2019-05-20 - Outlaws


The Young Avengers band together with Rainmaker to fight off their Keeper pursuers and escape.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon May 20 03:03:53 2019
Location: Sandia Mountains in New Mexico

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The cavern isn't a lot really. A natural cave reached through a fairly narrow crack, making it hard to easily see from the air. But under the circumstances, it's a perfect place to lie low fo ra bit, the group having dodged the Keepers and the two mysterious metahumans that appear to be working with them. Wolfsband and Hawkeye have managed to lure off the majority of the pursuers for the moment, giving you all a moment to recover and figure out what to do next.

Because the Keepers are still out there searching…and you're going to need a plan to get by them. Or to figure out how to outwit them, at least.

Rainmaker in particular is looking a bit worn out….days of weather manipulation are taking their toll on the Apache teen, as she leans back against a stalagmite, having used her abilities to pull up some fresh water for people to drink. She didn't get to have the original pizza party after all you all stocked up on!

Rose went with running away for the first little while. It didn't last long. She's only gotten more and more grouchy and irritable the longer they seem to be avoiding the fight. She grimaces, and moves like a caged cat, restless, slashing at the rock on occassion with what appears to be a normal steel knife, but it actually seems to be cutting the limestone of the cave cleanly. It certainly isn't made of vibranium, or adamantium. It doesn't have the right hue.

Dani, meanwhile, has been pretty patient about things to a point. Most of her energy was focused on Brightwind, since the horse doesn't look too comfortable at present. The valkyrie does keep an eye on Rose, but doesn't look too concerned, instead keeping her attention mostly on Brightwind.

Kori's floating along without much trouble or issue. The underground environment doesn't seem to bother her. In fact, she limns herself with green light and floats along so people aren't bashing toes and knees against near-invisible rocks. She doesn't seem to need to eat or drink, either, though that might change as the scenario heats up again.

"We should take stock of our capabilities," the redhead warrior states, and looks around the room. "I know we are the tireds and the hungry. We must either rush for the exit and fight clear, or seek an alternate means of escape. I could perhaps take… two with me, and fly past them fast enough to get clear. I would not be able to return, though," she warns her allies.

Nate is floating along with the group, his eyes shifting around the area and he looks at Kori as she states her idea, Though Nate seems in thought. he's patient, but clearly he's itching to do something.

There's a faint grunt from Sarah as she pushes herself up, taking a deep breath as she watches Rose carve up the stone, then nods slightly to Kori. "Well…I can still pull a storm or two, but not sure how long." she says, pulling her legs in to sit drosslegged as she rests her hands on her knees. She frowns a bit "Fighting is a way, definitely. I don't know how many they've called in, or what those two flying types can do though, I've never seen them before. Or at least I'd remember flying Aryan man or something." She twitches her lips. "…technically, also…it's nearly my birthday. Within a day. I turn 18, the government is no longer legally my guardian, unless they try to pull something with changing my age officially or something."

"Nate and Starfire can take care of the flyers, first," Ravager begins, intently. It appears she's already thought this out. Several times. "Each of them on one. Rainmaker, you can hit them up front, while I grab a ride on the flying pony here with Moonstar, and drop in on them from behind."

She sheathes her knife, "My Energy Blades will make short work of their equipment. And Rainmaker will make all that possible through a fog cover at first. A couple of minutes at most for us to take out the flyers, get into position, then you can bring the thunder and lightning."

Her face is set hard, and she looks to each of her teammates in turn, her blue eye focused, intent. She doesn't ask if everyone is on board. She's more challenging someone else to come up with something better.

Dani hmms, "I can use my powers to mess with one of those two metahumans, pretty easily. That should likely take them out of the fight, or at least make them easier for the others to deal with." She pauses, and looks back at Ravager, "Though, it might be easier if Sarah rides behind me on Brightwind, so she can keep mobile. If Starfire or Nate can carry you in?"

Kori puts her palms together and interlaces her fingers under her chin to think. Tactically. Strategically. Rose offers her plan and Kori nods at the woman once, but doesn't otherwise agree or disagree.

"Sarah is exhausted and on her last flarghar," Kori tells Rose. "Your plan is not the badness, but I think Dani might have the betterness of it. If she can disable one quickly, then Nate and I can pinch it off with the other metahuman. That still leaves the ground troops. You are by far the stealthiest," Kori tells Rose. "I think our best odds are Nate and myself flying out to make the noise and spectacle, and then you emerge to manage the ground forces. Dani, you fly out with Sarah and neutralize one of the metahumans with your Asgardian magic. Once that all goes horribly wrong, as it will, we can reconvene and discuss other plans."

