2019-05-15 - Art in the Park


The Rasputin siblings meet up in the park and run into another artist who is joined by his elfy friend.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed May 15 00:24:05 2019
Location: Washington Square Park

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Buck's a lot more lackadaisical about dealing with paperwork and SHIELD bureaucracy than Steve is. He's also not in a leadership position. So what this equates to is more free time….and while he's made himself de facto cook and housekeeper, even with that role, he's got time to go wander out on an early summer evening. So he's claimed a seat by the fountain, and he's sketching the landscape - t rying to capture the way the sun hits the fall of water, the kids playing around it.

The long hair is tied back, but he's not wearing a cap, for once. Cyclones t-shirt, jeans, and an opaque, skintone cloth sleeve over the metal arm, leather glove on the hand itself. His expression's intent, but there's pleasure there, nonetheless.

The cold of the New York winters don't bother Illyana, but she doesn't especially *like* them either. Being stuck in a year-or-longer blizzard with no shelter and unable to die has the upside of making it easy to ignore being cold, but also means the bad weather can drag up unpleasant memories. But moving into summer, with a park full of life and greenery? That's something that reminds Illyana that she's not in Limbo any more, and makes for a great place to meet up with her brother. She was going to bring him some treats from a Russian bakery that she knows of, but something came up and well, she doesn't have them anymore.

Because she has such a hard time with Time, Illyana is used to being late. Seeing the sketchpad at a distance, she groans. Likely, Piotr's been here a while and has started sketching while he waits for her. She quickens her pace as she heads over that way.

New York winters have nothing on Russian winters. Though even when he's sitting, the nearly 7 foot tall man with a military buzz cut is very hard to miss. He has his own easel and sketchpad set up. The fountain and trees, on the cusp of spring, is always a popular subject - and Piotr is working on capturing it. He has his pallet in one hand, as he works on mixing his paints. Part of the fountain is already completed by the time Illyana arrives.

"Snezhinka." he greets his sister as she arrives. "You are late.. and…" He notices the empty bag she carries her hands. "…were obviously hungry."

The Russian endearment makes Buck look up from his own work…and blinks at her. The snowflake in question is heading his way. To all immediate appearances, he's just another American, somewhere in his twenties….though he has some little renown as Cap's companion. Realizing her confusion, he points at Piotr with the pencil he was using.

Illyana Rasputina can be forgiven for seeing an easel and thinking it was her brother, right? How many people sketch in the par—apparently more than one. Illyana draws up short and blinks a few times at Bucky, because yeah. He doesn't look like her brother. She follows the direction of the pointing, where Piotr's voice is coming from and raises her voice to be heard across the distance. "« I bought you some treats, but then I ran across someone who was hungry. »" Illyana says in Russian. There's a few interesting things there. One: She bought something. Illyana doesn't have much in the way of money, so that she spent it on Piotr says a lot. Also, that she gave someone who was hungry something. Because that's not her usual style.

Turning back to Bucky, she gives him a small smile and tilts her head in what might be construed as an apology. But she doesn't say that. Looking down, she looks at his drawing. "You're almost as good as my brother." Illyana's English, unlike Piotr's, lacks any Russian accent.

Kai wanders, like he's wont to do. He likes listening to the local performers. When he spies a familiar face, he makes his way over to Bucky and the strangers. "Bucky," he says with his bright, English accented chipperness. "I'm so glad to see you." He offers Illyana a warm smile. "Hello," he tells her. "I'm Kai, how do you do?"

The girl gets a long, wary look….but Buck decides to take the compliment as given. "Thanks," he says, slowly. "I'm just an amateur, but I used to be an art student. Tryin'a remember my old skills….and it's fun." A way of soothing himself, really. Something he can concentrate on.

Then there's the elf, and he looks over with a grin. "Hey, Kai. How goes?"

Poor Piotr is accosted by one of the park-goers who is also, apparently, an artist. As the woman pulls his attention away, Illyana shakes her head with amusement. Where Illyana tends to put off a creepy vibe that has people moving to the other side of the park, Piotr has that 'gentle giant' aura that encourages people to talk to him. The blonde looks back to Bucky, quirking a brow at that wary look and likely completely misinterprting it.

