2019-05-21 - The OG Batgirl


Batman drops in on Barbara to get the facts on her decision to allow a second Batgirl.

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Date: Tue May 21 23:44:56 2019
Location: RP Room 1

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Early evening on Staten Island. Barbara had finished work at the library, stopped on her way home to grab some Chinese take-out and made her way home. It was an older building. But then many on the Island were. Left over from before the massive influx of business and people. When the Island was almost quaint and not nearly so… Gothic. Now these buildings were in dire need of updates and refurbishment but they still hold a retro charm that keeps them popular. Plus the rent isn't as high as many other locations.

There is no elevator so she must tromp her way up five flights of stairs to the top floor. It wasn't so bad. Good exercise and her corner unit gave her great access to the rooftops.

Holding the takeout bag in her teeth briefly, she unlocked her door and stepped inside. Closing the door quickly, she grabbed the bag and spoke quietly into the still darkened room.

"Voice Identification. Barbara Gordon. Security reset. Status: Home."

A melodic chime comes from within the apartment and the lights turn on automatically. Making her way into the kitchen she sets the to go order down then moves to shrug off her backpack. Pulling her laptop from inside, she sets it atop a wireless charging pad then flips the screen open to tap a few commands on the keyboard. Returning to the kitchen she begins to pull the to go cartons out of the bag, setting them out methodically.

"I hope you brought enough for two." comes the voice from the darkness. Barbara will know it clearly as almost her own father's. She's got a visitor of the cowl and cape variety. Though there's no threatening moves that come from the Batman. He's not here to intimidate her, after all. If anything, the look on his face is one more of the questioning variety.

"The new Batgirl made her presence known." he lets her know, his tone not neccesarily /disapproving/, but more curious. He's got questions, but he's not asking them yet as he settles his arms loosely to the sides.

Then his head moves to study the redhead, lips pulled into a thin line, as he glances from the food, to the books, and other information.

Barbara Gordon doesn't even startle, really. She's practiced at hiding surprise or alarm over the many years just for such occasions as this if nothing else. She turns casually to grab a second plate. "I was planning on having left overs for work tomorrow… but I don't mind having a dinner guest. Even if you did bypass my security." Setting the plates down she adds, "Rather rude, don't you think?" She's not upset, just needling him for his unpolished manners as a certain butler might do.

She nods some, "Yeah? Hopefully she didn't ruin the suit before I get it past prototype stage for her. Girl's got an impulsive streak longer than a kid's Christmas list.." she begins to dish out the various cartons of food. Lo Mein noodles with onions and peppers. Spicy fried beef tips. And, honestly her favorite part, a container of fried pot stickers. She grabs utensils and sets them out before turning, "Water? Milk? Soda?" She knows better than to offer alcohol when he's On Duty.

"Water." comes Bruce's response, as he moves to take off the cowl and settles across from Barbara as she plays hostess. "Why?" he asks her finally. There's so many connotations to that one word question. Why Stephanie? Why Batgirl? Why Chinese? He only takes a little of each, making sure to have plenty for Barbara to have leftovers.

"We're going to be going after those that are framing me soon. Now that we know who they are. The others could use another set of hands with Clayface." Which is his way of laying his cards on the table. He's sending them after Clayface, and he'll probably go after Zsasz himself.

"She's.. eager." its the best word he can decide on. "But then again, I recall someone else that was eager to prove herself, even if she was a bit younger."

Barbara Gordon gets two glasses of ice water and sets one near his plate. Leaning on the counter, she begins to nibble at the food as he asks questions and reveals some of his thoughts.

"Because she's been at this for long enough that it's clear she isn't going to give it up and walk away. She moved on from her beginnings. Which was good for her. You knew she couldn't be Robin forever. None of the others stayed as Robin past their teens before finding their own way to a role that fit them." She paused to take a bite of the noodles. "It seemed like a logical step. I've been thinking about it for months. Looking at all of the angles. She wants to learn. She wants to be taught. She'll make mistakes. We all have. And do. None of us are as near-perfect as you. It's not who we are. but we're all strong in our own ways. This gives the Island another agent, fully supported, to keep tabs on everything. To lend a hand. Considering Clayface is anything but a simple adversary to take on, it seems my timing was just about right."

"It should have been discussed with me first, Barbara. With Blackbird just starting, and now Stephanie.." Bruce frowns. There's a hint of concern in his tone. He accepts the water gratefully as he takes a drink from it, before he nods to Barbara's assessment. "I'm sure that she's made an impression upon you, but she's still.." he lets out a breath of a thought. "..she's still not polished. I know what to expect when you're out there, Barbara. Nothing short of the best that you can do - which is more than enough."

"She's still enamored with the idea of it. It's the same reasons I kept Helena back, when she kept pushing. She needed to know that this isn't just a game." And after Helena got shot the other night, that's becoming more apparent to the young woman.

He decides to push past it, and catches what Barbara is not saying in her words - whether or not she may be able to assist. "Is there something else you want to talk about?" he asks her.