Nate looks at Rose as she gives out a standard plan. "I can carry Rose in, Then I can help Starfire take care of the flyers." he offers to Rose and Starfire, before he crosses his arms, waiting for any confirmation. "I can absolutely help make a scene too. We can all do some damage too."

Sarah mmphs. "I can manage a fog…I'd have to pull a cloud low but there are some out there…there's not a lot though, so I'm not sure how much area I can cover." she admits. "But I'm not done yet." She pushes herself up to her feet, wobbling a bit as she rests a hand on the stalagmite behind her. "But…if there are only two metahumans here, it might mean those are all they could draw on for this operations. So if we can disable them and the flyers, we can probably break through the cordon." She looks between the rest of you. "…and you're all better known than me. If you can get to a public spot…they won't be able to go after you without drawing too much attention." She smiles grimly. "In the meantime, yeah…if I don't have to worry about flying, I can bring the lightning…."

Ravager makes a sound which might not be all that approving, but she manages, "Whatever. Let's do this," apparently conceeding that Dani's plan isn't entirely worse than hers, and possibly managable. "Tired of waiting."

She looks over at Nate, "Ready when you are." She looks to the others. Apparently she doesn't feel any further discussion is needed.

"Very well, it is the settled then. Good luck my friends, and if you do not survive, may you have X'hal's blessings in the next life and come back as adorable bumgorfs," Kori declares. She shoulders up with Nate and nods at him, her eyes going a lambent viridian and heatless green flames curling around her skin. "I will release a very intense blast of radiation when I surface," she warns Nate. "You will want to avert your eyes, and then we will check you for melanomas later."

Kori starts coiling into herself, gathering all the energy she has stored. It's like a giant spring coiling, and when it releases, she *crackabooms* out of the cave. She breaks the sound barrier fifty feet out of their refuge and holds still in a curling posture for a moment. "rrrrAAAAGH!" Kori cries, and her body flings back in a starshape. An explosion of light and intense heat washes over the area, bright enough to blind someone not ready for that action and setting a bushfire to every plant within twenty yards of her point of detonation.

Dani gets up on Brightwind, then reaches down to offer Sarah a hand up, "Alright, Brightwind's pretty good, but you should make sure to hang on in case I have to do some fancy flying."

Brightwind nickers a bit, then snorts, which makes Dani amend, "Well, Brightwind might have to do some fancy flying, but I know a few things that might distract those guys too."

"Done deal." Nate looks at Rose and starts to fly, using his telekinesis (with forewarning) to take Rose along for the ride. After reaching the drop off point, Nate finger-salutes Rose. "Good luck." Then he's off to help Starfire with the distraction. He uses his telekinesis to throw some large rocks here and there.


But organized chaos.

The sudden appearance of Starfire takes the nearby Keeper VTOLs off guard, the sudden detonation of green energy causing them to veer away. One in fact, twitches a bit too far to the side and scrapes along the VTOL next to it, an explosion blowing out one of the engines as the stricken craft goes spinning out of control, trailing smoke. But it's a temporary reaction, the remaining vtols, five in all, turning to vector straight towards the area, moving towards Nate and Kori. There's a flash as several missiles are launched, streaking towards the pair.

Sarah nods and takes Dani's hand, sliding up onto Brightwind behind her, sliding her arms around the native girl's waist, holding tight. "Right, just..little warning if you do any loopy loops…" she warns, starting to focus. Outside, the clouds seem to descend out of the sky, starting to expand out as they form into a slowly expanding mist along the ground for Rose to use for cover, confusing the ground troops as a pair of APCs pull up not far from the cave, the armore dtroops inside piling out.

And in the distance, there's a golden flash as a pair of figures start flying rapidly towards the location.

Rose lands, not too far away from several of the grunts in the advanced armor, and near one of the APC's. She tilts her head, then both of her Energy Katana's light up. It's time to go to work. Taking advantage of the element of surprise, she turns and charges, insanely, straight at the APC and shoves both energy blades directly into the grill, then she jumps up, running a straight line through the APC, carving two deep gashes through the motor and the cabin before relieving it of it's rocket launcher entirely, the huge launcher tumbling over off of it's pivot point onto the ground.

