2019-05-22 - Agent Sporty Spice


Koa invites Keiko and Illyana for pizza and they run across someone that the new Queen of Limbo is familiar with.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed May 22 02:30:36 2019
Location: RP Room 1

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Things in New York are settling if not yet completely settled after a major WAND coordinated, vigilante-led operation has seemingly cleared the streets of Nightfall. Agent Koa Turner, of Wand, has reached out to a couple of his contacts and offered to buy them pizza at Bleeker Street Pizza. The folks at WAND say it's absolutely… magical. In any case, the invite is not because he wanted to speak to them more about other problems - though that does seem to happen - but because he wanted to say thank you and some of New York's best Pizza seemed like a good way to start.

At present Koa, a well built, broad shouldered and brown haired man, is in casual jeans and a tee shirt. He's got a book which he is reading as he sits outside the pizzeria which is just north of Greenwich Village and waits to see… who is hungry.

Of course Pizza this good means that lots of folks are going in and out. Lots of folks with lots of memories about this place. Not just the food but the good times had there around that food. That may give it a certain… resonance, or draw to someone who lived a stolen live and is trying to figure out his own.

He used to complain. Endlessly if given the soapbox and a chance. Woe is me. Back when he had problems. Like trying to kill his genetic original, maybe a bit of some trust issues from the flip-flop of identity and various betrayals. Demon hounded. Reality deviant. These days? Ben Reilly can't utter a single word of annoyance on his current situation. He's building a life again. Somewhat. A light blue hoodie, jeans and an overstuffed backpack are the fashion statements of the day. You don't need designer labels for pizza. In fighting the crowd to place an order, Ben Reilly finds himself standing back outside to wait. Checking his phone, neck craned forward… and… and… he juuuuust can't help but look to Koa. Squinting through his non-prescription glasses. "Okay. This is going to sound weird. Not, like, bird calls and screaming math problems at you weird but… do you play a sport or something?" Pause. Ben clears his throat and offers a nervous smile. "Okay, yeah. Still weird, huh?"

Free Pizza? Keiko didn't have think twice about turning up. Well, yes she did. Things seem to happen about Koa, or maybe it's her… but things happen.

She arrives, on her bike, just as Ben asks that question. "The only sport he plays, is making fun of me, I'm sure." The small, asiatic looking woman, has a mixed South American accent. Nothing particularly dominant but you get that hint of something every now and then. Her arms are bare, displaying the creatures that are inked there.

Very realistic creatures whose eyes seem to follow you as she moves.

Just over the neckline of her shirt, some scars that seem to form a brand can be seen.

"You said there was free pizza, Agent Turner?" Keiko takes a moment to lock her bike up to the post not far from them before joining Koa at the table.

Let's be honest. Illyana isn't one to turn down free food. Even when the food is kinda crap, it's still far and away better than she got to eat in Limbo. For more than half of her life. And good New York style pizza? Really, how could she say no? There's occasionally the trick of being timely, but luckily Koa knows how to send messages that'll actually get to Illyana. Even if she's in Limbo.

The blonde sorceress doesn't stand out too much on the streets of New York, especially in this part of town despite all the black leather ornamented with silver studs and chains and arcane symbols. And it's from down the street she arrives, having teleported into a nearby alley and coming the rest of the way on foot. Koa and Keiko she recognizes from a distance, but with the press of people and the hoodie she hasn't recognized Ben yet. "If he actually said Kree Feets-a I'm going to be very disappointed. But still hungry, so I'll try it." Noh-Varr will be thrilled.

Koa looks up from his book which does not have a title on the spine and is bound in leather and iron. Anyone getting a good look inside can tell that's not written in English. Hard to imagine that this is 'light reading' but who knows what passes in Koa's mind as light reading?

"A little bit back in college. Tried out for the football team. Was fun for a bit but found something more fun to do with my free time, Mister…?

