2019-05-15 - The Apocalypse Made Wolf


Kai gets to meet the Apocalypse and talk about a jaunt into hell.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed May 15 07:39:33 2019
Location: Tavern on the Green

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Despite Astryds penchant for cooking and catering, she sometimes lets Fenris talk her into eating out - as he has indeed done today. The Tavern on the Green is a nice little place in Central Park and the pair have commande—- errr taken a table near the walkway. They can mortal watch.

"Ambrose said he wanted us to meet one of the party, my heart." The tall, stern, blonde is saying as she sips from the glass of wine she has. Others around them are looking … uncomfortable though they're not sure why.

It has nothing to do with Fenris' aura or the way Astryd presents of course.

"Indeed?" Fenris says, enjoying his own wine. There's actually a fairly clear and quiet space around them. No one really wants to be at an adjacent table and people near them don't talk too loudly, almost as if they fear drawing attention to themselves. They do not, indeed, know why. But Fenris does.

He finds it amusing. It's either laugh or cry after all.
5r"One that I have met?" Fenris has not intimidated - er, been introduced to all of the team yet. Sif has been working on a few people and though she's mentioned their names she hasn't of course mentioned their faces.

Well, she's not a telepath, is she?

"I suppose when I said a meeting, I was not clear upon the 'where' of it." Here comes the Jackal, saunting easily over to the table set along the green's pathway. Well…'easily'; Fenris's aura is always enough to set his teeth on edge, even if Ambrose's sardonic little smile is a curl of lips alone. "The food here is passing good," he adds, glancing up from the table and towards the interior of the restaurant. "If we survive this foolhardy foray, I shall share my wealth of knowledge in regards to the best of the best."

Ambrose looks back to them again. His hands are still in the pockets of his dark windbreaker and his stance is projected as confident in the lazy hip-akilter shift of his weight to one foot. "He should be here at any time," the Jackal adds.

In wanders the golden-haired Elf, radiating 'good eats' to the predatory senses of anyone who sees him. It's like his cologne were A1 steak sauce. He's dressed rather nicely in clothes that hint at money. When he spies Ambrose, he smiles broadly and comes over to the table. "Hello," he says. "Sorry I'm late. Someone tried to mug me on the subway and I had to help set his arm."

He takes a seat, all prim and proper, then says to Astryd and Fenris, "Hi. I'm Kai." He's an Alfheimian, too, of some noble bearing.

"I'm sure he'll find us. Fate has a way of making these things happen." Astryd answers, shaking her head to Fenris questions "I have not met him, my heart. Maybe you have, I do not know." She watches the others in the tavern, a small smile tugging at the corner of her lips. Sometimes it's a good to be a god.

Or a Valkyrie.

As the elf walks in, Astryd perks up … the smile getting just a little more predatory. Kai's introduction though has her pale brow rising "I'm Astryd. You … set the arm of a man who tried to mug you?" Oy. Elves. She should have remembered.

"You are Ambroses friend, yes? To be one of the party on our little jaunt?"

"You didn't mention he'd be an elf, Ambrose." Fenris chuckles. "Been a while since I've seen one of those that wasn't on a movie screen speaking in some clever gibberish thought up by an Englishman." Not that this is a problem of course. Elves are welcome. But being from Svartalfhiem, Kai might actually recognize the name.

"Hello Kai. Pleased to meet you. My name is Fenris."

Yes. That Fenris. It's possible that Sif will have let this slip already… but you never know.

The Jackal remains on his feet for now, more set towards the pathway and its passerbys in clumps and singles, pairs and clusters, on foot or on wheel. He's subtly feeding the Bane anyways, letting tendrils reach behind him and sample at the life forces of folks traveling past — just nibbles, nothing terrible. A few can be seen to yawn. Time for another latte!

"Yes, an Elf…" echoes the master-thief quietly, still sporting the thin curve of amusement at his lips. "And a long-known friend of mine, yes. We met within our respective fields in the…what was it…" His eyes flick and linger on Kai. "Early 1900s, I believe? I vaguely remember pigeons…bloody flying rats," he grumbles before continuing in a more conversational vein. "I think him capable of granting quality aid in our endeavor."

Apparently no one told Kai he'd be meeting the Fenris. His eyes widen, and he goes a little paler. "Oh," he says, faint and fluttery. "Oh, it's nice to meet you both. I, ah, yes. I've heard of you." He swallows. Why did it have to be a wolf? The wolf of wolves, in fact?

Still, he can be a proper Elf when called upon so to be. He sits up a little taller, and that noble regard comes to the fore. "I'm looking forward to working with both of you."

He smiles at Ambrose, and that deep concern melts into genuine warmth. Can't keep and Elf down for long. "London, I believe. Goodness, has it been so long?"

