2019-05-07 - An Unlikely Helper


Mera and Eve recruit Ivy to help with the harbor flora

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue May 7 00:56:10 2019
Location: 2 East 5th Avenue #12E

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Eve's address is a given. When Mera gets there, she can hear loud music playing from within. She's in a tall building with a large apartment, actually. The kind that most New Yorkers would kill to afford.

Mera is not a fan of the box that takes her upwards in that tall building. She eyes the walls of the lift with some concern as it rises…and rises…and rises some more. When it finally reaches the 13th Floor, Mera exits with some speed, turning to watch the doors close behind her and glare at the metal box a little. And then there is music. That must be the place.

Mera knocks on the door to announce her presence before waiting, patiently, for Eve to answer. The redhead standing erect and imperious to make sure she gives a good impression when seen. A quick check of her mortal clothing to ensure there are no holes. All good.

Eve is of course expecting Mera. She opens the door and waves her in, dressed not dissimilar to the last time that she was seen by Mera, though a bit more elaborately Gothic in this instance. Corsets, lace, and a full, ruffled skirt.
"Oi," she greets her. "Come on in. Would you like some tea or something?"

Mera, in comparison, is dressed exactly as the last time they met; she mustn't have a large wardrobe of human clothes. "Tea? Of course, yes, I would like some tea." The Atlantean has no idea what that is but she doesn't want to insult her hostess. "Your clothes are very…ornate" she notes with a smile. "But I do not see many people dressed the same way."
"..uh… well, it's Goth," says Eve, blinking her eyes at Mera. She does, after all, have no idea who Mera is or where she's from. "You know… Goth?" she shrugs her shoulders and goes to fetch her kettle and get some water boilin' for the tea.
"So I reached out to my friend. She's good to meet."

Mera stares blankly at the word 'Goth'; no matter how many times Eve says it. Still, she can't appear ignorant in front of a 'human'. "Yes, Goth. The dress of the Gothites. I know it well." She wanders slowly around the apartment, taking it all in while nodding about Eve's friend. "That is excellent news, thank you. She will wish to see the plant life in their natural environment?"

"…the gothites. You know, this isn't my first go at this. You're pretty clearly not from around here, so why don't you tell me about that? ANd the way you keep saying 'natural environs' has me wonder just what you mean. Most people'd just say something a bit less… vague about it." The kettle starts whistling a moment later and she heads over to pour it and steep the tea for her, of course.

"So, 'Mera', what's your deal, anyway?"

For someone who is ostensibly undercover, Mera has let a lot of people know where she is from. Maybe she is proud of her heritage? "I am Mera of Atlantis" she announces in a tone that suggests there should be a fanfare to accompany it. "So, no, I am not from around here. My main interest is in the sea creatures that attacked the harbor. The infected plants may be part of that…" She shrugs. "Or not. Is there something wrong with 'natural environ'? I mean where it is growing and has been infected. I should say something else? Interesting decor. Are they real skulls?"

"…Atlantis," says Eve with a long sigh. "And you mentioned these plants were from near the harbor. I'm going to assume you meant 'actually underwater', then, right?" All carefully said as she's mulling over what this means. "Ivy should be here soon, by the way. I took the liberty of inviting her."

She pinches the bridge of her nose.

"Underwater" Mera nods about the infected fronds. "But near the surface. At first, I thought it was simply more of your pollution…and it could still be. But if your pollution has become sentient and mobile, I think this will be a problem for all of us." The redhead peers out the window at the world outside. She has been in high buildings before, but they were underwater and she could swim out the window. This place…not so much. "She is coming here? Wonderful."

Which is right when there's a knocking on the door. Eve, in particular, can get the impression of Ivy in her mind, as she's standing right outside the door. Currently Ivy is looking positively normal, wearing black pants and a green blouse. She's not exactly standing out here, but then, she doesn't want to bring unwanted attention to Eve here either.

"That's Ivy," says Eve, without a trace of doubt in her voice that it could be anyone else. She moves towards the door and gives it a yank open. For her part, Eve is dressed up even more than normal! There's even a frilly Gothic skirt to go with her skull-adorned corset. "Heeey. So glad you could make it. This really seems up your alley. This is Mera," she points over her shoulder at Mera.

Mera is dressed in her 'human' clothes; boots, white pants, white blouse, beige coat, a satchel bag over one shoulder. Turning to face the door she offers a polite smile and a little bow to the other redhead. "A pleasure to meet you" she greets, "Eve tells me that you know a lot about plants. That you will be able to help with an issue I have."

Ivy smiles and steps in, "Good to meet you, Mera, and… yes, I do know quite a bit about plants. Not to be arrogant, but I doubt there is anyone on the planet that knows more than I do in that field. Present company excepted, of course." She gives Eve a gracious nod, then tilts her head at Mera, "What do you need help with?"

