2019-05-18 - One ... BILLION DOLLARS


A post-grad party goes south when three villians try to hold it hostage.

Log Info:

Storyteller: Cindy Moon
Date: Sat May 18 04:46:49 2019
Location: RP Room 1

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The midtown high gym has been redecorated. Very, very well.

One would, in fact, be hard pressed to distinguish that at one point and time, it had in fact, been a gym. Instead it has been completely transformed into a club setting, complete with theme. Alice In Wonderland (for the modern age).

One enters this eye-candy celebration in fact, 'through the looking glass' - a gigantic revolving mirror on a gold frame. The dance portion of the floor has been covered to look like a gigantic chess board and the DJ stage up front is enshrined by gigantic playing cards, heavy things that seem to be carrying fake-spears that jut up and out as if to protect the spinner-of-tunez.

Instead of folding chairs there are victorian chairs - or very well-done repops of the same - comfortable and plush seated around not folding tables but massively long wooden tables that groups can sit around at eat.

In one corner, there is a giant collection of mushrooms and an extremely well done cosplay of the caterpillar, smoking his hookah (bubble hookah of course). A haphazardly dressed and harried Mad Hatter is seated at one of the tables, ready to pour tea and engage in witty banter with anyone who might sit while an elegant Red Queen seems to be telling the catering staff what to do. Another woman, a modern-day White Rabbit seems to be playing host congenially and offering headbands or hats to the young men and women entering - the choices being a Mad Hatter Hat, White Rabbit Ears, or Chesire Cat ears though she doesn't seem offended if people don't want them - and by the looks clearly the Chesire Cat ears are the most popular, though there are a few other Mad Hatter hats and Rabbit Ears in the crowd. Tweedledum and Tweedledee are nearby and they also look harassed - mostly because they are school staff who have been roped into wearing the costumes and acting as the school chaparones to make things stay on the up-and-up, that nobody spikes the punch and everything remains as wholesome as it can at a school party. Oddly, there seems to be an 'Alice' missing. Perhaps that's because all the girls here are 'Alice' in their own way?

Throughout all of this, bright purple lights and red lights flash and shine, and a holographic Chesire Cat appears, and disappears at random - teeth first, body second, and then the body again leaving only the teeth in a too-wide, too-big smile. Sometimes it's on the mushrooms. Sometimes, the dinner table. Sometimes it will appear on stage, or on top of one of the playing cards, or - even on top of an unsuspecting graduate's head.

There is even rumor that M4dKatz is going to be here. Rumor has it that the extremely popular (and very expensive) DJ in the clubbing and recording industry graduated from this very high school five years ago and has chosen to come back and mix a set. Presently, a handselected set of tunes are playing before things get really jumping. (Currently playing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbQgXeY_zi4)

Also mingling amongst the others is another chaperone. In the stylized armors of the Queen's guard, the helmeted 'Knave of Hearts' is moving amongst the mushrooms and tables. With a pair of leggings that cover his lower frame, with pointed shoes, the heart adorned armor and large shoulder pads off the armored chest plate fit well on the frame of the man that wears it. A velvet cape, bearing the design of card deck of royal origin, the helmeted man carries what looks to be a large prop claymore as a weapon.

While Stephanie Brown is image-conscious, she has never been particularly successful at being viewed as one of the more stylish people. And just what notes do you want to hit when you are going back to a high school graduation dance a year after you've graduated? The decisions were not easy, but Stephanie finally decided on a white strapless skirt dress, decorated with an interesting geometric pattern. It revealed enough cleavage to be interesting, but overall the dress does not give off the vibe she's there to pick up high school guys.

"Crap, I hope that's how it comes off, anyway," Stephanie says, drawing a few puzzled looks from the people who hear her as Stephanie passes by them, following Helena's lead into the gym-turned-nightclub. "Wow, they did a pretty great job with the place," she says before pausing to get a pair of the Cheshire Cat ears. The Mad Hatter hat was considered for a moment and then rejected with a little memory-induced shudder. "You're going to be wonderful, Helena," Stephanie tells her friend in a tone of confidence.

(Stephanie's PB in the dress: https://dtpmhvbsmffsz.cloudfront.net/posts/2017/04/07/58e7ff1b5c12f8e39f007b09/m_58e7ff1c5c12f8e39f007b0a.jpg)

Harry looked around. "Looks like a dream I had once. Only no Alices in lingerie-OW!" He rubs his arm. "Pete, tell your Aunt May she's got a mean left."
"AND a right, as well," "Aunt" May Parker says as she eschews the headband. "Now behave, Harry Osborn."
Harry looked a little chastened, but waved off the hat. "Hey Peter, not wearing one of these?"
Peter Parker, wearing the same nice suit he wore for graduation, said wryly, "I wear too many hats as it is." He looked around the gym, then said, "Wow, they went all out."

The dress shopping was an interesting experience. Mostly because Helena ran into Kori while she was doing it, which meant going shopping with Kori for a while, which was, well…interesting. But she did manage to find something to hit the right notes before she went home. She wears a two-toned dress, the top a sleeveless, breezy white material that dips into a v deep enough to pass chaperone inspection, with a full, mid-thigh skirt in navy and white stripes. It's dressed up with a classic string of pearls, but dressed down with a pair of keds.

As she approaches the mirror, she takes a pair of the rabbit ears from the rabbit, grin flashing. "Cute, right?" she asks, looking over toward Stephanie. There's a quick, almost nervous adjustment of her dress, then she's rising up on her toes to check the crowd. "Okay. So. The goal is to not look like a snob. Or, you know. Distract from Peter. It's his day. I can totally do this." Helena can handle a fist-fight. A school dance is apparently another matter.

Clearly right now the dance floor is the place to be, there are a lot of couples dancing, but just as many single people, or groups of boys and girls dancing with their friends to the impressive beatz that M4dKatz has picked out before coming onstage. The lights strobe, and flash with the pulse of the music as if everything was impressively hooked up to the bass system (which, in fact, it is) for added effect.

Someone really did go all out, and spared no expense. It certainly wasn't the school. Maybe M4dKatz?

The Mad Hatter shouts a few lines from the book at a few students who sit down for a break, and begins to shakily pour them some tea, looking even more harried that someone is actually sitting at the table - he plays the role well it would seem for those that are watching. He pulls on his hat tighter, and gives the crowd a rather odd look with his 'insane' eyes.

