2019-05-13 - Cat and Dog


A Wolf and a Raven get a visit from a Cat.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon May 13 04:52:51 2019
Location: 74-36 62nd Street

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"Alduin's wings they did darken the sky. His roar fury's fire, and his scales sharp as scythes. Men run and they cower and the fall and they die. They burn and they bleed as they issue their cry."
"Dovakiin, dovakiin, nok zin los vahriin. Wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ast vaal. Arhk fin norok paal graan fodnust vok zin dro zaan. Dovakiin fah hin kograan mu draal."

"We need saviours to free us from Alduin's rage, heroes on the field of this new war we wage. And if Alduin wins man is gone from this world, lost in the shadows of the black wings unfurled…"

It's after dinner and Fenris is playing his new guitar. It's a modern wonder, this thing called 'Expedited Shipping'. Most mortals in this day and age don't really realize how truly marvelous it is to have something made half a world away at your doorstep in a few days for ANY amount of money.

With dinner done, table cleared and kitchen cleaned, Astryd has curled on the couch. Her long blonde hair falls about her shoulders as she watches the dark haired God Wolf play. She doesn't join in though her voice isn't bad.

"I didn't think you enjoyed that game when tried it…" she smirks a little as she teases. "Something about teaching old dogs new tricks." Still, the music for it really was quite excellent.

Fenris holds the tune, strumming as he chuckles a little bit. "It's a very bad depiction of fantasy vikings. But it did have some good music. The young woman from Mexico is really quite the bard. Underappreciated, I think is the word."

He takes a breath and sings again. "And then came the Tongues on that terrible day. Steadfast as winter they entered the fray. And all heard the music of Alduin's doom. The sweet sound of Skyrim, the sky shattering thuum…"

"… And so the Tongues freed us from Alduin's rage, gave a gift of the voice, ushered in a new age. And if Alduin's eternal then eternity's done: For his story is over and the dragons are gone."

Fenris looks like he's going to go into another verse when there's a knock at the door and he frowns. "I didn't think we were expecting company tonight."

"Maluka, her name is. You really should get with the twenty first century and put that app on your phone." Astryd enjoys teasing Fenris. She's older than he but teasing him about his age is a past time of hers.

Closing her eyes, she leans back against the arm of the couch and listens. Fenris' voice is really quite good and this is a good end to the nig—-

The knock at the door gets her eyes opening again. "We are not, my heart. I had hoped for some time just for us." Unfurling from the couch, the tall blonde goes and opens the door.

"May I help you?" She says before even seeing who's there.

"Just a stray." Comes a voice. A voice that belongs to a woman who looks rather like Velma from Chicago. Catherine Zeta Jones' character. It's a good look, layered over a woman with darker, middle eastern looking skin and features.

"Shall I scratch on the door and hope you feed me?"

"I know that voice…" Fenris mutters from the couch. She doesn't much like coming 'round here though she has before. Astryd knows who it is as well.

All too well.

When the door opens the woman smiles. "Thank you. May I come in? I need to speak with you both."

"Bast…" Astryd sighs and looks to Fenris just as the door opens, then looks to the woman at the door. "If I feed you will keep coming back?" The Valkyrie gestures, inviting the woman in. "Please enjoy our hospitality, we extend Guest Right to you, Lady Bast. I'm sure Fenris will have drinks poured for us, soon enough. Would you like something to eat? I have pie for dessert and left overs from dinner, a rather nice lasagne if I say so myself."

When their guest enters and settles herself, Astryd asks the most important question. "I can't imagine what Bast wants to speak to the Wolf and Raven about."

OK. Not a question. But it is an invitation to say more.

"Astryd. It's been a long time." Bast steps in and after the door is shut she seems to change. Ears appear through her hair and she sighs in relief.

"Ooooh. Nice to be able to let my hair down a little. I'd love something to eat thank you." Fenris is indeed pouring the drinks and has them set out by the time Astryd has the food. He sits at the table, guitar laid aside.

"It's been a long time since Cairo, hasn't it?" Bast says, taking a drink, and a bite. "That was what. Nine centuries ago? Never thought to be looking for you here. But I heard you were in town and I'm not quite sure who I can trust. I've got… something of a problem."

Astryd casts Fenris a look/ as Bast cats out. //No wolfing out it says. She doesn't need a cat and dog fight.

When she returns with a plate of food, lasagne and salad for Bast, she takes a seat with Fenris and watches the woman. Cat. Being. "About that yes. Though it was like yesterday for me. Heard, did you? We've been here for about a century, a little longer."

The admission, when it comes, has the blonde looking to the God Wolf again, pale brows rising. "Does this have … anything to do with the attacks on Lord Baldur?"

Fenris just gives Astryd an amused look that promises nothing. Because yes, Fenris would do that.

"It… might." Bast says, looking uncertain. "It involves a company that my pantheon owns. Well, several of us own, anyway. Rahm-Tek. I've recently discovered that our tech has been doing some rather unfortunate things in this city. Scribing dangerous magic. I think there may be someone IN the local branch of the company doing something unfortunate. However I cannot be sure whether they're doing it on the orders of one of my fellows and I dare not let on that I know right now. So…"

Fenris snorts. "So you've come to someone who might hear you out and not tell prying ears."