Kai's arrival has Illyana looking over as he nods her way and despite his warm and friendly smile her eyes narrow as she peers at him. She takes a moment to look him up and down, and not with the appreciative type of gaze he's likely used to.

Remembering she was talking to Bucky, Illyana's words are a bit distracted as Kai's presence nags at her a bit. "I'm uh, I'm a terrible artist. But my brother's been teaching at one of the local schools." Most people don't recognize him as a Russian superhero, and so don't realize that might be a bit odd.

Kai's smile just remains stellar in the face of that wariness. To Bucky, he says, "Things are great. My new apartment has a gorgeous view of the park, my roommate is fantastic, and I guess I'm dating girls too now. Last night there was a Wyvern, though, and I was attacked by a Black Dog, but I'm no worse for wear. How have you been?"

She excuses herself to take off after her brother. "I'm all right. Your new room-mate's workin' out okay?" he wonders, gesturing for the elf to join him. The comment about girls ….that gets a smirk. "Finally met some that did it for you….but what's this about wyverns and black dogs?" That doesn't sound good, by the way the smile fades.

Kai settles next to Bucky. "Yeah, I guess I just really like forward women," he says. "The new place is gorgeous, and it's just… it's really nice not to live alone. My roomie works for that clandestine organization we both know doesn't exist." He's got the grace to keep his voice down at that so only Bucky hears it. "His name's Beau. He's a doctor I think. I'm kind of crushing on him, but don't let him know that." He then waves a hand and says, "The Wyvern was taken out by some agents of the organization that doesn't exist and a superpowered young woman of some skill. The dogs left when their master ran off. I won't be so scared next time. It's just that, with the Wild Hunt and being marked, I don't know. I had flashbacks."

"Man, I bet," Buck says, with sympathy. "And I'm glad to hear that's goin' well for ya." Nevermind the ring of gold silicone on his right hand, with its tracery of black, in some intricate Celtic design. "He doesn't know you like guys, this doctor? Or just doesn't know that you like him, in particular?"

"Oh, yeah. He knows," Kai says. "We both do. I'm just, you know. I'm still taking things slowly. I don't want him to find out I like him, and he doesn't like me back, and it's awkward. And I'm not sure if I'm really ready to seriously date someone. It's like, I don't think he'd set the Wild Hunt on me and have me killed, but you never know."

Illyana Rasputina has been over chatting with her brother, the blonde's presence making the newest artist somewhat uneasy and so they found a way to excuse themselves. Shortly after, Piotr gets a call and needs to make a quick exit of his own. He shoves his palette and brush at her, leaving the easel behind and heads out at a good clip, leaving her standing there with a mildly annoyed expression.

And paint. Dripping down the front of her clothes. At least they're black.

"Better hope not," Buck says, a bit bleakly. Then he catches sight of Rasputin's dilemma, and winces in sympathy. He waves to her, and holds out a fistful of napkins. Apparently he had a snack, too, earlier, and brought them along.

Kai clicks his tongue and says, "Oh, no, your outfit," to Illyana. Bucky's on it with the napkins though, so Kai just looks fretful. "I mean, it's kind of a cool pattern, at least. You know, club soda gets everything out. In all the Nine Realms, I haven't found anything better."

Illyana Rasputina gives Bucky something that's part smile and part grimace. Extricating herself from the mess, she finds a place to put it with the easel. Were it anyone other than Piotr she likely would have just tossed it somewhere. But the big lug gets a special pass.

The blonde comes over to accept the napkins from Bucky and works on wiping at the worst of the paint without much of an eye towards keeping it from staining. "Eh, I'm not a huge fashion bug." She replies to Kai, and then her movements pause, and she looks up at him. "Nine Realms?" She's pretty sure she's heard a certain Valkyrie use that exclamation a time or two.

