2019-05-05 - It's What We Do


Having discovered a cybernetic implant in Carin Taylor's skull, Kitty and Doug return with the equipment to figure out what it can and can't do. Piotr brings Russian lunch (and vodka!), Noriko brings shwarma, and Cessily brings her sparkling personality as they continue to unravel the mystery of where Carin came from.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun May 5 03:12:43 2019
Location: X-Men Safehouse

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Carin has something in her head. She's a little freaked out by that, and the fact that she could hear some lady talking to her for a bit there. Not suprisingly Kitty and Doug were a bit concerned that she might have some sort of tracker, thus Kitty went off and Doug stayed to try and keep Carin calm. This is important, because the pale girl is sort of freaking out not just over the fact she's got somethign implanted in her head that could be a BOMB or something, but also that she can't remember much of anything, other than being chased by AIM agents, and breaking out of some sort of training facility for others like her. It's like her short term memory has been disrupted a bit, but her long term is really disrupted. She seems fine now with remembering things that have happened to her since she escaped, and she's remembered some tidbits from the facility (hint: they all sucked), but not remembering anything else definitely has her on edge.

So Doug has got to see her occasionally just blur and speed back and forth as she paces and walks, waiting for Kitty to get back. Mostly because she doesn't want to stand next to Doug, in case her head explodes, because he's been really nice so far and she feels that'd be totes rude.

"Is she really gonna put me in a cage? That faradee thing?" she asks, folding her arms over the PIotr-sized t-shirt she's currenting wearing as an almost dress since the costume she escaped in kinda stinks.

Doug looks up from his book - "Crime and Punishment" in Russian - and he slips his bookmark into it and closes it with a thump.

He runs his hand through his hair, and then lets out a sigh. "I know it *sounds* intimidating? But believe me, Kitty is the last person—and I mean the *last* person who would ever be interested in oppressing anybody for *any* reason. I've seen her tell off Charles Xavier… and she *loves* Charles Xavier like a second father." He folds his arms around one knee, and then glances up. "It actually has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with AIM. You grok me?"

Carin may have been curious as to why there was a shirt so /large/ in the closet. The reason for that is obvious. At seven and a half feet tall, Colossus has to duck underneath the doorway to get into the room. In his completely metal form, he tends to stand out in a crowd - he would even if he wasn't metal. Glancing over at Carin, the Russian mutant looks over the woman. And then to Kitty.

"This is her?" he asks, and then reaches to bring around the lunch pail he brought. "I have brought you shashilk, knishes, and solyanka. There is also vodka. If you want." he offers the meal to the pale woman.

Kitty carries in the last of the equipment, and apparently catching the end of the conversation. "It's not a real cage. Or, well, I guess it is but not like a cell for imprisoning someone. It's just a mesh of metal that blocks signals completely. Anyway, we'll see if we can avoid needing that," Kitty says as she begins setting things up.

Kitty nods to Colossus then. She'd called ahead and mentioned a very high caloric diet needed to be met. "There are also energy bars, gatorade, and then a bunch of boxed and canned stuff. A lot of spaghetti and pastas, high calorie stuff," she offers to Carin with a smile.

Kitty motions to some of the equipment as she says to Doug. "I figure we'll connect to it and see what's up with it. If there is a wireless connection though, I'd like to have a worm ready. Something that if anyone connects to it, will inject and gather some info before phoning home. Feel up to whipping one up?" Whipping one up. He probably has a dozen of that only need slight modifications for the purpose. Doug is the bomb.

Having been one of the ones who helped bring Carin in, upon hearing what was going on certainly had agreed to drop everything and come visit. So one secret knock later, and she's entering the room as easily and cautiously as a girl made of organic non-toxic mercury can. She's not dressed any differently than she was when she helped Carin escape, simple streetclothes, comfortable.

She looks around, offering the room a gentle, "Hey." And, a smile for Carin. "Hi," she says towards the girl, finger-waggling.

