2019-05-19 - The Little Mermaid


Kate runs into Mera whilst swimming the ocean blue near her yacht. Culture clash ensues.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun May 19 03:24:07 2019
Location: RP Room 1

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Earlier, the yacht cut easily through the water at an unusually swift pace. As large as it is, the Sequoia might have attracted attention for that alone. It also rides lower in the water than one might expect. A heavy ship, then. And yet still so fast?

After a time, Kate had come to a stop a short ways out into the ocean and proceeded to go down into the water, heedless of risks that might come with leaving the safety of her vessel this far from shore. There are lifeboats, of course, but she seems to be most interested in diving with a wet suit. At least her ship is still among the waves, and not threatening to leave her behind.

A redhead in a black wetsuit out in the water would attract attention. Certainly, the local fish are abuzz with excitement. The sharks, less so. Contrary to popular belief humans tend not to taste very good, and so she is gien some peace.

Katherine Kane is likely unaware of any of this. For now she swims with a swift stroke. For a human, at least.

Something in the water is travelling at an even greater rate. Almost a blur as it swims perpendicular to Katherine. Is it a torpedo? It is more seen by the wake caused by its underwater speed than its form. And that wake has now turned towards Kate, approaching her as it rises to the surface. Colors start to become recognisable. Red. Green. It looks to be a human.

Mera slows as she approaches, shadowing Kate now, though making no attempt to hide from her. Sharks don't like the taste of human…but they need to taste a human first to discover that. Still, they now have double reason to stay back from the swimmers.

As Mera slowly emerges Kate turns slightly in the water to observe the red haired form that has appeared. An eyebrow lofts, and she shifts to floating for now, her own crimson tresses clinging to her skull. She keeps her hair fairly shorn, but it still frames her face well.

"…I didn't expect to see other people out this way," Kate will call by way of greeting. "I didn't see another ship?" So she watches somewhat warily, but without any malice. For now, at least.

Mera floats there, watching Kate carefully before looking at the human's ship for a moment when vessels are mentioned. No swimsuit for her - though maybe that is what the green scaled bodysuit she wears is. She also has on what looks like a waterproof backpack. "Why are you so far from shore? The ocean can be dangerous when you are on your own."

"I'm not *too* far from my ship," Kate will respond slowly. She glances toward the nearby vessel and then back to Mera. Slowly. "You're right, though. It can be pretty dangerous if you aren't prepared. But you can't truly experience the water without going beneath the waves, right?" Kate is just a litle tense, Something about Mera is apparently triggering her sense that something is a wry. She doesn't pull away, however. "My name is Kate," she'll continue. "Did you actually swim all the way here?"

"I swim everywhere" Mera deadpans in reply. "Close to your ship…but far from shore." The comment about 'experiencing the water' makes her smirk a little. "Did you bring trash to drop here, Kate? My name is Mera." She stretches out her arms to signify the watery world around them. "This is my home. You are in it, Kate. And you did not even knock." There is a wry smile at that last comment, so she doesn't seem to be angry. Yet.

"Drop trash into the ocean? Never." Kate sounds sincere, at least. "I don't even burn traditional fuels," she adds slowly. An eyebrow arches slowly and she studies Mera again before giving a very slow nod. Just one. "If this is your home then thank you for having me," Kate replies in a similarly dry tone. "You must get many tourists."

"Not that many" Mera snorts with amusement. "Who wants tourists taking photos of your bedroom? Would you? Not many people drop trash directly in the ocean but this is where it ends up." She could probably point out fragments of plastic on the seafloor below them. "Though if you are a noble person who cares about this world, then you are welcome here." She nods up at the yacht. "Does that not use petroleum?"

"Electrical generator," Kate replies slowly. "It's not widely available but I make a point of using the best technology for the job. And that includes processing waste instead of throwing it into the water." She will take a deep breath now, slowly. "So you… Live beneath the see. Like a mermaid."

Mera seems pleasantly surprised by Kate's propulsion answer; she may be a noble person after all. She even offers a bow of respect. "I am sorry to have accused you of the more base actions of your kind." Mera is half human but she likes to forget that. "I suppose I am like what you would think of as a mermaid. But I have legs all the time." A pause. "And no gills. I hope this does not disappoint you."

Kate arches a brow when the bow is offered and then bows her head slightly as well. She is clearly much less used to this than Mera, but manages to handle it well enough. "I think I can appreciate a lack of gills," she murmurs then. "Not having a tail dashes my childhood but I think I'll manage to get over it."

"Would you like to meet someone with a tail?" Mera asks with a look of slight confusion. Though she also sounds like she could satisfy that request if Kate really, really wanted it. Just not personally. "You have always been fond of the sea?" Maybe this human is one of the, very few, good ones.