Meanwhile, the White Rabbit, a face-painted, ear-wearing girl in a one-piece suit and high white stockings - not quite lingerie, but perhaps a little more risque than Aunt May might like. She practically beams as Helena takes the rabbit ears, "Excellent choice," she says with a wink. "Now, don't be late." Pause, "The next song is about to start." The song, in fact, is a mix between the old age of music when Alice In Wonderland was first printed and the modern age - a mix and perfect blend of swing and dance club music. Electro-Swing is here! (Now playing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5pOC2oERZ4)

There are those that the Knave recognizes as they arrive. But he does not move to acknowledge them. He didn't even tell Helena and Stephanie who he would be - it's a way to train the two. He moves between a pair of tables, near May, and moves as if he's going to steal the tart from her table, but instead leaves a playing card, the Jack of Hearts. There's a little bow of his head to her, and a hint of a smile in his voice. "Welcome, to this Frabjous Day, and many congratulations on those that now pass through the looking glass to their future."

Harry grinned. "So, Valedictorian…does that make you the Well-Read King?"
"Be careful with that joke, Harry." Peter sighed. "I just want to find a table and see if there are any snacks or something and then find a place to sit down."
"No dancing, Peter?" May frowned. "You're such a good dancer."
"Well, if any good waltzing music or jazz comes up, I might have a shot. Otherwise, I doubt anyone will be interested in doing the Chattanooga."

"And on that note, i'm going cruising." Harry winked. "Mr. I.Q. of 250."
"That and 5 bucks gets you coffee at Starbucks, Harry. Try not to break TOO many hearts?"

Helena doesn't have a spider sense, but she does have a lot of practice looking for people. And hearing her father's voice, for that matter. It's actually the latter that draws her attention first, though at least he's spared the LOOK that might otherwise follow when she realizes he's over by Peter. "Hey, there he is," she grins over at Stephanie, taking her hand and weaving her way through the crowd.

"Peter!" she calls over, waving. "Hey! Glad I found you before it got too crowded. And Aunt May, always lovely to see you," she adds with a warm smile for the woman. "I caught your speech. It was great."

If Stephanie is getting graded on this particular exercise, she's probably going to get an F. No, wait, D-. She didn't trip over her own feet. In any event, she hasn't even started looking for Bruce Wayne, let alone come close to locating him. "Doesn't that kind of take half the fun out of the party if he's here as a chaperone," she teases. Stephanie raises a hand to give a little wave towards the Knave though.

As Helena spots Peter and goes over, Stephanie turns and lets her attention be drawn that way. She's heard bits about Mr. Parker but this is her first time actually seeing him. Stephanie hangs back at first, letting Helena greet them before she wanders over to stand nearby, but not interrupting.

Fortunately for Peter, the Gods of Fate are kind. There doesn't seem to be any jazz that's going to play anytime soon that would make him utterly embarassed by Aunt May dancing in front of all his friends. Unfortunately, however, for Peter, they also have a sense of humor, because Flash Thompson has spotted Peter and is headed his way with a bigger-than-life grin on his face and one of the prettier girls of the school on his arm.

At the Mad Hatter's table, the frazzled Hatter fusses with his hat, then his topcoat and fidgets, seeming unendingly as if he were the epitome of madness, and a bit of his rocker, though his eyes fall on Stephanie - the perfect blonde, and he ups himself out of his seat to putter over to Stephanie, and tells her with a squint-eyed look, "What a regrettably large head you have. I would very much like to hat it. I used to hat The White Queen, you know. Her head was so small." He looks impatiently at Stephanie, expectant that she might grant him his wish. Somehow, he has also obtained a 3/8 miniture hat that would, perhaps, fit upon that head of hers.

Absolem continues to blow large, light-reflective bubbles off his hookah in lazy fashion, while the Chesire Cat's huge smile appears just over Peter's head before the cat itself seems to nestle onto his head, if however briefly - the holographic purple-and-darker-purple-stripes fur seeming exceedingly real to the eye.

The White Rabbit meanwhile, no longer having a steady stream of attendees coming in to hand out little party favors to takes a pocket-watch from her side pocket and looks at it, makes a comment about being late, tsks herself, and then proceeds to 'bound off' to the backstage area while the next song hits the soundboard. (Now playing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipvEIZMMILA)

If the Knave is wise that his own Alice is aware of his presence, he doesn't show it. After leaving the card with May, he moves along - perhaps he listened to Selina and is letting Helena doing her own thing. Perhaps. Continuing to move among the others, the Knave is still working the crowd.

"Peter, that huge knave gave me his card." May held up the card, and Peter got a glimpse of it before he sees Helena. "Not many card-carrying knaves around. Hang on to it." He looked to Helena, blushing slightly. "It took me awhile. Many revisions."

"As I remember, one of those revisions was you ranting at the entire class for ten minutes straight." Aunt May smiled to Helena. "Good evening to you, dear girl. And who is your friend?"

"They probably deserved it," Helena chuckles at May, stepping to the side to make room for Stephanie. "Peter, Aunt May, this is Stephanie. She's sort of like my older sister. I…have a lot of surrogate family," she says ruefully. "Steph, this is Peter. He's the valedictorian, because he's a freaking genius, and he's so nice that I can't even hate him for beating me in the science fair every year since fifth grade."

There's definitely some oddness going on with the entertainment, but then again, Alice in Wonderland is always odd, right? Still, she gives the Mad Hatter a curious look as he circles Stephanie. "Is the school graduation party always this over the top?" she asks Peter.

…This was either going to be horrible, or amazing. It'd taken long enough for the people at SHIELD to get used to her, but… Jen had kind of gotten used to people being scared of her at this point. And even if it was only a chance encounter in the cateteria with one Kori Anderson that gave her /any/ reason to be here… There'd at least be free food. Messenger bag slung over one shoulder, she steps out of the totally-not-an-unmarked-SHIELD-vehicle black SUV, and makes her way inside. She attracts a good amount of stares, but… The immediate 'bubble' doesn't form around her. …Maybe people hadn't heard of her here? Declining any headwear due to the helmet, she snags a variety of delicious desserts, and occupies a currently empty corner table. Time to peoplewatch and enjoy things, she guesses.

The blond-haired teen gives Peter and May both warm smiles as Helena introduces her to them. Stephanie says, "Really nice to meet you both. And Helena is one of the smartest people I know. So if you beat her out, Peter, that's really saying something in my book. You must really be proud of him, Aunt May."

Stephanie smiles to them both before she has her attention drawn away by the Mad Hatter. "Oh, you used to work for royalty? Well, I suppose I'm flattered beyond belief then!" Stephanie says, getting into the act with the entertainment. She pulls of the Cheshire Cat ears that she had on. "I would be honored to have you hat me. Though I admit to having my feelings hurt just a tiny bit at the comment about my head. Is it -really- that big?" she asks. Though Stephanie has a smile, not seeming to have taken the comment to heart as she might have claimed.