"Told you we'd help, and take care of you," she reminds, or tries to remind, Carin, gently.

There's a rapid knock at the door, followed shortly after by the entrance of a certain distinctive blue-haired teen. "Sorry I'm late, wanted to pick up some food to make things suck less. You guys like Shwarma, right?" Panting a little, Noriko holds up a large bag, the bottom slightly darkened with what is either grease or leaking sauce. "Should still be warm. It's from the good place in Manhattan." She nods around to her fellow X-people, before extending the non food laden hand to Carin. "Call me Noriko. In case you forgot. I'm not the best with names myself."

Carin nods a little to Doug. "I know, I know, I'm just…sorry." she rubs her face, taking a deep breath. As the others come in, she turns to face the door…well, jumps a bit and turns to face it…she's a little on edge. She stares, her green eyes widening as Piotr steps through, all gleaming metal muscles. "Holy crap, you are SUPER swole!" she blurts out, staring a bit, then snaps out of it, flushing. "O-oh…thanks." she adds, taking the offered meal. "…I totes have no idea what the heck that is, but it smells good!" she admits after a moment.

She looks a little relieved as Kitty explains. "Oh. Uh….okay. Yeah, that makes sense." she says after a moment of thought. "Uh…are you going to plug into my head or something? Do I have, like a port to jack in, like all Matrix and stuff? Because that looked like, majorly unsanitary…"

She does look a bit calmed to see Cessily and Noriko, whom she remembers from before, smiling a little. "Um…yeah. Yeah, okay…" she says, taking a deep breath. She wanders over to sit down on the couch, then opens up he pail to try some of the food inside. Well, really, wolfing it down a bit. Because she's a teen and her metabolism is hella fast, even aside from being a speedster. The shwarma meets with approval as she grins. "Totes, who /doesn't/ like shwarma?" Well, she's going to be well fed apparently, if nothing else.

"I am Piotr. Or you can call me Colossus." Piotr responds, giving Carin a once over. "I am here in case what they do to you invites others. Or trouble." he responds, with a small grunt, before glancing towards Kitty and Douglas, moving aside for the others, his arms settling across his chest. Then he looks himself over. "My tovarish, Deadpool. He uses this term, swole. I do not think it means what you mean it to mean."

Doug tilts his head at that, and then says, "I was thinking of using a variant of the Shai-Hulud we used to take over Project Wideawake's sentinel, since we don't know how advanced a . That was your design, if you remember — I only tweaked it." He glances toward Carin. "Shai-Hulud is a worm Kitty and I use for puppeting advanced autonomous or adaptive operating systems, like Sentinels. They employ artificial intelligences with advanced Heuristics — the ability to adapt an improvised response based on feedback. We call it Shai-Hulud because in Frank Herber's "Dune" the Fremen viewed the worm as the manifestation of God, the universal governor — and that's what our worm does, it allows us to control a computer at the point where data input becomes response output."

Then Doug looks up at Piotr, and there's an awful lot of him to look up to. "Hey, Piotr."

Then Doug makes a face. "And violate your bodily autonomy? Not my scene." Then he looks to Kitty, and says, "I think I saw in the paper that Betsy's back in town. Do you want me to text her?"

Cessily, in the meantime, moves over to sit next to Carin but doesn't seem too interested in eating just now. Most of the tehcnical-babble that Doug speaks goes over her head and she simplifies for Carin: "If something is wrong, we've got friends who can look into it, and are pretty adept at fixing it, no matter if it's organic, technical, or both."

She looks up to Piotr, as he mentions Deadpool. "He was pretty nice. It was kind of funny, when he thought I was your daughter, though," she admits, lifting her hand to cover her near-silent laugh.

Kitty Pryde raises a hand to wave to Noriko as she comes in. "Hey Nori," Kitty says, though she's not sparing her attention from what she's setting up, as she's working fast. "Pete, by the way. I fixed your phone. No more of that ringtone, or speaker phone," she tells Piotr. "And should be tough for him to do it again."

