2019-05-21 - Puttin' Down the Hand


Kimiko is jumped by the Hand while finishing up a tutoring gig on Staten Island. Lucky for her there's a Bat, an Agent and a Nightfall renegade about.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue May 21 07:46:48 2019
Location: Staten Island

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Staten Island has a pretty stark divide between haves and have nots. Generally after dark the streets are ruled by the criminal element of the have nots (as opposed to the daytime when it's the criminal elements of the haves.)

Tonight, though, the people out in force are strange even by Staten Island Standards. Masked and hooded, these are the Ninja of The Hand, though few would recognize them as anything other than particularly thuggish cosplayers. They've targeted a grey skinned, orange eyed woman walking this deserted stretch of street and alleyway toward one of the subway stations. Tall buildings loom. It was the perfect spot for an ambush.

They thought. There were eight when this started. Now there's six, though it's been a bit of a game of cat and mouse. They have tricks not available to your average thuggish cosplayer. And their swordplay is actually quite good. It rings out in the night, calling attention to anyone who might be inclined to watch, or intervene. Though few in Gotham are and all the civilians in the area are firmly pretending that nothing is happening.

Kimiko Tatsu doesn't live in this area. Heck, she's still pretty new to New York itself. She doesn't know how quickly Staten Island can change from upper-scale hire-a-Japanese-tutor to, well, this.

The Hand managed to get the drop on Kimiko, and their superior numbers make this a bit more difficult than she'd like. As help hasn't been forthcoming and a blade opens a long slice along her grey-skinned cheek, Kimiko's orange-on-black eyes kindle to glowing fire. She throws up her hands and all around her the world… slows down. From the outside looking in, it's like someone moved the fight into slow motion. Except that Kimiko continues to move normally. She uses that opportunity to get a bit of space between her and her attackers and with a snap of her arm she summons her energy whip. A second snap of it at an attacker's back opens a line of necrotic flesh before leaping back to her hand.

Staten Island is home. Jason was born and bred here…as was Batman…and most of the horrible people they fight on a nightly basis. In a way the red Hood was born here too, amid the graft and corruption and violence.

On top of that it was the Hand who took a boy once saved by the Bat…then murdered by a crook…and corrupted him into something else entirely. With their dark magic and monstrous ways, he was reforged into something he still cannot entirely shake. So, forgive him if he's a bit pissed off about it?

He's been stalking this group of ninja for much of the night, following them in the sort of way that only a son of the Batman can manage. Rooftop to rooftop for what seems like an eternity…until now. As the fight breaks out, there is a sudden explosion of a flashbang…and just like that Jason is among them, using their own techniques against them, mingled with his own. "Their" techniques would be the skilled hand-to-hand combat, while Batman's teaching lends him the stealth and theatricality. The 12-gauge with shells full of rock salt? That's all Jason. The red helmeted menace, wearing a motorcycle jacket, armored shirt (With his infamous 'Murdered Bat' symbol on his chest), tight armored jeans and boots, levels the shotgun at one of the ninjas.

"This shit never gets old."

*BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM* The shotgun goes off in rapid succession as he fires the shells into the stomachs, chests and backs of several ninja, sending them to the ground alive but in -incredible- pain, before he whirls about to deliver a boot to the face of another. Teeth going flying. Behind the emotionless red helmet, the broken-but-healing Jason is smiling.
Amid the chaos he notices the odd powers from Kimiko, and he tries to keep the group of ninja between him and her, if he can.

Keiko really hates call outs to Staten Island but when you're in business for yourself and undocumented, the money is good. Particular given that SHIELD hasn't called her for a few days now - mixed blessings that.

She sighs as the sound of blades ring out, taking her collapsable quarterstaff from her bag and shaking it out.

It doesn't take her long to find the source of the disturbance. "You really should be careful who you chose to pick on." She mutters, swinging the staff to hook the nearest Ninja about the ankle and trip him up. "You might fall over."

The other woman gets a look as the whip manifests but Keiko can't help but jump as the shotgun sounds.

One cannot use magic like the Hand is using, even relatively minor magic by comparison and not get the attention of the local magical killjoys. WAND. There happened to be an agent in the area. Okay, he was actually six miles offshore but…

A broad, well built man erupts from from water at an impossible speed and lands on the other side of the orange skinned woman from Kimiko and Jason. He brings a fair amount of water with him but rather than splattering on the ground it forms itself into long 'bars' that look not unlike I beams, floating in the air above his shoulders.

He smacks one of them into one of the Ninja, knocking him prone, and drives the other through another Ninja's shoulder. The 'man' poofs into grey dust. As does two of the ones that the Red Hood shoots. As does the one that Kimiko whips.

