2019-05-12 - Sunday Dinner 1


Dead Girl has a Sunday Dinner, as she does almost every week! She hires Cindy Moon for some work, feeds her, and feeds others as a few people pass through to talk and eat.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun May 12 00:00:00 2019
Location: The Store

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Sunday Dinner is in full-swing, and people from all over and from all backgrounds are enjoying the food and community spirit on display- as it has been for almost every Sunday since 1963. Food is being served, and everyone's brought something. Dead Girl is sitting near the entrance- waiting to welcome anyone who's come to visit.

Cindy Moon has shown up, perhaps in hope of seeing someone she'd met earlier called Laura, but also - well, because food. Mainly because of food. She's one of the few who doesn't bring anything - she /could/ have brought something but is pretty sure nobody here wants to eat dry military rations at a potluck. Her clothes are the sort of faded one gets from washing them so many times that they're about 5 or more shades duller than when they were first store bought.

But, the asian girl seems happy enough, pausing as she sees the corpse-blue color of Dead Girl, that throws her off a bit, before she greets, "Hi." And, offers Dead Girl a smile.

"Look, just… just stay in the taxi, alright? Jesus fuck, I just gave you $200 bucks, Dopinder!"

The can driver, a fellow of middle eastern descent, seems forlorn. "Very well, Mr. Pool, but I'd really like to have a delicious, free dinner as well!"

Deadpool sighs. "Fine. Once I put all my weapons in the trunk, go find a parking spot."

Moments later, the mercenary in red and without any of his weapons is strolling up to the entrance of the store, with a huge Tupperware container in his arms that appears to be filled with brownies. As he goes, he's whistling the tune of Octopus's Garden by The Beatles. Why? Because Ringo, that's why.

Dead Girl grins as Cindy stops in, "Hey there! Welcome to The Store. Nothing is for Sale! But, you're welcome to grab a plate and eat as much as you want or need. Take some with you, even!" Dead Girl offers as she looks to the young woman and her faded clothing. To Dead Girl, she's got a 'Woman's Shelter' look. Maybe faded clothes from being donations of donations.

"Hey there! Welcome to The Store!" Dead Girl continues as Wade steps in. "Help yourself to the food, look around- we're still open for the potential trade!"

"Thank you," Cindy says, earnestly to Dead Girl. She looks happy to get a bit of food, pausing as she notices Deadpool on his way in, with some brownies. She stares at him a few moments, before, "Hi," she says to him as if she's never met him before.

She tells Dead Girl, "I'm Cindy. It's nice to meet you both," in a glance over to include Wade in that as well. Though she can't help but wonder why Deadpool would show up - and, if he did, why he would show up in costume?! Is he after her!? Or someone else?

Somehow, even with his full face mask on, Deadpool's facial expressions bleed through. His eyes go wide at the pallor of Dead Girl's face; it's not blue like mutant blue, it just appears… dead. His left eye-hole seems much larger than his right one.

"Hi! I'm Deadpool." He looks from Dead Girl to Cindy, then back again. "I brought some tasty, delicious brownies." He looks back to Cindy, and stares right back at her for a moment. "Look, you really don't want me to take this mask off, okay? It'll ruin everyone's appetites."

Dead Girl doesn't seem concerned about Deadpool. She's used that sort of thing, it seems. And maybe other things, "Speak for yourself, they're comfortable eating with a corpse in the room." She continues over to Deadpool, before grinning to Cindy.

"Welcome, Cindy! Please help yourself, and feel free to take a tray or anything home with you. No one will be hungry, or anything, not while I'm around.!" she says with a little grin. "You can also make song requests- there are lists of today's Dead Girl Radio, it's only been added to- so please suggest additions!"

Cindy tilts her head curiously at Deadpool, then looks apologetic, "Sorry. Just not used to people in costume showing up randomly," she says. Which is true, even if it's not the whole truth. She nods again to Dead Girl - odd name for a girl, to be sure but Cindy feels she's gawked enough so she moves to the line and begins to fill up the tray with a rather heaping amount of food like she hadn't eaten in two weeks despite how healthy she looks.

"this is pretty cool," she admits, after finishing with her tray and holding it with both hands to Dead Girl.

"You are dead!" Deadpool's body lurches backward with sheer excitement. "I knew it! I am so jealous!" He frees a hand and gestures toward Cindy, as if to suggest he's not offended. "It's okay, really. You're fine, Cind-a-licious! Hey, I'm gonna go out these down, but." He looks between the two. "My friend Dopinder is bringing some brownies that are of the 'special' variety, so, you know. He's gonna keep those to himself, but if you wanna… you know."

What Deadpool doesn't get realize is that he made a critical error in baking two different batches of brownies… they all have ground up magic mushroomed cooked into them, rather than just the batch Dopinder is bringing in on his coattails. So, he sets the brownies down in an open place, pops the lid, smells the ooey gooey chocolate deliciousness, and pops one into his mouth, assuming it's not filled with psilocybin.