Keiko and Illyana actually arrive and Koa shuts his book to stand up. "Miss Rasputina, Keiko. It is indeed Free Pizza and not Kree Freets-a. I don't even know where you'd get that and it doesn't sound like a good way to appreciate you guys for all your help on the last big debacle. Shall we go in and order?"

They might not get to that as fast as Koa would like to because, well, did he just say 'Rasputina?'

Yes. Yes he did.

"I have hobbies other than making fun of you, Keiko. Though… I'll admit that one is outlandishly entertaining."

Oh so socially uncomfortable even with that accidental, anxious charm of his. Ben clamps a hand at the back of his neck, literally pushing down that growing creep of Spider-Sense. Something was off. Weird. As per usual. A glance to Keiko and he chuckles. Eyes widen, he looks to Koa and waves a hand dismissively. "I wasn't laughing at you, I was laughing at her. Which was about you so, not sure how helpful that was. You just -feel- fam… not that I felt you, I… did somebody call my number?" A polite smile to Keiko starts to fade when he steps backward once. Her arm eyes. HER ARM EYES. Did they see him? Damn, what detail! Ben, forgetting himself, side steps. Then back. Then he hears it. Her voice. Magik. "Oh god no." He mutters as those eyes widen like a deer in high beams. He sees her. Sudden, fast as a twitchy spider, Ben grabs his hood and tugs it low. Rapidly spitting out excuses as he turns on heel. "Hobbies are great. Nice bike. Live the hair. Did you say Agent? That's cool aaaaaand TAXI!" He's flinging a hand upward, trying to step around a little old Iranian man with a small stack of pizza boxes. Both teeter. Boxes sway. This will end messily.

"What's Kree Freets-a?" If that was meant to be a joke, it's just fallen flat with Keiko. Then again, the small peruvian has proven to have a singular grip on the English language. "Kree. Like Captain Noh-Varr of the Marvel, Kree warrior, agent of SWORD?"

Illyana's arrival has Keiko taking a step back, not quite seeing Bens response to her tattooes. "Miss Rasputina." Her eyes cast down, not meeting the blondes, another step back - right into Ben as he runs into the man. This is not going to end cleanly for either of them. Or the little old man either.

"Not 'freets', 'feets'. Like the things on the end of your legs. And yes, that Noh-Varr. It's not a normal name, do you really need to add his resume on the end?" Illyana says in that dry, mocking manner of hers. "I'll second making fun of Keiko as an approved pastime. All those in favor? Say 'aye'."

It's at that point she's close enough to see the new person talking with Koa who suddenly gets all skittish and making with the fast movements. Her eyes narrow, and then widen a bit in recognition. "You!" Her tone isn't quite *angry*. It's more pissed. Annoyed. Insulted, maybe? Her lazy forward momentum shifts to a quick step as she makes a grab for Ben's hoodie. "Oh no you don't." She says, threat underlaying the words.

"Ay- hey!" If there's one thing that is maybe a mistake to do in front of someone who is kind of sort of a law enforcement officer it's act squirrelly and then bolt. Koa is at the moment particularly suspicious of this because of what's been happening in the city. And also because Illyana's reaction to what was so far as he knew a random person off the street is fairly strong.

The agent makes a grab for Keiko so she doesn't fall as his left hand unclips what looked like a decorative chain on his jeans. It isn't. Over the course of half a rotation over his head, the eighteen inch length of it quickly becomes a four foot length and a considerably thicker one too. Power glows in sigils hovering over his left arm and he lets the chain fly at Ben's leg.

Illyana and Keiko have both seen him use this thing before, as what is essentially an enchanted bola to immobilize wayward spirits. It works just as well on people though.

"Keiko the pizza-man!"

Mostly that's 'Keiko don't let that poor old iranian guy with the stack of pizza boxes fall.' But he doesn't have time to get that all out.

"Alright, what's this all this about?" He says that not even sure they have the suddenly bolting guy in hand. They might. But he might be slippery too.