M4dKatz appears in a plume of colored smoke, lights, and sound, making his debut - his trademark headgear that hides his identity from the public which has always been up to speculation this time around designed around the Chesire Cat, but with the same stunning and recognizable features of the eyes, ears, and mouth. Tonight, he's dressed in a neon-lit suit that looks like some fusion of Tron meets Noir below the head, and makes a few 'party' gestures as most of the kids, especially those on the dancefloor, begin to cheer and clap. And, he begins to play some hand-picked tunes, spinning and DJing as he goes - transistioning from the electro-swing to something more electro-rock. (Now playing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gq_YfCdf2ik)

Flash gets right up into Peter's space, grinning. "PETER," he says, loud enough to be well-heard over the music, "You finally found someone who thought you were interesting," he indicates, looking at Aunt May, snickering along with the girl who apparently thinks Flash is the cat's meow. "She your date tonight?" He's minding his manners, some. Flash isn't a TOTAL ass, he has some manners where senior citizens are concerned, but he'd kick himself if he let this oppotunity pass him by. A few parting shots at his favorite victim, afterall. The bully creed requires it. "Hey, babe," Flash calls to Helena. "I got an arm free," the very handsome, very star football player tells the pretty dark-haired 'Alice'. — Of course, as Flash says this and gives Peter that sort of smile he's seen right before he got shoved into a locker or a super-wedgie or been left on the football field in his underwear for the entire football team to see? There's that familiar prickling at Peter's mind that something is about to go wrong - the only problem is it's from all around him with no distinct direction.

The Mad Hatter makes the exchange without fanfare, stating simply, "My response to that is both profound and meaningful: get your hair cut!" His fingers tap together in anticipation of Stephanie donning the hat.

Absolem blows a rather large bubble towards Jennifer as the girl in the 'bubble' makes her way in, harrumphing iconically, while certainly several of the people eating, and Tweedledum and Tweedledee squint and try and place her, but nobody is moving to throw her out yet. Then again, nobody is making any moves to approach her either as if those who had noticed her, or who weren't otherwise occupied were more waiting her out.

The Knave stays out of this. No. He is not getting involved. He's just a knave, after all.

And the kids have to grow up some time.

Peter looked at Flash. Same old Flash. He was going to college, football scholarship. For playing football. Peter thought for the 40th time how he should have tried out for the team. He never did, of course.
Peter opens his mouth, trying not to rouse Stupid Mouth. His Spider-Sense was beginning to nag him, but he couldn't see the danger.

"Nice to see you made it, EUGENE. Guess even C-minus people get to graduate, too. So, tell me, what did the doctor say about the rash and the smell?"

"Aunt May, are you trying to steal my date?" Helena accuses playfully when Flash asks if May is Peter's date, turning back toward Flash with a laugh when he says he has an arm free. "That's sweet of you, but I've actually already got a date." She reaches over to link arms with Peter, offering her free hand to Flash at the same time.

"Helena Wayne. A pleasure to meet you. Eugene, was it? You know, I think I had a great-uncle Eugene. It's just not a name you hear much of these days." It normally takes a crowbar to pry her last name out of Helena, but she's never much cared for bullies. And she did learn how to be catty from the best of them.

The doors to the gym push open, and Kori Anderson joins the party.

She's a hard one to miss, too. Under casual circumstances, Kori tends to stand out in a crowd. She definitely quirked a few brows when crossing the stage at commencement. When she pushes through the doors, though, the combination of air pressure change and momentum draws a lot of attention. Possibly because she's wearing a dress in seafoam green, something she actually went and *bought* (Thanks Helena, thanks Sarah!) as opposed to salvaging from a Goodwill. Spaghetti strap shoulders, waist-high slit in the skirting, backless, plungingly almost frontless— it's the sort of sartorial innovation that brings to mind the old comedy quip: "Oh, I just threw this on." "Well, madame, you nearly missed."

Her shoes even match, sandals with a chunk three inch heel, and straps climbing up her calves. Clocking in at an inch over six-foot-six, Kori's hair does nothing but contribute to that towering presence.

"Friend Peter! I am here!" Her voice crashes through the party (well, and some stunned silence), and Kori bounces twice and waves to get Peter's attention before plowing through the crowd like a boat pushing through the surf. She gets up the last two steps and twirls dramatically, making the dress flare and lift around her knees. "Do you not 'the loveness' my new dress? I am so excited! It is the first new dress I have ever owned!"

She looks at Flash. "Hello, friend Flash! How is the rash?" she asks him, with overwhelming sympathy and concern. At Volume 8 or so.

Stephanie Brown takes the hat as it is offered to her by the Mad Hatter. "Thank you very much!" she tells him, the blue-eyed blond flashing a pretty smile to the book character, trying to keep it warm even if the character he's portraying is one she has a slight aversion to. Stephanie lifts the hat to her head and-

Just before she puts it on, Flash comes over. Stephanie listens to the exchange, lowering the hat down again as she glances at the expressions of those involved, making sure the matter is not going to break out in a scuffle. It looks like everything is good though. Stepahnie lifts up again the hat given to her by the Mad Hatter. She brings it right over atop the blond hair that is done so nicely for the dance and-

Then Kori Anderson comes in and approaches the group. Stephanie lowers the hat again as the loud voice booms over towards them and the young woman approaches. Stephanie gets a soft grin and lifts up the Mad Hatter hat again, bringing it to within inches of her head-

And she hears the comment about Flash's rash yet again. "You know, while treatment helps, just a little basic hygiene can help avoid that problem in the first place," she offers in a supportive voice to Flash.

Stephanie is still smiling as she puts on the hat.

From her corner table, Jen still manages to catch Kori's entrance, still doing a bit of a double take at that dress. That… took some courage. Although, that seemed to be one of the things Kori had in spades. (Heh. Card puns.) Unsealing her visor, the increase in fan noise from the filters inaudible over the music, she's just about to take a drink with the aid of a straw when the status of Flash's Rash is inquired about. Needless to say, that almost leads to a spit-take. Fortunately, the only casualty is the tablecloth as the suited teen's hand shakes a bit with laughter. No contamination or anything. Regaining her composure somewhat, she stands, waving across the floor. "Hey, Kori! INtroduce me to your friends!"

Flash gets red-faced for a moment, then grins again, almost immediately at Peter's retort, telling him, "Dunno. What'll you think the girls will say when they see your underwear flying a half-mast outside, while I'm leaving this lame party with these pretty ladies in the new corvette I just picked up to go review my full scholarship?" He lifts his hand to finger-flick Peter's head. A glance at Helena, "Your loss. See you, loser." He turns, and begins to head towards the 'looking glass' to leave only to be confronted by Starfire. "Out of my way," he says, gruffly and red-faced again, towing the girl behind him to get the hell out of here, as he promised he would.