It's not something Kori's gone into a lot of great lengths about, but she can do more than just 'fly'. She maneuvers like a hummingbird, in fact, banking and reversing direction with a total disreard for gravity and a middle finger towards inertia. Missiles streak by and miss her by significant margins, and she throws up blooms of controlled UV radiaton that burns out their sensor circuits and forces them off target. Thank goodness for a bitter, angry Rose ranting abotu missiles and Kori being foolish enough to ask Ravager the best way to rodeo one of them.

She whips around in a tight series of arcs and hammers on the jets with her starbolts. Kori's intelligent enough to keep the jets focus on her as long as possible. She's a big glowing green target, and she knows it, but while she's got their attention they aren't strafing the cavern trying to pick off easier targets. She's putting a lot of faith in Dani and Nate to cover her back so the approaching metahumans don't blindside her.

Brightwind flies surprisingly fast for a winged horse, and Dani doesn't draw her sword. Instead, a bow that seems to be made of purple energy manifests in her hands, as she nocks an 'arrow' for it as she seems to be focusing on the approaching metahumans. As soon as they get close enough, one of them is going to be the target.

The Keeper units are not expecting lightsabers, oddly enough! So the glow of the blades suddenly appearing in the fog takes them by suprise as the troopers wheel around, bringing up their rifles as Rose charges up and straight up murders the APC, an explosion of steam and radiator fluids exploding behind her as she cleaves through the engine, then lops off the missile turret as steel groals before it crashes to the ground in a shower of sparks. Assault rifles promptly open up, trying to track the rapidly moving Ravager as tracers light up the fog in random flashes of light! The other APC's engine rumble sto life as it starts backing up, trying to keep some distance as its antipersonnel turret whine with hydralics, coming around to bear…

Missiles go streaking past Kori then start to tumble as she burns out their sensors, slammming into the mountains around them in fiery explosions that further light up the fog cloud below. the nearest VTOL takes several starbolts, explosions shattering its hull as metal pieces and bits go flying as one goes spiralling out of view as its starboard engine just explodes, the pilots ejecting right before it crashes into the canyon wall, coming apart in a burst of fuel cells erupting into flames as pieces go everwhere, one of the VTOL rotors spinning through the air to slam into the canyon wall as it embeds in the stone. SEeing the missiles just aren't working, the VTOLs switch to some sort of energy weapons, sending purplish bolts of energy streaking towards Starfire and Nate as they try to come to bear on them.

In the distance, that golden glow resolves into the pair from earlier. The leader is an older blonde teen with buzzcut blone hair, wearing a red and black costume completely with cape and golden pauldrons. The other is a scantily clad girl in purple and black with long brown hair in a ponytail and a manic grin in her face, her hands uncovered. AS they approach, the blonde teen makes a gesture with a hand and the woman drops into the fog, aiming to land not far from Rose, while the boy narrows his eyes at those flying in the air. And those in the air will hear in their minds…a voice filled with rage. <It's so good to finally meet you…sister…you and your new friend will be excellent DV8 recruits.> There's a crack as one of the VTOLs suddenly jerks to the right, accelerating as it foes flying at speed straight for Starfire, trying to swat her out of the air telekinetically.

As the gunfire opens up on her, Ravager ducks low, and makes a run for a further target out, taking advantage of the fog while it lasts. Her Energy Blades flicker out, as she puts them away in favor of taking out her fancy new knife that can slash through steel - a little something she picked up from one of her encountes with the Nightfall.

She comes up on one of the shooters, slamming her bostaff into the back of his leg to topple him over, then step on his hand and twist with her boot so he can't shoot. Then, she's slamming the bostaff into his jugular so he can't talk. Time to listen in on their comm systems!

She crouches low, wrestles the helmet off him, and puts it on.

Dani smirks at the blonde teen, "Sorry, not tendering my resignation to Odin just yet." With that, she lets fly with her psychic arrow at the telepathic loudmouth, so he can relive his greatest fears first hand for a while. Brightwind, for his part, banks sharply, working on staying evasive against these new threats.

Kori launches towards the VTOL and there's a firey explosion as the redheaded woman collides with the jet. When the wreckage clears and the wind blows away the smoke, Kori's nowhere to be seen.