Kree warriors. Magic eye tattoos. AGENTS. Demon Princess turned Queen. Ben is, as per usual, in way over his head. A hasty escape is clearly the aim but it's interrupted by a hungry old man. One pizza goes up, one to the side and the man himself tumbles backward. He could catch all three. Do a flip and land it with everything in order. That, sadly, would blow his cover wide… Keiko bounces into him, he pivots easy. Too easy. He's going to regret this. "I hate me sometimes." He whispers it. Thinks it aloud while hos body just does what it does. Dropping to a knee, he juts a hand out behind the old man. Palm flat to hold him up as the other snags one pizza. CHAIN. Spider senses buzz and he reacts accordingly. Pizza boxes -chucked- at Keiko and Illyana. Ben hops the chain way, way too easily and sticks his arm outward with intent. Twist of the wrist is all it takes to… aaaaaaand that's when he remembered the web shooters. Still in their cradle on his work desk. He stands very, very still. Holding that guilty pose. "I'm not going to get out of this one." A sheepish, absolutely screwed and he knows it smile on his scruffy face. "Illyana. Hi. I can explain?"

Keiko nearly falls except for Koa grabbing her arm. At least she's not big enough to pull the Agent off balance. His grip has to hurt, as his fingers close round her arm but the small tattooed woman doesn't make a sound.

As Ben goes into his routine, Keiko moves as well - more the flowing moments that Koa has seen before. She catches a pizza box that's chucked at her head. She'll let the other one go through to the catcher, Illyana, and help the old man to keep his balance.

As she settles, Illyana gets a quizzicle glance, though Keiko doesn't meet her eyes. "Why would you eat Kree Feet? I don't think Captain Noh-Varr of the Marvel, Kree warrior, agent of SWORD would like that." With a blink, for a split second her eyes meet the Sorceress "His name is just Noh-Varr? No one told me any different, Miss Rasputina."

The old man is given his Pizza back as Keiko collects the others from Ben and stacks them as well. "There you go, Sir. No harm done." She'll send him on the way, if she can.

"You know him?" That's to Illyana, though Koa gets a look. This is all very strange, he saw how Ben moved, right?

Illyana Rasputina's reactions are pretty good. The training at Xavier's was good, but fighting for your life in hell tends to really put a polish on things. As the pizza comes flying at her she brings a hand up, a portal opening in front of her like a shield. The box flies through, and comes out of another that opens behind Ben's head. Which, given his Spidey Sense, might mean it comes flying at her head again. Which'll mean a rinse and repeat, but Illyana won't try to send it flying back at his head a second time.

"Yeah. Illyana. You know, the chick you made like you were friends with and then bailed at the first opportunity." The blonde sets her hands on her hips, pale blue eyes narrowed. At least he should recognize that it's annoyance, and not outright rage. He's seen that. He's seen the full show of horns and hooves.

"I feel like this would all be so much easier to explain if Captain Noh-Varr of the Marvel, Kree warrior, Agent of SWORD were here. I feel like I know him already." Ben quips nervously. As if he had a choice in the matter, Parker genes demand he never shut up. Sloooooowly, Ben lifts his hands in surrender. Just as a pizza teleports. Snatched out of the air and taken off his hands. He -knows- escaping Illyana would be one Hell of a task. The other two? He's not risking it. Shoulders sag, head bows. Defeat. He flinches when the elderly gentleman swats him twice on the shoulder before he takes the pizzas to go. Cursing vigorously as he does. Siiiiiiiiiiiigh. "Hi. My name is Pete and I'm… " He's trying to explain to Keiko when Illyana outs him. "OKAY! Okay. Okayokayokay. I made a bad choice! It's what I do! How was I supposed to know that the portal was going to dump me off in the lap of some cosmic genie with a mad on for…." Ben pauses. Eyebrows up. "Wait. Guys. Can we not arrest, kill, eat or make me sit through the last season of Lost? Oh! My pizza is ready. I guess I'll just, you know, take that aaAaaaand?"