The one that Keiko hits just lands heavily on the ground and tries to flip up into a stand and stab her. That might be a mistake. As might the one that tries to rush past the Red Hood to get to the orange skinned woman and just flying kick her into unconsciousness.

It's like they didn't just see her open up the space unnaturally quickly. Maybe they learn slowly.

It might be a bit disorienting, if only for a moment for those that cross into Kimiko's zone of control. From the outside looking in, the ninja are creeping along, getting airtime that should be impossible. But once Keiko and Jason enter the zone themselves, the damned ninja speed right back up and now it looks like Kimiko has superspeed. The eye can still track her, but the bright glow of that whip leaves a smear of orange light in her wake.

Dodging is something Kimiko can do really well. Not having to split her attention to attack, she can move really damned fast. At least, it looks that way to those in the sphere. And as others join in on the ninja bashing, she'll do just that. It doesn't take long until there's just ash and Kimiko lets her Slow Time field drop, which makes it look like she's moving at normal time again. The grey skinned woman looks at the other three warily. Koa especially gets a long look. "Shouldn't you be wearing a costume? Like him?" Her English with a Japanese accent by way of of the UK.

Jason scans all of the non-Hand and frowns under his mask, losing his rare smile. Magic. He shakes it off, though, and focuses on the ninja he kicked in the head. He ducks the blow swung at him and surges up, delivering an armored-knee to the ninja's groin. Something might have just popped. He then follows that up by bringing the butt of the shotgun around to the side of the Hand's head.

Assuming the ninja poofs, he then leaps back and lands on the lid of a dumpster, putting a bit of distance between himself and the powered-people and Hand. Spotting another Hand who isn't directly in melee combat with one of the others, Jason dips his hand into his utility belt, and he withdraws three deep red batarangs, tucked between his fingers. He lets them all fly at once, and they fly at the ninja's vulnerable areas with incredible speed and precision. Hands, eyes, groin. Stuff like that.

"Huh. Staten Island is getting crowded," he growls through his helmet.

Keiko's distraction, shock really, at the sound of the gun doesn't last long. As the Ninja drops to the ground, her staff spins around and smashes down - right at the mans forehead. The asiatic looking woman pulls the strike at the last moment, just tapping the man instead of making a mess.

It's only then that she realises they've been joined by Koa "It wasn't my fault, Agent Turner." Comes her words. "Uh, is everyone else alright?" Her accent is a mutt's. Hard to tell where she's from.

Agent. The woman with the staff said 'Agent'. Which might be of interest to the other two. Koa, seeing that when 'killed' the beings disintegrate, finishes off the downed one near him, and the one near Keiko as Kimiko and Jason get the last two with whip and batarang respectively. That flash of red metal gets a quirk of the eye.

Bat, eh? Staten Island is rather famous for its… bat population. Though the word on the street was that it's been endangered, recently.

"Are you sure it's not your fault, Keiko?" Koa knows damn well it isn't. "Everything else is fine yes."

Fine, except for the fact that Koa is burning magic like a torch which means he's had to take a lot in, though not everyone present will sense that.

Finally the Agent lets the water go splat onto the ground. "Agent Koa Turner. WAND." He introduces himself to the two he does not already know, and produces ID as is generally required… in a waterproof holder, in this case. "No, we don't usually do costumes though if you ever see our dress uniforms you might disagree, Miss…?" There's a short pasue.

"Is everyone okay?"

The Red Hood gets an interested look. "Concerned citizen intervening like a good Samaritan, I take it, Mister…?"

'Agent' is not a title that Kimiko is particularly keen on hearing attached to anyone around her. Not with her background. the grey skin and orange-on-black eyes are usually enough to keep those that might be familiar with the Yakuza family Tatsu from recognizing her, but it's not a sure thing. "Kimiko. Kimiko Sato." She's gotten used to giving her name in the Western fashion. A short nod is given as Keiko and Koa ask if everyone's alright, but her attention is pulled back to the Red Hood.

The obvious reason would be the costume. The less obvious is the way he stands out to Kimiko. An eddy in the river of Time. And not in a way she's seen before. Immortals she's gotten used to seeing, if from a distance. Pulling her attention back to the group she gives a slight bow. "My thanks, for your intervention."

The Red Hood stays crouched on the dumpster for a moment as he watches the others. He doesn't comment on the introductions. Instead he drops off of the dumpster and stalks over to where the Hand vanished, stooping to pick up his red batarangs. The 'concerned citizen' question recieves an amused snerk from under the helmet, however.

He tucks the batarangs away and then spends a few moments gathering his spent shells, dropping them into a pouch on his belt. Nothing is left behind by him if he can gelp it.

