2019-05-05 - That's Not Pepporoni


Kate Bishop invites other recruits from the Young Avengers to a private pizza party and meet up.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun May 5 00:00:00 2019
Location: Mario's Pizza

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With all that had been going on lately, and the apparent formation of a new team with the folks that they'd fought with against those kidnapping aliens, Kate thought it might be a good idea to do what all teams should on occasion do: Hang out and socialize. The call was put out. Pizza. Beer for those old enough. And a running tab that was being paid by her father. He could suck up a pizza party bill without knowing it had to do with her 'other hobby' that he didn't approve of.

Kate is already here having claimed a large table and situated herself near the back wall so she can look out over the rest of the room while sipping at a soda. Alas, the beer was off limits to her unless someone was sneaking it.

Nate was also here! He was one of the first. Arriving at the table, he smiles at Kate. "There's my favorite archer. How you doing, Kate?" He'll take a seat beside her, looking around. "and how many do you think we'll get this fine afternoon?" Nate probably wouldn't be drinking unless peer pressured. Yes, he's one of THOSE drunks.

Free party? Well. Rose had been invited, and she didn't have anything else to do. It'd taken Starfire some doing, but she had persuaded Rose to at least try it out, being on the team. And, even she has to admit that starting it off with a party is a good way to start it off. Even if directly it doesn't have booze.

She can supply that booze indirectly, though.

She enters Mario's in a halter top that shows off her tight midriff, a pair of skinny jeans, and high-heeled leather boots.

She takes a seat next to Nate, "Rose," she says. Since only Noh-Varr had ever been given her real name. She slides her eye over Kate, then Nate. She gives a glance around, "Next time, I throw the party. But, whatever."

Noh-Varr lands just outside, in front of the door then walks in. Unobtrusive is not in his dictionary. In a tee-shirt and jeans, he's got on his Nega-Bands and gauntlet though it looks less gladiator and more decorative. Looking around, he spots a couple familiar faces then walks over to the table and slops down into a chair. "Hello Kate. Nate. You rhyme. And Rose." he adds when she walks over.

Kate Bishop flashes a grin at Nate leaning over to give his cheek a kiss in greeting before sinking back properly into her chair. "Remind me not to meddle in the affairs of gods. It's tiring." When Rose enters, she nods toward the woman in greeting. "Kate Bishop," she offers back. She may have done introductions before but it was hard to remember. "I'm cool with that. I just figured it was about time we did something to meet up. Pizza usually goes pretty far. I hear they've got a good beer selection here, too, if you want," she offers gesturing over to the counter.

Noh-Varr's arrival earns a nod of greeting as well. "Hey, flyboy. Yeah we rhyme," she agrees with a chuckle. "Make yourself comfortable. I ordered some basic pies which should be out soon but if we want to be more adventurous we can."

Nate smiles as Kate kisses his cheek and he chuckles just a little bit. "Well, I'll be sure to do that on a daily basis, now that you mention it. Hope you had fun though." he looks to Rose, and gives her an upnod. "Nate." then to Noh-varr. "Hey man." he gives an upnod to him too. "I don't think I'll be drinking." he speaks with wisdom or experience in his tone. One of the two. But, nevertheless, he smiles. "I think this is my second time here. The sausage pizza is pretty good."

It was likely enough that Noh-Varr, being a member of SHIELD, even if he was with SWORD, had an inkling of -who- Rose was. Not just the name. Especially after seeing her in full gear and costume and fighting the Denim Crows and Nightfall recently.

Rose snorts at Nate, and produces her own hip-flask. She uncaps it, takes a swig and passes it to Noh-Varr, telling him, "Good shit."

Then, she looks towards Kate and Nate both. "Rose Wilson. And before you ask, yes. That Wilson. As in, Slade Wilson's daughter." There is, of course, only one Slade Wilson. Deathstroke, the Terminator. That name has a lot of bad history behind it. She says this bluntly, and seemingly without apology or even looking to intimidate one. Simply being candid.

"I'm rather fond of your pepperoni pizzas." Noh-Varr says. "I like spicy things." Looking over to the guy behind the counter, he calls "Throw over a pepperoni please." And when the guy looks over, he just nods and holds up a hand prepared to catch it. Yes, he's serious. Taking the flask with his other hand, he takes a swig then follows it by a larger second one before handing it back. "That's good." he agrees. The revelation of Rose's parentage gets no reaction. Just doesn't care maybe.

Kate Bishop watches the exchange of the flask almost wistfully. No. No she wasn't old enough yet. Yet. Didn't mean the urge wasn't there. When Nate says he's not drinking she looks at him with a small shrug. "Don't avoid it on my account if that's why," she offers quietly. Looking back to Rose she shrugs a bit. "Can't help who our parents are. That's probably why half of us are here to begin with."