Koa puts his hand out and the chain extends into it then retracts and coils up. It just hands in his hand like a more menacing version of Indiana Jones' whip. Not that the Agent particularly MEANS it to be menacing but it is a length of chain after all. That is glowing slightly with a green aura. Along with the rest of Koa's left arm.

Koa glances back at Keiko. Yes this is odd. But explanations will probably be forthcoming so all he does at the moment is… actually there's an Iranian man babbling something at him. It takes a moment to take care of that - essentially paying for the Pizza that has been knocked around interdimensionally - before he can return his attention to the matter at hand.

"Is he an 'issue', Miss Rasputina?"

The formality there of course isn't just because he doesn't know the sorceress very well. It's a mark of respect because she hasn't asked to be addressed otherwise and he knows who she is.

"Which is to say, am I still going to need this chain?"

If he's from Limbo and Illyana doesn't like him there's a possibility in Koa's mind that he's going to need to call ahead for a containment unit.

"Did his motions seem a bit… spider-ish?" Koa sottos to Keiko.

Keiko snags the last pizza box, stacking it on the top of the pile, turns the little iranian man around and sends him on his way. One less thing to worry about. She … doesn't try to explain.

"You didn't like the last season of Lost?" Keiko nearly sounds affronted. She can barely read and write but her pulp culture / sci fi references seem solid. "I'm Keiko …" that's quiet before the adults start talking.

Illyana sounds … well … like Illyana and Keiko knows better than to inter—- no, she doesn't "What portal? Where? What's a mad on?" Perhaps Koa should feed her.

She nods slowly though at the Agents question. "Just like Spider-Man and quips like him too." Back to Ben "Are you Spider-Man?"

Illyana Rasputina stomps over to Ben which, while a tad intimidating, isn't anywhere near as bad as when she does it with hooves. She reaches out to try to grab him by the ear and shake him a bit. "You knew it was *away from the damned fight*." The blonde points out, hotly. She's certainly not going to let him use getting his pizza as an excuse to get away.

Koa's question has Illyana glancing back towards him and she hisses out a sigh through her nostrils. "I don't think so. Not unless a lot changed since I last saw him." When t he bit about Spiders gets mentioned she winces a bit and glances back to Ben. "Oh. Right. Damn. Do I need to mindwipe them?"

"Ummmmmmm…" Koa says as the subject of his being mindwiped comes up. The chain does shrink back down though and he clips it back onto his jeans and folds his arms.

"So… what happened?" Keiko's question is a decent one though Koa is pretty sure that this isn't Spider-Man. He suspects that having history with Spider Man might have come up before though… well he DOESN'T know her all that well. It's possible that it just hasn't.

"Why did you like that show?" Koa groans in Keiko's direction. He's just going to gloss over the mind wiping thing and hope it doesn't come up again.

Because… please don't. He doesn't need the additional magic going into him right now.

"I take it this has something to do with your… coup, Miss Rasputina? Or were you railing against the travesty that was Lost and he bailed because he likes it too?"

"An issue? Hey, c'mon, big guy. I thought you were on my side. Remember the sports thing? Man, what good times!" Ben pleads half heartedly to Koa. He nods vigorously on the matter of putting that particular chain away. He even points to it. Hands still well above his head. "It's a nice chain though. Really, you should-" Ben suddenly looks -furious- over the Spider whispers. Jaw sets sternly. "The last season of Lost was a rush job and a slap in the face. If I had my way-" Suddenly a sunny smile. Just like that. "Hi, Keiko. I'm Peeeeee…." A glance to Illyana. He clears his throat. "Ben. My name's Ben and I'm Not Spider-Man. You know, grasshoppers jump and stuff. Maybe I'm Grass-Man. Or, you know, some guy thatOW! Owowowowow! What's with the ear?!" Ben keeps his hands up and visible! Shaken around by the ear, he winces throught it all but the fight isn't there. "That's not why I… Why do you always want to mindwipe people? Have you even studied the long term? I mean, do you want to get sued? Does MESOTHELIOMA mean nothing?" He even deepened his tone for that one word. Just like the old commercials.

