2019-05-11 - Dinner and a Show


Spider-Man shows a Mirage a good time. (Just Pizza and Netflix, degenerates…)

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat May 11 00:00:00 2019
Location: Pino's Pizza, Midtown, NYC

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Spider-Man tends to call in early afternoon, after classes at Madison High. Finals are coming up, but sometimes a little break from the grind is necessary. So, Spider-Man sends a text while he is dealing with a bank robbery: HI. PIZZA TONIGHT, PINO'S AT 8TH? MEET ON ROOF?
A bullet pings next to the wall he is taking cover behind. "Settle down! Be with ya in a sec!" He adds, MY TREAT? and sends the text before gearing up to take them on.

Dani was actually down at the Asgardian Embassy for, well, it's hard to think of being a Valkyrie as a 'job', but it is what it is. On the bright side, thanks to current exchanges, Dani actually makes a fair amount of bank… not that she thinks of it like that. But then her cellphone buzzes and she looks at it, then grins, texting back, SURE C YA THEN. Then she glances over at Brightwind, "Don't tell me you eat pizza, too?"

Brightwind snorts once, shaking his head as Dani chuckles at his reaction.

Spidey calls in the order, then begins a little back-and-forth series of trips…

The night rolls in, and the roof of the Pino's Pizza place has been repurposed as a home theater. He had brought up a 50-inch TV, an actual couch, and dinner trays for food and drink. He also has added a deep backet on a metal support, filled with Red Delicious apples one one side and carrots on the other.

Because you have to account for your friend's partner.

Dani flies in on Brightwind shortly after all the preps are made, and she blinks and laughs, "Wow, Spidey… I wasn't expecting this." She smiles and slips off Brightwind's back, grinning brightly as she shakes her head, "This looks amazing. How did you get all this set up?"

Brightwind, meanwhile, noses at Dani, then nods over towards the bucket of apples and carrots. Apparently Spidey has figured out how to get on the horse's good side, if nothing else.

Spidey makes a stereotypical strongman pose. "One thing at a time. It's not the weight that's the issue for me, it's the bulk. Pizza menu should be coming up any moment. I…didn't know what you liked, so I didn't order yet." He says, his voice sounding quiet and sheepish, "I know more about what Brightwind likes than what you like…"

Dani grins wryly at Spidey, "Yeah, okay… well, to be honest, pizza is something I'm still getting used to again. There's not really a lot of good pizza places in Asgard." She hrms, "Though Volstagg has been trying, it hasn't really taken off there yet."

Spidey chuckles, then hears a tapping and looks over the side. A waiter is holding up two menus. One thin webline later, Spider-Man is walking back to Dani, menus in hand. "Asgardians sound like they would be a brick-oven bunch to me." He hands one to Dani, then flops down in the couch.

Dani hmms and looks at the menu, taking off her helm and shaking her hair free a bit as she sits down. "Okay, so… hmm. Alright, sausage and pepperoni sounds good to me… but what were you thinking?" Apparently she knows well enough to not ask for pineapple from a place called Pino's.

Spidey shrugs. "I'm a double-beef and bacon guy myself. Larges for both? You can take leftovers home."

Dani grins, "Sounds good to me. I suspect 'yana can send them through Limbo for reheating, but I'm not gonna ask too many details about that." She hmmms and sits on the couch, then concentrates for a moment…

And her armor just dematerializes, replaced with a regular denim shirt and jeans, as the Valkyrie looks a lot less formidable in her casual clothes. Or moreso, perhaps, depending on your point of view. "There, bit easier to eat pizza this way."

Spider-Man BLINKS. "Wow…just wow." He stares for a moment longer before he remembers and drops the menus to the waiter. "Large sausage and pepperoni, and my usual."
He waits until the waiter heads back in, sitting next to Dani.
Okay…don't stiff.
"Dani…we've been hanging out a lot together. And I've enjoyed it every time. But…I felt the last time that I was kinda…holding back. A little."
He looked to Dani. "Normally, I wouldn't consider this, but it's plain to see you're someone who has seen a lot and done a lot, too. So…I wanted to ask you something. Would you feel better if you weren't looking at a mask every time you looked at me?"

Dani hmms, and looks at Spidey, "Well… I would be lying if I wasn't curious about who you were under the mask. But I respect your need to keep those things secret. I mean, I don't really have a secret identity, but then…" She gestures back towards Brightwind, who is currently narfing the apples in the bucket, quite contendedly, "It's a little conspicuous when you have a flying horse." Her lips quirk in a wry grin.

Spider-Man nods. "Well, I'm not going to force it on you. But…I'm willing to take that step. I figure I can trust you, and it would be nice to know you're looking at the goober behind the mask…"

Dani laughs at that, "Goober? Somehow I doubt that." She grins, "Okay, um… one thing I should mention. At the Institute, well, I do deal with a lot of telepaths. But they wouldn't pry without a darn good reason." She hmms, and looks at Spidey, "I'm glad you trust me with that, though."

Spidey nods. "All right. I'm willing to take the mask off." A pause. "Do you want to see?"

Dani mmms, then nods, "Alright, show me." She grins, tilting her head as she looks at Spidey with a curious expression.

Spider-Man takes a deep breath, then reaches up and grasps the top of the balaclava mask and pulls it up…and off.

Brown hair, cut short. Brown eyes. Caucasian, if his speech hadn't been a dead giveaway of that. He looks…average. one of those faces that seemed to be designed for shyness, or simply looked that way for so long it's not designed for anything else. Nothing like Steve Rogers or any of the heroic types in Asgard. He looks okay, but it's a face you could pass on the street and forget ten seconds later. That kind of average.

He smiles sheepishly. "Hi…I'm Peter Parker."

Dani smiles, and offers him her hand, "Danielle Moonstar. Though well, you've been calling me Dani already." She gives him a warm expression, "If it makes you feel any better, it's a nice face." With that, she can't help but give him a wink.

Oh, good, she didn't puke in his lap. Things are already getting better all the time.
"Nice to meet you, Danielle Moonstar. Although you have a cooler name." He winks, giving her a wry smile. Hard to believe this smiling nobody is the same guy who jumped onto a speeding train. Then again…maybe not so hard to believe. He does have an earnest look about him. "Nice to meet you without code names. Although I'm sure he is still Brightwind." He waves to the pegasus, smiling to him.
He looks back to Dani. "Pizza should be ready in about eight minutes. Anything you'd like to see?" He holds up his phone. "Wireless hotspot. Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime…anything you'd like to watch?"

Dani hmmms, "Well, I don't really have a preference… honestly, I'm still catching up on the past five years, so, I'll let you pick this one." She grins, "I'll let you surprise me."

Peter grins. "Then I do have something." He taps a few buttons on the remote, and then a picture comes up with a lanky redhead in a fantasy-themed costume with THE GUILD under it. "This one's funny as heck. I may cringe a little at any part involving humiliation…too much invested mentally. But it's a good show." He presses the PLAY button, and the cartoony intro begins…

Dani settles in, grinning over at Peter, "Sounds good to me… wait, do people really think we dress like that?!?" She snickers, looking like she's getting into the Guild rather quickly, though maybe not in quite the same way that Peter would expect.

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