2019-05-05 - Plokta Planning


Planning session to deal with Plokta and the Nightfall!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun May 5 02:53:18 2019
Location: Avengers Mansion - Conference Room

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Sorry folks, Batman didn't bring any fingerfoods or drinks. It's not one of those meetings, strictly bring your own food. It was hard enough getting clearance - and only allowing it for the /common/ area of the mansion. No restricted access areas. Sorry, folks.

Nonthless, with the conference room booked, and the lights on, it's just not the same type of imposing that something like the cave would bring, but it works.

Apparently someone - probably Helena - had the idea to set out 'Hello My Name Is' tags out with markers. As he works on bringing up the files, the detective glances over to where his own little group sits, his lips set in a firm line. And he waits for others to arive so he can get things going.

Catwoman sits on the edge of the table where Batman is working, because she's Catwoman and she just sorta sits where she wants, kicking her legs idly and smirking a bit as she takes in the environment. "Wow, it's been a long time since I've had to sneak in *here*. It's kinda nostalgic~"

Wow. It's the first time he's been here. He's seen it from a distance, but he didn't DARE get close. However, the situation is different. He was actually summoned. And he had a pretty good idea why.

So, all the files, all the samples, all the other evidence went into the brand-new red-and-blue backpack with the spider-symbol on the back. Someone was selling them at the flea market. Actual canvas, too.

Now, he is swinging over to the entrance, and landing at threshold and…no one shooting at him. He taps the Spider-Comm. (Webhead at Avengers Mansion to discuss Nightfall.)

Helena managed to get the finishing touches on one of the last bits of tech she's been working on for her costume - the holo mask. Which is nice, because while a mask across the lower part of your face is great in the field, it's less helpful when you're trying to have a conversation about plans. So the hood is down and the mask is around her neck, but even the people who know Helena won't recognize the girl wearing the 'Blackbird' nametag. Her eyes are gold, her skin is darker, and even the shape of her eyes and mouth look different.

She'd like to perch like Selina, but this is a time and a place for…well, proving she should be here. So instead, she's found herself a wall to lean against, arms crossed loosely over her chest.

"Never thought I'd see the inside of this place," Spider-Girl says. She swings into the area alongside Spider-Man, her patch-ridden backpack slung over both shoulders. There's a tension in her voice; recent events have her feeling a bit shaken. "Well, come on, web-head." She reaches over to slap Spidey on the shoulder. "Let's go."

She, Spidey and whomever else answers the summons are escorted into the conference room. The woman's eyes may be concealed by her mask, but her lips are parted as she takes in the place with a sense of true wonder. "Wow," she whispers to herself, looking around at the unfamiliar faces… and the one or two that might be familiar to her. Her attention remains upon Batman for a moment, and she just kinda hangs back near the table bearing name badges for a moment.


How that blackhaired girl in T-shirt and with a messanger bag got her clearance for meeting room was most likely her secret. But she carried her laptop in a messanger bag inside, a virgin dump HDD inside, just having CubesOS and some basic utilities installed, together with the few files she could gather. Which was pretty much just what she had gathered from others. How she even learned of this? Just as much her secret as how she got the clearance to get escorted to the conference room.

Slipping in, the young woman looked over the room a couple moments before she moved to a chair on the lower end. Her Nametag almost couldn't be more generic: Jane Roe.

ZOOMING through like a red and yellow Blur is the Flash himself! Dressed in his full obnoxiously red and yellow speedergear, Barry is all smiles. "Batman! Good to see you." he looks at Catwoman. "Oh hey Catwoman, how you doing?" then he looks between them. Then to Helena. "Howdy! So then, how many people we expecting?" of course, in the blink of an eye, Barry indeed does have a nametag just to the right of the emblem on his chest. It simply 'The Flash'. Of course, he might be theo nly one who wears a nametag, but…eh.

… Meeting, Spider-Man said. At … Avengers Mansion … was she in trouble? Did she do something wrong with the Nightfall when they attacked them at the warehouse that one time? The … Avengers Mansion!?

Silk had barely done anything (in her mind) to quantify her as any type of hero, just yet. Certainly not anything like Spider-Man, or most especially The Avengers. But. Spider-Man, along with Spider-Girl she owed a certain debt to.