Then, abruptly, two streams of ionized green plasma rake the heavens and strafe towards the flying metahuman lad, flash-boiling rocks and mud and sending up geysers of pyroclastic material as she tears an indiscriminate pair of trenches in the ground.

Sarah looks a bit confused at the telepathic shout. "Sister?" Then the arrow is fired at the floating teen, who arrogantly seems to assume it can't hurt him, raising a hand to summon a shield…before the dream arrow goes right through it and slams into him. For a moment he's broadcasting telepathically, taken off guard…a memory of him as a child, and a younger girl who looks a lot like the woman who just dropped into the fog, being attacked while fleeing in an SUV with a older man woman in the front, before it flips out…keepers gunning down the two older people and dragging the kids away as they scream and the teen screams now, holding his head as he wobbles in midair. Then catches the pair of plasma blasts, the raised shield absorbing some of the impact as he's blasted out of the air and plummets out of view into the fog. Sarah makes a gasping noise, her fingers squeezing. "D-dad…?!?"

On the ground, Rose easily catches one of the Keepers off guard, slamming him down and disabling him before the man can get off more than a hurried, random shot with his rifle, then pulls off the helmet to slide it into place. The radio crackles. "Confirmed, we have them…Threshhold is disabled, some sort of energy arrow thing…." The Southern-accented tones of the agent who brought everyone here says angrily. "Where the hell is Bliss then?" "She's on the ground sir, we don't have eyes on her."

Which is where said metahuman suddenly comes streaking out of the fog at a run, jerking to a halt as she spots Rose, then grins and charges towards her, hands coming up in a striking position!

Nate continues to bob and weave and throw things telekinetically, having drawn off a pair of the VTOLs in pursuit, leaving two still on Kori…then one as the thrown VTOl comes apart as it hits her, pieces spiralling off towards the ground trailing flames and smoke. The remaining VTOL hovers, sending a stream of energy bolts ripping through the air towards Kori as the radio Rose is listening to crackles. "KEEPER 5 DOWN! We can't contain, cannot contain, they're too strong!" The Southern agent mmps. "Activate the failsafe. They are CHILDREN, take them down!"

In the distances, there's a sudden roar of something very large launching, then starting ot accelerate towards the battle, leaving a trail of jet flame behind it…a vaguely humanoid figure. Save it's about three stories tall or so….

"Oh, good," Rose says. She taps the comm system, "Hey. Assholes. Get the fuck off my lawn," she calls to the entirety of the Keeper army. Yeah, she just let them know she's listening in.

Rose lifts her chin, then to Bliss, "'Sup," she calls to the other woman. Then Rose charges directly towards Bliss, adrenaline pumping like never before, and her precognition lighting up in her mind like a Christmas Tree. She swings her bostaff around herself, using it as a vaulting pole to move from a ground to an air attack, briskly bringing up the bostaff again to slam it down towards Bliss's face.

Dani shouts, "Starfire! Incoming!" as she focuses on hanging on to Brightwind right now. She glances over her shoulder at Sarah, "Be careful about telepaths! They can be sneaky as hell!" But Dani just talks to animals, so she's alright. Really. Brightwind, for his part, is working on staying low and in the fog so they can try to break out of the perimeter.

Kori doesn't even look over her shoulder. Dani's warning hits her ears and the warrior princess abruptly jukes sideways a hundred yards, trailing fire in her wake. She flies backwards and starts flying on an angle, up and forward. Trying to mess with her assailant's sense of perspective and distance. She launches those lances of explosive force at him over and over, trying to get set to get at least one good hit even if she has to stand off and wait for him to start banking on her.

These VTOL guys were annoying! But, Nate was a fast flier and does a fairly decent job of evading them. But, he will soon come to a stop and unleash a powerful telekinetic force at the VTOLS in an effort to destroy them…then he sees the source of that MASSIVE roar. Nate's telepathy would touch the minds of the Young Avengers, a question on his mind. «Uh guys…what the hell is that?» Of course, they don't even have to let him in, but…now that he thinks about it, it might've been wise to link all their minds so they can perform more effectively as a team.

But, he imagines that whatever that is…it won't be easy to take down.