The pizza guy just shrugs. Hey if the kid wants it thrown… It'd be one of the more interesting things done here. The pizza is frisbeed through the air toward Noh-varr to see if he'll catch it.

Nate looks at Kate and he chuckles. "Not because of you. I'm just a horrible drunk." he laughs. "Like…I'm going to jump on the table and sing showtunes." he knows what showtunes are? Not bad for a future boi. But, he looks at Rose as he tilts his head. "Ah…huh." Deathstroke. he's in the history books. Dangerous dude. "Duly noted. Well, I'm from the future with no way to go home." he shrugs, since its apparently revelation time. He smiles as Noh-varr summons a pepperoni pizza. This place makes a bombing pepperoni pizza.

"Sucks to be you," she tells Nate, just as bluntly as she revealed her own heritage. She takes the flask back, takes another gulp and then caps it for now, and tucks it back away. She jerks a thumb to Noh-Varr, "He's with the assholes that stole my flying bike." And her eye turns to Kate. "So what's with the arrows?" Curious.

Meanwhile, as she waits for the other 'pies' to be brought she reaches out to slide a fingertip down Noh-Varr's arm, down to those interesting gauntlets. Not seeking to exploit them, or remove them. But, she is damn curious about them after seeing them in action several times. She also may be flirting? Hard to tell, just yet.

Christopher Powell comes wandering into Mario's after the others have gathered, pausing in the doorway to note those he recognizes, and then makes his way in that direction, hands slipped into the pockets of his jeans. "Hey," he says in greeting to those gathered. He pulls up a chair and settles into it. "I heard there was pizza. How's it going?" He gives a nod to those he recognizes, and then introduces himself to Nate, "I'm Chris."

Dropping his arm, Noh-Varr leans to the side to let the pizza sail by. "Why did you do that?" he asks the counterman. "I said a pepperoni right?" He looks tot he others for confirmation. "Throw over a pepperoni." So he can slice it onto his pizza. Glancing down at his arm, he says "Nega-Bands. And a Kree abttle gauntlet. And technically, you were stealing the bike from the aliens so it wasn't really yours." Chris gets a nod when he arrives.

Kate Bishop just plants her face down in her hand with a sigh at the pizza that goes flying by. "I've got it covered," she calls out assuring them with her hand raising to lift a black credit card into sight. Yeah she had it covered. Or dad did rather. Screw him. At Rose's question she 'mms?' thoughtfully.

"Eh, long story short? I wanted to work with my dad in the family business. I didn't realize he was a criminal until I snuck out once to try and prove I could help… and I got kidnapped. I was twelve, it was stupid." She shrugs indifferently. "There were some SHIELD guys nearby that helped rescue me." A glance is cast around the table a moment considering everyone here.

"Just a normal guy. No powers. No super weapons. Just a normal guy with a bow and arrows, yet he was out there fighting with everyone else. I figured if I couldn't look up to my dad, I was going to do the same as that crazy ass guy. So, that's the 'thing with the arrows'," she finishes with another shrug. "Plus I'm a great shot so it works out."

The pizza guy, clearly a younger one, gets sworn at by a few of the other workers. He sighs and lobs over a pepperoni to Noh-Varr then gets a broom to go clean up the mess.

"She's an /amazing/ shot." Nate says in encouragement to Kate, and yes, he does lean over and kiss her cheek before he looks at Rose. "Yeah, it kinda does. Like being eternally homesick. But…whatever. Sucks to suck." he smiles though, apparently finding positives in his horrible situation, before he looks at Chris as he arrives. "Hey man. I'm Nate." he gives an upnod, before he watches the pizza guy just…throw a saucer at Noh-Var, who doesn't catch it.


"Well….at least it didn't hit you." he tells Noh-Varr. Positives. But with a chuckle, he looks around at all present. Not a bad group.

"Cool," Rose announces, to Noh-Varr's explination. Then, she snorts once, but his retort has humored her, just the smallest fraction. Enough so she doesn't press the issue further about her lost spoils of victory. She looks up at Chris, offers, "Rose. Wilson." Then, she gives Chris a death's head grin, brief. "I guess we're all one big happy family, now." Cue singular eyeroll.

A glance to Kate follows, "You are a good shot," she admits.

Christopher Powell watches the pizza go sailing by and slide across the floor just a little bit mournfully. That's pizza abuse. But then he shakes his head, chuckling a little bit when Noh-Varr clarifies what he was looking for. Then he turns his attention toawrd Kate as she shares a bit of her story. "That's pretty cool, actually, you know, that you had someone that you could learn from like that."

