2019-05-22 - Gym day


A couple girls have their Gym day.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed May 22 12:21:47 2019
Location: RP Room 1

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Immortality does not bring itself the benefits of being able to be lazy. Sunny might have the means of living for potentially 'forever', but maintaining health that would make it worth living. Thankfully, days of working on a farm or hard labor had been replaced with things some would claim are just as terrible: Gym Membership.

She'd swum for an hour, she'd ran on a tredmill and thanks to inhuman physiology she was still going!

Wrapped in simple black short-shorts and a deep orange tanktop, the 'goddess' was currently making her way towards the free weights, hands working to tie back her wild and intensely bright blonde locks that had gotten loose.

Alison doesn't have the benefit of immortality. If she wants to live a long time, and a healthy time, she has to work at it. And with her choice of career, there is also an expectation to look incredible - as unfair as that is. Clad in sneakers, grey leggings, and purple gym top, her auburn hair tied back, Alison is finishing up on the treadmill and catching her breath. Why couldn't her mutant powers involve shapeshifting. A mouthful of bottled water as she waves to Sunny.

'Tis the season for potentially-immortal gym bunnies. Or something. In any case, Scandal is also present. Not yet having acquired a properly-equipped luxury home for herself in New York, and preferring not to spend more time than necessary on The Raft, she has sought out a gymnasium in which to help to keep in shape. As usual, she's opted for a predominantly black scheme, though her leggings and midriff-baring top have flashes of rich blue as highlights. Rather than risk showing off her abnormal strength, she is making her way towards the treadmills: after all, even wholly-mundane humans can run, and it's a lot easier to do so in here than around the streets of the Big Apple. Consequently, she finds herself peering thoughtfully at the potentially-familiar Sunny (their one prior encounter having taken place in rather different environs, with markedly different attire and lighting), then giving Alison some consideration of her own.

Two familier faces! Sunny reaches for a bar that should be well and truely above the means of someone her size and…lifts it like it were nothing. Lazily slinging it over her shoulders as if she intended to work her legs, the spotting of the wave has her blinking and turning perhaps a little redder for not noticing earlier either of the two women. Different attire indeed! "Hey!" she greets, even lifting a hand from the bar and waving with her fingers before tilting her head. "Didn't know you came out this way."

Subtle, that was Sunny all the way.

"I could never afford it before" Alison laughs to Sunny's comment; assuming it was meant for her. "I still can't afford it. It's one of those 'thirty days free' trials before they charge you weekly afterwards. I gave them a fake credit card number. Umm…did I say that out loud?" Her brow furrows at the weights being lifted. "You're pretty strong, Sunny." A smile for Scandal's look. "Would you like an autograph?" she teases before a little spin. "I'm Alison." A gesture to the treadmill. "All yours. Promise I won't stare too much."

Scandal arches a brow - at each of the other women in turn - before laughing and slightly shaking her head. "I'm not here to pester anyone for anything," she assures Alison, holding her hands up. "You're safe from autograph-hunting, at least as far as I'm concerned. And really, where do you think I stowed a pen in this outfit anyway?" A teasing wink, then she grins at Sunny… only to see her become distracted by an apparently-urgent incoming phone call. Looking back to Miss Blair, she raises a hand again. "I'm Scandal. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Scandal? Oh, we're using our showbiz names? I'm Dazzler. You may have heard of me…or not. Do you listen to Youtube hopefuls much? Hang out at seedy bars in Hell's Kitchen? Nice to meet you, Scandal. Hmm…probably not a singer, but I could definitely see you as an exotic dancer. Heck, I'd even pay for a show" Alison laughs with a bit of a blush. "And where you put your pens is your business." A glance over at Sunny on the phone. "Tell her I said 'goodbye'? About time I hit the showers. I heard they have hot water here and I'm going to make the most of that thirty day trial."

Laughing ruefully, Scandal shakes her head. "My father had a sense of humour. And English wasn't spoken where I grew up," she says dryly. She certainly doesn't sound like a native, her accent being rather indeterminately international, though polished and educated. "But it's a pleasure to meet 'Dazzler', as well as Alison: I'll have to have a search for her videos. And thank you. I try to stay in shape. And if they don't have hot water here, we can protest to management."

"Wait. Seriously, you name is Savage?" Alison laughs joyfully. "That is so fucking awesome. C'mon, you could do anything with that name. Lion tamer. Stuntwoman. Accountant. Maybe not accountant, might give clients the wrong idea. And if you love really cheap videos of me singing with a few pretty lights in the background, you will have a great time. But I gotta go. Maybe I'll see you around. TTFN."

Laughing, Scandal shakes her head and grins again, raising her hand once more - this time in farewell. "It was interesting, when I found out how native English-speakers responded to it," she says wryly. "And I'll keep an eye out for you, I promise. Enjoy that shower!"

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