On stage, and on the dance floor, M4dKatz is pwning it. Between his signature moves, and rocking the beats, as he turns on a new tune … something weird begins to happen. Those dancing begin to forego their individual dances and begin to move in a slow throb as one, as if collectively they'd decided after seeing a few do the modern moves they all should do it, en masse as he begins to play a new beat. (now playing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7tI1E6kp0o)

As the music steps up, the White Rabbit steps out, whatever affairs she had to do behind the stage completed, and she stands on stage looking prideful and, perhaps a bit silly for a grown woman in such facepaint, ears, and costume, but she does manage to look important. Mostly. She sets an umbrella on it's point in front of herself and stands there, as if overseeing the event, smiling eagerly at all the dancing people.

Peter's prickling becomes more of a buzz in the back of his mind as the danger, whatever it is, begins to increase. Again, from all directions.

The layers of music, such as they are, begin to weave their way into the crowd. Into their minds. Overwhelming all but the strongest of wills to do one simple thing: obey.

Once White Rabbit is certain most of the crowd, even those like the poor Mad Hatter, Tweddledum and Tweedledee are in their throes, she kicks over one of the large playing cards to reveal a very big chest on it. "Attention, everyone! Please empty your pockets if I have your attention!" She calls through the microphone, mimicking the last song played. Most, if not nearly everyone begins to shuffle forwards, including Flash and his date, towards the chest. Jewelry, change, dollar bills, wallets, watches, all begin to accumulate.

Peter looks at Kori, amazed at the "dress" and thinking she was definitely a clothes horse of a different color. Then the entire party seems to switch gears.
Peter, Harry, and Aunt May, having eschewed the silly-looking hats, are suddenly startled by the announcement and it's immediate acquiescence by the crowd at large, and Peter frowns as he puts it together. Most of it. All he knew was that someone was turning his graduation after-party into a robbery.
"Harry, get Aunt May out of here."
"What are YOU going to do?" Harry asked, startled.
"…Something. Go on, go."
Harry nodded, pulling Aunt May towards the nearest exit.

"Wow, Kori, that dress looks even better all done up and ready for the party," Helena grins as the redhead arrives, watching Flash depart with a slightly harder expression. Nope. Not missing out on anything there.

Modern music is very much not usually her thing. Classical. Swing. Older things she can dance to. But she knows damn well that she's awful at any unplanned dance. So when her feet starts to move, there's a tickle at the back of her mind. And again when the call of 'empty your pockets' has her reaching for pockets her dress doesn't have.

Her brows furrow and she takes a half a step forward, then shakes her head. Why is everything…fuzzy?

The Knave, where is he, anyway? As Peter is herding off his family, the Knave moves past Helena. There's a touch to her shoulder. Quick. A message for her to go to work.

And as he walks towards the front, as if to do his part to donate his part to the White Rabbit's fund, his hand moves, slipping over Stephanie's shoulder as he knocks the hat off of her head.

"It.. it's going to take me a few?" says the bewildered Knave - as he aproaches the White Rabbit. Taking off his helmet, it exposes the eldest Wayne family member. "There's so much armor, and you are.. distractingly charming, I would not want to make you late." he offers to her with a smile, playing up the victime as he feels around. "I'm not even sure if I remembered my wallet."

Kori winces and puts her hands over her ears as the bass drops and the psychedelic sounds start to do what it does to humans. A compelling, irresistable melody designed to wreak merry havoc with tiny, underdeveloped mammalian brains.

"Friend Jen!" she shouts as Jen Takeda walks over. "I am so glad you could make it! This is my friend Peter, my friend Helena, my friend Aunt May, my frien—-" the noise goes up a bit more as the psychic compulsion kicks louder, and Kori shrugs helplessly at Jen Takeda as the bass makes conversation difficult to contemplate.

"This music is making me feel the weirdness! I feel… warm! And tingling. Friend Peter, I…" she puts a hand on Peter's arm and turns into his proximity with an omission of consideration for his shared personal space with Helena. "Do you feel it, Peter? Something? That feeling… like something is…" She leans closer and closer towards Peter.

"…something is THE AWESOME about this music! WOOO!" She puts her fists in the air, WOOOOs again in Peter's face (loudly), and starts dropping it like its hot with some signature Tamaranean dance moves that lead her away from the little cluster of sanity around the Wayne/Parker clan.

Stephanie Brown's blue eyes get a little glassy-looking as she feels like listening to the White Rabbit. She brought her ID and her metro card, but other than that the only thing she has to donate to the chest is hidden in a garter beneath her skirt. She pulls out her id and card and is on her way to the chest when the hand grasps her and the hat is knocked of off her head.

It snaps her out of things just a little bit, enough she slows, shaking her head like getting water out of her ears or something. She looks around sees everyone behaving curiously, dropping items in the chest. STephanie walks forward, but rather than go to the chest she moves around behind the stage. She reaches under her skirt and pulls out her telescoping staff from where it was snuggled against her leg in retracted state. She quietly slips up onto the back of the stage behind the DJ, watching him intently to try to tell if he is part of what is going on.

Jen grins around at the group, bag still slung over her shoulder, plate with at least three of the best sugar cookies she'd ever eaten in one hand. "Pretty great party, huh?" She gestures towards the band, taking another bite as things get… strange. The cookies are the first casualty, Jen's plate hitting the floor as she sways on her feet. The helmet automatically seals again, the teen pulling her bag open, reaching in for…. Wait, no. That's not…

Jen shakes her head, the muzziness clearing slightly. Bag gets dropped onto the floor, and one arm comes up, leveling a finger-gun at one of the speaker towers. It's gotta be something with them, or gas or something… otherwise it wouldn't have lessened when her helmet sealed. Steadying her aiming hand a bit, she feels the heat building inside her… and lets it out. With a hissing crackle, a lance of sickly green light jumps from her fingers and strikes one of the speaker stacks near the top.

Harry and Aunt May are lucky. They get out, just in time, before a large black spot appears, and covers most of the mirror like a black hole - except there is no gravity withiin it. The same happens to the other exits, trapping everyone inside - at least, so it seems.

The music continues to throb, and those who have given up their offerings go back to dancing, giving space and chance for those yet in line to do the same.

Absolem suddenly 'deflates'. The shell of the cosplay gone, as one of those 'black holes' seems to 'eat' him. But, appearing not too far away is a faceless man, his body covered in a white costume from head to toe with no eyes or mouth visible. Against the white, numerous black 'spots'.

"That's quite alright, Mr. Wayne." The White Rabbit appears prepared for this contingency. In fact, so well it's reasonable to assume that Helena's attendance is probably the reason they /are/ here. Or maybe Bruce's as a chaperone? "You can deposit one billion dollars into this account." She smiles. "Then call your fiancee. And have her liquidate her assets too." White Rabbit pats Bruce's head to the beat in a mock-reassuring manner. "Tell her that you and Helena will die, if she doesn't." She winks at Bruce, then picks up her umbrella and 'shoot's a razor-sharp carrot with surprising accuracy about six inches above Helena's head having long ago picked her out of a crowd. "You have five minutes," she tells Bruce, cheerfully.