That makes Buck grin. "That good, eh?" he asks the elf, tone fond. "I'll keep that in mind. Still a fan of Fels-Naptha, though. I use it at home and it works." He lets Kai explain his origins, but the blue eyes are bright. He does like the reveal, even if it's at second hand.

Kai nods amiably. "I swear by it," he tells Bucky. Then, to Illyana, he says with an expansive gesture, "The Nine Realms. They make up the World Tree, and this one is my favorite." Knowing this probably won't clear it up, he adds, "I'm from Alfheim. It's one of the realms, and we're staunch allies of Asgard, where Thor is from."

Illyana Rasputina gives her head a bit of a shake as Kai explains. "OK. I heard right then. I recently ran into a Valkyrie at my old alma mater." The worst of the paint addressed, Illyana turns the weight of her attention on Kai. It's certainly not something that most mortals care to have settle on them. Illyana's attention has an intensity that most people can't muster. "Also explains why I had the whole pricking of my thumbs thing."

Buck cocks his head - it's an almost doglike expression, that. But he doesn't ask her what she means by the pricking of her thumbs. There's only a prompting raise of brows, and a look to Kai. Always curious about anything relating to the Nine Realms.

Kai sweeps into a courtly bow, which looks ridiculous in his street clothes, and he says, "At your service, milady. I'm afraid there aren't many of my kind who have ever been to Midgard, and I am but a poor representation." It's so easy to go into formal speech, and just as easy to drop it as he says to Bucky, "What can I say? I'm magic."

Illyana Rasputina is Magik! Ah well. You pick a really generic codename for yourself, you don't get to complain.

Bucky's curious expression has Illyana wiggling her thumbs as they they really were, uh, pricking. Or whatever. "He is." She explains. "Sets my senses a-tingle. She's actually human though. Something about her horse being picky. I haven't met an elf before though." Because that's what his kind got filed under in her tomes on Alfheim.

A frown lingers on her expression, as though something were bothering her. Inwardly, she works to hold onto her lessons from Xavier's. The ones about interacting with people and not how to control her powers. Because Kai sparks some rather unsavory interests in her.

"Huh," says Buck. "So, like….magic folks, they set you off? Any kind of magic? Not just people from other realms?" He's folded up sketch pad, begun to tuck away the colored pencils he was using. They're far more diverting than the view.

Kai does rather radiate 'prey on me' despite that to any outward glance he's just a friendly, happy fellow. "That's a handy trick," he says. "I don't have any way of scanning for magic. There's just all this inherent ability I was born with. We all have it."

Illyana Rasputina looks back over to Bucky. It takes some work to stop looking at Kai, and once she does it she tries not to glance back at him. "Some more than others." She admits. A lot of magic users have a certain 'feel' to them, and magical creatures (like oh, elves) can set it off. Unless they're actively warding against detection of course. In both cases. "But definitely magic, more than where they're from."

That would be why Illyana mistook an alien for a demon earlier.

Bucky whistles at that. "Lucky," he says, voice quiet. "I wish I could sense 'em coming." Presumably he's had bad experiences with magic-users in the past.

Kai says, "Yeah, no kidding. Especially when there's wizards, I guess. I haven't met any, but I've heard about them." He pauses, then says, "Oh wait, are you a wizard? I'm sorry if I offended. I just mean that magic can be dangerous and it's nice when you can see it coming."

Illyana Rasputina gives Bucky a smirk. "There's always a price involved for things like that. I wouldn't call it lucky. But it is what it is." The blonde might prefer if the circumstances that lets her pick up on magic never occurred. Certainly there's a cold bleakness in her eyes that she's way too young to have. Sometime that Bucky might find familiar, actually.

Kai's comment and following apology gets a tight smile. "Magic's always dangerous." She agrees. Both magic and Magik. She shakes her head and gestures to Piotr's art supplies. "I'm gonna get these put away. It was… interesting meeting you both." Turning away, Illyana gets over to the easel and palette and sets her hands on her hips like she's debating how to schlep all this stuff home. Finally she just shakes her head and opens a stepping disk at her feet. A moment later she and the art supplies are just gone.

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