Barbara Gordon rolls her eyes, "I don't work for you, Bruce. I created Batgirl. Yes, inspired by you. I was - like you said - unpolished at the beginning. It was luck and foolish naivety that kept me from getting killed, or worse, those first few years. But it wasn't your decision. This was my decision. I'm not going to be Batgirl forever. When - whenever that time comes, I want someone to carry the symbolism and reputation along farther than I ever will. That doesn't happen by waiting till it's time to pass the torch. She needs to be ready before that."

She looks at him. "tell me the truth. Were you - honestly - going to let her stay on as Robin now that she's starting college? Dick moved on at that point. You need a partner who is -in- the city with you, nearly 24/7. Stephanie was never going to fill that role on a long term basis. Was she?" She sets her plate down.

"As for discussing things with you? Yes. Maybe. How many times have you made executive decisions for the good of one or all of us without first talking to us? We seize the moment and the opportunities as they come along or we miss them." She stabs a pot sticker before dipping it in the soy sauce and biting it in half.

"I'm not sure, Bruce. Is there something you want me to talk to you about?" She seems honestly puzzled."I expected you'd be unhappy with my choice. But forgiveness and permission, right? Would you have agreed if I had? I'm addressing the danger and risk as best I can. Better than I have even for myself. Her armor is a completely new application of the materials we use. Tests show it can protect up to seven percent better in the worst conditions and as much as twelve percent in the best. I believe I can get both of those numbers up by at least three percent more just in the first revision." She trails off, mind starting to wander to ballistic traits and many other topics related to the armor.

There's a lot that Bruce wants to say on the matter - but as Barbara has probably come to expect, he doesn't share. It's not important enough, or he's burdening himself. It's one of those things. "What are your plans, moving forward?" he asks her. Because to him, it sounds like she's preparing to hang up her own boots and pass the mantle on.

Barbara Gordon finishes off the pot sticker with another bite then looks to him. "I don't know how you can still do this. After so many years? The mental aspects are exhausting. But physically? I don't see how you can just keep going. The wear and tear. It's real. I've cracked or broken just about every rib in my body at least once. Some three times. Ankle sprains? knees? two rotator cuff injuries. A ripped bicep?" She sips her water. "As that adventurer in the archeology movie says, it's not the years, it's the miles. My body isn't worn out yet. But I can see the writing on the wall. Ten more years? maybe? five? I don't know when it will finally be too much and I just won't be able to bring myself to do it anymore." She looks across the room at the multitude of large computer displays. Multiple servers. A rack full of mounted routers and switches. "my mind is going to be sharp and strong long after my body tells me it's time to wrap things up." She looks back. "I've got some ideas for a way to support the vigilantes in the city. Maybe beyond. It isn't going to happen over night. I'm going to have to break a lot of proverbial eggs. Bend some laws past the breaking point.. but if this idea, vision really, becomes a reality? I can help the city. You. Dick. Jason. Stephanie and Helena. Far more than I can sticking on as Batgirl chasing down purse snatchers on my scooter.." she smirks, tone joking yet serious.

"I keep going because the mission isn't over." And really, will never be over. Bruce's frown is obvious. "And when my time has come, someone else will need to take up the role that I once filled." he responds. He hasn't touched the food, he does however, take another drink from his water.

"Are you saying you no longer want to be Batgirl?" he asks her finally, deciding to get to the point. "As you said to me, you created her. She is you. I'm not the one to take it away. And Staten Island could use more of her." he points out to her finally.

"You may have started out as an outsider, Barbara, but you're as much of the family as Dick, Stephanie, or even Selina.." though when she brings up Jason, his eyes give the smallest of narrows.

"Has he been in contact with you since his return?" he decides to ask, to test the waters and see if she wants to share.

Barbara Gordon nods "And we all admire your drive. But not all of us are made the way you are, Bruce." She shakes her head, "you've been training Dick and the others to follow on and take up the torch for you whenever that time comes. Maybe it'll be Helena by the time it comes to something like that." She shrugs.

"I -am- Batgirl. But I believe Stephanie has what it takes to be Batgirl, too. There are times where it would be advantageous to be in two places at one time." She looks at him. "If I'm wrong, then I'll accept the responsibility for my choices."

"Perhaps. All I know, Barbara.." Bruce responds as he rises to his feet and pulls the cowl back on. He didn't take any food. She'll have plenty of leftovers, at least?

"…is that Staten Island is far more secure with the original Batgirl out there as well." The fact that she's taking responsibility is not lost on Bruce as he moves to the window to open it.

"I've always valued your opinion and trust." he reminds her. After all, he's kept her this close all this time. "I don't and never will doubt you." And with that, he's out the window and off into the night.

Barbara Gordon says, "You're selling Stephanie short, then, Bruce. Batgirl will be around. But now there will be a blonde one in differernt armor rising to the occasion. I apprecate and value your input and trust too, Bruce. But this was the right decision. She'll honor what it means to be Batgirl. And she'll make you proud. Give her the chance."

And her words fall on an open window into the night.."

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