2019-05-18 - Hell-Spider!


A disparate group meets one of the spider people.

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Storyteller: n/a
Date: 2019-05-18
Location: Hell's Kitchen

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Gentrification tends to come with an ugly byproduct, but it's not something the usual passerby our tourist would see on the main roads. Those who haven't been priced out of the neighborhood but also haven't ridden the wave usually end up hiding themselves off in dark places.

That’s what happened to Toby Denton. He saw his neighborhood change around him, and has somehow managed to survive here, living in one of the few crummy apartments that hasn't been 'remodeled' while engaging in a vicious cycle of heroin addict, recovery, and relapse.

Hiding in an alleyway behind a dumpster, Toby's got his belt off and has wrapped it around his arm. This would have marked relapse number five, if it weren't for the sound of something whooshing through the air overhead.

The loaded needle is whipped out of his hand by a thin strand of black webbing. Moments later, a case of NARCAN is dropped in his lap, along with the phone number to a 24/7 addiction hotline and some quarters, in case his cell service is shut off.
Moments later, the junkie is walking out onto the street, his eyes looking around for the invisible benefactor. Little does he know that Spider-Girl is perched upon a wall, four floors up, her body upside down and looking down at him with a watchful eye.

Toby breathes a sigh of relief and turns to find the nearest pay phone. Bit harder to do, these days.

Otherwise, it's just another night in Hell's Kitchen, the streets filled with bar hoppers and late-night commuters.

The last time Mera was in Hell's Kitchen, a pair of men wanted to take away her money. The joke was on them - she doesn't use that paper they were so interested in. For additional humor, Daredevil arrived and beat them up. Mera wanted to kill them but she decided to honor local customs instead.

The redhead is dressed in her 'human' clothes; boots, white pants, white shirt, beige long coat, with a satchel bag over one shoulder. She walks with grace and an innate sense of superiority to those around her - even if they're not bowing like they should.

Mera sees Toby rush to the phone, a curious look on her face at what the device may be. It looks terribly primitive, whatever it is. A shrug before she moves on, walking into the dark alley without a care in the world.

Kori and Sarah had decided to 'see the city'. Perhaps hindsight will confirm that Kori should not be in charge of googling such destinations, because the reports about a 'dynamic cultural migration' in Hell's Kitchen had been taken entirely wrong by the redhead alien girl.

And it's not as if either of them particularly has the sort of street smarts that someone like, say, Anya might have developed. Kori's in a sleeveless skirted romper and wedge heels. A white belt hangs asymmetrically off her hips, and she walks with a bright smile and gawking disposition that screams 'tourist'.

"Ooh! So many of these businesses are closed!" she observes to Sarah, frowning at yet another 'out of business' sale. "I was hoping to do of the shopping and the picking of the clothing. Or at least the shopping of windows!" she amends. The redheaded woman spots Mera heading into the alley, and her brow prickles in curiosity. She plucks at Sarah's sleeve and points at Mera. Royalty seems to recognize its kind. "Do you know who that is?" she asks Rain, looking down at her companion.

Sarah is frowning herself as she keeps alert as they walk…two attractive girls by themselves is just asking for trouble in some areas like this. Give the warmer weather, Sarah herself is wearing jeans with fringed boots, a turquoise belt hanging off her hips and a saffron-orange button-up top tied under her breasts, baring her midriff, a pair of feathers dangling from the earring in her right ear. Her long hair is swept back over her shoulder, a long ponytail resting at the small of her back, with smaller braids resting in front of her ears and hanging down to her shoulders. "This is not nearly the cultural quest I was hoping for…" she admits, dryly, then blinks as her attention is directed to Mera, whom she seems to recognize, smiling a bit. "…yes, actually. I met her when we were running through New York, before we headed west…" she admits, holding up a hand to wave to Mera. "Mera!" she says in greeting.

A smile forms on Spider-Girl's face when Toby goes for the pay phone, but she can't help noticing the way Mera is walking into that alley.

Now frowning, Spider-Girl scrambled down the wall and around a corner, all but blending into the darkness around her. The black costume certainly doesn't make her stand out, but the white spider-emblem and stylized banding seems to fade a bit. Regardless, she whistles down at Mera, before calling out into the darkness. "So, like, I know the Kitchen is a lot safer these days, but alleys like this are usually bad shortcuts, amiga."