Kitty gives Doug a nod of agreement at his choice of the worm to use. "As long as nothing else is connecting, I think we can do without the Faraday cage, Carin," Kitty says, patting the woman's shoulder comfortingly. "Actually we're just going to connect to it like it was a regular wifi. Except, you know. Most heads don't come with it installed." A small joke for bedside manner.

"Just sit and relax. Have something to eat. You don't need to do anything special," Kitty says. She gets the other equipment set up, turning it on and plugging a few things into her laptop. "Ok, no signals. And… connecting." Kitty gives a snort of derision. "Like that's going to keep us out," she says, shaking her head and muttering something about "'Advanced', yeah right AIM." Soon she's hacking into the device and going through the contents. "Kernel, drivers, here's the command structures. And… hrm. Is that an mpeg file?" she says. Kitty starts the video she found on the device playing.

Doug thumbs his phone, and then says, "W.A.R.L.O.C.K," he murmurs to it, "Pass interception protocol."

He looks up. "Watching Adaptive Reactive Operating Computer… Kickass. My own operating system. I use it on all my devices."

Nori honestly doesn't understand all of the tech stuff. most of it goes right over her head. Food discussions, however… "Hell yeah." Setting the bag down on the coffee table she offers a fistbump to Carin and a finger-gun to Cess, before flopping down onto the couch herself and digging in. "Swole just means you've got muscles, Piotr. Which you kinda do." She offers Carin what's suppsoed to be another reassuring grin.

Carin just….nods and smiles at Doug, looking a bit blank. One might suspect she has nooooo idea what he's talking about, other than it's some sort of computer thing. He and Kitty seem to know what they're doing though. She squirms on the couch, pulling her legs up under her and idly tugging down the bottom of the oversized t-shirt as she tries to stay relaxed and calm. She points out to Pitor. "It means totally ripped and muscular, yeah, and you kinda define that, big guy." she says, in agreement with Noriko, relaxing a little more with Cessily nearby too. "Um, I'm Carin…Carin Taylor. Nice to meet you." she says to Piotr, taking a huge guy who's made of metal pretty much in stride.

She blinks. "…oh, that's just weird, but okay…um…I can sort of see the readout for what you're doing. I mean, I got no idea what it means, but.." The screen flickers, then a AIM scientist appears, dressed in the standard beekeeper style uniform in Jubilee's coat level of bright yellow. "Carin…" says a woman's voice, a bit distorted by the helmet. "If you're seeing this you've figured out how to reboot your Brain Box. I've managed to short out the tracking system and the neural rewrite system….can't do anything for your memories, but they're still there, just…it might take you a bit to get them back." The helmet shakes slightly. "Harsh truth, you might never get them all back. But, bright side, the system can't be used to overwrite your personality as intended to make you a SHOC trooper."

The scientist folds her arms. "…I'm…I'm sorry. That I didn't do this sooner. But I saw the opportunity and…this isn't the life for you. Or for anyone. I've shorted out some of the security in the area I put you in, so if you're as quick to run as you were in training, you should be long gone from the facility by the time you see this. I hope you made it. Run fast, run far." The woman hesistates, a more guilty tone entering her voice. "…I'm sorry. I couldn't get to your sister." She lets out a breath. "…find someplace to hide. Away from here. They'll be looking for you. Make friends. They can't track you exactly, but they can watch for signs of a speedster, and you're kinda easy to remember."

She turns her head slightly, then curses and steps towards the camera. "Best I can do. I'd do more, but there's no way I'd get away with it, the security is too high. And I'm in too deep. Good luck, Velocity."

The video ends.

Doug lets out a slow whistle, and then says, "Well, it's not the *worst-case* scenario. It seems like someone inside of Advanced Idea Mechanics grew a conscience." He cranes his head, examining the video, and then looks up to Kitty. "SHOC trooper. Hold on." he says. He thumbs his phone again.