"Everyone seems to have heard of Fenris." Astryd smiles a little and pours wine for their guests, or tops up glasses. As a Valkyrie who was exiled when she was still quite young, her name isn't anywhere near as well known.

"And what is your field, if I might ask, Kai? I know that Ambrose is a rascally scholar. Rather like that movie series I enjoyed in the 1980's." She specifies the century. Because of she has to.

"Fenris can give you an idea of where I will be leading you… on our … journey."

"Well, I'm not sure what destination we've got in mind first. I suppose first up might be… hell." Fenris pauses, taking a really rather trollish type of amusement in all this. It's only after a moment that he adds. "Well, that's what mortals might call it. Mephisto's realm. There's a tablet there in the Caverns of Lethe we need. After, or I suppose possibly before that, we need to dig around at Chernobyl."

These are not prime vacation spots this quest is going to, it seems.

"It has indeed been that long," replies the Jackal in a voice quieted in momentary awe at the stretch of time he's lived through. He does grin, however, at the visionary movie-star referenced and being equated to him by Astryd — someone's preening to himself now by the subtle lift of his chin and misting of smug about his person.

Fenris does pop his momentary high in mentioning not only the underworld, but the delightful site of one of humanity's greatest follies. Ambrose sobers visibly, the small dimples melting away. Joy. He remains quiet, listening.

Kai's brow arches as Ambrose is called a scholar. Definitely a rascally one. "Oh, well. Most of my skillset involves a familiarity with Midgard, and of course the etiquette and obligations of a courtier and lord." So prim, he's the very image of a well-behaved harbinger of light and goodness.

Then he glances idly at his manicure and adds, "For some reason, locks break around me. I can't imagine how. I'm afraid my acquaintance with darkness has made me rather good at creating and working within it."

He glances back up at the three of them. "I've been to Niflheim," he says, "and I wandered a few versions of hell while I was in the neighborhood."

Astryd smiles again at the responses from the other men. She knows Ambrose has a very … specific … set of skills. Or at least she suspects. "Locks break, hmmm? And you can work with darkness. This is good. We are going to Mephistos' realm first. I know the way through the Underworlds."

Yes, the Valkyrie just said Underworlds, plural. These are a very strange pair, really.

"Fenris has a map of the Caverns and where we must venture. Lady Sif and myself will provide a distraction whilst others, do the stealthy thing to steal the tablet." The blonde looks at Fenris "You found some references in your texts, did you not? Of the trials that team might face?"

As for Ambrose, the blondes grey eyes fix on him. "Did you manage to speak with the owner of the trinkets you mentioned? Were they willing to allow their use for this venture?"

"How unfortunate for the lock owners. I do hope that things don't tend to go missing when that happens." The Old Wolf says entirely insincerely. He leans forward slightly and takes another sip of his drink.

"I did yes. It's quite a long list. The names of various demons that might get in our way. Various rather graphic environmental perils. In short we should be prepared to protect ourselves from being crushed, burned, impaled, perforated, parasitized and put into an eternal dreamless sleep."

He chuckles grimly. "Well, that's the highlights anyway."

"No issues with that I presume? Ambrose? Kai?"

"…don't bloody laugh."

It floats towards Fenris in particular, flat and truthful in ire, and is accompanied by a gimlet glare by Ambrose. "I could have gone for many more days yet without my imagination being fed as such. I find your lack of tact disturbing." A sniff and the Jackal scratches at his jawline briefly before swiping his hand down his face.

"On a far more practical note, yes, Astryd, the owner of the trinkets parted with them." He doesn't say why…or how…or even if the owner knows about it. "We have their use during this venture. Next we gather and all are present, I will reveal their nature. In the meanwhile, I would keep them sequestered and without influence from the outside world. Their charmings may be brief if toyed with idly."

"Sir," Kai tells Fenris with wide-eyed earnestness, "I would have no idea how they would. As you well know, my people are known for our honesty and decorum. Unless I were the exception to the rule." Somewhere in Alfheim, his grandmother is annoyed and doesn't know why. "As for the perils, I'm not worried."

Tilting his head, he asks Astryd, "Did a powerful Elvish sorceress ever pay you handsomely to deliver her grandson from the Underworld? I don't exactly remember how I got out, and when I ask, she tells me not to worry about it."

"Come now Ambrose…" Astryd smirks. She looks like she might be relishing the idea of the sojourn. "It sounds invigorating, don't you think? I'll be sure to study what Fenris found so we're prepared."

Kai's question has her thinking and she looks at the Elf. "No. I haven't taken payment from anyone in a long time and much of my work was … the other direction." She speaks softly. "There are so many warriors in this day age that many don't see. But if your Grandmother paid someone, I'm sure you'll be fine."

"Were there any other questions from either of you?"