Bliss grins as Rose comes charging at her, her fingers jabbing forward…but Rose's precognition screaming at her that it would be a REALLY bad idea if she was to let the other girl touch her, even for a split second. The sudden bo-staff manuver forces the DV8 member to throw herself to the side, rolling with the hit as it strikes her hip, drawing a gasp of pain as she rolls to the side. "You little bitch…" Bliss spits, bringing up her hands, then lunging again. "I'm going to make you my little toy…"

Rainmaker swallows, then shakes it off, nodding curtly to Dani, starting to focus. "I can…try to knock it out of the air." Overhead, the clouds start to churn, turning black as flashes of electricity start to flicker through the growing thunderhead. Of course, it means the fog starts to thin a bit at this point…

As the massive humanoid figure gets closer…Dani will certainly recognize it, possibly with a hint of remembered fear. The massive armored form black and white instead of the normal purple. But that flat face, those cold, merciless optics, the gaping metal mouth.

And of course, the grating, electronic tone that booms out over the battlefield.

"SURRENDER, MUTANTS AND METAHUMANS." the Sentinel booms as it raises its gauntlets, then fires off a pair of energy bolts screaming off towards Brightwind and Starfire as the closest targets. Dani's warning means Kori jerks out of the way before the blast shoots past, blowing a large crater out of the stone wall behind Kori as she peppers Threshhold, driving the blonde villain down into the ground as he hits with a crash, making his own crater as a glowing telekinetic field springs into existence above him, absorbing the pounding slamming into him.

The VTOLs on NAte orient on him as he suddenly stops. "We've got him! All ships, fire on-" And then the telekinetic blast slams into them, shattering the ships and sending them flying in all directions as they spiral out of control, pilots ejecting here and there before they explode, slamming into mountainsides or the ground. Sarah responds immediately. <I don't know who he is, or what that thing is…Dani, LOOK OUT!>

One thing's for sure, though…the boy on the ground seems to be a very powerful telepath and telekinetic from what he's demonstrated so far. Kori has him pinned for the moment because of the dream arrow distracting him with nightmares, meaning he's defending on autopilot as he tries to shake off the memory.

Rose tosses her helmet off, twirls her bostaff around easily and slams one end of it to the ground. Then, Rose grins, lopsided and smug. "Yeah? Some lame-ass government agent teach you how to fight like a grade-schooler? Welcome to the big-leauges, babe. Let me show you how a real woman fights. Trust me. As much as you want to? You're not even going to touch me."

Then Rose moves, faster than an olympic athlete and swings her bostaff to slam into Bliss' leg, but it's a feint and with a precise awareness of her opponent, her own capability as well as that of her weapons she twist it mid-swing to carry it to a forward position and sends the jab, hard, straight into Bliss only to bring it up from the backside, down onto her again.

The bostaff was the right weapon to use her, provides her the greatest distance, she knows. "Sucks to be you," Rose taunts, to further get under Bliss's skin. Opponents, when enraged, will make the fatal error.

She sees, is aware of the Sentinel. But, as Slade had taught her - one fight at a time. Besides. She's seen what the team can do.

Dani blinks at the mental communication from Nate, and thinks back quickly, «Hey, can you link us up? I have a bad idea, but we need to work together to take this Sentinel down… these things are nasty.» She doesn't bother with the bow, instead drawing her sword as she shouts to Sarah, "Hang on, we're going in!"

And that's what Brightwind starts to do, weaving and ducking around in the air as he gets closer to the Sentinel, an erratic target that is going to be really hard to hit.

Kori diverts one of her blasts and fires it at the ground behind Bliss. It's a lazy shot, and probably wouldn't even hit with how she zigs and zags. Her eyes are on the prize, and she swoops down towards Threshold and gathers up dirt in her palm. Fingers crush into the detritus and she whips her arm down at him a little contemptuously. A sphere of plasma spatters against his telekinetic shield, but it clings and burns with a buzzing and angry tone as it reacts to the oxygen in the atmosphere.

Oh shit…a Sentinel. Cracking his neck, Nate's left eye is BURNING with psionic energy. Perhaps a little bit of rage there from his future? Nevertheless, Nate looks at Starfire. "Starfire! I got the kid. You go introduce the Sentinel to your fist!" and with that, Nate will indeed dive bomb downwards, attempting to blast Threshold with a powerful psychic blast. Hopefully thats enough to keep the guy down.

