2019-05-10 - SHIELD-Geeks and Spider-Geeks


Spider-Geeks and SHIELD-Geeks are united in a common quest.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri May 10 03:43:11 2019
Location: Governors Island

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A figure soars in on the horizon, having vaulted herself from the bridge leading to Governor's Island in a long, soaring aerodynamic arc. Spider-Girl fires a short webline at a tree to slow her fall, and lands just outside of the Triskelion's main entrance. There, the masked young woman turns to look at the gate, and the cylindrical structure beyond with a sour expression upon the lower half of her face.

Government agencies always have a way of squicking her out.

A look is given to her surroundings, before Spider-Girl draws a deep breath and approaches the gate. Her right hand, while it lingers at her side, is dancing about on an invisible keyboard, drawing an SMS message meant to be delivered to Spider-Man. You better be here already, Spidey-Pants.

Leo Fitz is totally the very specimen of government intimidation. Slacks, sneakers that are worn in, button up shit and a super scary sweater vest. OoOOoOooohhh terrifying. Hand over his eyes he squints, "Whelp, they said they'd be here so I'm imagining Agent Black'll be about at the speed WAND does." He's out in the test field with Chris testing his new tiny flier that looks all the world like the little UFO the 1950's promised us with tiny articulated arms on the front. He's practicing trying to get it to clip something to the nearby flagpole. "Ach, I really hope it doesn't set anything on fire. I'm really not in the mood to have overtime due to federal incident via symbolic conflagration."

Being the instigator of this meetup, Agent Sarah Black had been loitering about the lobby, waiting for either of the expected civilians to arrive. On seeing Spider-Girl making her entrance, she goes to meet her — with a word and a sweeping gesture, a portal opens linking the spot just in front of Sarah to one near the gate, both ends bordered in glowy magical geometries.

"Hello," she says, stepping out of the effect to greet Spider-Girl. To the guard at the gate, she turns and says, "It's all right, she's with me. Expected guest."

Christopher Powell stands next to Fitz. He doesn't look particularly governmental or imposing, himself. He's got on a pair of jeans and a plain white t-shirt and sneakers, and is standing around with his hands in his pockets, watching as the little flier zips about. He comments idly to Fitz, "It shouldn't. Not after the modifications that you made to let the heat vent. But you know, if it does, uhm.. maybe next time we'll try a telephone pole instead of a flag pole."

A figure in rather glaringly bright yellow steps outside through the front doors, before immediately shielding her visor with her eyes. Figures Jen hadn't figured this out before, although this was the first time she'd actually been outside since… Oh hey, Fitz and a hero. "Fitz! We need to make the visor on the mark two self polarizing or something. The glare sucks!" She also admittedly double takes at the magical portal, before turning to examine the costumed type.

Simmons' own intimidation technique is right on par with Fitz's and Chirstopher's. She's wearing slacks, a navy blue sweater over a collared shirt with her hair pulled back into a tight ponytail. If it were not the surroundings, she looks as if she's about to go off to teach an English class. She stands just a little behind the pair, observing with either a neutral or dubious expression on her face. It's hard to tell which is which, or when she arrived. "Just as long as it doesn't result in a lecture about agency waste, I wouldn't mind the overtime. What is it supposed to do again?" The glowing magical gate is met with a few blinks. Expected guest? Okay. She can work with that. Though she tenses, she watches, expectantly.

Spider-Girl has a hand lifted to wave at the guard, but she stalls short and lets out a brief shriek when the portal opens nearby. "AIE!"

When the light, or lack thereof catches the mask just right, one can barely make out the eyes that are beneath oversized globes of white. And guess what? They're open big, wide and round.

Spider-Girl takes a step forward, staring at Sarah. "Wh-wh-what the…" She points to the portal. "What the ever-loving hell??"

Leo Fitz looks to Jennifer apologetically as she proclaims her visor issues. Failing to pay attention to the drone there's a tink! tink! as it bumps into the flagpole. "Ah, sooooorry! I didn't factor that in when I was trying to figure out the particle resistance for the glass so it wouldn't fog." tink! Eyes flash back to the drone to bring it back and land it. The apology goes away gesturing to Chris and himself to Jemma finding renewed vitality in the project, "Ah! No we're just working on a remote articulation assistant to help with ranged asset fine motor control incase we have to poke a button, buuuut," He looks over and has a vaguely worried look, "I named them so now I'm remiss to send them off for resting in case they explode." Looking up he greets the other newcomers. "Uhhh this is Chris. he's helping us out. Chris, Jemma and that's Jennifer aaaaand I do believe there's an Agent Black." Fingers wiggle a wave. The Spider still off his radar.