"Nice to meet you," he says to Nate. Then he pulls himself up from the table and goes over to get himself a drink, wandering back with a Coke after a moment or two and settling back into his chair. "You not from around here?" he asks Nate. Then he gives Rose a grin in return.

Noh-Varr easily catches the pepperoni. "Lasers can't hit me, I think I can avoid a pizza." Just not catch one; not without it getting all over him and he wasn't going to do that. "Noh-Varr, Kree warrior. I'm from a different universe and can't go home." Right now, anyway. "Yeah, it does suck." His gauntlet shifts shape enough to form a small, thin blade that extends down over a finger which he uses to start slicing up the pepperoni. "So speaking of stealing things from aliens, how did you get Shi'ar Raptor armor?" he asks Chris. "There's not a lot of them and they're going to want it back if they ever learn you have it."

Kate Bishop flashes a grin at Nate's assurance of her skill. Chris' remark earns a chuckle of her own. "Oh I didn't learn from him. I taught myself. I've always been really good at any subject I focused on. It just takes practice. I can sword fight, dance, and play the cello too." When the topic switches to the armor she has to nod. "Oh you were the one in that. I was wondering," she has to admit. Though she didn't know of the alien connection to it.

Thankfully the actual pizza she had ordered come over at this point, a sausage and a regular old cheese to start things out.

"Well, I'm here until I get bored. If I get bored, I'm bailing. Just to let all of you know," Rose answers, frankly, even as she steals a piece of Noh-Varr's pepporoni pizza. She adds, "I trained with my father." Which … may explain a lot, as she had previously told them just who her father was.

"That what the armor is? Alien tech? Figures," she says to Noh-Varr, as she glances to Chris. "At least I picked up that cool knife. Gossamer. Works pretty well, too. Been doing some testing with it."

"It's not technically stealing if it's just laying around covered in dust and dirt in a place that's been abandoned for decades," Chris opines. It may, still, technically be stealing, but he doesn't seem to be all that apologetic about it. "I found it. We bonded." He studies Noh-Varr for a moment or two, looking a little bit defensive. "Nobody's come to ask for it back, yet. So whoever left this one to rot is probably long dead or missing." He then looks back to Kate and says, "Oh.. well, that's even cooler then that you taught it all to yourself." He clears his throat a little and says, "Yeah.. that was me." He nods to Rose and says, "Yeah? What kind of testing? What does it do?"

"Shi'ar. One of the three empires in this part of the universe." Noh-Varr explains, in between bites of the now pepperoni pizza. "There are some smaller ones but they don't really count. None of them can stand up to the Kree, Skrulls, or Shi'ar." Chris' opinion gets a nod. "I agree. They won't care. They're ancient and powerful and only meant for the Shi'ar. They'll probably try to kill you to get it back so be careful. They might have agents on your planet if only to find out why the Kree and Skrulls are so interested in it."

Kate Bishop reaches out to take a slice of pizza for herself. Nice and plain cheese for her. Of course it's a mix of cheese and not just regular old stuff. That wouldn't do for pizza here. It's folded over traditional New Yorker style to take a bite as she listens to the others with a grin. "That's fine. We've all got our own thing. That doesn't mean we can't work together sometimes too."

Noh-Varr's explanations of aliens garners her attention with an eyebrow lifting. "Wait, wait. So there's more aliens than just like you and Starfire? What empire is she part of?" It was a fair enough question. She'd never met these Shi'arr or Skrulls yet. "Man. I feel like I need to upgrade my gear at this point."

"One of those Denim Crows dropped it, the freaks we fought the other night," Rose tells Chris, mildly. "Apparently it's a blade bathed in a GOd's blessing. Lord Plotka. Whoever that is." SHe, certainly, has never heard of him. "At any rate, it cuts through steel like butter. Every time. It'll come in handy." She grins, pleased with this development.

Then, her eyes slide to Kate. "You'll need a light armor, that won't slow you down or hamper your mobility."

Christopher Powell sinks back in his chair, slumping a bit and looking a little less than thrilled with Noh-Varr's warning, a shadow falling across his expression. He falls silent then, mulling things over in his head as he sips his Coke through a straw, staring at the table. He hears Rose's reply, but for the time being, he only nods a little bit vaguely about the dagger. "Cool."

Noh-Varr shrugs at Kate's questions. "I never heard of her race before so they're probably just a single planet or maybe a couple at most. Likely in this galaxy so they haven't been conquered yet. You can bet there are Skrulls here. You'll just never know it till it's too late." Leaning over, he pats Chris' shoulder. "Don't worry. If they come after you, we'll kill them."