"More or less, Old Wolf, yes."

"I'm only new in town myself, Astryd. So yes, heard. Have you liked it here? You've not been here long. Well, not by our standards."

"Rahm-Tek…" Astryd tries the name and smiles "I suppose even we have to modernise. I was just telling Fenris that he should use his phone how it's intended to be used now…" Which isn't as a phone, not now. "Did you come to for advice, help, or just a sympathetic ear?" The blonde asks carefully "Actually, given everything we're seeing, I'd … like to help. If you don't mind."

She's asking. See!

"Its … nice here. The mortals are interesting and there's rarely a dull moment. I do miss the mountains, covered in snow at times but Fenris has promised me a vacation … 'soon'." Soon might be another decade or so, or a century.

"I am using it how it is intended to be used. To call people. Or sometimes text them. Do not ask me why they insist on calling these devices 'smart' now. Unless smart means 'inventive new ways to malfunction.'" Fenris grouses. He is good at grousing, the Old Wolf.

Bast sticks her tongue out at him and then looks at Astryd. "Help, actually. I need people who can poke around where I cannot for fear of arousing suspicion. I have taken the persona of a regional manager and that's good enough to fool the mortals who work for us, but if another one of my own comes around, they'll recognize me. So… if you want to help, I want to let you. Can you think of anyone else who might be interested?"

"Several, possibly." Fenris mutters. "But most of them are Aesir…"

There's a short pause. "Soon, raven. Soon."

"They aren't meant as phones anymore …" Astryd teases. This is clearly a conversation they have regularly. And yes, he is good at grousing, the not-so Old Wolf is.

"Then you shall have it. I know some mortals though we've tried not to engage with them too much since our arrival. We have reporter, my heart, who seems to enjoy digging into mysteries. But there are others. I shall consider who we might know but Fenris is right most of who we know are Aesir." She thinks for a moment. "Let me talk to some I know, Lady Bast and see what I can find. I take it if I find an appropriate candidate, you'll be able to help me place them?"

"Can you use some Aesir, Lady Bast? Many are concerned for Lord Hod's safety."

"Yes. It wouldn't be necessary to show up for 'work' so long as the person in question has some way of ferreting out information and won't be immediately noticed in a way that will cause people to bolt." In other words not much subtlety is required. Some but not much.

"I can use Aesir for a great many things." The cat goddess chuckles. "And as well they should be concerned. Hod killing Baldur would be bad, but killing Hod would spark a backlash in fate like nothing ever seen. There's a reason that old One Eye never tried a trick like that."

Fenris is thinking himself. "That reporter would be good, love. But there might be some at the Embassy. Sif is up to her arms in other business and she's the most amenable to us. But… perhaps… him?"

Him. The Him. The Him that is usually spoken of when Asgardians are mentioned among mortals.

Astryd considers Bast and then Fenris, perched on the arm of his chair as she does. "I might be able to encourage some of the Aesir to help. If they'll talk to me." The Valkyrie is in exile, after all. Then again, there's of here that are exiled as well.

"You can use the Aesir now, can you?" Bast gets a smirk for that. "I'm not sure you should say it like that when they're around." There's a wink. Killing Hod … would be like snapping a thread in the canvas of life - something Astryd and Fenris try to avoid.

"Lord Thor, Fenris. That's a possibility. I hear he arrived not long ago and there's some upset with Asgard that preceded it. Would he … suffice, Lady Bast?"

"Oh well they'll never admit to being of use. Not publicly anyway." Bast says, flicking one of her cats ears as she leans back and enjoys both food and drink. Old school hospitality is hard to beat for Old School beings like the cat goddess.

"Thor? Oh that's rich. You're thinking of sending me the Aesir's biggest hammer to look for this nail?" Subtle Thor is often not but the God of Thunder is highly intelligent. He's just inclined to solve problems with, well, his hammer. Or at least that's the reputation he has. Fenris couldn't say whether or not it's accurate. His first hand knowledge of the Thunder Lord is millennia out of date.

"Have you heard, love, what he did to upset Asgard?" Because Fenris hasn't.

He's assuming that whatever upset Asgard is Thor's doing. It might not be… but that is the usual pattern.

"Not to another pantheon, at least." Astryd agrees watching the cat goddess as she eats. It is *good* lasagne, after all and the wine a lovely deep red that complements it. There'll be Godsmead to finish the meal off shortly.

"Thor is a fighter and given that, everything is a nail. It doesn't matter how big or small, it is. But I think he might prove a surprise to all of us, if he agrees. I will need to speak to him, of course and see if he's interested."

Fenris' question is a good one and the Valkyr shakes her head slowly. "The whispers in the Underworlds are as confused as ever they are, my heart but the general gist is Odin is displeased. Again."

"Odin is often displeased." Fenris grumbles. His opinion of Odin One-Eye is not a very high one though that does make sense. He lays much of the blame for how his early life went on at Odin's feet. Odin's and Tyr's. Whether he's right or wrong in that is a matter of some discussion but that's how he sees it.