"My apologies. I didn't mean to startle you," Sarah says to Spider-Girl, with an apologetic smile. "I thought I'd save us both some time, instead of the gate guard needing to call in that you were here and all that." Gesturing to herself, she says, "Sarah Black. We met at the meeting at Avengers Mansion, but in case you're as terrible with names as I am sometimes…" She laughs a bit self-deprecatingly, and shakes her head. "Where's your friend? Should we wait out here for him?"

Out of the corner of her eye, she catches Fitz's wave, and waves back to him. Raising her voice enough to be heard over the distance, she says, "We're waiting for one more guest. Unless we want to get started and have him join when he arrives."

"That's why you shouldn't name them til you're sure they're not going to blow up," Chris says to Fitz with a little bit of a grin. "Heya, Jemma," he says to Simmons with a little wave. "Fitz and I build some stuff together from time to time." Inventing buddies! He then looks over toward Sarah and to Jennifer, giving both of them a wave in greeting. Anya, however, is familiar and he chuckles, "Hey. How's it going?"

"We knew it wouldn't be perfect." Jen shrugs. "Nice drone." Jemma also gets a wave, before the teen looks back over at Anya's reaction, snickering a little at how utterly surprised she is. "Welcome to SHIELD. Weird shit happens all the time. It even happens other places and they move it so it happens here." This last snark seemingly cools a little at the end. It does hit a bit close to home…

Jennifer Takeda dropped SHIELD ID Bracelet.

SHIELD ID Bracelet grows ears and can now hear.

"What did you name them?" Simmons asks Fitz with a bit of a smirk. It's almost as if she knew that he wouldn't be able to help himself. "It's hard not to name them when you spend so long building them."

To Chris, she gives him a smile and an offered hand to shake. "Pleasure to meet you." Jennifer is given a smile of recognition. "It's good to see you out!" she tells the woman sincerely. Though she is not quite in charge of the visor, she might have some suggestions she can give to Fitz about the biological that can help him tweak that part of her suit.

As they wait, Simmons nods to Sarah. "Jemma Simmons," she introduces herself. As Spider-Girl steps forward terrified and stammering, she moves forward, too. "Are you alright?" she asks, almost instinctively looking for injuries.

"Yeah, I remember," says Spider-Girl. "I just didn't- didn't know you could do that!" She draws a deep breath and seems to settle a bit, before peering beyond Agent Black to see… three perfectly normally dressed squares and a woman in some kind of a weird HazMat suit? Jen gets a long look, then she's turning back to Sarah.

"Oh, Spider-Man! Yeah, I just messaged him. He's either always super early, and sometimes a little late." Speaking of, with her right hand she quietly fashions another massage, fingers dancing through the air at her side. The message? It's the angry face emoji, followed by the poop emoji and the middle finger emoji.

"I brought my tech," Spider-Girl tells Agent Black, indicating the backpack over her shoulders. It's worth noting that she's gotten a new (used) one, without the patches and buttons all over it. "Been working on it night and day, so we aren't like, wasting time, bumming around trying to-" Rambling. Stop it, Anya.

Jemma gets a friendly smile and a wave of her hand. "Hi, I'm-" She pauses. "I'm Spider-Girl." A closer inspection of her suit reveals that it doesn't have any visible seams, suggesting that the black and white is not constructed of conventional fabrics.

With a smile to Jemma, Sarah says, "I think I just startled her a bit by portaling out here. I remember you. We met the night I first reported for my secondment, and all Hell broke loose in the cafeteria before I was even through security." Turning back to Spider-Girl, she says, "Let's get you signed in and a guest badge and all that, then. I know some people will be eager to get a look at what you have there."

Leo Fitz nods in agreement with Jen, "SHIELD, where everything's weird so no one is bored, and there's always job security." bemoans the Scot. On a lighter note he looks to Chris and argues, "But he's got little opposable thumbs. The drone waves an articulated hand. "Jemma, I was hoping you might be able to work with Jennifer. It's an issue for physics, sure but bio chem certainly and I could really use your help on that." Looking to Spider Girl his head leans back "Oh! Hey! Nice to meet you. Agt. Black- um, Sarah, what can we can help ye with?"

Christopher Powell takes Jemma's offered hand and gives it a shake, a friendly smile offered. "You a scientist like Fitz?" he asks her. He then grins over at Fitz and says, "Yeah, he does." He gives Fitz a little shoulder bump. "So don't bonk him into the flagpole anymore." He falls quiet though, as the others talk about something that people need to look at, getting the gist that this meeting is somewhat important. Hands sliding into his pockets, he takes a step back, not being here in any sort of official capacity.