Nate looks to Chris. "Yeah, not from around here. But..still like it." he fingerguns, before he looks over at Noh-varr. "Oh yay. Skrulls. They sound pleasant." He looks at Rose. "A blade bathed in a god's light huh? God like Thor?" he asks curiously, before he looks over at Kate. "Well, Rose has some pretty epic weaponry. Maybe she can help you get an upgrade?" he suggests, looking between her and Rose, who…proceeds to give pointers.

Kate Bishop hums thoughtfully at Rose's suggestion. Armor. It's clear she's taking the suggestion seriously as she gives a single nod with a look of concentration on her face. Maybe she was already trying to figure something along those lines out. Then the talk goes to god weapons and her hands hold up when Nate looks her way. "Not one of the gods I'm currently dealing with. I've got my hands full with a bunch of angry Egyptians and some Norse gods. Which is why a nice, normal pizza night is great right now."

"I can probably hook you up with some, if you're interested," Rose tells Kate. She nods at Noh'Varr's words. "We took out an entire alien army in our underwear. Think what we can do when we're fully armored." She smirks, briefly, then stuffs her face with more pepporoni pizza.

"Oh," Chris says to Nate, because that's clear as mud, but he doesn't press for further information. He's still stewing a bit at the moment, and the mention of Skrulls and conquering doesn't seem to be doing much for his confidence. "What, you don't think I should give it back?" This, he asks Noh-Varr, studying him for a few long moments. "Since it's stolen and all?" But something Kate says catches his attention and asks, "How many Gods /are/ you dealing with?"

"Shapeshifters." Noh-Varr explains to Nate. "Best in the universe. You could have sex with one and never know it was an alien." The voice of experience? "Give it back?" he repeats. "Of course not. It's really good armor. And I don't like the Shi'ar. Arrogant bastards." Says the Kree. "Besides, I'm not sure you could if you bonded with it. I don't know much about the armor but bonding sounds pretty permanent."

Nate seems to tilt his head at Noh-varr. "You say that like you've done it before." but then he looks at Chris. "Yeah." he chuckles, before he looks at Kate, laughing a bit. Chris's question does get Nate's attention though, and he looks to Kate as if equally curious what that answer might be. Of course, Rose's statement is one that should give confidence to the team. "True."

Kate Bishop reaches up to pinch the bridge of her nose with a little sigh. "Pantheons currently. I met this old blind guy who asked for some help. I mean, how can you say no to an old blind guy?" Her hands spread in a helpless shrug. "Only turns out he was a god, and got framed for murder against another god, and now because I was helping him I'm marked as some kind of Oathbreaker which makes me a target to all gods. That care. Or something." Her hands drop down a moment, and she turns to Rose to ask quite matter-of-fact, "Can I try some of what's in your flask?" Fuck it.

Happy to help others get drunk, Rose passes the flask of very strong whiskey over to Kate. She's right though, it is the good stuff. "Sounds like a bitch," Rose admits, her singular eye narrowing. "Huh." She frowns. "Used to dealing with contracts." Including, no doubt, murders for hire. "People. Guns. Swords. Even metas. Gods? Can't say I've taken one on before. Be interesting to try, though."

"That's uh, complicated," Chris says as Kate explains the divine entanglement, brow furrowing just a little bit. "What does being marked as an Oathbreaker mean? Do you need to like, redeem yourself or something? Or are they going to try and kill you?" Because that seems to be going around. He does seem to un-tense a bit though when Noh-Varr doesn't seem to think that he should give the armor back. "I don't know a lot about it either," he admits. "I know it's alive, and has its own mind, and that we communicate with each other while I'm in there, but there's a lot of .. stuff.. in my head, and it's all mixed up, and some of it I can understand and some of it I can't. I'm still figuring it all out." He smiles a little bit at Rose's willingness to try out fighting gods, though. Finally, he reaches for a slice of the pizza, settling in a bit.

"Thay can take the form of anything or anyone you want." Noh-Varr tells Nat with a big grin. "And for a Skrull, he wasn't a bad guy. Or maybe she wasn't. Hard to tell and it doesn't really make much difference." He seems to find Chris' information very interesting. "It is? It does? I didn't know it was sentient. Almost certainly an AI. And it's talking to you in Shi'ar so the only surprising thing is that you can undertsand any of it." The talk of gods is also interesting but he's mostly just listening.