Bast seems to consider, finally polishing off her plate and sitting back. "If he is interested he will do. Certainly, IF one of my pantheon is responsible for these Incidents involving Rahm-Tek, then they won't see him coming. If they are not, well so much the better. Whatever the case I think we all agree that we need to get a handle on this before it progresses much further. I understand that symbols have been seen that combine our magic with something Outside."

'From Outside' is not a phrase that anyone associated with magic likes. Or at least, not anyone sane.

"Yes. He is." Astryd places a hand on the Old Wolfs shoulder, giving him another look. This one understanding. "Who knows what he can see though and why he does these things." She's none too happy with Odin in general. In his temper he'd sent her from Asgard and then did exactly what she had asked, anyway.

"It is a curious thing, what is happening. Whilst I hope it's not one of yours, Lady Bast, I don't hold out much hope. To infiltrate your company to do this, can't be easy … I imagine your security is second to none."

Outside has Astryd shivering slightly. "I … had not heard that. My heart, are you seeing that influence in your weave reading?"

"The security is as tight as we can make it, but I'd hesitate to call it 'second to none." Bast says with a laugh as Fenris reaches up to pat Astryd's hand.

"We are after all a large public company that employs a great many mortals. Security can only reach so far and my fellow Pesedjet are not going to ensorcel every push-broom that comes along to ensure loyalty."

That'd be expensive if nothing else.

Fenris rises to fetch the godsmead and returns with three glasses. He pours it out sparingly. This stuff is potent afterall. "No but I'm not surprised. The influence of things Outside tends to show up not as threads in the weave but as odd voids. Places where things seem to be just… cut out." And he hasn't seen those but done right it is of course… very subtle.

"So it's true then? The Wolf of the End times reads fate. Not a skill I ever thought a dog would have the delicacy to develop…"

Fenris snorts. "Careful or I'll chase you up Yssdragil. Again."

"I'm sure it's high quality compared to what most Mortals employ. But your point is taken, Lady Bast." Astryd answers and lets Fenris up, taking a moment to clear Basts plate away to the kitchen.

By the time she returns, Fenris has the mead served and she settles again. "It's amazing what a few millenia of walking the realms can do for you. Even the God-Wolf has learned new tricks." She does like to tease him. Carefully. "If Outside is involved though, we must move quickly. Should they get a foothold … it will be hard to shake them."

"Well, probably." Bast laughs. "But most of what we do is high quality compared to your mortal average." It should be noted that Bast isn't a cat, but she is very much a feline archetype. And there are times like this when it really does show…

"So the Old Wolf CAN learn new tricks. How much have you managed to teach him, Astryd and how much are you willing to have him demonstrate?"

Fenris fixes the cat goddess with a look.

Bast ignores him. "They may already have one. I need to know if my own people are compromised. Hence my being here. Do you really think the Thunderlord will help?"

Astryd smirks and covers the look by taking a sip of her drink. "I'd like to think I've taught him a lot but none of that is very demonstrable. At least in public." She's seen the look from her companion and it just makes the blonde laugh out loud. "There's a lot he's learned from mortals too." She'll leave it at that for the moment.

"We will help you as we can, Bast. Unfortunately I can't speak for Thor at the moment. He may not even remember me, I was exiled while he was still very young and our paths didn't cross a lot at that."

"Pity. You two could make quite a showing at Westminster."

Fenris' look gets more… looky. Yes, he has learned a number of things from mortals. Like this look. This one. Right here.

"I will look forward to hearing from you in either case, Astryd. Hopefully you can find someone to help out with this. And if you can't… I can always use help around the office."

Help. She could do it herself. But Bast knows Astryd is busy. She often is. Fenris often keeps her so.

Astryd laughs and gives Fenris a kiss on the cheek before adding "Are you kidding me? Do you know how he is to groom? And then when his mats he gets all grow——" The blonde looks at Fenris and stops. She's teased him enough.

"How may I get in touch with you, Lady Bast? If Lord Thor doesn't agree or I have trouble finding him, I'll do it myself. When I return from a journey that I must make soon. Another matter, I fear, that can't wait."

The cat eared woman takes a card out of her purse and slides it over. "My name at the moment is Bethany Teft and that is my number. It's secure enough but if you need to talk about anything really important we should probably do so face to face."

Fenris takes a sip of his godsmead and leans back a little. He eyes Astryd for a moment and then takes another sip.

"How quickly will things get bad if this isn't addressed?"

"I don't know. Maybe we'll be lucky. But… quickly, I fear. So please, don't delay."

Astryd takes the card, casting a look at Fenris. "I will start tonight, seeking the Thunderlord and let you know as soon as I can." Fenris gets another and the blonde kisses his cheek again.

"Will you stay and visit a while longer, Bast or must you away?" The blonde asks politely. She'd be welcome to visit and catch up.

"I'd love to stay, since you're asking." The cat-woman says. Fenris smirks and rises. "I'll get more mead. We'll need it."

What happens when immortals decide to catch up with one another? Well, then they can be in for very long evenings indeed.

It's a good thing they generally don't need sleep.

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