A voice from above? Mera looks up, peering into the darkness to try and see who it is that is talking. "Thank you for your concern" she replies, still not sure who spoke. "I am not in danger I assure you. Are you like Daredevil?" And then another voice, though this one she knows. Mera steps back out into the street enough to see Sarah and her friend. "Sarah!" she calls back, a beaming smile on her face now. "How wonderful to see you. Still as enchanting as ever." A polite nod of the head to Koriandr before she indicates the darkness above her. "Someone else is here. I do not think they intend to rob me. Though I could be wrong."

Sarah raises a brow, walking over warily as she snags Kori's hand to pull her along. "Do they have a colorful looking mask? If so, probably not. Not a lot of masked villains doing random muggings." the Apache notes, squinting a bit as she peers up towards the indicated area. "Mera, this is Koriand'r, or Kori. Kori, this Mera….she's from Atlantis, under the sea." But not named Ariel, though don't think Sarah hasn't considered making that joke! She's just not sure how Mera would take it and she doesn't randomly want to be drenched with storm sewer water or something. "And I am Sarah, strange voice from the darkness." she calls up into said shadows. "So if you're not gonna rob us, maybe don't lurk in the shadows?"

Kori holds hands with Sarah cheerfully, letting herself be tugged along. When Mera smiles at Sarah, Kori returns the expression with a beaming smile of greeting herself. It's quite effusive and enthusiastic. For Mera, though, it'd be impossible to miss Kori's regal stature or utter self-possession. Not just a vapid college girl wandering through Hell's Kitchen, this one, and the way that Kori meets Mera's eyes without any flinching is a little informative in and of itself.

"My name is Kori Anderson, but my friends all call me Kori," the redhead recites. "And if you are a friend of Sarah, then you are a friend of mine!" She offers Mera a stiff-armed handshake that'd look pompous if she wasn't being so very careful about taking the gesture seriously, and then leans forward to awkwardly airkiss around Mera's cheeks. She looks up at the webslinger hiding in the shadows (in plain sight, to Kori's eyes). "Oh, hello! You are Woman-Spider! My friend Spider-Man told me about you last night. Hello again, friend!" she tells Anya.

"Kinda?" answers Spider-Girl. "But, not really."

Releasing the wall, she attaches a webline to the fire escape nearby and flips gracefully head over foot, descending at a nice even pace toward the ground, thanks to the black webline held by her hand. "He's got a pretty brutal reputation; I just tend to web the bad guys' asses to the wall." She smiles to Mera and is about to introduce herself, when the woman turns, responding to a summon. Cocking her head, she steps out toward the street, and her image seems to appear out of the darkness the moment she steps out of the shadows. It definitely has an unnatural nature, which is ironic considers what she says.

"I wasn't lurking," she says, sounding confused, and snaps her gloved fingers toward Kori. "I mean, I was up, and most people don't just look up all the time but-" Her head pivots toward Kori then, a touch of recognition registering on her half-hidden face. "Are you from Asgard?" she asks, before grinning lopsidedly. "Nono, I'm Spider-Girl. There are two of us. You're thinking of Spider-Woman. Technically there are four of us. It's really confusing!"

"A pleasure to meet you, Kori Anderson" Mera shakes the offered hand with slightly more experience, though she does recognise someone of equal social stature as herself. It's all in the attitude. "Is this one of your charges?" she asks Sarah with a little confusion, since Kori looks like she can handle herself. "Perhaps it is not a random mugging?"

When Anya reveals herself, Mera looks at her with curiosity. "Not a colorful mask" she asides to Sarah before addressing the Spider-Girl. "Daredevil may have a reputation, but he refused to kill those who attacked me. Still, if that is how things are done here, I am but a guest in your city. You are a spider?" The mention of Asgard has Mera looking Kori over once more. That would make sense.

Sarah blinks, then grins a bit at Anya. "Okay, Spider-Girl…though you look more like a spider woman to me." she says amused, looking Anya over. "And fine, hanging out in the darkness, instead of lurking." She offers her hand to Anya thoughtfully. "Mm, so you've got a whole spider club going, hmm?" She glances back to Kori, looking curious. "Spider-Man?" That's one she hadn't heard before…though somehow, she's unsurprised Kori would know him, considering she seems to make friends with everyone she runs into.