Bliss's charge pulls up short as the feint makes her twitch to the side, rigiiiight into the swing as it catches her in the solar plexus, causing her to gasps out as she staggers back from the hit, choking for a moment. She's good…but she wasn't taught by Deathstroke. It doesn't seem hard to piss Bliss off from her expression as she lets out a little snarl, though she seems to realize the bo staff gives Rose the advantage. Her eyes flick to the side…then she acrobatically dives for the fallen Keeper's rifle, , rolling as she starts to bring it up from a crouch, racking the grenade launcher on it as she targets Rose. "Laugh this off!" she snaps. *THUMP* Of course, the moment is ruined a bit for the angry villainess as the plasma blast from Starfire slams into the ground behind her, sending her sprawling from the concussive force.

The bolt aimed at Brightwing narrowly misses, enough that Dani and passenger can feel the heat as it streaks past the nimble horse as it dodges back and forth, another bolt screaming past as the Sentinel reorients. A panel on its chest opens, before there's a *thump* as a large electrified bola shoots at the trio as they charge in closer, trying to tangle up the horse's wings. Above, the lightnings start to pulse, arcing towards a central point amid the clouds as Sarah holds on tight!

Threshold snarls behind his shield as the plasma slams into it again, covering it in flame, before the ground around him jerks, seeming to explode upwards as grid washes over the shield to wipe the flames away, before the shield vanishes and he bursts out of the ground, shooting up towards Koriand'r as he swings at her with a telekinetically boosted punch, lashing at her her in a series of strikes, before part of the crumbling mountain behind her breaks off and comes sailing at her back.

#-1hich is nicely disrupted by Nate as he blasts Threshold from behind, the rock going spinning off past Kori instead of striking her as he's knocked flying, braking in midair, before it abruptly curves around to fly at Nate instead, the massive hunk of crumbling stone spinning towards him, giving the Tamaranean princess the free space to fly towards the Sentinel instead.

Ravager is about to reply back to Bliss when Starfire's plasma bolt sends Bliss into the ground. Ravager sounds almost livid at her teammate, "That was my fight!" she growls, slamming her bostaff into the back of the prone Bliss' head to put an exclimation point on her displeasure.

She grunts, turns, and looks at the chaos that is being caused by Nate, Threshold, Moonstar, and the Sentinel.

She glares at the rest of the Keepers, the bostaff is collapsed, and Ravager brings out the Energy Katana's again. "Fuckers." She starts running at them, directly, zig-zagging where needed, and slashing apart not only their rifles, but their helmets, and their armor and clothes. The energy blades might not cut flesh, but they are blunt, and they hurt as much as the bostaff when they slice through and hit their targets.

Brightwind does a sharp dive, causing Dani and Sarah to hang on tight as he barely avoids the electrified bolas. He then uses the speed to gain altitude, flying around the Sentinel as he keeps climbing, trying to give Dani a good shot with the blade. Dani, meanwhile, looks back at Sarah, "That thing remind you of a giant lightning rod?" With that, the Valkyrie has a wolfish grin.

Nate looks at Threshhold as apparently the projectiles are coming after him now! Though Threshold was not the only Telekinetic there, and Nate was going to prove it. As soon as the crumbling mountain starts throwing the broken pieces of the crumbling stone at him, Take lifts a hand and causes the stones to shatter before they reach him, and he throws a MUCH bigger rock at Threshold!

The battle between the telekinetics was just getting started! Though Nate is careful to keep an eye on his teammates, just in case they get into trouble…which might leave an opening.

Bliss has no time to recover before Ravager is on her, letting out a faint yelp as the stick slams into her head and going limp as she's knocked cold. No superhuman durability for her, apparently. As Rose straightens up, it's just in time for the fog to finish disappating, leaving Ravager in the middle of the Keepers as they start to bring their rifles up. And then the energy blades come out. Tracers blaze again, pockmarketing the stone and sending splinters or rock and sand shooting up around the nimble warrioress as she bobs and weaves, striking out with expert slashes as she sends Keeper warriors staggering back, disarmed and reeling from the hits. Their numbers work agains tthem…only a few can get a shot off without risking hitting their fellow agents.

Rainmaker grins wolfishly at Dani. "Sure does! Close your eyes!" She gives a second for Dani to comply, before with a BOOM a lightning bolt streaks down from the mass of churning clouds above, the brilliant actine energy slamming through the giant robot on its way to the ground as it outlines the Sentinel in brilliant blue light, the sonic concussion washing over the area. "E-error…s-system dis-dis-disruption…" the menacing machine grates out, its jets firing irregularly for a moment as it veers back and forth, a molten hole visible on its chest and its lower leg where the bolt entered and exited. It's a perfect moment where the monster is unable to manuver…and unable to dodge as Brightwind expertly arcs up behind it where it's hanging in midair, giving Mirage a clear shot.