So it's not long before she, too, is swinging towards Avengers Mansion in what is probably one of the weirdest homemade costumes anyone among that experienced group has seen - a costume of just, … webs, wrapped around herself. This is a realization as someone leads her into the meeting room with all the other much-more famous heroes, and the thought occurs to her: maybe one of them can help me with a better costume?

From the bridge of her nose up, the asian girls face is slightly flushed. Sure, it could be from exertion. But, it's probably not. She immdiately moves towards where Spider-GIrl and Spider-Man are. Each group in their little clique. Yes. That's probably best. Right? Don't go mingle with those scary looking Bat-People.

At the back of the room with all these suits, is a small asiatic looking woman. She's wearing long sleeves at the moment, but people can see the hints of the ink that covers her arms at her wrists and just peeking out at the collar. She's also got what looks like … a brand … showing at the neckline of said shirt.

She's quiet as people roll in, keeping to herself, dark eyes moving from Batman, nearly accusingly, to the others. Those she recognises, get a nod but that's it.

Her nametag, written in almost childish hand, says "Keiko". At least she spelt it correctly.

The high tech isn't intimidating to Sarah Black — she works at the Triskelion, after all — but the company she's about to be sharing a room with has her feeling a bit on edge. She's trying, though not completely succeeding, to not let that show. She's dressed in black-on-black SHIELD tactical uniform with the WAND insignia patch on her shoulder, though pointedly without the sidearm she wore during the rescue mission a few nights back. She steps in quietly once security has escorted her to the room, and quickly avails herself of one of the nametags, her name lettered on it in neat, precise handwriting.

"Most of us have already worked together in the past on Nightfall or the Denim Crows." Batman starts, his attention turning to Keiko in the back of the room, and he gives a nod of his head to the former Nightfall, turned help. His attention falls back to the others, a stern pull on his lips at Catwoman. This is serious, stop trying to make him smile. "Recently, thanks to the efforts of Catwoman and Blackbird." he gets Helena's name right the first time, he continues, "We have managed to capture one of the upper echelon of the Denim Crows that has agreed to help us in summoning Nightfall to his location. He has the means and ability to do so."

"The reason we're all here today, is how we want to use this plan of action. We know that we can pull Nightfall to us now. But once they arrive, we need to find a way to prevent them from killing themselves, and finding a way to bring an end to Nightfall once and for all. With them cut off, Plokta will not have the worshipers that he needs."

With that, his attention returns back to Keiko. "Miss Kurita. Can you give us any idea on the number of members that the Nightfall has? Are they stationed within Plokta's domain, or do they have an area on Earth they call their own?" he decides to start with her.

Z Batwoman is present wearing the appropriate black and crimson garb that the red knight prefers. She's frowning thoughtfully as she studies the room, counting each of the people present in turn. Long red tresses from her masked face, gauntlets on each hand. And she… Waits, for now. Quietly. She's noting each person who enters in turn, and occasionally with a nod of greeting.

Spidey feels better with Silk and Spider-Girl here. He feels a little intimidated by some of the others. Batwoman…Blackbird…Batman, of course. But being part of a group himself is reassuring.

He nods to Silk and Spider-Girl as he sits, opening the backpack but not yet putting it on the table.

Catwoman meets Batman's stern gaze and grins, putting her hands up innocently. "Hey Flash~" She greets with a grin, her voice sounding like it's coming at the end of a laugh, which is kinda was, she was just holding it in.

"Ooo…" Catwoman perks up curiously when Spider-Man enters the room. Her eyes are concealed behind her mirrored goggles, but Blackbird can practically feel look being directed at her along with a bit of a smirk. She does, however, pay attention silently as Batman speaks.

As the spiders arrive, Blackbird smiles faintly toward the group - from behind the back of the other Bats, that is. Apparently not all of the bats are terrifying. In fact, she seems to be looking around the group and noting faces, costumes, alliances…details. And for a relatively unknown entity, she seems awfully comfortable in the company.

"I was experimenting with something to create a circle to try to trap them, but the mechanisms haven't been successful yet," she volunteers. "Can't get the iron thin enough or the charge right to expand a coil into a circle without essentially denaturing it. We need to figure out how to cut off their retreat, though."

Right. Nametag. Barry's entrance has her startled for a moment, and she's quick to snatch hers up, quickly scrawling the name Spider-Girl upon it. It becomes attached to her chest with a quick little spurt of organic webbing. She's then slugging the backpack off, feeling very self conscious about some of the more vulgar, countercultural statements. She's really gonna need to get a different backpack for this hero business.