"No, Kori is someone I met recently, she helped me out a lot…enough that I don't need to be on the road like I did before." she says neutrally, not sure how much she should say in front of Anya yet. Granted, Kori doesn't exactly try to hide her powers, but at the same time, Sarah is used to it being something you don't blurt out either. Also, the whole 'on the run from evil government black ops group' isn't something you bring up in casual conversations. Though her lips do twitch at the assumption Kori must be Asgardian. "Nope, the Valkyrie I met is actually Cherokee." she adds, deadpan.

After the handshake, there's probably little doubt in Mera's mind: Kori can definitely handle herself. The Tamaranean has a gentle grip with a lot of banded steel under her skin. She smiles again at Mera, politely, and disengages when Mera does. She's still holding Sarah's fingers in her other hand, though.

"No, I am not Asgardian," Kori agrees. "I am from Malta. Which is in Europe," she clarifies. "But we don't have any spider-womens or women-spiders there, so I am learning about all of you mostly from friend Spider-Man," she says, apologetically. She nods towards Sarah. "He is a friend of mine and he is very smart and cute. You would like him," she says confidently. "Everyone does!"

"Yeah, the, uh, whole killing thing?" Anya tells Mera, "kinda frowned on here."

Sarah's remark actually draws a bit of redness to Anya's face. It's probably the confident, devil-may-care attitude with which she stands there. "Spider-Woman was already taken," she starts to say, before her head pivots almost comically toward Kori.

"Wait, did you say 'cute'?" Anya takes a step forward, and she visibly seems a little cross. "Did that hatchling unmask himself to you or something?" To Sarah and Mera asides, "We all kinda got this thing about masks and, ya know. Not taking them off."

Back to Mera she turns. "Anyway! Sorry if you got scared. Really wasn't tryin' to do that. This really isn't my turf, I was just in the area and, kinda needed the change of scenery. I hope that Daredevil dude doesn't have another stick jammed up his ass, or I might be in trouble." She grins at that, apparently having come to terms that it's okay say OMG BAD WORDS while in costume.

"I was not scared" Mera replies to Anya with a tone that says that even suggesting it is outlandish. "I was curious. Daredevil did not have a stick up his ass when I saw him. Does he often have such a stick?" Each to their own. "Yes, I understand about the 'no killing' here, though I do not think he made a very good argument against it. But this is your city. Let it fall as you wish."

A smile for Sarah. "I am glad that you found someone who could help you…though a little sad you did not call on me as well." A nod for Kori. "Thank you for helping Sarah. Her noble sacrifice to help those she sheltered deserved to be rewarded. I am glad that she is at peace now." The hand holding is not lost on Mera either. "I know Malta." She knows lots of little islands. "There is a Spider-Man, a Spider-Woman, and a Spider-Girl? Is there a Spider-Boy?" She looks to Anya. "When you grow up, do you become Spider-Woman too?"

Sarah hmmms, her lips quirking in a rueful smile. "Well…it was in the middle of a desert a long way away from the ocean or any big body of water, soooo…it probably would have put you at a disadvantage." she admits. She blinks, then flushes a bit at Mera's comment about noble sacrifices. "But in the future, be happy to." She doesn't seem to mind Kori holding onto her fingers…she's gotten used to the other woman's tendency to like physical expressions of affection. Mostly! Unless people call attention to them, in which case it tends to fluster the tall Apache still.

"Hmm, or do you have to battle to the death for who gets to be the Spider-Woman, and the other one has to be Spider-Baby or something? Spinnerette? Spinnerette is a good name too." she says thoughtfully. "Wait, what are the other two Spider-Women called now, then, if one is Spider-Woman and you're Spider-Girl?"

For once, Kori's complete lack of social inhibitions might save someone— deflecting Anya's wrath from Peter. "He has the buttocks of the tightness! Do you not think of those as the cuteness?" she inquires, and thus evades that dangerous line of inquiry.

Thank God Peter had lectured her just a couple hours previously about that exact issue!

When Mera complains about the 'no kill' ethics, Kori's eyes go wide. "You have the rightness of it!" she blurts out. "They have so many ridiculous rules! 'You must wear the clothings!' 'Everyone is having the sex but do not discuss it!' 'No killing!'" She shakes her head emphatically. "It does not make the sense— I am glad to meet someone else who agrees with me!"
She settles herself. "But it is my pleasure to help Sarah, she is very kind and witty and has been teaching me many things," Kori says, and smiles brilliantly at the raven-haired woman. She squeezes Sarah's fingers again, then looks to Anya and Mera.

"You should talk to Spider-Man about becoming Spider-Woman! I was very confused about the culture and my role here. He helped make a woman of me!" she declares with a beaming smile.