M4dKatz continues to pump out the beatz. Maybe this is why he decided to come to the school and thrown down some mad tunez? (Now playing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Te_tWCclhDI)

One of the speakers starts to pop and crackle, and then it, too, gets absorbed by a black spot, and the sizzling speaker suddenly appears, falling /out/ of one of those spots that just appeared over Jennifer's head. That'll hurt, if it hits.

Spot growls, "Next person to try anything funny is getting dropped from the ceiling on their neck." Apparently he's the 'muscle'? And he has some skill with teleportation.

One speaker down, many more to go. It appears the group was prepared for this contingency too, that one or two people might be resistant and snarl a few speakers.

Peter moves deeper into the corner, looking to the others. "Call 911," he whispers.
Then he steps away, knowing the best places to hide all over campus. He pulls the mask over his head and unbuttons his shirt as he sends his own distress call over the Spider-Comm. "White Rabbit. Robbery at my location."
Then he undoes the coat and shirt at the same time to reveal the Spider-Man costume beneath.

Spider-Girl (Black) is only six blocks away, on patrol, when the call comes in. "Black, on it," she answers over the Spider-Comm, before diverting her attention to the self-made, SHIELD-enhanced drone at her side. "Arana, Midtown High. !Rapido!"

The spider-girl emblem upon the drone's dorsal chassis comes to life with a cool, blue glow, and speeds off ahead of Spider-Girl. She leaps from the rooftop, diving to gain speed before letting a webline loose and getting her toosh to swingin'.

You'd think that Bruce Wayne would have contigencies for all that. "A billion? At this time of night? T-that's going to take some time. I mean, the power's off for most of the banks on the east coast!" he stammers - "I'd need to contact the board and give them time to prepare that. But.. give me a couple of minutes and I'll get on it." He's already fumbling from his phone.

Okay, Stephanie - Bruce is tossing you clues. For a change.

It's the hand on her shoulder that forces Helena to focus. To think through old exercises. Something to put her brain back on track. Unflinching as the carrot goes over her head, she runs through Fibonacci sequences in her mind as she shuffles toward the front, playing the part of a brainwashed teen.

"I left all my stuff in the car," she smiles blankly at the White Rabbit. "But I've got a cell phone!" Which she can track later, if she needs to. She drops it into the chest, then starts to dance next to the Rabbit. Badly. So badly. "This is such a great party!"

Jen has just enough warning to dive to one side, the speaker crashing into the gym floor next to her. She stays on the ground, feigning being stunned as she taps the panic code in on her ID bracelet. At least get the vans full of MIB on the way. Clearly, the overt methods aren't going to work. How can she disrupt things….

"Woo!" Kori is dancing and turning and moving and seems completely unaware that she is the only person positively engaging in the motion and the music. She turns around, hips and shoulders gyrating in opposite directions with her hands over her head, and spots the speaker falling towards Jen's helmet.

"Friend Jen!" Kori takes two quick steps and reaches over to help JEn get up, but the suited woman looks befuddled and momentarily stunned. "Be the careful! These are very heavy!" she scolds Jen.

Kori pushes the speaker aside and turns around. "Peter, I— friend Peter?" Not seeing her Bestest Pal Peter, she starts looking for Other Bestest Pal Helena. "May? Harry!" Kori can't find ANYONE of a sudden, and it takes her a few seconds to realize Helena's up at the front near the stage doing the traditional shuffle of her native New England Anglo-Saxon Protestant ancestors.

"Does anyone else have itchy teeth? My teeth are itching," Kori complains, and walks up towards the stage with a curious and confused expression. "That may either be a gravimetric distortion OR I am having the gassy from eating those wafers of the 'Nilla again," she informs a zombie-like student she recognizes from PoliSci.

Stephanie Brown eyes the DJ, her retracted staff in hand, lying along her wrist in case she needs to keep it out of sight. She's looking at the morass of cables that lead away from the DJ stands. What the heck, is he working a turntable, or running an Amazon cloud infrastructure there?

The comment from the familiar voice makes it to her over the sound of the music. "Rig-" Stephanie gets out before clamping her hand over her mouth. Thankfully her internal monologue, when it slips out, doesn't exactly shout.

She doesn't wait to see if the DJ heard the slip though. She pulls metal barrette out of her hair, crouching down over where the musical equipment is plugged in. Stephanie bends the metal until the ends are about the width of the plugs apart. She pulls off a shoe, gets the barrette in place against the plug and then pushes it in hard with the shoe. The two halves of the power hook directly into each other with no resistance in between, all of that power cascading through the wires into the circuit breakers.

M4dKatz throws down another tune, then calls through a digital enhanced voice, modulated, "Keep us animals sound, y'all, let me here you make some noiiiiieeeez, make those hereos go slack, while I lay down more of these tracks!" (now playing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTxOKsyZ0Lw0)

White Rabbit does not look satisfied with Bruce's answer. "Four minutes," she states, emphatically, keeping a loose eye - but only that, on Helena.

Peter's absence seems to have not been noticed by any of the teens (or adults) under the throes of whatever mind-control has seeped into their skulls at this point, but now instead of dancing the rather large group of civilians, including several football players such as Flash Thompson have been unified into 'protecting' the three criminals holding them all hostage for a sizable portion of the Wayne fortune (and Selina's). "That includes time for you fiancee's assets. I want them in our account in four minutes. No games."

Instantly recognizing that Kori is not under their sway, White Rabbit points her umbrella, and M4dKatz calls, "Orange is right out!" And several students, including Mr. PoliSci, make a grab for Kori - and not they way they might've always thought they would. Rough hands, seeking to hold her fast and keep her from wandering off.

Then, there's a few sparks, and a shuddering as most of the lights on stage, and M4dKatz's DJ station all suddenly lose power. M4dKatz looks comical for a moment, then slaps his forehead, hard. The mask comes off to reveal a man of indiscriminate heritage, and the White Rabbit snarls, "Get your act together, Hypno Hustler!"

She recognizes their plan is going south, fast. "Next person to take any action, I'm releasing the rabbits," she … threatens?

Spider-Girl (Black) will be able to see the police sirens as they head to, and surround the highschool. She will also see something … really messed up. Somehow, someway, there's a massive white rabbit that is as large, if not larger, than a horse just sitting outside, nibbling on one of the trees for foilage. Omnomnom. It also has a saddle on it.

"Arana," Spider-Girl breathes while swinging as hard as she can from point to point, "enlace de video y HUD."

The drone's video feed appears upon Anya's mask HUD.


"Superposicion de IR y EM."

The drone's IR and EM scanners become overlaid with the video feed, showing heat and electro-magnetic signatures. The drone is faster than Anya, given the mechanical enhancements SHIELD's best technicians have provided. Anya is splitting her attention between the HUD and her web-swinging, as Midtown High comes into view.