From the backpack, she produces a little Tupperware container filled with chopped up plantains and some home made tortilla chips. Always hungry, this one is.

OOF, magic and dimensions and…evil masters and worshippers. Barry is kinda out of his depth here, to be completely honest. He's a 'run fast, punch someone till they drop, then run away' and maybe doing some science along the way kind of guy. But it is what it is.

As attention shifts to others, Barry simply falls silent, crossing his arms and tapping his foot against the ground as a way to help him focus and deal with his general impatience.

Silk apparently is working on her impression of becoming a Wallflower. Though, she does see Helena's smile towards them, and she lifts a hand to Blackbird and gives a faint nod. It's not hard to see, even if one isn't too experienced in reading body language that this particular spider-person is feeling a bit overwhelmed. Yet, at the same time she seems to be paying keen attention, not letting her nervousness get the better of her. Memorizing costumes. Faces. Words. And, she may later analyze them further.

For now, as plans are discussed, she merely keeps attentive, so she can know what her role in everything will be. Barry gets a little hesitant wave from Silk, too. Because - who DOESN'T like the Flash? Even if you were in a bunker for almost two years. Flash is STILL cool.

Taking a breath and centering herself, the dark-haired young woman in the tactical uniform speaks next. "Agent Sarah Black, WAND," she says, by means of introducing herself, her London accent obvious. "I'm here both due to my direct participation in action against the Denim Crows and to represent SHIELD, and WAND Division, as a liason. I do not have the personal authority to commit resources or personnel, but I will take whatever is decided here to those that do. I can say that this is a matter of high priority and that I expect we will be offering all assistance that we reasonably can."

Keiko starts when Batman uses her name, folding her arms defensively across her chest. "I don't know how many exactly. Several thousand at least, I guess. I grew up in a Sibko of six. There were at least sixty of those in the area I was trained in. All the kids were about my age, there abouts. The compound housed more and we weren't the only compound."

As to location? "My compound was in Central America, I think. We never learned much, weren't encouraged too, weren't … socialised… I think the word is. Taken out when we were needed and returned. I know that when I ran, I ended up in Mexico, eventually…"

"Only those that the Lord Plokta deems worthy are taken to his domain. We never see them again, when they're taken." She knows why *now*.

The woman with the Jane Roe tag written in non-emotional norm-lettering pulls her laptop out, tapping a couple keys as it boots up, her fingers starting to dance on the keyboard as if she starts stenographing the talks. In all the masked ones, she's one of the few that skipped hiding her face. Or putting on any costume at all. But she stands up as she clears her throat to speak. "Miss Kurita, thank you. Agent Black, I came into posession of a couple local police case numbers that were recently transferred to SHIELD. As far as those I think might be relevant go, the bodies went to SHIELD for examination, and from what I gather the preliminary police report said that they died by their own hands." She turns her laptop, three case codes in the center of the screen, Black on white, big enough for most people around the table to read them. "If someone could open the screens for displaying files, that would be very helpful by the way. Have there been results yet or are these just coincidental mix ups on my part? Knowing their MO in these manners might help with, as Mr. Batman said, preventing their ritualistic suicide. Maybe even Ms. Kurita's insights into the cult could help reconstructing some parts in this context. I feel like understanding how the ritual is conducted properly could possibly allow to break it down in progress." No self introduction, but she bows a little before she sits down again, turning the laptop back again.

There's a nod to Keiko as she explains. "So striking at all of their camps will not be effective - what we will need to do is to find a way to remove the threat that Plokta exists." Batman responds, a frown pulling on his face. "His followers can become fanatics - especially those that have become - as she said - part of her domain. The higher in the heiarchy they are, the more powerful the creature they can summon. Spider-Man has come up with a formula that can weaken these creatures." he explains.

"This brings the question of what are goal is to be here - going into the Dark Domain itself to go after Plokta is not going to work. We will need to bring him here. And once we have him here, we need to make sure that he is not given a chance to retreat before we make sure that the damage he has caused is not done again." he looks over the group and frowns.