A snort, a stifled laugh, and a brief moment of choking comes when Mera asks of the stick up Daredevil's ass. "Hey, I don't even know the guy, hell if I know what he keeps up there."

To Sarah's question, she shakes her head. "No no, there's only one Spider-Woman. Two called Spider-Girl, but the other one got sucked over here through some trans-dimensional portal gone haywire. Science experiment. Some real quantum mechanics stuff. So, she gets a pass. Oh, and there's one who just goes by 'Silk', so she gets points for being original."

Like a rubber band, Anya's head snaps back to Mera. "We're all grown up!" she retorts. "We're just apparently really bad about coming up with a variety of names." She shrugs wide, arms out to the side. "I coulda gone by something like 'la arana' but then all these fake woke posers woulda tried to say I was culturally appropriating my own culture."

And now Kori is talking about Spider-Man's bum, and she literally can't help it. Her hand rises, and she facepalms right there in front of them. "Look, if you wanna go somewhere everyone is talking about the sex they're having and not wearing any clothes, there's a spot about four blocks that way." She points in the right direction. "But please, pleeeease don't let me hear about who the spiders are banging." She shakes her head, before giggling a little and eyeballing Kori. She asides to Sarah, "Kinda thought he'd have gone for someone a little shorter."

"For you, I would have dealt with any situation" Mera assures Sarah with regard to desert environments. "You may be surprised how much moisture is in the air. But it does not matter now, you have been saved and that is all that matters. You still have my number?" The Atlantean seems satisfied that Kori is wise, though she does frown at one comment. "I am not having sex" she points out quietly; moving on!

Buttocks of tightness? Moving on again. "I think you were always a woman, Kori" Mera points out though she has to then think on that. Maybe she isn't? Sexual phrasing she completely misses. "Daredevil moved too well to have a stick up his ass. There seem to be lots of spider people. I hear there is also one called 'Black Widow'." She looks in the direction of the sex and nudity show but can't see anything. "Spiders make banging noises on the surface?"

"Everyone is the same height lying down." Sarah can't help but respond to Anya. "Or so my Uncle Billy used to tell me. I do kinda like Arana though as a name." She raises a brow at Mera's firm assertion that she is not having sex, her eyes twinkling a bit now. "You must not be trying very hard then." she points out, looking the other redhead over. "Either that, or you're not meeting enough people that are your type."

Then Kori comments and she sighs, then rubs her face. "Mmm, okay, phrasing, Kori. If you say a guy has 'made you a woman,' it's usually slang for having given up your virginity to him." She glances over at the other other redhead. "I mean, I'm assuming Spider-Man's a friend friend, not a friend with benefits sort of friend, anyway?"

She follows Mera's glance, then says. "Ahhhh…I wouldn't say that's exactly healthy sex, however, considering the frequent mistreatment of sex workers in this country."

Kori's looking off in the same direction as Mera, intrigued by Anya's declaration. Her expression falters at the same time Mera's does, and she furrows her brow in consternation. "I have always been a woman," Kori agrees with Mera. "And I am not having the sexings either," she says, and pats Mera's shoulder in an awkward expression of empathy. "It is the okayness! It sounds as if Daredevil and his stick are having the sex."

Sarah's thoughtful clarification earns her a grateful smile. Kori's eyes go wide when Sarah explains what the colloquialism meant. "Oh. Oh! I see! Oh, that is the funny!" Kori thinks about it, then laughs. Hard. Loudly. A completely uninhibited noise, as if it's the funniest thing in the world. "Now I understand why he was so the flustered! Oh, joy, that is very much the winning humor," she says, touching a little tear of hilarity from her eye. "But yes, he is very much a friend friend with benefits," Kori assures the others. "He is teaching me a great deal about culture in America and helping me accli-mate to things here. I gain many benefits from a friend such as that!"

An expression that somehow mixes long-suffering with humor is sent from Anya to Sarah; gosh these redheads have some communication obstacles!

"Okay," she tells Mera, "'banging' just means 'having sex with'. So like… if I say 'Kanye is only banging Kim cause of her ghetto booty', I'm suggesting that Kanye's only reason for having sex with Kim is because she has a larger than average butt."

Her attention turns to Sarah next, and behind the mask, her eyes are widening. "Nonono, it's not a strip club! It's a swingers club, LGBTQ-friendly, never been but apparently it's pretty much guaranteed some kind of orgy's gonna break out there any given night." A pause. "AND it's mutant-friendly, so, ya know."