He catches Kimiko staring at him a bit longer then the others, but the gruff vigilante doesn't respond to that. Instead, he tosses the shotgun over his shoulder and glances about at everyone, before his slotted-gaze lands on the one who was initially being tracked by the Hand.

"Why were pieces og shit following you? Last thing I want is the Hand on Staten Island. Call it personal," he growls.

Keiko collapses the quarterstaff, stuffing it back in her bag as she watches Red Hood approach. The man will see the ink that covers her arms and part of her torso, animals and extremely detailed ones. There's also the scars from a brand peaking over her collar. A big brand if the spacing is anything to go by.

"I did not, Agent Turner." She says again, joining the others. Her tattooes sting which means … she peers at Koa. "Still got problems?" He knows what she means.

"Keiko Kurita." She remembers her manners at least. "Your weapon is very loud. I nearly missed my target." That's to Jason.

Kimiko gets a curious look, Keiko had seen that whip move "Interesting fighting technique. I haven't seen anything nearing that since I left the compound."

"The Hand?" Koa cants his head slightly. "I've read of them. Ninja Clan. Into guns and drugs, largely. Said to be some kind of cult but a lot of the information we have on them is unverified. You're not in trouble with them, are you Miss?"

Based on what he saw he's not sure if it's a case of Kimiko being in trouble with them… or them being in trouble with her.

"It's a shotgun, Keiko. I know you've seen them before." SHIELD Agents sometimes have them though Keiko might never have seen one fired before. Koa is quite curious about what's going on here though. Kimiko Sato looks like a mutant and her abilities… well, Mutants can do a lot. But why would the Hand want her?

And why does the man with the Red Hood have a personal interest. He glances to Keiko briefly as if to say 'something doesn't quite make sense here' while he waits for the answer to Jason's question.

Keiko's question to him gets a hand wobble. "Sort of no? I just had to take in a lot and it wasn't pleasant. Well, actually it was, and that's the problem."

Kimiko Tatsu's shoulders are tight with tension. She's done well at laying low for months now. Her odd gaze moves between the three of them. Between their numbers and seeing them dealing with the ninja, she doesn't like her odds for trying to get rid of them either. Especially when one has 'agent' in front of his name and another has a bat on his chest. Both of those are indicators that they'd have people coming hunting down their killer.

"I don't know." Kimiko says, her lips pressed into an unhappy line. She even manages to tell the truth. While she was involved with the Yakuza before running from Clan Tatsu, the Clan wasn't part of the shadowy organization though they'd had some dealings with them before. And speaking of the Yakuza, Kimiko's gaze traces over the ink she can see on Keiko. The accent is all wrong though, and Japanese Yakuza don't tend to consider non-Japanese nationals for part of the organization. Keiko's comment about being at 'the compound' though, makes the grey-skinned woman wonder if an exception was made.

"I was here as a language tutor. I teach at University in Manhattan." Kimiko explains, her words still the truth, even if they obscure a larger lie.

"Then you should be better at fighting through distractions," is Jason's response to Keiko's comment on his shotgun. "Also into magic and eternal life," the Red Hood grunts. "Mix drugs with magic and it gets even worse."

He adjusts his motorcycle jacket and glances about, as if considering where to go or what to do from here. Jason has certainly recognized Keiko's ink, but he doesn't mention it at the moment. "Well, they aren't thrill-killers. They see something they can get out of taking you…or killing you. Best to find out what before they visit you while you're sleeping. These guys don't have morals. Trust me."

"I fight well enough. Discharging weapons where there are innocents or might be innocents isn't something I thought the capes in Staten Island did …" Keiko smirks a little at Jason. His reprimand is fair but it stings. If that had been a Nightfall mage, the reprimand would be physical and swift - at the very least.

"I know what it is, Agent Turner." Her attention turns to him again at his admission "Can you control it?"

Keiko's accent is all wrong. It's central american, at least, even if there is nothing particularly dominant.

"You have good skills for a language tutor. You must have come from a very neighbourhood." And yes, Keiko is able to deliver that with a straight face.

"Not unexpected…" Koa murmurs more to himself than to anyone else. "I'm fine Keiko. I think."

That's probably not particularly reassuring but with two others here with combat training and significant powers he doesn't want them suddenly deciding he's a threat or a rogue or something like that. Saying 'hey yeah, I've got an issue with wanting to eat the life force of everyone around me' is not the world's best ice breaker, really.

"Magic and eternal life. Those are dangerous hobbies." And now that Red Hood has said that he can't help but wonder which of those hobbies Kimiko Sato fell under. Sure, they're a criminal syndicate and they act like one but when they come out in force against a specific person there's usually a little bit more to it than just that.