"None of our magic users are with us tonight - so I'm going to ask those with heavy interest in science. It has been shown that Plokta has influence in the Otherworld; or Avalon as it's called. That is where his weapons come from. The flechettes that he use are what is known as gossamer, or fairy glass, is used extensively in their weapons and in the tattoos that they wear. The tattoos that are on the children we have recovered are used as tracking beacons - but they only have a limited range, and Spider-Man's formula has keep those signals muddled. I am working with the mages on a more permament fix that will remove the ink. For now, what incidents have been caried out so far were done in secret - and have always resulted in madness and suicide." He brings up a report from 1984 in Costa Rica of a man that had similar markings that became deranged when he tried to remove his tattoos.

One good thing a mask can do. It can hide shock, despair, and depression.
"Several…" Spidey whispers in quiet horror.

It's an army. They can just keep sending more and more because they can soak up the numbers, and they can afford to wait until the police settle down, and then just…take the kids anyway. And there is no counter-agent to the ink that can break them down, only inhibit them.

And then a line from some old song seems to rise in his head. *What is a god to a non-believer?*

He pulls himself back, pulls himself together. Keep fighting. But he can ALMOST keep the tiredness out of his voice.
Spider-Man speaks up. "The poison they use comes from the same region as the ink. Nerve agent, works in less than five seconds. Failure is death. And there's no antidote. I'm working to put together an adrenaline shot to try and counteract it, but there's not much hope there…" He takes the papers out, copies of the diagram of the molecular structure of the poison, and the plant it comes from. He printed ten copies. Enough death for everyone.

Keiko's mention of Central America drew a curious look from Agent Black, then she nods to Ms. Roe, speaking up once Batman has finished. "Yes. As Ms. Roe said, we have two of the Nightfall deceased undergoing examination in our lab. The autopsies are not yet complete, but we have determined that one of them died due to having ingested a toxin derived from organics sourced from the Amazon Valley in Peru, which would coincide with what you've learned. The location may present another avenue of investigation."

"Jesus…" Catwoman murmurs softly as the scale of the problem and the death behind is explained, and just turns her head away, covering her mouth with one hand that slides slowly down to her chin. "That's… pretty surprising work, though." She says in regards to Spider-Man. "We don't know any more super scientists who can help this kid out?"

For some time, Spider-Girl is quiet, very quiet, only making sound as she eats and even then, she's especially cautious not to be noisy. There is a lot of stuff being talked about that is way over her head; she's only here because of Spider-Man, and well, because she grenaded one of the Nightfall's monsters.

Tricky thing is, it's not like Anya Corazon to keep quiet when something is bothering her. She goes so far as to raise her costumed hand, like she's in class or something, but doesn't exactly wait for permission to speak.

"Okay, who the hell is Plokta? The Dark Domain? Otherworld?" She looks to Batman at that. "Are these planets, or something, like, some parallel dimensions? What do we actually know about this pendejo?" She lowers her hand, a flush coming to what is exposed on the lower half of her face. "Seems to me, if we don't do something about him, then we're all gonna be sitting our asses in this room again, who knows, three, maybe four years from now? Long as there's a leader, there'll be a cult."

Blackbird looks toward Keiko, piecing a few more things together. They take children. And she's not a child anymore. Which means this has been going on for a long time. "And as long as they can get here and back, they'll keep at it. There's a whole lot of world with a whole lot of unattended kids," she nods to Spider-Girl's statement.

When Jane asks for the screens, she steps over to a hidden panel, flipping a switch that lights the screens to black. "Wifi password is 'ASSEMBLE', all caps," she notes before she looks to Sarah. "WAND is SHIELD's supernatural branch, right? What've they got as far as…interdimensional customs? Border security? … Anything?"

Batwoman nods when Spider-Girl speaks up about her questions, glancing over at Batman, then Keiko in turn in order to see how they will respond. The redhead's lips are lightly puised now and she's clearly considering what is being said in fairly aggressive terms. Finally, the woman will add, "So the question is how to bring out… Plokta." A beat follows.

"Starting with their operations. Getting an idea of who the leaders and organizers are in that army and neutralizing them so that their plans and activities fall into disarray. If we can identify high value targets I will be more than happy to work on destabilizing the entire affair." Batwoman lightly raps the toe of her left boot against the floor. "Unless we have other ideas for addressing them while we arrange a surprise for this 'Plokta' figure."

Silk pauses, hesitant, but she speaks up. Asks, directly, "If this Lord Plotka is creating these fanatics, and kidnapping and turning children, but remains in this Avalon place, could we not just travel to this Avalon place? It would be a more difficult fight on his home-turf, but, it would lessen the time and risk of other children being taken, exposed, and other deaths."