"Spider-Man's coming here too? This is way better than cable re-runs. Mind if I tag along?" Jen turns back to Fitz again. "I'd met her before, she already took some of my blood and stuff. Way better than most of the 'doctors'." The air quotes are audible. She doesn't offer handshakes to anyone, either in acknowledgement of the fact that most people don't want to touch her, or that she just doesn't give a fuck.

"I attended a meeting at Avengers Mansion a few days ago, regarding the situation with the missing children, the gang responsible, and the larger things in motion behind it all," Sarah replies to Fitz. "I met Spider-Girl and one of her… associates there, and after talking with them I thought it would be productive for her to talk with you about the tech she's been working on. Her partner has some biological ideas that you'd probably like to hear, also, Jemma. All a bit beyond me, but I understood enough to know who they should be talking to here."

"I'd be glad to, we've done a little bit, but I haven't actually worked with her on the suit itself." Jemma looks between Fitz and Jen with a nod. Chris gets a grin. "I am, yes. Biochem to Fitz's engineering. Sarah's greeting is met with a nod. "Oh, yes, of course! Sorry, I was a bit of a mess that night. It was rather startling. Then, it is a pleasure to re-meet you." Anya is given a few nods, stepping back once she gathers herself. The last thing she needs after being startled is to be crowed upon.

"Alright," answers Spider-Girl. She'll go along with whatever is necessary to gain access, and get her badge and the like, but she does stop Sarah at one point to say, "Um… I'm kinda… not into using my real name." A pause. "Word of advice from Spider-Man."

Hopefully that gives her request some leverage.

As she's led into the grounds, Spider-Girl turns to give Chris a pleasant smile, along with one for Fitz. HazMat gets a more rueful smirk. "He's supposed to be. I think he's running late on purpose. It's like… hazing for the Spider-people. We're a people now, apparently."

Leo Fitz nods to Jen and holds both hands out as if presenting the outside world. "By all means, Jen, join us." There. It's official even! The drone is parked and he passivly listens while teh hullos are done and the details come in. He adds to Jennifer, "Well Jemma is the best, so that could be why." Flattery technically if it weren't also true. Holding up a hand to Spider-Girl he assures, "Spider-Girl is good enough for us. We respect your privacy. Can you tell us more about these children in trouble and a- a gang now?" This is new, if not troublesome news to hear. He shoots a look to Chris and turns back listening. "How… um, how can we help?"

Christopher Powell smiles at Jemma, "Very cool. I'm more mechanical, electrical, that sorta thing." He then falls quiet so that the actual business can be discussed, glancing back toward Fitz before returning his attention to the others. "You're talking about the tattoo people, right?"

Jen clenches her fists a little at the mentions of child kidnappings and gangs. That definitely pisses her off. "Codename's fine with me. I mean, you already know my real name, but I'm pretty sure I was in the news and stuff… Hang on, do I need a codename? …Not like I could help anyway. All I can do is give people cancer. And is there some kind of secret spider handshake now?"

He is running late. Again.
He had planned to leave right after the graduation rehearsal, but it had run long, Then there was the bodega holdup, then the car crash near the bridge…
Spider-Man groaned as he saw the people grouped together. Spider, SHIELD, and sorceress…and then his phone was buzzing and he glanced at it to see Anya's texts. He sighed. Some role model HE was.

A couple of minutes later, he swung off the bridge…spun a spidersilk parachute…and then floated in towards the group, landing 50 feet away. He jogged up, and opened with, "Sorry…sorry I'm late…"

Nodding to Chris, Sarah says, "Yes, them. They are apparently working in service to an… extraplanar being who must be stopped. An entity that calls itself 'Plotka', apparently. The meeting I attended was to share intel and consider plans for dealing with all of this. There's also an after-action report I filed after Agents Turner and Ian and myself, working with Tigra of the Avengers, successfully rescued several children last week."

A confirming nod is given to Chris when he mentions the tattoo people. "Some kind of extra-dimensional 'God'-" There are definitely quote marks in Spider-Girl's tone. "- has been building this huge cult, and yeah. They're kidnapping kids. Bunch of bullshit, but we're gonna try and stop them, once and for all."

Jen gets another smirk. Apparently, Spider-Girl can appreciate the sass. "No. But we do have a secret language, with lots of clicks and hisses."