Threshhold snarls as the first rock shatters and Nate sends a second coming at him, holding out his hands as his eyes blaze with energy as he catches it, and begins a telekinetic tug of war, the rock starting to splinter and crack as its caught between the two. The blonde villain grins. "Interesting. This might actually be a challenge…" HIs hand flicks out suddenly, the boulder shattering into small pieces instead of a solid chunk, some going flying past hime, others abruptly flicking to the right and left to converge back towards Nate.

Dani shouts, "FOR ASGARD!!!" as Brightwind winds up hovering right by the back of Sentinel's head. And then Dani leaps off of Brightwind, the horse immediately diving back down and around to be in position to catch Dani if necessary.

The valkyrie has her blade out, and looks to just stab the Sentinel in the back of its head so she can carve it to ribbons. The nice thing about giant robots… they aren't really organic. Or capable of dealing with magic.

Ravager continues to do what she does best - that's eliminate people who oppose her, or get in her way. Be it fatally, or not. She uses the terrain, the numbers, her pre-cognitive warning signs, all in her favor to deal out damage, destruction, and chaos.

"Hey! Assholes! Your Sentinel is about to die," she shouts at them. "And your little toy soldiers are broken."

"Anyone asking for permission to shit their pants yet?!"

She comes up on another Keeper and levels the blunt end of the energy blade hilt into the man's jaw, disarming him of the plasma rifle, then brandishing her weapons like she were a one-woman army. "Whose next?!"

Nate realizes he needs to get aggressive real quick. He lifts up a telekinetic shield in front of himself that causes the small pieces of the solid chucnk to clash harmlessly against it. Though, after this, Nate flasts forward in furious flight, attempting to ram Threshold with telekinetic force! This was more direct anyway, since it was clear they would get nowhere throwing rocks at each other.

The Sentinel looks up just as Dani comes down, starting to twitchily reaches up towards her to grab her out of the air…but not quickly enough to stop the blade from punching into its head, shearing through the metal with a shriek of alloys giving and a shower of sparks as the blade cuts deep. There's a secondary explosion from its helm that jerks its head to the side as smoke begins to stream out of its head, before it awkwardly stries to spin, grabbing for the valkyrie hanging from its back. "SUBMIT, M-M-MUTANT.." it stutters, its foot jets sputtering more as it jerks awkwardly.

The Keepers on the ground who are still more or less up look at each other, one glancing up at the Sentinel that is…apparently being taken apart by a girl in winged armor on a flying horse. Not to mention Kori, who sends a series of starbolts smashing into the giant robot's chest, one punching completely through in a blast of plasma and flame as the huge robot's eyes flicker, smoke starting to exhale out its gaping metal mouth.

"…fuck this noise." one suddenly said and turns to bolt back towards the surviving APC, followed quickly by two more as the remaining troopers look at each other and begin to retreat, some in a full fledged route, some keeping military discipline as they pull back. A pair grab the unconscious Bliss off the ground, dragging her after them.

But there's still Threshhold, floating in the air as the jagged blades of rock shatter against Nate's shield…his eyes widening as Nate suddenly accelerates forward and slams into Threshold, the pair going flying end over end, before Threshold snarls and tries to kick off and throw Nate away from him, then shoots ath im, trying to shoulder block him into the canyon wall behind him!

Mirage pulls out her blade, then shouts, "VICTORY!!!" as she stabs the Sentinel one more time through the open mouth, then she whistles, taking an acrobatic leap off of the Sentinel as she pulls her sword away.

The nice thing about having a telepathic bond with your horse? He knows exactly where to be, as Dani lands on Brightwind precisely, grinning up at Sarah who's now riding in front, "Enjoying the show?" Apparently being in a glorious battle is a bit addictive for valkyries, even when they come from Colorado.

Rose stands admist the battlefield of fleeing Keepers - at least, those who haven't been downed yet. Too bad there's no flag on top of her bostaff, otherwise she could fly it the way it's planted in the ground. She smirks, shakes her head, then calls over the mindlink that Nate had set up, « Good job. I don't think they'll be bothering us for a long time. Asshats. »

Well, isn't this a weird turn of events!