Like Spider-Man, and Spider-Girl, she's young. And, she seems a bit more hesitant to speak, not nearly as spunky as her female Spider counterpart, or as knwoledgable as science-driven Spider-Man.

"Ritual … what?" Keiko looks confused but Peter helps clear that up. "I'm not sure what you mean by ritualistic, Miss Roe. Those Nightfall took their own lives yesterday instead of being taken. Each one of us is given something we ingest if taken - I don't know how it's made. I just know it works. Until yesterday, I've only seen it done once before."

"They will *not* be taken alive. It's the way we are … trained. I got rid of the compound I was given when I ran …" That last is added before anyone can ask about it.

"The bodies Miss Roe are talking about were taken from the scene yesterday by SHIELD." Sarah's already addressing that. If there's autopsy's, Keiko is not aware of them.

"We … they, the Nightfall, don't operate in big cities. If they are there's something happening that changed our, their, methods. We just don't collect from big cities. Because of … this …"

Big cities are more able to deal with what's going.

"Plokta, as I found recently is a Splinter Lord who comes from a place called the Dark Domain. We know him as the Mindful One or the Giver of Mere Wishes. When you ascend to be with him, he fulfills your dreams." Oh dear. She's a *believer*.

"The Dark Domain is a … dimension. Otherworld another one that sits … adjacent. Lord Plokta broke through to it some time ago." A very, very powerful Splinter Lord.

"I don't know if you can beat Lord Plokta. But you can make it so costly to come here, they don't."

"The problem lies in the sheer size of it," Sarah replies to Blackbird's question. "You're familiar with the border between the United States and Canada, and how it stretches through some very remote and difficult terrain that is all but impossible to patrol? Now imagine a border that includes every point in space. That is what we are talking about, when trasits from another dimension into our own occur. There are protocols in place. Unauthorised and unscheduled incursions are responded to — when we can detect them. But it is quite possible, with the correct magics, to pass from elsewhere to here without making much 'noise', as it were. And we cannot be everywhere."

The Jane Roe takes one of the handouts, flipping it over and seemingly reading its backside, but actually putting the front of it to her laptop camera, scanning it before handing the paper back, gesturing to the screen again after Ms. Blackbird told the credentials.

"Let's see…" she says as she tapp onto the computer a little more, then tossing the handed out molecule scheme onto the screen, then overlaying it in in glorious 3d and starting to spin it. Again she stand up, pointing to the screen. "This is the molecule you showed us, Mr. Spider-Man, right? I am just trying to compile the file as best I can. Miss Kurita.

"Miss Kurita, what shape did the compound take? A powder, a vial of liquid, a syringe or pill? Also, I would like to know what kinds of symbols the cult uses and what they mean. Understanding how they operate and tick seems mandatory to make it too costly for Nightfall to succceed." Again Jane sits down as she silences, her fingers returning to tapping.

"Plokta needs what every god needs to be believed in. Worshippers. He takes his by force, and brainwashes them into his bidding. We can break the Denim Crows here. That will not prevent Nightfall from going to St Louis. Or San Francisco. Or even Bangkok." Batman reminds everyone. "And once he has come here - then we make the price of his return so steep that he will not come back. We know already that he has one Lieutenant. A man that calls himself Doctor Eclipse." he explains.

"We break Nightfall. We take out Eclipse. Once we have weakened his base - he will come here to figure out to deal with himself. That is when we will need to strike him."

It took a lot of bravery to open her mouth. Now that she has, Spider-Girl no longer feels embarrassed or intimidated, which means she can really start to feel the anger and frustration that comes with having so much of this whole affair unveiled to her. It's a long way off from webbing up petty crooks in East Harlem. This all shows in her posture, the way she's seated forward and grasping her gloved hands together, the frown on her face.

Keiko gets a nod from the young Latina, but she slips in one more remark. She may be young and horribly inexperienced with any of this, but there are certain universal ideas she believes in. "Anyone can be beaten."

Blackbird nods to Sarah, grimacing a bit. "I had a feeling, but." She shrugs, a wry smile flickering across her features. "Had to ask." Crossing her arms over her chest, she taps her fingers against her gauntlets.

"What do we know about this dark dimension? Like…" A glance to the spiders, who seem more likely to get the reference. "Could we pull a Pacific Rim and drop a hypothetical nuke on them when they open a portal?"