The more she speaks, the masked Spider-Girl's Latina accent becomes apparent. "Spider-Man's developed some kind of agent that works against the magic they're using. Way over my head, but, I offered some tech we can use as a delivery mechanism." She eyeballs the drone that Fitz was playing with dubiously, then begins unshouldering her backpack. "It's in here, you wanna see it now or-"

She turns, the backpack halfway off her shoulders, and her lips draw into a slanted half smirk, half scowl toward Spider-Man. "Look at what the cat drug in."

Leo Fitz runs a hand through his hair taking in the details. "Ian was with you? TIgra too? Good. Good." Looking to Jennifer he offers gently, "I'm sure everyone's doing all they can. And we will." For now he listens and puts down the controller and pulls out the BF reader. It's a tablet with a lot of high functionality and a small 3-d map that progects off of it at the right angle, or appears as such. "Oh, Spider-Man too. ALlo, ummm so these kids and tattooed men that Chris is talking about? Realted or? And what level of support can we offer, Sarah?"

Christopher Powell admits, "Yeah, I was there, last time they turned up. That asshole tried to throw another bird at me. I'm so sick of people throwing birds at me. Yes, very original." He mutters a little bit toward the end there, and then refocuses on the conversation at hand. He glances over toward Spider-Man when he arrives and says, "Yeah? Something that'll stop those tattoos?" He looks curious, and then Spider-Girl is mentioning a delivery system and he looks even more interested.

Jen peers up, shading her eyes against the glare off her visor. She's able to spot Spidey against the clouds. "Oh hey, he /is/ coming! …Do you think I /could/ help with this? I have been feeling kind of useless sitting around here lately. And if we can't fix my powers, then… Might as well use them for good."

Spider-Man WINCED. Did the other Spider-Girl tell her? Was it the suit? He'd washed it three times, but maybe the smell was still there. Did she also tell her Flash, the bane of his existence, MARRIED her in her other world?
If he listened carefully, he could actually HEAR his self-confidence trickling away. Why was he supposed to show up?

He saw Spider-Girl there and walked to stand next to her. He reaches into his backpack and takes out a small case. He doesn't say anything yet. What he's got can wait, of course.

Turning again to Fitz, Sarah says, "With what we talked about at the meeting, it sounded like the spider-people here had some solid ideas working. I thought that if you and Jemma and our tech division could work with them, things might move faster. The sooner we have working gear in as many hands as possible, the sooner we can really take the fight to these bastards."

From out of the backpack, Spider-Girl produces a small drone. It's the very same one a certain Anya Corazon had on display at a regional science fair recently, but why on Earth would anyone here know anything about that? The drone is both sleek and roughly hewn at once, namely due to modifications of a haphazard nature. What materials she wasn't able to get through NYU were literally dug up by clever dumpster diving outside of commercial tech companies.

"I've already installed a micro-HD camera, omni- and uni-directional high gain microphones. Still working on the software. Basically it's a bastardization of Siri, Alexa, and some of, um…" She sounds nervous, admitting that she's basically hacked two of the world's biggest tech secrets. "… some of google's internal AI programming."

The drone's dorsal chassis has a Spider-Girl emblem upon it.

"Self powered, too, which is the real brains behind it all. It uses ambient AM radio waves, and converts that energy into an EM recharging circuit. So, like… it's always charging. As long as there's AM radio waves, and there's a backup cell that, you know, is a good old fashioned micro-USB deal."
Shehe holds it out for anyone to take and examine.

|ROLL| Leo Fitz +rolls 1d20 for: 3

Leo Fitz is taking notes furiously and looks to Jemma, "Yeah iiiiif you want to head on down I'll forward you the notes so you can get started and I'll catch on up." He looks to Chris and frowns, "THat's rather cruel to teh birds innit? Drones? Aye. Villains, aye. Be leaving the poor birds outta it. Also is plain rude." He holds out a hand to take the drone from Spider GIrl and pulls it over for Chris to consult on too. "Ooooh that's bad ass! I mean… strictly speaking, bravo. That's inventive!"

He should be focusing on solutions. Fitzy should be focused on teh kids and the tattooed men but he's too damn excited pointing out to Chris, "Right, ye can run surveilance and also have ti order ye a pizza on teh way back. We might also be able to use it to transmit a weather gauge and put in like an old iSeriescall home feature for ordering any broken bitz to meet it back at base with that AI in place like IBM used t'do!" yeah. He's using it for mobile recon, lunch and shopping. Oh the endless irresponsibile and lifesaving possibilities!

