everyone to return, practically abandoning people like yourself here." He smirks at her latter refusal to call him by a title, shrugging his shoulders before saying, "If you will be a friend and help me to find the others and make them see the good in joining us, that will be enough for me."

"You know, when I was a kid I used to dream about going to the moon. After everything that happened around the world.. to hear this?" She shakes her head, not in disbelief, but in amazement. She lets out a little laugh, then nods. "I'll be your friend. In fact, I'll be your friend so much that I'll show you how to fit in New York. Hell, if you want, we can gas this baby up and go traveling." And thieving. Need money to travel.

Daisy says, "@mail"

That last bit does give Ahura pause as he looks past Daisy to study the van. "Staying on the move would make it harder for me to be found before I'm ready to be," Ahura says thoughtfully. Finally he shrugs his shoulders and nods. "That sounds like a plan to me. If at some point you wish to secure more permanent lodging, I am certain that there are ways to aquire cash to put down on a building. I have seen machines in town that the humans use that gives them money."

"Oh. I gotta show you those." Daisy grins. "Get in the van. I'm going to teach you the art of stealing from the insanely rich and keeping it for yourself." She stands up, motioning him into the van. "Adam. Welcome to chaos."

"My name isn't really Adam," Ahura says as he moves over toward the van. He'll climb into the passenger seat, though he doesn't really know what is up with seatbelts. "My name is Ahura. I guess that if we are going to be in league together, you may as well know my real name."

Daisy says, "ooc Probably! Okay, I have to go now! I'll be online when I get home!"

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