2019-05-10 - Why The F*** Not?


Starfire tracks Rose Wilson down to enlist her into the Young Avengers.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri May 10 02:18:36 2019
Location: RP Room 2

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Someone just had to go and be 'tough'. Rose, utilizing one of her many fake IDs had found purchase in a local dive, and was rather enjoying herself, flirting and drinking more than her fair share of booze. Things had been going well.

Then, someone had to go and be 'tough'. Someone had made a snide comment to someone else. A gun had been pulled, and to the guy she'd been flirting with, Rose had made a snide comment. Things escalated quickly.

It was probably how someone found Rose's location. Afterall, on the police scanner 'girl with white hair and an eyepatch wrecking the place' is pretty identifiable with Rose Wilson and you don't need to be the World's Greatest Detective to determine that.

Several men, and two women now lay on the floor, most unconscious, and two or three with badly broken bones.

The bartender isn't dumb enough, but one of the gang-bangers still standing is, as he runs at Rose whipping a chain towards her. Rose lets the chain hit her, blocking with her wrist and letting it wrap around then she tugs the fellow in, wuick, hard, and she slams her foot into his kneecap, sending him down where she proceeds to move behind him and choke him to unconsciousness with his own chain.

It's hard to say what causes the sudden silence in the bar. Is it Rose Wilson, single-handedly demolishing the handful of thugs? She sure doesn't seem to need any weapons besides her fists and some enthusiasm and people respect those skills by giving her a wide berth.

It might also be the woman standing in the doorway, looking as positively out of place as Rose seems at home. Her outfit is definitely not standard bar attire. Jean shorts, bright suspenders, and a tied-off white tee shirt that was never intended to be worn as a single-layer garment. Knee high athletic socks with blue stripes above her calves match low denim kicks with white laces.

Stares and leers are met with a beaming, oblivious smile, and Starfire bounces once on her toes, hands behind her back. She waves quickly at everyone. "Hello, friends! I am looking for a white-haired woman with one eye," she announces. "Has anyone seen her here lately?"

In unison, the bar points to Rose.

Rose doesn't even have to turn around to look. "Oh, great. It's the cheerleader," she says as she drops the chain, and leaves the guy still breathing, but very much knocked out on the ground. She looks over to see that the guy she'd been flirting with has either escaped out the door, or somewhere into the men's room for cover, most likely. She exhales, scowls.

Then, turning, she looks at Starfire. "I haven't seen your boyfriend," she says, blithely and begins to head out of the bar, telling the bartender, "Put it on my tab."

"I have many friends who are boys," Kori tells Rose. "But I do not think you know any of them, so I am not upset that you haven't seen any of them!" She takes Rose's bitingly ascerbic words at face value, and falls into step with her. Long as Kori's legs are, Rose would need to sprint to outpace her easily.

"I am sorry for interrupting your fight. It looked like you were having the fun times! I would not normally intrude but I have been hoping to see how you are faring since our encounter in Oregon."

"I just finished it," Rose suggests to Kori, dryly. But, as Rose leaves and Kori follows, the snarky teenage girl simply starts walking, knowing Kori will follow in her wake. "Think you just answered your own question. I'm having the time of my life. Fun. Loads." She doesn't sound like it.

Rose pauses, turns to squint her singular eye at the very tall, very beautiful, orange alien girl dressed like the innocent girl next door. "What do you want?" Because, ultimately in Rose's world, everybody wants something from her.

"To recruit you in protecting the planet Earth," Kori remarks, without missing a beat.

"Right. You want Captain Marvel. She's three blocks down, turn right, second door on your left," Rose snorts.

"She is?" Kori brightens immediately and then freaking *levitates* ten feet off the ground, still keeping a course that parallels Rose's. "Oh she is very much 'the nice'. I have met her before."

She floats back to the ground and starts walking again, ignoring the stares she generates as she manifests her powers. "But I believe she is quite occupied with her duties with the government. This is why I wanted to speak with you," she explains, hands moving in a transitive gesture. "You have a great deal of martial competence, but obviously do not belong to any specifical social hierarchy or military structure. I hope I'm not being the rude," she frets. "I do not mean that in a manner that is hostile. It is simply a statement of fact."

Rose watches Kori levitate, her eye narrowing thoughtfully even as her arms cross over her chest. She nods, once, in agreement with Kori's words. "I know how to hurt people. Very well. In nearly any situation. And I know how to take advantage of my surroundings to fight. I had a very dangerous teacher." Her mouth sets into a thin line. "So, what. You want me to go hold hands with you and slaughter more alien armies?"

"Yes, that is correct," Kori tells Rose. She seems crestfallen for a half a second when she realizes she can't actually see Carol from their location. "Though the holding of hands is optional. I understand it makes some people uncomfortable to do the touching with each other. My friend Peter tells me often I need to learn about 'the boundaries of personal'."

She glances over at Rose. "You are what my people call the Rekmag," she tells Rose. "The closest word to humans would be…" She frowns. "A Japanese word, 'Ronin'. You are a warrior, but not a soldier. You do not owe allegience to anyone. Is this correct? Do you swear fealty to a lord or nation?"

There's a sound that comes from Rose's throat that might be something of the barest of appreciation. Perhaps even the slightest moment of humor. A gust of air expends itself through her nostrils. She nods, once, "Something like that. I trust myself. And only myself."