"I can confirm what she's about to share is real. Saw it myself," says Eve to Ivy, but she lets Mera explain the details to Ivy instead, merely lending her credibility to her for the time being.

Mera opens up her bag and pulls out a large frond - folded in there - that is filled with lines of dark ichor that seem to move as they watch. "I found it where the giant sea creatures attacked New York Harbor. There was a lot of it, growing, consuming. We should try to make sure it does not drip on the floor." That last an aside to Eve since she has seen what it does. That Ivy is so confident in her abilities is appreciated. "Do you think it is mutated vegetation or something else?"

Ivy hrms, handling it carefully, "Definitely mutated. This is… disturbing. Very unnatural." She wrinkles her nose, having a definite tone of distaste regarding the… whatever this is. "Could those sea creatures have spread this around as well? I know there was at least one killed in that area. Perhaps it… contaminated things?"

"I mean, it'd be pretty weird if they weren't involved somehow. Maybe it's something they brought with them, or something that helped create them? I got no idea," says Eve, shrugging her shoulders to Ivy, "but when it touched the grass when she showed it to me previously, it started spreading through the local plantlife almost immediately. Replacing them with itself, in a sense. I was offended." That's HER job.

"If the creature's were mutated, then this substance could have been the cause of that as well, but I do not know for sure. When the creature was killed, what did they do with the corpse?" Knowing humans, it was probably left to rot in the ocean. "Captain America suggested the creatures had a magical cause but I do not think this is magical." Mera nods to the black substance. "Though I am also talking with members of WAND, and they deal with the magical."

Pamela frowns, "Magic, I couldn't talk about, but this… well, yes, it is definitely alien. A corruptive influence, trying to replace what it finds with itself." She shudders a little, being very careful not to let that ichor come anywhere near her.

"Mera asked me earlier if you'd like to see where this is going on. I think that's probably a good idea, but we'd definitely want to put you in, like… a diving suit or something since its apparently under water and making sure none gets on you is probably a pretty good idea."

Eve gives herself a little shake off. "I had that sense myself but.. I think you're a bit more…" She waves her hand, "I can't get too precise the way you can, Ivy."

Mera notes Ivy's disquiet around the substance, so folds up the frond and shoves it back in her satchel. She doesn't seem too bothered at being infected but she is tougher than she looks. A nod to Eve's words. "I can supply suits for you both." Eve is coming too, right?

Ivy nods, "That sounds like it'd be best, if I could see the source of the infection. Or at least the main infection sight. It'll give a better idea of how it could be remedied."

"I mean, sure. That sounds good," says Eve. "We'll just need to be super careful." She glances towards her window. "Just let us know when and where and I can be there. It's not like I got much else to do." She adds, wryly.

"You have your own equipment to analyse the infected vegetation?" Mera asks Ivy with the expectation the answer will be 'yes'; she's an expert, of course she does. "Unless these creatures were also infected, we do not know if it can also affect animals. We should probably not risk it though. Do you have a map, Eve?"

Pamela chuckles, "I have some equipment, yes. But my analysis tends to be more… instinctive. Any additional resources would be welcome, though. My own resources are… limited, to a degree." She shrugs, "It's a bit of a long story."

"Same. You saw what I did last time I ran into it," says Eve. "She's better at figuring this kind of stuff out than I am. Smarter, too," says Eve with a shrug of her shoulders. "Yeah, sure. I got a map." And so she brings one up on her phone for Mera.

Mera looks at the map on Eve's phone for a few moments before deciding she will use her own. A device about the size of a phone is produced from a coat pocket, though it is not like any humans would use. A holographic 3-D map of New York beams up out of it, around three feet in diameter. Mera uses her finger to navigate, moving the image to near where the sea creatures attacked…but not in exactly the same place. "Here. We should go undercover of night. I will meet you there if that is acceptable. Give me a few days to gather equipment for you both."

Ivy nods, "Perfect. My… arrangement with the government puts limits on some of my resources. That's much appreciated Mera." Of course, Poison Ivy isn't quite infamous in Atlantis, but on the surface, Mera might have picked up a few things.

Eve pauses a moment and just stares at the holographic map that shows up. "Huh," she says after a moment.

"Fancy." She blinks her eyes once and then adds, "…yeah, okay. See you in… a few days." She looks over at Ivy, eyebrows up. "She's front Atlantis," she repeats.

The map disappears in an instant and the device dropped back in her pocket. "I…and Atlantis…thanks you both for your help. I will see you around midnight three days from now at that location." A polite smile for Eve. "I will try this 'tea' another time." She makes for the door, pausing as she remembers she will have to use that small box again to get out (aka the elevator), before heading out.

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