Now, everyone has a composure threshold. For Anya, it's when Kori declares that the Devil of Hell's Kitchen is being pegged by one of his batons. She tenses, and bites her lip, trying hard not to, but then she just turns away and starts laughing, aloud, and hard. "I hope he lubes the sucker up, first!" she manages to sneak out between nearly uncontrollable laughter.

"This Kanye person is doing what Daredevil is doing but with someone called Kim?" Mera asks with curiosity. This is quite an interesting conversation. It may even help with the surface invasion plans…or not. At least she knows what orgy means and that gets her eyes to open a little wider. LGBTQ…no idea.

Mera smiles to Sarah. "There was someone I was very interested in but I think they found someone else. They are very beautiful but if they are happy, then all is well." After some consideration, she adds, "I do not think everyone is the same height lying down."

A nod to Kori about Spider-Man. "He does sound very beneficial. The surface world can be very confusing. It is good that you have a guide." A glance to Sarah. "More than one guide." She shrugs to Kori's hand on her shoulder. "I am too busy for sexual activities anyway." Where would she find the time to roam Hell's Kitchen at night?

Sarah makes a coughing noise, eyeing Anya, though her lips twitch as the other girl bursts into helpless laughter. "R-right, so…ah. It means that you can be at the right height lying down, I think." she explains to Mera, then sighs at Kori. "A friend with benefits is slang for a friend you have sex with." she clarifies. "So, he would be just a good friend, not a friend with benefits." She can't help but smile a little bit at Kori's enthusiasm for the explanation though. She peers at Mera curiously. "O-oh, I'm sorry then…but I'm sure you'll find someone else. Someone like you stands out, and you've got a….an easy way about you." She smiles. "I felt comfortable talking to you right away. Even about things that I wouldn’t' have told most people."

Koriand'r gives Anya's outburst a quizzical look; she peers over her shoulder with renewed interest at the 'swinger's club'. She's about to ask Sarah what 'swinger' means but then the raven-haired woman's giving her more advice, and Kori goes 'aaaah'. "I see. Thank you, friend Sarah! You are most the helpful," she tells the other woman. "I am still struggling with much of your slang in this country. The idioms are also very confusing," she admits. "It helps when people explain the things."

She finds herself nodding along with Sarah's advice, and squeezes Mera's arm again in an attempt to be reassuring. "Yes, I am sure there is a kettle for your lid somewhere," Kori says, mangling that little turn of phrase. Something she's heard May tell Peter, probably more than once. "But the busy-ness is an obstacle, it is true. I am looking for a job, and now that I am graduated from school, I can focus all my effort on finding work. Which would be good! Everyone keeps asking if I am interested in modelling, and I think I would be, but then no one helps me find a modelling job." She scowls. "I tried to stand on a street corner and tell people I would wear or remove clothes for money, but then a friend explained I am giving the impression wrongly and convinced me I should not give out my home address." She exhales in frustration.

Mera's observation about Yeezy doesn't help stop Anya's uncontrollable laughter. It takes her a few moments to settle down, after which she's rubbing at the side of her mask because there are some tears under there and that is actually pretty irritating.

"You ladies are a riot," she observes with a big grin. "This is not how I expected a little patrol through Hell's Kitchen to go. I'm gonna have to come back around this way again." She grins widely, before something appears on the HUD in her mask; a reminder she'd set up on her phone.

"Mierde!" the masked woman curses. "I'm late. Hey, listen, any of you ever need help or wanna find me? Spanish Harlem's my territory." She waves fingers to them, a glance given to each, before she's turning away. "Adios!"

She crouches down, then leaps forty feet into the air from a dead stop. Given that she doesn't appear ripped, whatever happened to her must have seriously transformed the composition of her muscles! At the height of her jump, a black webline is cast toward a building, and then Spider-Girl is swinging away toward uptown.

"No need to be sorry" Mera assures Sarah with a little half-smile. She is happy for the Apache, but she's also the one that got away. "Of course I will find someone" she states firmly, pride returning. She's a noblewoman of Atlantis, who can resist when she deems it time? "A kettle for my lid?" There's not a lot of boiling of water in Atlantis. "What is a kettle?" She listens to the street corner antics with a furrowed brow. "That seems a reasonable way to promote yourself to me."