"That is the perfection!" Kori declares. They walk on, and she organizes her thoughts as they stroll down the sidewalk. A catcall is offered, and Kori looks up at the man. She smiles and waves. "Thank you for the compliment, sir! But your lack of adequate genetic markers makes you undesireable as a mate at this time," she informs him.

She looks over at Rose. "I was initially very reticent when this idea was suggested. Forming a team, or organizing. I am not from your world," she explains. "It seemed presumptuous of me to try to gather such individuals, let alone lead them." She furrows her brow. "But I have noticed that many of the peoples we met are passionate, but lacking competence. None have spent time in military environments or combat training. You are one of the few," she points out. "This, and your lack of affiliation with the government, makes you an excellent candidate."

She hesitates. "I… fear this endeavour may not be entirely 'legal', but I suspect it is very necessary."

Again, Rose stops. She looks with her singular eye oddly at Kori. "Let me get this straight," she asks Kori, her face now sober and straight - no sign of the glimmer of a half-grin at Kori's rebuke of the cat-caller on her face any longer. "You want me to sign on and help you wrangle a bunch of oddballs who have all had talent but never worked on a team before into working as a single unit. Great. That sounds like -so- much fun." She doesn't mean it. But, that may well escape Kori.

"Not much of anything that I do is legal, babe. But, that's not much incentive. What's it pay?"

Kori thinks about it for a good five-count. Eyes roll a slow, thoughtful arc overhead, and she taps an index finger against her chin in thought.

"Yes, that sounds correct," she confirms, and nods. She bounces once, and claps her hands. "Oh, joy! I believe it *will* be the fun, friend Rose," she tells the woman, with uninhibited excitement. "I regret that it does not 'pay' anything at the moment. I have been given a credit card worth fifty thousand dollars." She digs in her back pocket, and then shows it to Rose with a proudly outthrust hand. "I am to secure a rental place for lodging, food, and basic supplies that people require. No mention was made of a wage, so perhaps … oh! I could pay you in warm hugs!" She spreads her arms and beaming, steps towards Rose.

Rose steps back, holding up her hand in the general 'stop' or 'cease and desist'. "Don't even try it," she scowls. She eyes Starfire, speculative and assessing. "Who else is going to be on this happy-go-lucky team, besides us, -if- I decide to roll with it?"

But, she hasn't said no yet.

"I do not know," Kori admits. She's still got her hands outstretched, and from her expression she'll stand there forever if she has to. "You are the first person I approached. It is entirely possible no one else will wish to join us."

She develops a pensive look. "The Avengers aggressively recruit talented individuals. I have met several individuals with potential, but they lack … something. A spirit for combat, or mastery of their own skills. There is a need for good instruction and mentorship. You have seen combat, true combat," she tells Rose. "You know what a difference it can make to put a warrior in the field, instead of merely a well-trained amateur. There are several individuals who may make capable warriors eventually, but they must survive to that point."

"Alright." Rose exhales, "Why the fuck not. But, I reserve the right to leave whenever the hell I want. You can call me Rose. Wilson. Codename Ravager. It'll be good for a few laughs, something different for awhile. Until I get bored," she decides shaking her head.

"Come find me when you've got a few more recruits to this - team of not legal ass-kickers you round up. And we'll see where it goes, Kori'andr." Yeah. She remembers Kori's name.

"Wonderful, Rose Wilson Codename Ravager!" Kori beams enthusiastically, and applauds twice. "I am so the happy you have decided to do 'the fuck'! And please, I have used the assumed name 'Kori Anderson' while I am living here on the Earth," she tells Rose. "It is a safer name than the one you heard before, and I find it is more familiar to Earthlings than my full name."

She digs a cell phone out of her back pocket and readies it. "If you will give of me your digits of the cell, I can text you and let you know when I find a place we can use for a base of operations."

Rose snorts. She can't help it. "Yeah. You can use this one." And she rattles off a cellphone number, but it is to a burner phone, not one tied to Rose Wilson. She doesn't bother correcting Kori on her name, just yet.

"Might want to talk to either Noh-Varr, or the archer, Kate Bishop next," she suggests. She adds, "We're going to need more than fifty thousand. But it's a start. Barely."

"Yes, the archer is on my list, as is the handsome Kree with the very large ego," Kori assures Rose. "I also intend to speak to the angry woman who punches everything, the skinny younger man who runs fast, and the girl who turns into an adorable puppers when she is in a fight. Is there anyone else you recommend we approach?"

"Darkhawk. The young man with the raptor flight armor. And, there's also a girl with a flying horse. She can summon armor and weapons at will, and is quite proficient. Her name is Dani Moonstar. She's young, and will provide further combat assistance where it's needed. Finally, the young man with the white shock of hair. Nate Grey. He was with us on the beach in the chaos."

She pauses, considers, "That's all I've got for now. I'll let you know if I think or come across others."

Kori's thumbs fly over her phone and she writes down these names on a notepad app. "Yes, I remember all of them," she assures Rose. "They will do most suitably. The Dani Moonstar seems very capable and I recall Young Nate Grey fighting with a great deal of competency."

She pockets her phone again; it's a wonder it even fits into those nearly painted-on shorts. "I am very pleased you have decided to join with me on this venture!" she tells Rose. "I feel much better knowing a human from Earth is willing to participate. I have trained and led many warriors in my home star system but Earth culture is so… peculiar." Her nose wrinkles. "I hope I do not make any big mistakes, and you can help me if I do."

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