2019-05-19 - Energy For Everyone


The Nightfall make the move everyone has been waiting for. They make their last stand memorable.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun May 19 23:07:35 2019
Location: Dock Lane, Kings Point

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WAND Agents have been watching the 'ether' looking for the disturbance that everyone knew was coming. The Nightfall are moving and they're moving en masse, if the readings are anything to go on to.

The Young Avengers got the call about an hour ago and have been despatched to a place along Dock Lane in Kings Point. It's strange really, this looks to be some form of beach house, maybe Surf Life Saving club.

Whatever it is, it's a strange place for something to be happeni….. What's that, over there? It's a group of children being guarded by a group of very well armed men and women in jackets with crowsheads stitched onto them.

Christopher Powell and Noh-Varr has seen these at least. Denim Crows. Gangbangers in the employ of the Nightfall. Which means …. those two over there with tattooes covering their arms and torsoes are probably those. And that slash of dark that just appeared … a portal.

They've got limited time to retrieve those children before the Nightfall take them away forever.

"This is Special Agent Davis. Other teams are being despatched about the city. This is a major offensive." For this, a SHIELD Agent has been assigned to each team.

"Ignore everything but the mages." Noh-Varr tells Chris. Or in this case, Darkhawk. "We take them out, their animals go away and probably the portal. Then we can clean up the gang members without being rushed. I'll take the one on the left. If you see an opportunity to take out mine from behind, do it and I'll take out yours."

"Alright," Chris says, in the Darkhawk armor, perched there watching as the portal begins to open. He glances from the children with the crows toward the tattooed figures, and that that dark sliver opening up. "If they throw another fucking bird at me I'm going to shove it down their craw." He then nods at the plan. "Alright, I've got right. If I get a chance, I'll take a crack at yours." With that settled, he takes off into the air, making a wide circle to come in on his own from behind if he can.

As Chris and Noh-Varr act, the spirit callers don't hesitate. Whereas before they'd started 'small' and worked up, this they don't. It takes a second or two but in front of Noh-Varr an enormous Griffyn lands, it's barbed tail slashing out strongly at the Kree warrior, trying to knock him off his feet and skewer him, as it lets out a horrifying bellow.

For Chris, it's not an Avian this time but a damn minotaur. Nine feet tall, tusks and muscle. It can't see the man in the sky as he circles and approaches from behind - at least not yet. But the Young Avenger is going to have to deal with that first.

That portal opens … but rather than moving towards it, the Crows hold their positions. Something … is coming through.

Noh-Varr avoids the tail by taking to the air, flying straight up before heading toward the mage. From the higher vantage point, he fires his blaster down at the beast, targeting a wing to try to keep it from flying. It's not concussive this time; it's burning plasma.

"Okay, maybe I preferred the little birds better," Chris opines as he sees the minotaur coming toward him, suddenly halting in flight, wings catching a current and pulling him back rather than straight into those horns. Then he dives straight for it, and as he does so, a pair of weapons appear in his hands, large pistols that fire the same kind of dark energy that powers the suit. He gives it a couple of blasts from behind, targetting its legs.

It's almost unfair, the way that Noh-Varrs plasma burns things up. The Griffyn belows and leaps, swinging tail and claws trying to get to the flying warrior. It doesn't last long, the spirit creature is engulfed in the stream and there's nothing left but blue smoke that floats on the air, trailing back to the wide eyes Nightfall mage.

The one that Noh-Varr is bearing down on. The one that's throwing himself towards that Portal. He's not staying to fight. Someone steps through just as the Mage makes the opening. A tall, fair haired being in a red suit with green guantlets and collar.

The newcomer raises his, catching some of Noh-Varrs plasma burst in the gloves … and throws it right back at the Kree Warrior.

Darkhawk finds the Minotaur is no match for his weapons. The dark energy pokes holes right through. The Minotaur isn't down yet - it bellows and screams, starting a limping, lumbering run at the flying hero. The mage? He's making for the portal as well, as a tall wolf like being steps through, as well. This one has a shaggy lupine head, it's body seems to be made of metal and it's right hand? It's a gun.

Thrown projectiles, even if they are plasma, is easy to dodge and Noh-Varr zips to the right, letting it pass him with room to spare. ""Interesting gloves you've got there." he tells the new arrival. "Once we beat you, SHIELD's going to have fun studying them." But fighting him can wait for the moment; he fires a second time, this one at the shaggy headed wolf thing."

And then that injured and angry minotaur is coming right at him. Darkhawk maneuvers in the air deftly, the movement acrobatic and precise. He's far more graceful airborne than on the ground in the suit. And so he dodges the minotaur neatly, coming back around to bring those blasters to bear. With a couple more shots, he aims for the Minotaur's core, just in time to notice the big metallic wolf and its dapperly dressed companion. For the moment, though, Noh-Varr is on his own until that minotaur is out of the picture. "You alright over there?" he asks, knowing full well the answer he's likely to get from the Kree.

"You'll have to get them off of me first…" The red and green renegade from the seventies says. Zipping in front of the cybernetic wolfman, he absorbs Noh-Varr blasts - the force of them, knocking him with an oof.

It's not long though before that energy is blasted back at Noh-Varr. "Good catch…" the wolf-man growls as he turns towards to Darkhawk. "Ah, my little friend. It's going to be a blast!" It's a russian accent, perhaps? Raising his right arm, a sonic blast belches forth. Right at the Young Avengers Chest.