"We are a riot?" Mera thought they were being quite ordered and polite. But then the grown-up Spider-Girl is leaping into the air and swinging away. "She must really be a spider." She looks back to the other two. "I should be on my way as well if there is a riot starting. It was lovely to see you again, Sarah. Nice to meet you, Kori. Make her happy."

Sarah looks surprised as Anya goes sailing away, tilting her head. "…wow. Girl has some serious thigh power there…" she says thoughtfully, before she looks back to the two redheads. Well, now she's outnumbered. She feels like she's serving as translator tonight for slang but doesn't seem overly to mind it. "A kettle is a type of metal pot used to boil things or cook stews or soups. You have a cover for it that matches to keep in the heat, so things cook properly, so a lid that matches a kettle is like a person who matches you and goes together well." she explains to Mera, then to Kori. "If you really want to do that, you need to find an agent. Not, and I stress this, NOT a pimp, or madam, which are people who arrange for people to sell their bodies, NOT for modelling. There are agencies that do that sort of thing, if you really want. I can probably help you find something. I mean, really, either of you would be snapped up by any agency worth applying to." she says ruefully.

Then back to Mera. "She means you're very funny or entertaining, it comes from saying someone is a 'laugh riot', meaning…well, causing lots of laughs, I guess? Not sure where that one came from." The Apache girl shrugs slightly, then blinks a bit Mera's comment to Kori, looking confused as to who is being made happy.

"Ah hah! I knew it was a good idea!" Kori crows. Validated!

She watches Anya swing away and shakes her head at Mera. "No, they are not actual spiders. I know, I have inspected their thoraxes for additional limbs," she assures Mera. "You can tell, because they only have /four/ limbs and /two/ eyes." She frowns. "At least, the ones I've met don't."

The admonition from Mera provokes a blink of confusion, and Kori looks after the departing spider-woman. Then at Rain. Then she looks over her shoulder, just to see if she can figure out who Mera is talking about.

"Very well, I will do my best," she says. Confidence always, if nothing else! Little details can be figured out later. "Oh! Before you do the goings, do you have a cellular phone?" Kori asks. She pulls an older, battered smartphone out of one of her romper pockets. "I would much like to meet you again, friend Mera. You are the first *sensible* person I have met since coming to this place," she says. "I wish you would stay longer, though! It is refreshing to meet someone who is like Sarah and has the sense that is common," she says, nodding at her friend in appreciation.

Mera thinks these two are an item. What with the hand holding and Sarah saying there was someone else in her life. It's easy for an Atlantean to be confused. "I do not have a cellphone, but I have this." She pulls out an object that is much the same size though its capabilities are far greater. "Hold out your phone and I shall share numbers." And probably copy everything off Kori's phone as she does it. Of course she is sensible! She is a noble!

"I still have your number too." Sarah says, speaking up as the exchange is made. "If you just want to come out and hang out or…stuff? I mean…now that I'm here and not being chased around…I've got a lot more freedom of who I can hang out with without endangering them." she says simply.

Kori blinks, but holds out her phone dutifully for Mera to 'scan' it, or whatever she's going to do. She puts her phone back in her pocket once Mera's done with it and listens attentively to Sarah's conversation. She nods encouragingly at Mera, supporting Sarah's words. If there's any possessiveness, it's imagined. Kori doesn't seem to radiate that bristling hostility some people do about personal space or attachments. "We both have more time and freedom," Kori agrees, supporting Mera. "The nice lady at SHIELD told me when I graduate high school, I am legally an adult. Now I do not need to report to the agents, and I am allowed to rent a new apartment if I wish. It means also I can travel more freely! Which is why we are in the Kitchen of Hell. Someone told me it's where the 'real' city is." She frowns. "It all looks the same to me, but…" She shrugs.

"It looks better than some parts" Mera notes about Gordon Ramsey's favorite part of New York after she scans the phone. A nod to Sarah that she still has her number. "You know you can call it anytime." An arch of an eyebrow as they both encourage to hang out with them. She won't turn down the offer though. "I will be honored to see you both again. But, for now, I must leave. If you go down to the orgy, let me know if it is worth visiting. And what LGBTQRSE means." A polite bow to them both before she heads off in the general direction of the nearest ocean.

Sarah blushes a bit. "It, ah, it's, complex…ask me next time then and I'll explain it to both of you." she says simply, fidgeting just a little bit, before she smiles softly at the Atlantean. "See you soon Mera, take care!" she says, waving to her as she heads off.

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