The drone reaches the High School ahead of Spider-Girl (Black), and begins hovering. "Almost on site," she reports over the Spider-Comm. "What the hell is going on?" She can see the massive white rabbit through the HUD, and with a quick motion, diverts her course to go swinging through an alley, so that she can come upon the white rabbit from behind.

Jen staggers to her feet, leaning a bit more heavily on Kori than she really needs to. "I'm fine, Kori. Just… get out of here. Get help." She looks around, trying to figure out what to do next, when… The music stops, and the lights go out. Well, there we go. That's the mind control done at least. She lifts her hands again, aiming at White Rabbit and the DJ. "Hey, assholes! If /you/ try anything, I'll give you both cancer. How about that?" The grin on her face widens. "Looks like we're at an impasse."

Suited up, and ready for action.

Five seconds later, a projectile the size of a baseball soars towards the faux-DJ; he dodges it as it hits, but the explosion of webbing lifts the Hypno-Hustler off his feet and against the wall, pinning him there.
"Ehhhhhhh…what's up, THOT?" Spider-Man says from the rafters above the gym floor. "Ain't you a bit out of your comfort zone?"

With the speakers cut out, Bruce hits a small button on his phone, quietly sending a message to Selina - so she knows what's going on. Apparently he's bought himself and Helena four minutes worth of time as he glances to where she's at, hoping that she's alright.. perhaps one would even see genuine concern.

And the hope that she decides not to show off tonight. The arrival of Spider-Man causes a surprise to the billionaire, and his hand comes out to the side, holding it towards Helena in a quiet signal. Stand down.

Unfortunately for Helena, the end of the music doesn't mean the end of pretending. But at least it does help her actually focus. When the music pops to a stop, she slowly stops her dancing, blinking a few times and looking around as if she's just coming out of it. "What- Hey, what's going on?" she asks. "What happened to the music?"

Confused as she looks, the first thing she's looking for is that Peter is no longer visible. Because if she can't see Peter, than that means Spider-Man may be in play. The second thing is a head-count of the civilians in the building, which is much, much too high. "Dad?"

Speak of the Spider-Man. When the web-slinger shows up, she does some quick mental math. There are still too many of these villains, and too many potential victims. They have to separate them somehow. "Dad. Dad, you can't just play with people like this, tell them the truth." She turns back to the Rabbit, eyes wide. "You can't make a transfer that size without personal contact. There's a verbal password, and a retinal scan, and a biometric reading. But we can go with you!"

Jennifer Takeda says, "Points for the bugs bunny though"

Kori looks at the other students in bewilderment as they close ranks and start grabbing at her arms, trying to restrain her. She looks more bemused than anything. "Hello friends! I do not think this is the time for the dancings," she informs them courteously.

The power sparks and flutters, lights go out, and then Spider-Man makes his appearance. In the resulting low glow of the emergency lights, only a few things stand out. Among them is the subtle lambent glow of Kori's exotic eyes.

"Oh! Friend Spider-Man is here!" She looks around, and her mouth forms an 'o' of understanding. "I see. This is *not* how dances are supposed to proceed, is it. Spider-Man and his buttocks of the tautness would only be here if an emergency threatened." Threat identified— Spider-Man is the precision laser and Kori's the guided munitions package, and he focuses on White Rabbit on stage. "Will you excuse me, friends?"

Kori just… starts walking, and ten steps later is dragging a literal train of confused students in her wake as everyone makes an utterly fruitless attempt to restrain her. "Friend Spider-Man!" she yells at Peter. She waves, a little redundantly, and accidentally throws the shop teacher Ms. Halvetti ten feet away. "Is this an emergency or part of the dance?"

The removal of Hypno Hustler gives Stephanie a little more ability to move behind the stage without being scene. Even better, his shedding his mask gives her something to hide her face with. Stephanie scoops it up off the ground and slips it on as she crouches behind the stage, moving over to get nearer to Spot.

She crouches there, waiting for the opportune moment to get to Spot without being seen. And wishing she had something less conspicuous than the white dress to wear. But beggars can't be choosers. "Actually that's not quite true. Offered that guy down on 14th street an orange instead of a fiver and he just glared at me," she says to herself.

Damn it Steph, concentrate!

The gym is eeriely quiet and echoing the smallest sounds now that there aren't any beats being laid down by the DJ.

Speaking of the DJ, Anya will find tied up behind the tree the rabbit is nibbling on a young, whose been knocked unconscious, tied, and gagged, and the unfortunate broken DJ controller laying next to him - it would appear someone had overtaken the real M4dKatz on his way into the party. The massive white rabbit seems peaceful enough, and more interested in eating than running anywhere. It also doesn't seem to mind the saddle on it. It's just a big, massive bunny, hanging out. Apparently waiting to give someone a ride.

Back inside, the faux-DJ, Hypno Hustler, is suddenly caught up in a mass of webbing before he can pull out the fall-back boombox he'd brought in as well to aid their plight.

Spot tilts his head head at Jennifer, "Go ahead. I'm already more screwed up than whatever you could give me, little girl." He almost seems to move towards her but then … Spider-Man's purchase on the ceiling is fleeting, and momentary as his danger sense flares, just in time to announce Spot whose upper portion is teleported into the ceiling as a nasty right cross is coming Spider-Man's way. The entire gym, suddenly, is covered in the black spots, making it look like it was a 101 dalmations theme instead of Alice in Wonderland. His legs, for the moment, are vulnerable. Maybe. Guy is weird. The fact that half of him is on the ceiling while his lower portion is on the stage looks something more from a kid's Saturday Cartoon show than reality. But, here it is. Between the efforts of all involved, the villians are slowly falling apart. In Spot's case? Literally.

White Rabbit's frustrations continue to climb, as she cries, "Spider-Man!" Apparently she's not pleased. "I don't know how you got in here, but, let's see how you do against these."

Another 'playing card' up at the stage is kicked over and lands onto the ground with a satisfying thud.

Several fluffy, ordinary looking bunnies begin to hop out, even as White Rabbit points her umbrella at Spider-Man, firing an explosive carrot at him from her umbrella. Then she stares at Starfire, glowering, and sticking her umbrella into Bruce's side. "Money transfer. Your entire saving account. Now," she demands, clearly starting to panic and no longer focused on the billion, or the coupled fortune of Selina Kyle. Still, she's very, very liable to pull the trigger and she's using Bruce as her insta-hostage because he's the closest one to her.

"Okay, You all heard him. He literally asked for it." Jen braces her right forearm across her left, aiming for the disembodied legs… And tries something different Instead of the sickly green beam from before, there's just a slight ripple in the air. The de-powered speaker equipment behind Spot crackles and hums and the wiring picks up the microwaves she's blasting the villain with. Fun fact: Being in the middle of a microwave beam feels like being dipped in boiling water.