Seems this Threshold guy is nothing to scoff at. But, as they clash in the sky, Nate manages to ram him, but now he's apparently about to be thrown into the side of a mountain! and that would suck. Nate is kicked away, taking it right to the chest, but as Threshold dives at him, attempting to shoulder block him, Nate puts his arms up in front of him and takes the hit head on, smashing into the canyon wall and becoming engraved in it, before he growls and reaches out, and Threshold might feel a grip around him…and if so, hopefully, Nate will be able to telekinetically THROW Threshold straight down to the ground with force.

The Sentinel rumbles. "YOU CANNOT-" And then the blade shrieks through the side of its head for a last stab into its mouth and the deeper mechanisms inside as another explosions follows Dani as she leaps away, the massive mechanism reeling back, a massive hand reaching for the sparking rent in its head, shaking its head…before Kori sends another plasma bolt lancing through the now breached armor Dani's left behind, punching clean through the head, breached front to sliced back. The Sentinel's cold optics suddenly explode outwards in a gout of greenish flame, before it shead comes apart, detonating like a bomb, before the now headless mechanism plummets out of the air, tumbling down to crash into the ground in the back ground of where Rose is having her face off with the Keepers, the robot torn apart with secondary explosions as a forearm goes spinning almost lazily through the air. It's not her standing with a dramagic flag…but hey, cool girls don't look at explosions! This only encourages the Keepers to get the hell out of dodge the faster as they they flee, the APC backing up and taking off as well as the troopers run after it, some dropping their rifles as they go.

Rainmaker mmphs as Mirage lands expertly on the back of the horse as it soars up, her fingers gripping Brightwind's mane for balance as she glances back, grinning wildly. "You are a crazy girl!" she shouts back as the horse banks back towards the remaining fight between Nate and Threshold.

Who grins as Nate goes flying, then grunts as he's slammed downards, summoning a telekinetic shield behind him as he smashes into the ground, a huge crater appearing around him as he hits, grunting, before he throws himself up, floating. And takes a moment to survey the battlefield, seeing his sister being dragged off, the remaining Keepers fleeing, the Sentinel downed…and curses under his breath, his eyes going up to look at that horse, and Rainmaker riding on it with hate and rage in his eyes, his telepathic voice booming in your minds. <Don't think this is anything but a temporary reprieve, sister dear….> Sarah looks down at him. "…who the hell are you!!" she yells down as Threadhold grins. <I and my sister are what your father replaced you with, when he realized how worthless you were. Just like we're better than you. Enjoy your pathetic little rebellions. Enjoy your moment….> His eyes narrow. <We'll be seeing you soon.> There's a sudden sonic boom as he accelerates up, then shoots off back towards the Keeper camp, breaking off from the fight.

Rose snorts, but as the last of the 'army' leaves, she tucks away her bostaff, collapsing it back down and turning around to find her friends. "Nate. Get your ass down here. We're going home. And I need a ride," she tells him, as if he didn't just fight a very powerful foe, and still live to tell about it.

And, then she digs in her pocket, pulls out a cigarette, and lights it.

Dani snorts at Threshold books off, "What a jerk." She then grins at Rainmaker, "And yeah, well, living in Asgard for five years does that. Feels good to take down a Sentinel though." Brightwind spreads his wings and descends, coming down for a landing near Rose.

Dani then waves at Rose, "So, think we did alright there, though now we definitely need to get out while the getting is good." The valkyrie grins, a bit cheerful from the victory as she looks over at Sarah, "Good work for you too, by the way. That lightning bolt was something Thor himself would be proud of."

Nate then flies up to Dani and Sarah. "You gals okay? You kicked ass." He looks at Rose, and he seems to sigh. "welp, guess I better go be a cabbie." he descends to Rose carries her with his Telekinesis, until he looks to both Dani and Sarah one last time before he carries Rose home.

Sarah nods distractedly as Dani comments, frowning to herself, before she says. "Right…let's get the hell out of here before they try to reinforce things here." she says simply, waiting for Nate to snag Rose, Starfire falling in with the group. "…so…uh…where's home?" the Apache girl asks, as they soar off into the clouds, the lightning in them fading as they turn fluffy and white…but manage to still hide them from view as they made their withdrawal into the sunset…

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