"Plokta is a god, Spider-Girl. Maybe you can beat him but you'll pay dearly. He'll just gather his forces again and be as strong as he was. And it won't take him as long to recover as it does you." She's not wrong. Human lives are fleeting, and humans are fragile. Superheroes or not. Still … "But you will be able to hurt him enough, I think. If you have the right sort of resources."

Blackbird gets a look from the asiatic woman "That was a good movie." It really, really wasn't but she thought so. "You might be able to get the drop on him when a portal opens. What are you thinking?"

"The form of the compound varied, Miss Roe. And why would I know all the symbols and what they mean? I am not a Magi. I'm a soldier. It's possible that WAND has information on that or … maybe there's arcane texts that you can find." A soldier? Not a Magi. Interesting.

Spider-Man frowned. "All right. What are the right sort of resources to damage one of these things?"

"Cold iron." Batman responds. "Unprocessed. Pure, unchanged, cold iron. He is pulling from the fae. It is believed that he has the same weaknesses. I have tried the same thing with the Nightfall and their tattoos with results." And then his eyes fall on Blackbird. "Not even the Sorcerer Supreme has access to that much power." comes Batman's response to the young woman, with a narrowing of lenses to go with it.

Maybe he didn't like the movie. They killed Idris Elba, after all.

"The way the Nightfall are summoned currently is with blood applied from a wearer of a gossamer pendant. The pendant is tied to the person - it cannot use another's blood to make it work."

"A Pacific Rim? I would prefer not to have to resort to a colony drop, and a Deus ex Nukina is a rather… overkill solution surely. I am not saying that the nuclear option should be discarded, but its side effects are rather unpleasant." Jane protests, tapping her chin a couple moments.

"Mr. Batman, what constitutes 'Cold Iron'? Is it the poetic version that is pretty much any iron or do we need special property material? You also mentioned these pendants are made from Fae Glass. If the shape and material are known, maybe a sonic device using the resonance frequency might shatter them beyond use."

"I can see what our technical ops can come up with, or may even already have, in the way of cold iron munitions," Agent Black offers. "As for the pendant wearers, if we were to capture them alive, that would provide us with a means to summon Nightfall at will, and when we are prepared for them."

"Sometimes it's not about power so much as pressure points," Blackbird responds to Batman, shrugging. Figures someone of her size and build would think of it that way. "If we could seed cold iron into the dark dimension? A flash-bomb? A beacon on him or his lieutenants that makes them…ping on something whenever they open a portal, like a tracker?"

She rubs a hand at the back of her neck, trying to keep from fidgeting any more than that. "We can sit here all day and talk about how powerful he is or what we can't do. But it won't stop anything. And if we can't stop him, then we've got to find a way to make coming here not worth the trouble to him. I mean…red tape, nuisance, annoy the crap out of him like a pebble in his shoe until he decides to go somewhere else or get his power from magic mushrooms or something instead."

Catwoman mimes dabbing at her eye a little bit after Blackbird speaks. Utter irreverance for the arcane forces of darkness. She's so proud.

"Okay. So. I'm new to all of this. Just tell me what I can do to help. Give me cold iron, or - something," Silk says, her voice measured with quiet determination. The science and magic of it all might be a bit beyond her, but she's very, very good at fighting, and using her abilities to their utmost. She has a year and a half in a bunker to train them and little else to do.

Never saw it, but Anya at least gets the Pacific Rim reference. She grimaces a bit at the whole idea of a nuke, metaphoric or not, and echoes Jane's sentiment with a look and a nod of agreement.

Sitting back, Spider-Girl is now chewing at her lip, considering. "I might be able to build something. A delivery device." She shakes her head. "I dunno how much time we have, and… I'll need resources. Ya know, money, access to shit you don't find in dumpsters. But, I can do it."

Spider-Man speaks up. "We need more info from the mages, but we need a way to take them alive." He takes another ten copies of another document, which has a molecule diagram that's different. "This is Midazolam. It is a fast-acting sedative, relaxes the muscles, and can knock out a person in less than a second with the additional sulfide medium I listed in the document. A dart loaded with this can incapacitate one of these mages without killing them, and should keep them from activating their poison pill. Then we can extract or neutralize it…and presto, a live source of information."

Keiko turns eyes to Batman as he speaks and then Spider-Man "Is that what you used yesterday? To disrupt the Magi?" She rubs her arm at the thought of that."