"What manner of artifact, Ambrose?" Fenris asks, looking over at the gentleman-scholar. Well, probably scholar. Claimed scholar. Alleged scholar? He did translate those tablets and that was pretty impressive in truth.

And he wants the other two. Curious, really.

"Apologise Ambrose. Tact is not something I am especially known for, but as Astryd says… I'm sure you'll be fine." Juuuuuuust fine…

"Are you sure you wish to make the trip then. I find that most who have been in the underworld as… extended guests often do not wish to return. And sometimes the keepers of those realms remember them. Though if you went to… Helhiem… well we won't be going there."

Probably. Hopefully.

"Invigorating. Puh." Ambrose puffs his lips appropriately, the essence of a sneer lingering on them. Still, he seems to gather himself into a sense of confidence once more, especially when queried further about his haul — er, collection — borrowed…goods.

"It was…funny…" It seems even he isn't sure that's the word he wants, but the Jackal continues regardless. "I was musing over the circumstances of location when it came to me: what better way to deal with the various underworlds of humanity's beliefs than equipped with something of value both above and below the divide between worlds?" He reaches up to his shirt and fillips fingers beneath the collar. Out comes a siglos coin on a chain length, ancient and still buffed to gleam, no doubt charmed against aging and wear.

"Coins," he reveal, looking rather smug again. "One for each member of the party, worth its charmed weight in belief in its presence. No one has disproven the luck of his coin here, but could I tell you it was lucky myself? I cannot. Do I believe it?" The Jackal waves his hand almost dismissively as he adds coyly, "I still live after nearly one-hundred and fifty years."

Kai says, "Yesterday, I let my fear of what happened to me get in the way, and it took me out of a fight. In front of someone attractive who probably now sees me as a coward." He frowns. "I'm not going to let that happen again. I'm going to face it, and I'm going to get over it. It's a liability I can't afford, you see. So yes, I'm sure I want to do this."

He asides to Ambrose, "Goodness, we haven't caught up in awhile. In the sixties, I was dating a sorceror who tagged me for the Wild Hunt, had me killed, then broke up with me. Instead of just, you know, saying 'this isn't working out.' Obviously, I'm all right, but the funny thing is no one's seen the sorceror since. The only other powerful magic-worker I know won't tell me what happened. We daren't speak his name in the home."

"Coins. That's a good idea…" Astryd looks impressed. "I look forward to seeing them, Ambrose. Belief plays a big part in many things." Is Ambrose lucky? Astryd is going to find out, she's sure.

"The Wild Hunt?" That has her grey eyes turning to the Elf. "You … There is a Sluagh lose in the city. At least one. Someone has summoned them to deal with Lord Baldur of the Asgardians. Have you been bothered by this, recently?"

"Ah. I remember when these fell out of custom. Pity that." Fenris is of course referring to funerary coins and those fell out of custom a long, long time ago. Still, he agrees with Astryd. It's a very good idea.

"Belief is indeed quite a powerful thing. And I can tell that these are heavy with the weight of it." Coins are in fact a particularly good attractor for that kind of power. Between the weight of tradition, there status as currency and various superstitions about luck, coins get a LOT of faith put into them. Time to, as it were, cash in.

"I'm sure Astryd appreciates that you don't want to look like a coward in front of her, but rest assured we tend not to be too judgemental." The Old Wolf is teasing now, latching on to that bit about someone fairly attractive. "But, this is sounding more and more like it will work out well for us. I'm sure that Hell and radioactive death traps will be no trouble at all. Well… no more than the usual amount of trouble, I should say."

Ah yes. The Unseelie. That thing has been a problem and no mistake and Fenris growls slightly when it's brought up.

Kai shakes his head and tells Astryd, "No, I haven't seen any Sluagh. Thanks for the head's up. I'll keep an eye out." He shivers a little. Damn Unseelie. "I should probably spend more time at home and less time wandering the streets alone at this rate." He smiles a little. Should, but won't.

"In any case, I'm all in. When Lady Sif first mentioned the mission, I pledged to help, and I mean it. Whatever you need. Ambrose can tell you how to get in touch with me."

"Should you be beset, you can find us in the phone book. Ulric and Natasha Kerenksy, in Queens." Astryd nods, relieved the elf hasn't been bothered. "We will be leaving soon. Godkiller must be located for what we face next."

With a glance to Fenris and the other gentlemen, Astryd rises. "If you'll excuse me, Gentlemen, I have an errand I must run. My heart, I'll be by to collect you when I'm done. Try not to scare the mortals … too much." beat "Kai, Ambrose. A pleasure."

And with that, the tall blonde stalks off.

"Astryd will be leading things." Fenris says as he rises. "I will of course be with you if other matters do not demand my attention. Until then, stay safe. If you can."

And with that the very apocalypse itself also rises and follows after the Valkyr.

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