"You've paid us, now leave …" The dapperly dressed one snaps at the remaining mage. "You aren't even on the same page as these ones." Mercernaries. Paid for by the Nightfall.

The Nightfall mage doesn't need a second invitation it seems - he's off, muttering something that causes the minotaur to disappear to smoke and follow the mage through the portal.

The denim crows protecting the children are looking worried now. Stepping forward and raising their weapons at Noh-Varr as well, and opening fire.

"I'm awesome, how about you?" Noh-Varr calls over to Darkhawk. Grinning down at the one with the gloves, he says "I've never had a problem getting clothes off someone I wanted to." The sound of guns firing doesn't even get him to turn around and the bullets just bounce off of him. "That tickles. And if you start running now, I won't turn you into ash." Increasing his altitude, he fires a concussive blast this time, not giving the target anything to actually catch.

With the Minotaur out of the picture and the two mages having fallen down the priority list to the Wolfman and the Christmas Colored Wonder, Darkhawk whirls around in the air and takes a dive toward the Wolfman, just in time to take that sonic blast to the chest, which sends him reeling back in the air for a moment. He coughs and that strange dual-toned voice says, "Just peachy, thanks," followed by another cough before he spirals upward and makes another dive toward the Wolfman. This time, he aims to try and take off that annoying arm.

"You are awesome … " Says the flying decoration as he heads directly into Noh-Varrs concussive blasts. He's buffetted and rolled, tumbled even. "Ahhhh, that feels good. Would you like to feel what it's like?" The force he's absorbed is sent back to the Kree.

"What do we do with the kids?" The two can hear that easily enough. "Leave 'em. We ain't paid for this and those two … " Darkhawk or Noh-Varr might want to stop them. But there's also the children to think of!

The Wolfman yells as Darkhawks' dark energy beam slices through the metal the arms made of. Darkhawk can feel the mental pressure as it forms - like a vice about his brain. Forcing him to … stop fighting. Can he withstand it?

|ROLL| Christopher Powell +rolls 1d20 for: 12

"Sure!" Noh-Varr brings his Nega-Bands up in front of him and they absorb the energy that was absorbed and fired back at him. "You're right, it does feel good. Let's not be selfish though." At a couple hundred miles an hour, he flies down and to the right to get past Christmas cheer guy. "Opponent swap!" Directing the energy he absorbed into his blaster, he fires a supercharged concussive blast at the cyberwolf.

The sudden pressure in his/Razor's head causes a kind of dissonance that brings him to a halt in the air, both hands coming up to grip either side of the mask, which does nothing to help the sudden jarring pain. Chris does, in fact, stop fighting, while he is disoriented. However, Razor is not in his head. His head is inside Razor, and Razor takes over, pushing Chris into the backseat for the first time since Chris found the suit and bonded with it. Switching targets, the Darkhawk suddenly barrels through the air, swapping out blasters for a pair of wickedly curved blades which materialize even as the blasters disappear, moving to attempt to cut stasis down.

"Really Psi-Wolf, leaving bits of yourself around. I guess Russian manufacturing isn't all it's cracked up to be." Statis quips, readying himself for Noh-Varrs blast. "Hey. That's not fair! Share and share al—-"

Darkhawks blades slice through the body, leaving wicked slashes that bleed profusely. "Owwwww." There's no more quips as Statis takes the force of the hit and turns it onto the flying man. It should knock him away at least.

"Ha ha ha ha ha" Psi-Wolf all but snappoints as Statis is hit. The pressure on Darkhawks mind abruptly ceases when Noh-Varrs blast of energy sends him apex over base. Several times. "Yebat' eto…" The massive cybnertic wolf growls as he rights himself. "I'm out … "

He's off towards that portal that hasn't closed yet but is closing. Statis 'limping' through the air, following.

"Zasranec!" Noh-Varr fires back but doesn't fly after either of them since they're running. Instead, he heads for the kids, though keeping an eye on the enemy to make sure they don't try anything. "Targets are running, children are safe." he reports. "Send transport."

Christopher Powell is suddenly back from where he'd been shunted, and for a moment it seems as though he's going to continue to go after the others, even though they are running. But finally he shakes his head, and pulls himself out of it with a snarl, instead circling down toward the children and coming up next to them, making sure that they are guarded, now that the crows have run off.

"Transport arriving in … now." Special Agent Davis responds to Noh-Varr and Darkhawk. And indeed a SHIELD Quinjet zooms into sight. It's not long before the sandy haired Agent Davis is disembarking, along with others.

"Good work, Young Avengers. Nice to have you on the job and thank you. Reports are the children are all recovered and the Nightfall have left the city."

There's still a bit of clean up to do, but that's for the admin and support types.

"You alright?" Noh-Varr asks Darkhawk. "What was that last thing he did to you? You stopped for a minute. It looks like they're finding people to specifically counter us. Which just means we don't play that game though we should think of ways to beat them no matter what."

"Yeah, I'm fine," Darkhawk mutters, clearly annoyed, "Let's make sure the kids get taken care of. We can talk about that later." He isn't annoyed at Noh-Varr, though. That much is clear. "Promise," he adds, after the fact.

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