Nate looks at Kate as she asks for the flask, apparently kind of surprised that she wanted it to begin with. But, hey, he wasn't gonna judge. He drank when he was underage too. But, he does look at Noh-Varr. "Well..fair enough, I guess." he shrugs lightly, before he looks at Chris. "I imagine its extremely complicated. But, I'm sure Kate would ask for help if she needed it." he looks at her in a 'right Kate?' kind of way.

Kate Bishop takes the flask to tip her head back taking a good long swig. She kind of needed that actually. With all the stress she'd been going through lately it felt nice to just imbibe a little bit. It's offered back with a nod of thanks, and she offers Nate a small shrug with a grin. "Figure I'm due a little fun," she explains quietly. Then the talk of what the mark means, and asking for help, has her looking just a bit… uncertain. "I don't know the details but apparently the pantheons have some rules set up. Basic etiquette sort of things. Like if you're an invited guest into their domain, and you murder someone, you're pretty much marked for death. That's what the Oathbreaker thing is. It's like some magical mark that they can all see. We're working on a way to prove our innocence, and there's a truce going on till then." At least that's what she was told. She hopes.

Kate claps her hands together lightly with a clearing of her throat. "So! Noh-Varr, you work with SHIELD, right? How's that working out for you?"

Christopher Powell folds over his slice and takes a bite, careful not to pour grease or cheese on himself, pausing after swallowing to say, "It is. It does. But it gives me a massive headache after a while. I'm still trying to figure out how to make it .. not.. do that. But we work together pretty well. I mean, it's always felt just.. natural. So maybe there's just something about me that it likes? I dunno." He really doesn't. Glancing between Nate and Kate he says, "I'm sure that uh, we'd all help each other if we needed it, right? That's sort of what these things are for.." teams. Groups. Clubs. Pizza eating compadres. He nods when Kate further explains and says, "That's kinda heavy. Like Nate said though, if you need any help with anything.." He grins a bit then and says, "I have a buddy who works at SHIELD. We build stuff, mostly."

"SWORD." Noh-Varr corrects. Then after a moment, nods. "SHIELD, yeah." Six of one, half a dozen of the other. "It's going fine?" Hey, it's a strange question. "It gives me the best opportunity to protect your planet from alien invasion. And between the extradimensional beings stealing children, other extradimensional beings fighting each other, and the Kree blockading your solar system, it's really useful having SHIELD backing me up. And now all of you too."

Nate didn't know it was THAT bad. "Kate…" Nate perhaps reaches over to hold her hand, if she allows. But, then he smiles. They'll all figure it out. "One big family right?" like what Rose said. "So, we help each other out. You won't be alone in that." Nate then looks over at Chris. "You build stuff? Awesome. What kind of stuff can you make?" it was a curious question. This guy would be handy for tech stuff! Though his eyes now fall on Noh-Varr. "Well, its what friends do, right?" he smiles. "But really, do we know anything more about our mysterious bedroom kidnappings? or are those particular aliens done and gone?"

Kate Bishop glances at Nate to give his hand a squeeze in turn. She hadn't meant to make it sound that bad. Then again she hadn't meant to continually run into a bunch of gods. Yet it happened. "SWORD then," she corrects herself about Noh-Varr's work with a small nod. Good information to have. The mention of helping each other earns a grin as well. "Of course. Anyone needs help, just give a holler. We'll come running. I do need to improve my gear though. I'll take Rose's suggestions. It's all good advice."

"Yeah, I mean, gadjets, tech stuff. We were working on some little drones and stuff — nothing fancy since I mean, it was just for fun," Chris says, suddenly a bit self-conscious. He then glances over at Noh-Varr when he claims to be protecting the planet, you know, with just a little backup, and both eyebrows raise a little bit. "Yeah, that's good to have folks backing you up." He nods to Kate and says, "Same. I'm happy to help with anything that folks have got going on. I was with a group out on the west coast for a while, but since coming home, I've kind of just been on my own. It's.. better not to be."

Noh-Varr pulls his phone out of a pocket and looks at it before standing up. "I'll be back soon." he says as he starts walking out of the pizzeria.

Nate gives a wave to Noh. "Later Noh-Varr." Then he looks at Chris. "Nice. Maybe you could help Kate with her armor?" Nate tries to do some dealing on Kate's behalf before he turns his attention to her. "I might be able to help too. I come from a world of high tech stuff. I might be able to help too. Though I think Chris might be able to work some magic with your bow or maybe some of your arrows." he looks to Chris for confirmation.

Kate Bishop chuckles a little bit at the offers of help with a slow nod. "I'd appreciate any and all help, but don't feel like you have to either. I do okay with what I have. I just need to work on my trick arrows a bit more I think. Exploding tips, things like that."

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