"So, those should go on the Third Floor. Kids aren't allowed up there today." Dead Girl notes, "And there's a lovely balcony if you need to smoke." she offers to Deadpool, grinning. "Yeah! I am!" she offers to Deadpool. "I've been dead for years." she admits, "I can show you a trick later, if you're interested. Ever seen someone's hand run across a table before?" she wonders with a wide grin.

"Hey, do you kids still like video games? I got some old stuff if you're interested in looking." She offers to Cindy.

Hellboy pushes his way through the front door backwards, carrying what appears to be a very large crockpot under one enormous arm, "Clear the way, Hell's Own Chili coming through. Prepare your stomach linings, you manky fu—" he starts, then sees a small child looking at him, "Fun people."

"No piggback rides until later. That goes for kids and grown-ups alike. Especially the hot moms. You know who I'm talking about," he says, "There better be some beer here…"

With his mask pulled up to his nose, the true nature of Deadpool's deformity is at least partly exposed. He devours that brownie as if it's the best thing on Earth, and remains completely unaware that the large tray is being whisked away to the third floor, along with Dopinder's smaller tray. Good thing, too; it would be a terrible shame if some of the children ended up tripping their little faces off.

For a few moments, he just stares at Dead Girl, speechless. "I think you're my new best friend," he tells her. "You're dead, I can't die! Could you imagine the parlor tricks?"

When Hellboy enters, recognition immediately registers. "Whoa! Dude!" He gestures, then up and rips the mask from his face, revealing the ugly head of Wade Wilson from when they met at Sister Margaret's. "Dude. Good to see you." He asides to Cindy and Dead Girl, "This guy's got the best stories."

Cindy is presently stuffing her face full of macaroni salad when Dead Girl inquires about video games. She doesn't eat like a homeless person, she's not gulping down her food. Rather she's savouring each bite. Kinda happens when you've been eating the same stuff for almost two years straight.

Swallowing, she looks sheepishly at Dead Girl. "I guess?" She offers, adding, "I was always more into sports. Used to love hockey." She grins a bit at that. "Damn. I haven't thought about playing hockey in a long time."

Then, Hellboy enters and Cindy can't help but stare a little bit. I mean. It's not every day you get to see someone with a rock for a fist who clearly looks like the epitome of a devil or demon. Cautiously, but not so much afraid as just 'that's not something I've ever seen before' Cindy waggles fingers at Hellboy.

Wade's own disfiguration seems to get little more than a brief glance from Cindy, a slight facial twist as she can imagine what the rest of him looks like and some empathy there. No wonder why the guy wears a mask.

"It's really good," she offers to the others, helpfully.

Hellboy ruffles Deadpool's mask on top of his head like he would the hair of a moppet, "Oh, it's you, murderdude. Did you ever kill the people for that hot chick at the bar? I'm supposed to be against that sort of thing, but I gotta be honest, I don't really give a toot," he says.

He catches Cindy looking his way and gives her a nod and a thumbs up with the giant Hand of Doom before he finally sets down his chili pot, a 'radioactive' label slapped on the side of it. It's not actually radioactive, just really spicy. Well. Probably. He makes his way over to give a sidehug to DG, "Hey, chica. Glad to see ya in your natural habitat and not…y'know, ripping the souls of the depraved."

"Ooh. Hockey is fun. I like it when a guy acts like a shark, and just sort of skates in slow circles until *CRUNCH*. He attacks!" Dead Girl says with a grin, "He Attacks!" Dead Girl is surprisingly expressive for a corpse- everything moves just as if she were alive…. but she's certainly a dead body. Anyone who's seen a real dead body would know.

"But you're hungry, sweetheart, eat up. If you're ever hungry you can come here, just call me Auntie Dead Girl!" Dead Girl says with a nod of her head towards Cindy. "We're almost always open. I don't really need to sleep- so, I don't!" Dead Girl's eyes are red, glowing- as if she were something wearing a mask… but the mask is puppeted with such skill and precision. At times it can be uncanny.

And yet, the acts are genuine. The smile bright and inviting.

"I had a feeling you might be coming by, Agent Red." A playful smile for Hellboy. "There's some big bottles of that stuff made by some local guys. Just starting up. I told them I'd get an expert to try them and tell me what he thought." Playfulness there.

"Don't forget to try that mac and cheese made with those flat, long noodles with candied walnuts on it. That's my new comfort food experiment." She says, "I think it's turning out great!"

Dead Girl slides up to tiptoes, and wraps a friendly hug around Hellboy! "Always great to see you! And yeah, you know how I get when I hear about certain things. I think I prefer it here, to be honest, but that's the old lady in me talking."

Pressing his lips and making a face that kinda says 'bitch, please', Wade waves a hand to Hellboy. "Yeeeaaah, I think she has a crush on me now." He's not exactly opening admitting to killing a swath of mobsters, but he isn't denying it either. "Which is totally confusing, because usually the ladies get real freaked out by the face that looks like the surface of the moon got shoved up Satan's ass crack, but I'm totally boning one of the spider-chicks on the reg." He shrugs. "Must be my personality." He laughs. "And Green Day said that nice guys finish last!"

He turns and looks to the computer screen the players are looking at, momentarily breaking the fourth wall. "Well, THIS guy always finishes last."

