2019-05-07 - Piotr Is Kind Of Sketchy


Piotr shows Kitty images from his sketchpad that she finds surprising.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue May 7 00:03:19 2019
Location: RP Room 1

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Kitty is hanging out in Piotr's room. They had dinner together earlier, and Kitty has just returned from taking the dishes back down to the kitchen. She comes in, knocking softly and then opening the door and coming in without waiting for a reply. She smiles over towards Piotr and then moves over to a chair to sit down in.

Kitty grabs her laptop and opens it up, then pauses to undo the scrunchy keeping her hair in a ponytail. She works her fingers through it and itches her scalp briefly before settling back into the chair then. The hair falls about her shoulders in a particularly fetching way, though the young woman doesn't realize it. Just focuses on her laptop as she surfs the web for a bit.

"Any plans for tonight then?" she asks him. Kitty sets her feet down on the floor, then phases them out of her shoes, leaving her in socks as she pulls her legs up beside her in the chair.

That Kitty has so quickly made herself at home in his room was a little surprising to Piotr. Not that he ever complained about the idea. As she settles herslef down, he moves to sit down on the edge of the bed. "I have no plans. Illyana is not at home." There's a frown at that - cell phone reception in Limbo is pretty terrible.

"I was just thinking." he admits. "I spoke with Betsy recently." comes the comment. "I was telling her that Jean recently asked me to do a drawing from her mind for her, and she suggested that I could do something more physical with her."

Flirting may be lost on Piotr.

Kitty Pryde looks up from her computer and nods slowly. "She's probably off, you know," Kitty says, giving a little waggle of her fingers as if to suggest off over the rainbow. Or given it's a hell dimension, more likely under it. Kitty bites down on her lip as she thinks about something she heard last night. If she tells Piotr, she'll feel guilty towards Illyana. If she doesn't tell him, she'll feel guilty towards Piotr. Kitty lets out a soft, frustrated sigh.

She looks up as Piotr says something to provide Kitty with distraction from her thoughts. One of her fingers goes to twirl her hair absently. "I'm sure you would be able to do a great job with it," Kitty says supportively of Piotr serving as a sketch artist. She settles back in the chair as he goes on. Then straightens up a little bit. "She wanted you to do something more 'physical' with her?" Kitty asks, her tone making it a question looking for further explanation.

"Like a drawing? I mean, of her physically." Piotr shrugs as he settles on the bed, stretching out his frame. He nearly comes off the bed's end in his human form - he completely would if he changed.

"She would be hard to capture on paper. There are many facets to her." he admits as he considers, glancing at the pad. "It is many conflicts that show in her eyes and features."

Kitty Pryde is still sitting up a little straighter in the chair. Topping her lap is her aptly named laptop, though it has lost whatever of Kitty's focus it had before. She listens to Piotr talk aloud as he thinks out the drawing. "She's really very stunning," Kitty says slowly. "I imagine she would be more difficult to draw than someone that's more plain," the young woman adds softly.

Her tongue touches her lips for a moment and she asks, "So did you - or she - have any thoughts of what kind of drawing to do?" Kitty's finger that was twirling the hair stops, her fingers moving to rest in her lap, fidgeting with each other slightly as she watches the big Russian, lying on his bed.

|ROLL| Piotr Rasputin +rolls 1d20 for: 15

Something in what Kitty says causes Piotr to stop. Blue eyes look over at her in confusion. "You are upset." he says, clearly surprised by this. "I draw what I want." With that, he moves, rolling over on the bed, and reaches beneath it. It takes several moments, but he finally pulls out a sketchpad.

Presenting it to Kitty - he waits for to take it and flip through it wordlessly.

Inside? Dozens of sketches - of the school, of plants and flauna. Of various things and missions they have done. But Kitty's.. in a lot of it. More than half. Especially towards the end, where later work was done. Apparently Illyana showed the Russian a picture of her sent from England at some point, because there's a drawing of Kitty standing outside of a pub, waving a flag on American's Independence Day.

Other drawings are of her as he imagines her. In her differengt costumes, differengt studies, different looks. And then - at the end - are pictures of her how she looks now. Stunning, beautiful. There is nothing plain in those drawings.

As Piotr gives voice to her emotion, or at least something near to it, Kitty shakes her head. "No. I mean. If you want to draw her you should draw her," she tells him as Piotr is digging under the bed, eventually rising with the sketchpad he was looking for.

Kitty's eyes lift as he brings it over, the handsome Russian so tall compared to her. She takes the pad, though the teen's eyes linger on Piotr for a few more moments before she finally looks down at it. Kitty begins slowly turning the pages. She looks at each picture. Taking her time, not just glancing at them. So it takes quite awhile before she's started to notice the pattern to them.

Kitty's lips pull back in a soft smile as she notices the recurring theme. And then finally she gets to the final drawings. She moves her finger over one of them, not touching it for fear of smudging it. But tracing above the lines in the face Piotr has drawn. It's such a beautiful face. Not the one that the girl sees for herself when she looks in the mirror. "Pete, these are… are so beautiful," she says, her emotion catching in her throat. "These could be of Jean, or Betsy. I don't really look this pretty," she says, her eyes still on the drawings.