"You're not touching my mind…" Keiko says without thinking as Illyana makes that statement. The tattooed woman seems to have a poorly developed sense of preservation where the blonde is concerned. Or an interesting one, at any rate.

"What battle?" Maybe it was the coup, Keiko's still processing that.

"Are you sure aren't Spider-Man? You sort of move like him. Though I've not really seen a lot of him. Maybe you're Grass Man but if you are, that's a really bad name."

"MESOTHELIOMA? That's a lung disease not something to do with your brain."

Illyana Rasputina glances back at Keiko, "Oh, I'm touching your mind if I think it needs it. Don't make me put you on your knees again." Her tone is more of a 'oh no you didn't' than anything truly threatening. The blonde gives a long-suffering sigh. "Yes, I ran into Ben here in Limbo when I was raising the banners against Belasco. He was helping. Until we got to the big fight and then he RAN AWAY." She says, turning back to glare at Ben as she shakes him by the ear again.

The Mesothelioma throws her a bit, and Illyana furrows her brow, not knowing what the hell it is until Keiko fills it in. At which point Illyana looks back at Keiko, boggling a bit. "Why do you KNOW that?"

"Why do you KNO- what she said." Koa says at virtually the same time. Koa looks skyward, as if any help will be coming to him from up there. None does, naturally.

"Ah, that explains the reaction. Was this the time that you got punished for several years or the time that you actually did eventually win?" This really does beg the question how old Illyana really is - in experienced time - and that is not something Koa presently wants to think about so he just moves on.

"Does he need to be remanded to Limbo for the Queen's justice, then?" That's a joke but not much of one. If she decided she wanted that there isn't much Koa could do to stop her. And he's not entirely sure he'd be inclined to try either. He does owe her, after all. Several things, actually. Including some answers which she's yet to collect. Though he's sure that's coming.

"Dare I ask, Ben, what you were doing in Limbo? And why you move like the J. Jonah Jamison's most hated nemesis? Sweet moves, I'll grant you but not ones often duplicated."

There's another short pause and Koa softly murmurs to Keiko. "You know telling her to not do something is like inviting her to prove she can do it, yeah? Also, have you lived your entire life by watching 10 year old television?"

"Heeeeey, Keiko gets me. You know, guys, I feel like we're really coming together as a family." Ben can't help but make the jokes. "Grass Man is a work in progress. I'm thinking of a landscaping job on the sode but then I'd need a truck." Spider Sense is nice and all but bad jokes will always be his go to armor. Then the Spidey accusations again. Opening his mouth to loudly protest, he's cut off by more skull shaking. "Okay! Yes! I ran away! What else was I supposed to do? Just wait around on the off chance that you win and… oh, hey. You won. That's neat. Do I get you a card or is this a flowers kind of moment?" Looking up at Illyana, stooped over and still holding his hands up. "Hey, Agent Sporty Spice. I really dislike the idea of being remanded. Like, a lot." Brows furrow, jaw sets sternly. "Call me Spider-Man one more time." Arms slowly lowering, he's hoping nobody notices. Which would be something since didn't even realize his hands were balled up into shaking fists. "My name is Ben. You guys have enough spiders as it is."

"Why?" There's an ingenuity to Keiko that's hard to believe. Despite the ink, she really is quite young. "I uh… Greys Anatomy, I think. No. Scrubs. No… Crossing Jordan. I'm not sure, I sort of watched them all together not long after I got here."

Illyana gets Keiko's attention, a direct look in the womans eyes before the tattooed womans gaze slides right on away. She opens her mouth to say something more just as Koa sotto voces again and snaps it shut. "She can't tell me what to do…" It's almost sullen. "She's not my god, Plokta is."

That should cause a moment for Ben.

"What else do you do when the night is long and dark, Agent Sporty Spice?" Yeah, Keiko heard that and it's going to stick, like so many other random things in her life. "I can't read, so TV it is."