Of course the raw forged iron, or cold iron, only works to limit the spell casters, disrupts the bond between spirits and the tattoo bearers and weakens Gossamer Formed weapons. It doesn't affect the Dark Dimension at all. Not that Keiko knows that.

"Do you have one pendant, Batman? And one of the wielders? The police probably have Denim Crows in custody, if you don't. You … only need one."

"What do you need? What will come at you? Nightfall tattoo bearers, fighters and magi and whoever this Doctor Eclipse is. Lord Plokta has many powerful allies who draw on his power. You'll people to fight each of those of things. Who among you is a magi? Agent Black, you have some magic, I've seen it. Agent Turner does but he knows his enough on its own."

Spider-Girl gets a nod. "You can do that. I've seen some of you work together and it's effective. You all have strengths you can draw on."

"There is also Captain Noh-Varr of the Marvel, Kree warrior, agent of SWORD, Darkhawk and Ravager. They fight well together. But you *need* people with magic to support you all."

Spider-Mans words have Keiko shrinking back. "You aren't testing that on me." What … had she been subjected to?

"Then I will make sure that we have Zatanna get the information that we need out to everyone." Batman responds. "I currently have Batgirl working with her on that." he explains. "There is also the Sorcerer Supreme, but he's already admitted that Zatanna is more adept in this field. I also plan to talk to another Splinter Lord that exists on this plane - I will let you know what I find from speaking with her."

"I will have one of them contact you when I know more, Miss Kurita. Perhaps you can assist them with this as well."

"There are people I will put you in touch with," Agent Black says to Spider-Girl. "And you, also," she adds, turning to Spider-Man. "I'll need to get authorization, but given the circumstances, I expect that to be a minor formality."

Spider-Girl still has no clue that her superhuman powers are drawn from the arcane. Otherwise, she might have spoken up about that little tidbit. She draws a deep breath and nods to Keiko and Agent Black, still wringing her hands together.

"Jesus, jodido Cristo, ?en que te metes?" she mutters to herself, then glances toward Spider-Man with a nervous frown.

After a moment, Batman adds, "When we're ready - we do have one, yes Miss Kurita." he nods to Keiko. "He's willing to do the summoning for us." He forgot she missed that part of the briefing. "Are there any other questions?"

Spider-Man looks to Keiko, startled. "Yeah, I got one for Keiko. Jeez, what kinda guy d'ya think I am? I tested it on two guinea pigs who were knocked out for an hour without any ill effects and adjusted the dosage. Jeez, you think I'd just try to drug someone out of the blue? You've been listening to JAMESON too much."

"A delivery device… do we know if the laws of kinematics apply in this dark dimension? I mean, if they don't, any simulation for the distribution of the payload is worth nothing and guesswork. As Mr. Batman said, our experts on this are not present." Jane uses the screen, pulling up more chemical formulae, surely from soe data storage before even looking at the paper. "Besides Medizolam, Ketamine or gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid could be used in these application as fast acting KO. the first two are well estalished as fast and strong acting narcotics while the later is known to cause people to pass out and have problems remembering the time between intoxication and passing out. Electric shock is known to incapacitate people effectively, but the spasms could break a capsule already in the mouth. If you leave your notes with me, I can compile the file and leave it on the rooms server in a couple minutes…"

Silk has little to add to all the technical talk, but she still pays attention, a silent observer, yet a willing participant in the upcoming battle.

Snapping her fingers toward Jane, then pointing at her twice, Spider-Girl says, "Yeah, yeah. Definitely need that info. Any of it, and… if there isn't hard data, then as close to it as I can get."

Her Tupperware full of snacks is slid over toward Silk; the other person in the room whom she knows is always hungry.

Keiko actually looks horrified at Spider-Mans response. "I … I … " she lets out a deep breath and casts her eyes down. "I'm sorry. The Nightfall wouldn't think twice about it. They need to know and I'm theirs. I *was* theirs." She corrects.

"I take the Splinter Lord you know if Illyana Rasputina, Batman. She doesn't think very highly of me, I'm afraid." Who'd figure? Kidnapping kids and using them was a *thing* for Illyana and Keiko kind of embodies it. Of course, the tattooed woman might be misreading the blondes animosity towards her.

"I'll help as I can."

Looking to Batman, Agent Black says, "If Zatanna would like to speak with WAND personnel, I can see to that, also. She and I are… acquainted."

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