Spider-Man flips over, or under, the jabbing fist, but only just barely.But he has learned enough to go with his Spider-Sense when it squalls that badly.
He jumps back, firing weblines at Spot's feet and YANKS hard, hoping spot is too distracted and will find out only when he is being swung around like Tom Sawyer's dead rat and a string to swing it with.

See Spot fly.
Fly, Spot, Fly.

"Huh." Anya has attached herself to a wall across from the High School's exterior, and is eyeballing the white rabbit as it munches away, along with the saddle. "Get-a-way vehicle, huh?"

Even as Arana patrols the school looking for a way in, Spider-Girl gets to work. Clinging to the wall by her feet and one hand, she starts throwing webbing at the rabbit, ailing to web its hind legs to the ground.

"If you insist…" Poked in the armored side by the umbrella, Bruce looks to the rabbit as she starts to panic, and considers her. Taking up his phone, he starts to work on the transfer, as he hears the crashing of the speakers. "NO!" he yells out to the teenager - who apparently brings bazookas to fist fights. Helena's right. There's too many variables - and with the arrival of more heroes, it's getting dangerous in here. They have to act, and act fast. "Enough!" he yells, trying to get everyone's attention.

His attention turns to the White Rabbit, he turns. Into his phone he pushes a few buttons, and holds it up to her face, making sure she can see it clearly. "Five hundred thousand. You call off your goons. Stop this fight. And leave. All you have to do is push the transfer button. And noone else gets hurt."

Nothing is harder than doing nothing. Helena's hand fists briefly when the rabbit holds her umbrella against Bruce's side, but if anyone can take care of himself, it's her father. The best thing she can do right now is make sure that no one uses her as a hostage or forces her to make a scene. Quietly, while Bruce throws up the money smoke screen, she starts to back toward the chests to duck safely behind them.

Kori's eyes go from 'lambent' to 'radiant'. And her skin, always that weirdly too-healthy shade of tangerine, almost luminesces from within with some terrible and unexpressed energy. Someone yelps and lets go of her reflexively. A chain reaction triggers and most of the people restraining her stumble and tumble away.

It's a good thing that Bruce speaks up, and his booming command voice brings even the Tamaranean warrior up short. It saves White Rabbit from a lethal dose of UV radiation delivered to the area directly between her eyes. Kori's feet slip from the ground and she rises into the air, menacingly even in the designer dress. "You are *paying* her to leave?" she gawks at Bruce. "That is the height of the cowardly! Those who threaten an unarmed foe are as bad as… as… thieves! Assassins! And line-cutters!" she splutters.

Spider-Man has Spot handled, so Kori, furious Kori, glowing, FLYING avatar of vengeance that is Kori, focuses on White Rabbit. Her voice gains a sepulchural quality as some of her hard-packed inhibitions start fracturing. "I have a counter-proposal. Surrender now, and I will not rip you in half," she explains to White Rabbit. All traces of bemusement and uncertainty are gone from Kori's voice, as is the joy. There's a steel in her tone that isn't dissimilar from Bruce's. A voice accustomed to being *obeyed*.

Stephanie is nice and patient. Spider-Man is on the scene. Just wait for the right moment when she can shift things without putting any of the high school students, teachers or chaperones at risk. There's Spot, watching everyone. And the girl who shot the green stuff pointing her hand this way. And Bruce seems like he-

Wait, was that?

Blue eyes open wide and Stephanie dives to the side. There's a brief hot flash, and sparks erupt from her metal baton causing her to drop it, but it is only the briefest sensation of pain to the rest of her body before she's out of path of the microwaves.

"I apologize to every frozen burrito I've ever subjected to that," she says, shuddering. If Stephanie hadn't arrived at the same conclusion as Bruce that something more is needed with how things are escalating, she has now.

Spotting a fire extinguisher on the wall, she creeps over and removes it. Her hand that had the baton in it flares with pain. Stephanie grits her teeth and grips the nozzle with the injured hand anyway. She rises up behind the stage where she'll be in Bruce's line of sight, the Dark Knight sure to spot the movement. She points the extinguisher right at Bruce and White Rabbit and waits for a signal from him, ready to hide the two of them from the eyes of the crowd in a cloud of white spray, giving Bruce the cover to act as he chooses.

When Kori makes her remarks and complaints, Bruce shoots her a look. "There's /several dozen/ civilians here that would get /hurt/!" he yells back at her - she may be used to being obeyed, but Bruce Wayne doesn't cow. Nor does he wait for Stephanie. To White Rabbit, he offers some advice. "Between the money and getting ripped in half? I'd take the money."

As soon as the massive rabbit outside feels the webbing hit it's foot it turns to stare huge, huge black pools of jet black eyes at Anya with ears pricked. The bunny turns, a small little hop and then more webbing. And then the bunny makes a strangled little cry for help as it's paws are all 'stuck' to the ground and it hasn't the strength or power to life off so much webbing. Have you ever /heard/ a bunny cry for help? But, certainly nobody will be getting away.

Speaking of someone getting away, White Rabbit says, all too quickly to Bruce, "Deal," she agrees. "Transfer first. Then we leave." Some money, afterall, is better than none. Especially when she can have it all for herself.

Spot goes flying, but manages to create another telportation circle in mid-air to make him appear right in front of Spider-Man this time, apparently completely unaware of the deal White Rabbit is making for now. He goes for the slam-punch again, trying to take Spider-Man out with one move if he can. It leaves him exposed.

But apparently White Rabbit not caling off her goons until she's gotten something to show for it. The chest, and all it's loot is already forgotten. So is Helena.

One of the ordinary looking bunnies jumps up onto the stage right where Spot was, using the playing card fallen as a launching pad, only to frizzle-fry after Jennifer's beam - and it turns out that may have been a good thing as a vicious set of fangs, not unlike The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog might have had. She wasn't joking about loosing the bunnies. Not in the least.

Most of the students are starting to come out of the haze of the mind-control the music shrouded over their heads by now, looking legitmately dazed and confused. But they're going to be out of it for awhile, and not remember much.

White Rabbit looks between Bruce, then Kori, as evrything has unraveled. "Not without my money." She waits for confirmation over the phone, "One command, my bunnies go to town, lady," she tells Starfire. "I'm taking it, I'm going." Yes. She's going. Not Spot.

"Deal." Pressing the button on the phone, Bruce completes the transfer, "The rabbit just made you five hundred thousand! Make sure that you get your share!" It's said /loudly/. While the good bunny may have hoped to get away with all the money for herself, Bruce is making sure that both Spot and Hypno Master know that she had the money - they can go after her - or they can stay here and get their butts kicked.

"Getaway vehicle outside," Anya reports over the Spider-Comm. "Shit ain't goin' nowhere."