"I'll remember that. There's a girl I met, named Laura. She's about my size, very - odd," Cindy tells Dead Girl, conversationally. "But not in a bad way. I don't think she's spent much time around people. She just stares a lot. Doesn't say much, but I think she's kind. I gave her some spare clothes I had, and a some of the rations I had leftover. I hope to see her again."

She goes back to devouring the mound of food on her plate in a slow, but steady rhythm that suggests she's not going to be stopping anytime soon. "Hey," she says, "I remember Green Day. Are they still cool?"

Hellboy secures a bottle of the proferred booze, "I'll give my rating in burps. Five burps is the top I go, though. Much more'n that and people will start evacuatin' the place," he says.

To Deadpool, he nods, "Yeah, I bet she's just achin' for you, buddy. You keep up that positive mental attitude, no matter how much you look like a schnitzel. Chicks dig confidence. And guns. Really big guns."

"I'm more of a Misfits guy myself, but, like DG, I'm kind of an old hand 'round these parts."

"They totally suck these days," Wade tells Cindy. "I think Billy Joe kinda went off the rails, too much cocaine kinda deal. But they're old stuff!" He snaps his fingers. "Still got 'me on the old playlist."

Suddenly, his eyes go distant, and he turns to look back at the computer screen the players are looking at. His hyper-metabolism has those mushrooms kicking in already. "You know, you totally did this on purpose. You're trying to hijack Dead Girl's plus-event by getting everyone stoned. Hush, you, he is totally not doing that. Yes, He is. Oh shut up."

Wade promptly turns back to Hellboy, grinning like an idiot. "Misfits, yeah, but gimme The Damned any day. Also." His head pivots back to Dead Girl, and he's leaning on a table, feeling woozy. "Your walls are totally crawling, which means I fucked up my batches." He lifts his voice and announces, "Nobody eat the brownies unless you wanna trip balls all day!" Lifting a hand, he says, "I'll… I'll be back."

And then Deadpool is rushing off to the third floor so that he can eat more brownies.

"She can stay here, and both of you can go through the racks for some new clothes." Dead Girl offers without hesitation to Cindy, "I also got beds upstairs if you want to stay around. No pressure jobs, too, if you need pocket money. " she says, "Just in case anyone you know needs a place. No questions asked and for as long as they need."

She nods over to Cindy- apparently she's said her piece.

"Yeah, hombre. I'll be Eighty next year, can you believe it? And here I was thinking I died in Nineteen Sixty and now it's two-thousand and Nineteen! Boom. Mind blown." she offers- her tone of excitement and enjoyment. "I can't wait to see what the future holds, you know? Like, I get to watch it all happen and maybe do some good once and a while." she looks over to Deadpool and his antics- just grinning quietly. "There's always one at Sunday Dinner!" she giggles, "Reminds me of Woodstock."

Cindy tilts her head at Dead Girl. "I have a place to stay," she answers, "For now, anyways Until I can figure something out. But," she pauses, looking at the apparently quite generous corpse-lady with an even deeper curiousity than before. "I could definitely use some pocket money. I can't get a regular job right now," she admits, without explaining why. Dead Girl /did/ say no questions, afterall.

She watches Deadpool dash up the stairs, and her mouth quirks, "He's - odd."

Cindy tells Hellboy, "I don't like guns very much. Especially big ones." Maybe she's the 1%?

Hellboy grins, "You're a little older'n me, then, babe. Good. It's not often I get to be the young whippersnapper," he teases. "I almost went to Woodstock, but I had to watch from a distance. Fighting a hill giant that was coming to ruin it. Damn hill giants love their Jimi Hendrix," he mutters.

He nods to Cindy, "Smart girl. Guns are bad. Fun and useful, but bad. 'fraid I gotta use 'em as part an' parcel of the whole savin' the world thing, but I get it."

"Cool. You can start whenever, I've got an apron for you just so people know you're an employee. Free meals, like I said- bed when you want one." Dead Girl offers simply and openly. She enjoys the company of the living.

"So! It's all good here.. Ooh." Dead Girl leans over and grabs a slice of pie. She starts to eat it in tiny little bites.

"I'll be here tomorrow," agrees Cindy, pleased. She doesn't even ask what it pays. "I'll be glad to help you help people." She smiles, warmly then at Dead Girl and nods to Hellboy. "I'll stick to my blades, and hockey sticks," she answers him with a rueful grin, as she finishes up the plate.

Hellboy grins, "Hockey sticks, huh? I'll try to stay out o' the penalty box," he says. He pours himself a bowl of his own chili and eats it with a hearty appetite, his massive coat hanging loosely from his broad shoulders.

"DG's always takin' in strays. Not that you're a dog or nothin'. Guess cause she got nothin' to lose and nothin' to fear. What's the worst somebody's gonna do to her, honestly?"

"Far out!" Dead Girl says to Cindy. "Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! UNtil then, eat! You look like you've been eating nothing good lately." she notes of Cindy, "So make sure you bring home something with you." she reminds Cindy, "You can borrow some of my tupperware." she smiles.

"I like people." Dead Girl offers with that smile widening to a grin. "Everything is good in my world, Big Red. It's easy for me to give to others."

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