Illyana Rasputina finally lets go of Ben's ear, only to grab his wrist so she can turn his hand palm-upwards. She gives him a glare that says he'd best comply, damnit. Digging into a pocket she pulls out a small knife, flicking the blade out with her thumb so she can make a small cut in his palm unless he uses that Not-Spider strength to pull free. "Some kind of reality breach got him stuck in Limbo, and that got Belasco's attention." The blonde says, offering up a piece of Ben's story. "Now what's this about a genie? You didn't wind up back here?"

Illyana's stern look is broken by a snicker. And then a guffaw. It takes a minute for her to manage to gasp out "Agent Sporty Spice!", and then snickers some more.

Koa looks at both laughing women and then down at Ben with a look that says 'this is all your fault.' "Better than Agent Old Spice, I suppose." He mutters mostly to himself.

"So. Let me see if I…" Koa pauses as the women continue to laugh and snicker. "Let me see-" Another pause, longer this time and Keiko earns herself a glare for the 'Plokta is my god' line. "I'm telling you, Miss Rasputina would make a better deity and not by a small margin."

Koa half smirks and lets that sink in. "So, let me see if I have this right. You wound up in Limbo, got Belsco's attention, then hopped through a portal in an act of let's call it self preservation and did NOT wind up back on earth."

That gets a small frown and Koa looks at Illyana. "Who the hell opens up portals to Belasco's Limbo on purpose?"

"Oh, man. I love Scrubs. It's weird that the Janitor isn't German here though. That was the best part." Ben confides to Keiko. Trying desperately to keep his cool. A vein thump-thumping along his temple. "Actually, she's pretty good at telling people what to do." Plotka. PLOTKA. The name echoes in his head like a distant gong. "Plotka." Distracted, Ben yanks his hand back after being nicked. Illyana gets a vastly disapproving glare. "Belasco's attention and hunting parties. After that little uprising? Which I still wake ul freaking out over, I got to spend YEARS! YEARS in the $&@?ing DARK DIMENSION! Listening to &?#$ing Plotka laugh as he threw me OVER AND Over and OVER into nightmare after nightmare! I don't even know if THIS is real or…" Ben lets out a long, forceful sigh. Eyes closed. Breathing even. He's clutching his wrist, squeezing hard enough to shatter a brick. "I'm cool. I'm cool. I'm right where I want to be. I am my own man. I am not-" Eyes open, he chuckles weakly and gets his composure back in order. "Nightfall. These sicko wizards or whatever. They threw me there. When I started snooping around. It's… it's all very weird, I assure you."

"No, it's not. I like that too. Look over to your agent, now mine, now yours again…" Keiko is having way too much fun with this. She sobers though as Koa glares and makes that comment "And you know this from personal experience?" It's a little snarky.

She starts as Illyana makes a cut on Bens hand but she's not stupid enough to push the Limbo Queen another time. Perhaps. Or maybe she knows to pick her … times. Sometimes.

"The janitor wasn't ever German…" Keiko starts only to draw back sharply, perhaps knocking Illyana or Koa as she does. "No one comes back from Plokta's domain … " beat "Unless you're an Agent of the Nightfall."

Well. Guess Ben answered the question of who the hell opens portals to Limbo, indeed. Illyana's gaze narrows on Ben for a moment as he babbles on about the Dark Dimension and Plokta before turning her attention down to the smear of blood on the tip of her blade. With a gesture and a word, the scarlet liquid draws up into a bead and then that drop rises up into the air. It wobbles about a moment and then crystalizes into something that looks like a ruby. With a flick of her finger it moves over to one of Illyana's silver rings, which morphs on her finger, reaching up fingers to draw the drop down and lock it into the circle.

"How long have you been back, Ben?" Illyana asks, her tone having gone soft and quiet and dangerous. She glances back to Keiko for a moment at the former Nightfall's sudden reaction.