From the corner of her eye, however, Anya notices something on the drone's feed and she grins. "Arana. entra, distrae."

The drone suddenly busts through a window in the gymnasium, a high window near the ceiling. Glass shatters around it, and suddenly a sound reverberates through the gymnasium; a loud, irritating sound that resembles the worst of fire alarms.

Jen shoots Bruce a glare at the yell. …And then Kori flies. Holy shit. …She never knew she could do that. "Kori, listen to her. I don't have enough target practice to hit them all before someone gets hurt." Sighing, she leans over and picks up her phone, which is still ringing away in her bag. "Hello. Yes, I'm fine. …yeah, I'm pretty sure things are over early." And then Spider-Girl causes ANOTHER distraction! …Which Jen makes use of to snag the rest of those delicious sugar cookies. Oooh, and some of those brownies too. …And a couple cannolis. Desserts safely esconced in her messanger bag, she leans back on the table, arms folded across her chest, and sighs. So much for being normal again…

There goes the Spider-Sense and Spidey ducks under it without even seeing it. It works a lot better once he realized it was best to just go with it.

Lots of spots…but none on his chin.

Spidey rises, only with his fist coming up under the jaw of Spot and there goes Spot, uppercutted into unconsciousness.

Spidey turns to see Kori rising like a phoenix, and then hears her voice, a voice of imperious command. Things could get worse, quickly.

"Kori, STAND DOWN! We have to protect the people FIRST!" Spider-Man speaks, but it is closer to the hard voice of his father than his own, although he'll never know it.

Why do the rabbits have fangs?! Helena peers at the nearest one, unobserved as she is. "There is nothing right about that," she mutters under her breath, trying to get a count of them. How exactly do you deal with an infestation of fanged rabbits without a holy hand grenade?

In the space between the phone being handed off and the glass shattering, Kori *moves*. It's not done with any telegraphing or indication of preparatory readiness. Spider-Man and Anya might— maybe— be fast enough to recognize the motion for what it is.

An attack.

Kori cuts through the air with enough speed to whip tablecloths in her wake, and she blows past Bruce a solid yard and lands those seafoam high heels hard on the ground. White Rabbit's throat is in her hand and she holds the criminal a solid six inches off the ground with pale fingertips digging into the woman's throat. "We can protect the people by removing a coward from the world," she remarks with an intensity that is both furious and detached. Like she's dealing with a particularly meddlesome pest in her house and holding a shoe over it. She holds White Rabbit so the woman's looking up at Kori's inhuman features. Terror is written on Rabbit's face and she kicks fruitlessly at the ground, trying ot get some purchase. Kori's just too tall. "Do this, and discourage other cowards." Her eyes are limitless pools of green light, crackling with a subtle fire and lacking any identifiable pupil or sclera.

Stephanie Brown sets down the fire extinguisher as the usefulness of cover for Bruce is diminished. She climbs up on the stage instead, moving over to the DJ booth. Vinyl records are pulled out of their sheaths as with the mask on, it looks like M4dKatz is back in the DJ booth. Except for wearing a white strapless dress. She holds the records at the ready. There's a wince when she realizes her first substitute batarang was going to be Led Zepplin IV. That one gets set aside and replaced with a Justin Bieber record. "Why would anyone waste vinyl on him?" she mumbles under the mask.

"Damnit Kori, I"m going to feel guilty about this even if they're evil…" Jen sighs, climbing onto the table for better visibility, and commencing the wabbit hunt before the foul beasties can attack any civilians.

Spider-Man practically launches himself towards Kori and White Rabbit, landing near them. Trying to get between them is not a good idea. But he does have one thing left.

"Kori…please. Put her down. Let the police deal with her. NO ONE IS DEAD. She is unarmed. The danger is over. PLEASE, Kori…don't do something that you know in your heart is wrong."

When Kori does the.. very dangerous thing, Bruce's eyes flash, but he lets others deal with it. She wouldn't like what he had to say. Instead, he grumbles. "Someone shut off that damn fire alarm." And he's looking for his daughter and wayward ward. A look to Stephanie in the booth - he's not pleased. "Helena." he says, voice calm, barely controlling frustration. "Get Stephanie, Alfred will be here momentarily to take us home."

Helena has one more trick up her sleeve to help out, even if it's the most distasteful: the damsel in distress. "Sorry, Dracu-bunny," she mutters, reaching for the nearest rabbit with both hands. "It'll be a noble sacrifice."

And then she stands up, shrieking. "Kori! Oh my god, somebody help, it's going to eat me!"

So. Much. Shame.

With the 'getaway vehicle' under control, Spider-Girl kicks off the wall she's clinging to with a ferocious thrust, and goes soaring toward the gymnasium. A pair of weblines are thrown at the roof, a pull to redirect herself, and a moment later she's wooshing through the broken window made by the Arana drone.

The young woman ends up attached to the rafters, looking upside down at whatever is happening. "… the hell is going on in here?" she cries out, before the 'fire alarm' abruptly silences itself.

Kori's giving Peter a thoroughly confused look at his question about morality and regret. Her brows tilt in confusion and her mouth hangs open at his assertion, and she looks more… perplexed than anything. Like Peter just admonished her for parking in the wrong spot, or something.

She's about to respond when Helena staggers and moves around with a rabbit on her. "Friend Helena!" She pushes White Rabbit into Peter's arms and moves to help Helena out, grabbing the rabbit. The creature immediately tries to chew on Kori's finger, and finding it more tasty than edible, immediately starts suckling on it.

"Aww, what a cute little bumgorf!" Kori squeals. "He has such widdle feet and soft fur and cute teeth!" She holds the rabbit protectively and gives Helena a confused look as the fires die from her green eyes. "Why did you need help? He's perfectly harmless," she says, and waves the rabbit at Helena.

It hisses and bares inch-long fangs at her.

Spider-Man catches White Rabbit and cocoons her in a few moments. He plants her on the ground, then says, "You better thank your lucky rabbit's foot you're still alive."
"She was going to KILL me…" Rabbit whispers.
"Dat's wight, wabbit."

Stephanie Brown is ready to use the records as throwing weapons should White Rabbit loose the half dozen or so killer rabbits on the crowd. When Jennifer Takeda begins taking them out one after another without any signs of anyone being in danger, the masked blond looks back over and sees Bruce's glare. It gives her pause and she sets down the records. Then picks one back up to smash it on the edge of the DJ's console.

Take that Bieber.

Stephanie quietly slinks off the back of the stage, retrieving her no-longer sparking baton and slipping it back into its garter sheathe, and then making for the exit. She won't be able to wear that dress again, in case anyone noticed the role she played. "Sucks. I loved this dress," she says beneath that mask that only gets removed when she's slipped out of a doorway.

Spider-Man stood up and looked around at the people standing around, looking shell-shocked.

What a way to graduate from high school.

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