"Hey, Spidey. Big fan. I'd shake hands, but…" Jen gestures towards the radiation trefoil emblazoned across most of her torso. "You know. I"m pretty sure you don't want to touch me even with the suit. Nobody really does." Pretty much all of Anya's tech speak goes right over her head.

Spider-Man looks on. He knows it's Anya. He knows it's her drone design from the science fair. He has the spider-version of the dragonfly drone at home, and it had the upgrades. He could say one sentence, maybe two, and maybe get a little payback for the Cat comment.

And the comment could have been completely innocent and what would be the point of doing all that? To salve what's left of his ego? That is something FLASH would do.

So he smiles and walks over to Jen, taking her suited hand in his own. It's safe. He has a dosimeter insert in his suit, and she's here, and no one else is looking ill. "Nothing wrong with this. And it's nice to meet the occasional fan. What's your name?"

Seeing that Fitz is at least temporarily absorbed in nerding out over the spider-drone, Sarah walks over closer to Jen as well. "Hello. I've read the reports, and I've seen you from a distance around the building a couple of times, but I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you yet. Agent Sarah Black, WAND Division." And she… holds out her hand.

Grinning, Spider-Girl says, "Arana, en espera."

The drone suddenly whirrs to life, leaping out of Fitz's hands and soaring into the air.


The drone floats over to hover just above Spider-Girl's shoulder.

"Etiquetar objetivos."

The drone pivots, apparently 'looking' at each of them in turn. As it does, Spider-Girl tells them, "Got visuals in the HUD Spidey here built for me. It's tagging each of you, and… well, it's hacked all of your cell phones' GPS data, so, unless you do the ol' throw-your-phone-and-mash-it-to-pieces routine, she'll track your movements and feed them back to me."

She folds her arms and eyeballs the techies in particular. "So, yeah. I've given her about as much juice and gear as I can, but my resources are… well. They sure as hell aren't SHIELD." She gestures around. "I figure, however many of them we need? We can recreate here." A sigh. "Too bad that kid from Midtown High isn't here," she mutters. Peter Parker's drone may not have the programming Arana does, for all she knows, but it sure could outmaneuver her little brainchild.

A sideways glance is given to Jen, noticing how Spider-Man and Agent Black are interacting with her. It brings a soft smile to her lips.

Leo Fitz grins watching her throw the commands at the drone and holds up a hand, "Aaaaactually I think i ahve something that'll help you considerably without adding more weight. Been working on a booster with an extended battery on it which should get you more range." He pauses and pulls up the BF reader and starts hammering away at schematics. "More importantly, how much time have we got? WHen's launch?"

Jen somewhat gingerly shakes Spidey's hand. It's… been a while. And also she's heard about his strength. "Jen Takeda. …No idea for a codename yet if I even need one. My powers aren't really the best or most PR friendly-" She pauses abruptly as Sarah walks over and… Also braves the handshake. "…Okay, Two in one day is a record. More than the last two weeks." Anya's phones comment gets a bit of a smirk. "Sure would be nice /if some people would let me have a cell phone/." This is accompanied with an exaggerated glare over her shoulder at the building behind her. "…I kinda want a HUD now."

Peter Parker nods. He glances to the drone. It's a good design, and if it does the job it's intended for, what more can you ask of it?
He looks back to Jen, then says, "Well, pleased to meet you, Jen. It must be tough, what you're dealing with. I can't imagine." And he then leans closer. "I might do a little thinking about what can be done for you."
He looks back to Spider-Girl. "I perfected that thing I was talking about. I was able to put a little spin on it.

Seeing that the SHIELD engineer is totally into her invention, Spider-Girl is both grinning like a geek and blushing a little. "I mean, they didn't say. I'm guessing not as much as we'd want? Sooooo, hmm." A gloved finger is lifted and placed next to her chin. "Okay, so like, when they do triage in the ER. We make a list of what we wanna do, and prioritize it." She grins. "I… might have already started on one."

Looking to Spider-Man, she's still smiling, but friends get a different kind of smile; one that is a bit more chummy in nature. "So that's why you were late," she jibes at him in a good-natured way.

"Well, I'd like to see what you and FitzSimmons can come up with together." Jen grins at Spidey from behind her faceplate. "Throw in Spider-Girl too, she seems to know what she's doing."

Spider-Man smiles wryly to Spider-Girl. "Actually, it was a bodega robbery and a five-car pileup on the other side of the bridge that made me late. "I perfected the knockout loads for that fast-acting sedative."

"We're gonna have a whole army of Arana-drones dive-bombing the hell out of Plokta's goons with Spidey's magic gin and juice." Spider-Girl grins at all of them, then says, "So… let's go get to work, Si?"

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