"You sound like someone with personal experience in that, Mister… what are we going to call you? Helmet? Hood?" Red… Hood he thinks it is. He's not fully up on the Staten Island vigilantes.

Sounds like Keiko might be though. "You follow these guys?" He asks her. He means more 'in the papers' than physically though anything's possible he supposes.

"Well you seem like a fairly capable language tutor Miss Sato. I'd be remiss if I didn't ask if you felt safe enough to get to wherever you're going, though."

Language tutor. Language tutors don't usually have power sets and combat skills like that. Another glance is afforded to Keiko. Something is definitely off here.

Kimiko Tatsu slowly coils that glowing-orange whip in her bare hands. She treats it like a physical object, but what it did to the ninja certainly wasn't normal. Not that anyone's going to get a particularly good look at what it *did* do, since the bad guys are all ash now. Literally.

Red Hood's comment on magic and eternal life gets a thoughtful nod from Kimiko, and she's eyeing him again. If he has a personal stake in the Hand, perhaps any attempts at eternal life is why he pricks her senses. "Well, I certainly can't ask any of them, can I?" Which makes Kimiko frown even more. "I had assumed they took issue with my appearance." Her diction is so very upper-crust.

"Rock salt," he grunts in response to Keiko. "And do you see a fucking cape on my back?," the Red Hood replies. He knows the common term, but doesn't exactly care for it. "Even if I caught an innocent with it, they'd just have a -really- bad day. It'd suck, but eh. And the pistols are loaded with either taser rounds or riot control. Hurts like a bitch, but nobodies dieing." Anymore.

He leans back against the wall, crossing his muscled arms across his symbol'd chest as he watches the others. He glances over at the question about his name. "Red Hood." It's actually an infamous name. The Red Hood is a villain who tangled with the Batman 3 or so years ago after killing over 100 criminals over the course of six months. Staten Island's alleys were red that year. This couldn't be the same one, right?

"I wasn't following him." Keiko says quickly to Koa, almost indignantly with a look to Red Hood as she does. "I was here to do a job." Koa should know by now to be careful with his phrasing, Keiko's grip on English is fleeting.

"It might be an invisible one. A cape that is …" she says, frowning at the use of rock salt in the weapon and the rest. "That seems more in line with what I know." It's the closest she'll come to apologising.

Can't show weakness, right?

"Not familiar with the name…" Now she looks to Koa and Kimiko. She wasn't in New York back then. "Where did you learn to fight like that, Miss Tatsu?"

Nothing like a direct question if nothing else works.

"Red Hood…" Koa chews on that name for a moment. It seems he recognizes it. And no surprise it did make waves in SHIELD circles, if only from a distance. It might seem for a second that he's going to follow up on him. Ask if he's THAT Red Hood. Maybe get 'official' about it.

He doesn't, thankfully. "Well, you did a good thing today here, Red Hood. Thanks, for whatever it's worth from someone like me. And good that your methods are so… city friendly." Nonlethal that is.

That doesn't mean Koa's not worried. He'll be checking into this later. But what does he gain from antagonizing the man now? Keiko's doing a bit of that all on her own.

"In this part of town it might not be unreasonable to have someone take issue with your appearance, but the Hand… no. There was another reason. I'll have someone look into it for you when I get back to the office, though they may want to contact you. Take a statement and all that. Do you want me to?"

Yeah, he can see that whip. He knows that it means she is NOT a normal language tutor. And he's fairly sure that Red Hood will look into this on his own, even if it turns out that she was just a random target of opportunity.

Keiko's already asked one interesting question but Koa follows up with another. "Do you feel you need an escort to… wherever it is you're walking, Miss Sato?"

Kimiko Tatsu can't help the slight snicker at Red Hood's caustic comeback about capes. She does manage to mostly hide it behind a cough, though. When the Red Hood was terrorizing the Underworld, Kimiko was just working on getting settled into her new identity. She may not know the stories right now, but she'll likely know all the gruesome media on it by the time her commute home is over.

Koa's question gets a long look from Koa and she finally shakes her head. "No, thank you." She doesn't want that kind of attention coming down on her fake ID. The whip in her hand dissolves into a cascade of sparkles that wink out before they hit the ground. "And I think I can make it home on my own. Thank you again." Pressing her palms against her thighs she gives a very slight bow and then picks up her bookbag that she'd dropped when she was first jumped and heads off to the subway station at a quick clip.

Koa returns the bow and watches Kimiko walk away.

"Well, she seemed keen to let the matter drop, didn't she?" The Agent mutters to Keiko. "Come on. I'll walk you back to your bike to make sure YOU don't get mugged or something on the way out. Then I'm back in the water with me. I left a rousing game of yahtzee for this."

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