That focuses the Agent's attention too. Sporty Spice has his hand on his chain again. He doesn't see any tattoos on Ben but there might be other markings. Tellingly he doesn't try - at least not yet - to get the not-spider wrangled.

"So you were thrown into nightmare after nightmare after nightmare and then one day just… let go?" He doesn't say it but the implication is 'well how very, very odd and strangely convenient.'

No one would really blame Ben for bolting right now. Well probably everyone would but it will make sense eventually. Probably. Likely. Illyana has his blood now. That's possibly not good.

"I don't suppose you'd like to come back to the Triskelion with me, would you?"

There are other possibilities sure but… making sure this man isn't a Nightfall agent, popping in just after they have driven the Nightfall away is weighs very heavily on Koa's mind. As, likely, everyone's here.

Ben, still clutching his wrist, he can feel the hot iron chain still. He passes a squinty look between them. "Hey, am I under arrest? If there's some kinda dimensional immigration paperwork I skipped, I'm sorry. Sorta. Not really but I could be. Am. Totally. Anybody buying this?" Ben, sudenly enthralled by his blood blood crystalizing in mid air. "Oh, that's something I'm not gonna regret. Nope. Probably nothing to worry about now that my blood is your mood ring. Illyana, what the absolute fu-" Ben groans in defeat. It's happening again. He can feel it. Doooooooom. "I am so not an agent of Nightfall. I think. Pretty sure." An eyebrow arches Dwayne Johnson high as Ben looks back to Koa. "I know what you're thinking. Way too easy, right? Me too. Which makes me think that this is bogus too. Tell you what. Somebody pay for my pizza, I'll go quiet. It's either that or we brawl it out across six blocks. I break Keiko's leg to slow you down but Illyana gets me. I got no out here. Or enough to pay for my own pizza. Heh."

"I'll pay for your Pizza but you're not going anywhere. Besides breaking my leg isn't that easy…." Keiko says quietly, stepping forward again to take Bens arm, rolling his sleeves up to inspect the skin. "No tattooes… "

She's not hard rough but she's not exactly as she moves his arm about. The sleeve is pushed right up to his shoulder as she looks at his underarm.

"He's … not marked. At least not like I am." She's Nightfall, or so she says.

"Do you have somewhere to stay? I …" the asiatic woman shakes her head, not continuing.

"You're slippery, Ben and I've got a feeling you'd start running and never stop. Now, it doesn't matter if you do. So don't bother." Illyana isn't exactly *happy* with Ben, having left her out to dry. But she can't exactly fault him. In a way, it was a very demonic thing to do. She can also see it in his eyes. The edge of madness that comes someone breaking you over, and over, and over again.

As Keiko steps forward to manhandle the not-spider, Illyana looks over to Koa. "And people tell me *my* sense of personal space is skewed. At least I *know* the guy." Turning back to Ben, she shakes her head. "It's fine. Keiko, let him be. He doesn't need to go to Wand. I'll vouch for him and keep an eye on him." Koa mentioned remanding Ben over to Limbo. Does that also equate to some sort of diplomatic immunity? The Asgardians get it! She can make Ben a citizen of Limbo.

She's not paying for his pizza though. She still doesn't have any money.

"Well if you're willing to vouch for Slippery Spice there, I suppose that makes anything more thorough than Keiko looking him over unnecessary. If you WANTED to drop by WAND, though, we do have some resources available for dimensional refugees. Though even so I might consider taking Keiko up on that offer of a place to crash. That's one thing WAND doesn't have to offer. Not unless you like Containment Cells."

The Agent looks at Keiko. "You can pay for him if you like, but I invited you over for free pizza. I'm happy to pick up his tab. Speaking of which…" He gestures to the group of three people now. "Let's go in and enjoy some, shall we?"

He'll want to talk to Illyana and Keiko about this later. Possibly… after they go through with Illyana's grand idea.

Which reminds him. He needs to find some place to drain.

Pizza first, though.

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