"I like the water. It's endless and there's so much to learn. So.. yes. Always." As for talk of meeting someone with a tail Kate pauses and then laughs softly. "it's not necessary. I promise. I just had an image of what it might be like. You're far prettier than what came to mind." The compliment comes easily. "Do you occasionally come ashore?"

A good way to get a noble Atlantean to like you is flattery. Mera smiles a little at the compliment and certainly won't disagree. "I have been coming ashore recently" she admits. "I do not tend to stay long though. It is so crowded. Dirty. And on two separate nights, people tried to rob me. It is quite a dangerous place. Do you come from New York?"

"I'm from Gotham. Which is… Further inland," Kate replies carefully. "And you're right. The shore can be pretty awful. But there are good points too. Baseball. Game of Thrones… Once upon a time…" She pauses for a second and then shakes her head. "What brought you to shore? Are you looking for something?" Kate is slowly drifting closer now.

Mera regularly hooks into undersea internet cables to see what is going on in the world above, but it is often without context. And definitely with little understanding. So that list of things from Kate have her only half comprehending. "Baseball is where they eat dogs. 'Game of Thrones' is the history story." It can look like Atlantis' recent past too. "The other one I do not know." As to why she goes on shore. "Do you know of the recent attacks on New York by mutated sea creatures?"

"Tell me more?" Kate suggests quietly of the attacks. "I don't have any *experience* with them," she'll continue then. "As for baseball… Um. We should go to a game, maybe. We don't eat the kind of dogs you're thinking of. Usually." The redhead actually has a vaguely sheepish expression, but at least she's still smiling.

"I wish someone had experience with them" Mera sighs. "I cannot find anyone with any information more than it happened. Giant sea creatures attack and no one notices? Surface dwellers are strange." She considers the offer of game attendance and gives a single nod in reply. "Very well. You can show me this game." It's all information that Atlantis needs. "What kind of dog do you eat?"

"I'll have to buy you one," Kate suggests. "Do your people cook? Do you eat fish? …Is that an offensive suggestion?" SHe glances back over her shoulder at the yacht floating not too far away.

"We do not 'cook' often" Mera replies, "Though we do eat fish. As long as we honor them first. And we only eat what we need to eat." Perhaps a comment on human overfishing. Her eyes narrow a little. "Oh, you think I am a fish? No, I am not a fish" she assures Kate with a smile. "My mother was human." Not something she is proud of but there it is. She follows the gaze up to the yacht. "Do you need to return before your air runs out?"

"…We're above the surface. My air won't run out," Kate replies slowly. "I was just thinking if I have any hot dogs on board," she continues quietly. "And don't worry, my mother was human too," she adds somewhat drily. "So we have something in common."

The comment that they both have human mothers actually makes Mera laugh. "I suppose we do have something in common. I do not think they were the same woman though." But they do both have red hair. Perhaps… She looks over at the yacht. "If you have dogs on board, I can eat one now. Are they treated well?"

"Again. Not that sort of dog," Kate replies slowly. "And I- don't think I actually have hot dogs. Um… Sausages?" She offers helpfully, in case that rings a bell. "We'll go to a baseball game and get you one," she suggests again. "And you're right. We *are* both redheads. Which is the best hair colour, so… It works out."

"Oh, I know it is not that kind of dog, but do you honor your food before you eat it" Mera asks. "Everything that I eat must be treated with respect before its death." Packaged food it not something she deals with a lot. "Sausage? Ah, yes, I have heard of this. Sausage fest? I shall try this sausage. You are very kind, Kate. And, yes, red is the best hair color. I feel sorry for everyone else."

"Many people honour their food in different ways. It's - very different, depending on who you ask," Kae replies slowly. "I never met the animal that will become that hot dog, but Hebrew National uses animals that hve been well taken care o-" Then Mera mentions sausage fests. Kate quickly shakes her head,. "Not a sausage fest. That's… Something else. ANyway! Your turn. Tell me about your home?"

Mera really shouldn't be blabbing too much about her home, but Kate is a redhead. "I am from Atlantis." Yes, it is real. "We do not have sausages there. Or hot dogs." A curious expression appears. "A sausage fest has nothing to do with the food?" These humans hide so much with their languages. "I would rather you do not mention where I come from to anyone. Or mention me."

"I won't," Kate promises. "You can be my cousin from Europe somewhere." Kate squints faintly, studying Mera. "If that makes it any better for you. I don't have any reason to share more than you want me to with anyone. So… I promise. To keep that secret."

"A cousin from Europe. This will be acceptable. Oh…does this mean you have people on your boat? My presence may be hard to explain if they did not see me on the way out" Mera smiles faintly. "Though I would very much like to try these sausages."

"Meet up with me on shore," Kate replies. "Somehow I am sure we'll find eachother."

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