"You are so tupoy sometimes." If turnabout is fair play, it counts, as it echos back to a teary Kitty telling Piotr how dumb he was for not realizing how in love sixteen year old her was with him. Conspicously, there are no risque drawings of her. He apparently either didn't consider it - or was just afraid to put that to paper for some reason.

"Do they look like Jean. Or Betsy? or even Scott?" he asks her, frustration clear in his voice. He settles back on the bed again. A flump. And a sigh that rises from him. "It is my own fault. I should not have shown you."

Kitty Pryde didn't think they were drawings of Jean or Betsy. She thought Piotr made her look as pretty as them. "No… they are of me. But… Pete?" Kitty says as she moves her laptop off to a table and stands up. She walks over, carrying the sketch book and sits down on the bed beside him.

Kitty looks down at the drawing she was focused on. She turns to another one of herself. Looking at how beautiful Piotr has made her. She turns the page to the next. Kitty reaches a hand over then, resting it on Piotr's arm. "Is this how you see me?" she asks him, looking up slowly from the sketch pad. Her brown eyes shine with the kind of warm emotion that would make Disney animation artists jealous that they could not capture.

Kitty's fingers tighten on Piotr's arm, and then release a little as she slides her hand up along his arm, to his shoulder and then slowly across his chest as she waits for his answer.

"It is always how I have seen you, Katya." Piotr responds. "That is why it was so hard.." to let her go. To tell her no. To not admit he loved her too. There's a shake of the large man's head. "If only I had been younger, Katya. If only I could have.." he trails off, not really sure what else to say on the subject as he considers it. And then he just falls a little silent, a soft rumble as she caresses him.

Kitty Pryde carefully sets the sketchpad aside, handling it with what could only be called a reverence. "I spent so much time around the beautiful older girls here, I never have seen myself like that," Kitty tells Piotr. She bites her lip as she looks at the big Russian. Her fingers move slowly up to touch his face.

"Your drawings are so beatiful," she tells him, before looking down and giving a shy, warm smile. "And… and they make me feel beautiful. /You/ make me feel beautiful," she tells him, looking back up again. Her fingers brush along the side of the handsome Russian's eyes.

"Pete? Would you like to draw me? I could pose for you maybe?" she asks him. She smiles and looks down, peeking at him through her lashes with a bit of a flirtatious look.

"I uh.." Brain freeze. As Kitty puts on every bit of the airs of beauty that she truly is, Piotr is gobsmacked, and he finds himself unsure of what his next words are going to be. "Have I not drawn you enough?" he asks her playfully, but the thought is there in his eyes, as he considers her. His hands reach up to cover the hands on his face, and he closes his eyes in thought.

"I would like for you to be a standing subject for once. I have always drawn you from memory." he finally admits to her.

Kitty Pryde smiles down to Piotr and she slowly shakes her head. "No, no you have not drawn me enough," she tells him warmly, and just as playful as Piotr is being. Kitty's fingers brush over his hand as he brings it near to her touch.

Kitty leans towards Piotr from where she sits beside him, letting her side rest against his, her torso ending up partially atop his as she leans over. "Standing if you like," she tells Piotr, smiling with a shy beauty, and nodding. "I can wear anything you'd like," she offers. Kitty's gaze drops from his, her eyes taking on a bit of daring.

"Or… even less… if you chose," she tells him without lifting her eyes back. Because the blush she gets is enough without seeing his face as she says it.

"You can.." Piotr considers, as the young woman turns every trick in the book and all of those blossomed wiles of her body against him. And his brain kinda shuts down, because all the blood's rushing from it. Mainly to his cheeks. "You can wear what you feel comfortable in, Katya.." he says, as he swallows.

And then he pulls Kitty into a kiss as he moves to press her down on the bed. Because she's finally gotten the result that she wanted from him.

Kitty Pryde's fingers slide down Piotr's cheeks and neck and back over to his chest. Her hand rests flat there as the Russian pulls the younger woman down to kiss him. She doesn't lean down for the kiss. She just melts against him. Savoring the feeling of him as he has again made her feel so beautiful. So desirable. So cared for.

She rolls over as he presses her down, back to the mattress. When their lips part she gazes up into Piotr's eyes. She brings a finger to softly touch his lips, trace them with the pad of her fingers. "I… think I'd like for you to draw me… nude," she tells him. Kitty blushes more brightly. "Though we might need an old car in the hold of a ship for us to steam up the windows of after," she says. Making a titanic joke, and a Titanic joke.

There's a blink of confusion as Piotr sits up, looking at Kitty in utter bewilderment. "Why would we need a ship and a car?" he asks her, blinking owlishly as he tilys his head to the young woman.

Someone never bothered to see 'Titanic'.

Kitty Pryde gives a soft laugh and sits up, a hand cupping Piotr's cheek softly as she kisses him. She leans over to grab her laptop. It doesn't take long at all to pull the aforementioned scene, turning her laptop so he can see it. It also means he sees a bit of Kate Winslet's breast during the drawing part.

"I don't think I have a necklace like that thought," she teases. Moving a hand to her throat and then sliding her hand downwards, finger tracing atop her shirt until it is down where her curves start being visible. She smile to Piotr and then lies back on the bed again.

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