"Logging into SHIELD's database to grab more info. Won't be a tick."

There's a grunt from Piotr as the video plays. But he can't help but to keep some sympathy from showing as the large man watches the video play. And when it is done, he reaches over and places a hand on her shoulder, even if it easily engulfs it. "You are among friends. And we protect each other. Even when things may not go right, we will watch over each other. We will offer the same to you." He promises the young woman, and offers her a smile. Even if it looks weird on that metallic face. "Now eat. You have appetite, I was told. I bring you meal fit for Russian woman."

Cessily reaches a hand over to squeeze Carin's arm. She says, quietly, "It looks like you had more friends that you know." She remains close to the other girl, smiling up at Piotr. Then, to Doug, Kitty and Noriko.

"You guys are awesome," she tells the others.

Kitty smiles over to Cessily and then leans back as she watches the video play out, her laptop turned so everyone in the room can see it. As she watches, the talk of a sister causes Kitty to frown. She reaches over to Piotr, giving one of his metal hands a squeeze, for her own comfort.

When it's done playing, Kitty lets go and goes back to typing. "Grabbed a copy of it," she tells Carin. "Doug, sending it your way if you want to run some facial recognition on it?"

The video is soon sent over to his WARLOCK-based system.

Kitty focuses back on her screen. "Ok, going to take out their security and put in our own so they can't get back in." More typing. "Hmm. Looks like maybe that woman gave you admin level access, Carin. So you're able to control the functions. I'll leave that on, but if it gives you trouble we can turn it off. It looks like everything dangerous has been disarmed from it already."

….Well shit. Nori takes another bite of her shwarma, chewing and swallowing as the video kind of soaks in. Then another. Hey, it's some pretty serious stuff. She squeees Carin's Un-Piotr'd shoulder. "We're here for you, and We can go after these guys now that we know who they are. Maybe see if we can help the others?"

"Oh great, she got a conscience only after I had this Brain Box thing stuck in my head." Carin says with an edge to her voice, then frowns, before looking up at Piotr as he puts his hand on her shoulder. "…thank you…" she says, smiling weakly. Cessily squeezing her other arm seems to calm her a bit, or at least gives her the strength to prevent a second freakout. She swallows, then snags another big of the food…shwarma now, as she's alternating the two foods. "I…can?" Carin says uncertainly. "Um, is there like a manual or something?" She looks up to Nori as her other shoulder squeezed, feeling oddly touched by being surrounded by people who want to help. "…yeah. If…if I have a sister, I want to help her too…" she says softly. She shakes her head, then says to Kitty. "Okay…do what you need to do and…I'll figure this out, I think. As long as I'm not gonna go Terminator on everyone."

Doug squints at his phone, and says, "Well, this confirms one of SHIELD's suspicions about what AIM is up to. SHOC. Special Hazardous Operations Cyborg. SHIELD's suspicion is that SHOC is a bargain-bin version of Cybertek's project DEATHLOK that they tried to pitch to the U.S. military, but all the DEATHLOK troopers came out with serious issues from the dissonance between the A.I. and the human consciousness and were destroyed. Schitzophrenia, DID, psychopathy… I wonder how AIM managed to overcome that." Doug grunts, and then says, "Unlike the Deathloks, who were all human, SHIELD thinks AIM is kidnapping metas and doing custom jobs on them. Not bargain-bin at all. Maybe *more* advanced than Project: DEATHLOK."

"If you do, we'll stop you from doing that," Cessily assures Carin, kindly. "And, we'll do it in a way that we can keep you safe, too. We're kind of good at that, generally. I told you. You're safe with us. And, we'll get it figured out. Trust us, okay?"

The metallic girl looks upat Doug, "That's unsettling," she says, a bit more gravely. Her silver eyes slide back to Carin. "But, whatever they can do? We can undo better." Cessily has The Faith in her fellow X-Men.

When others start to help calm Carin, Piotr steps away, so not to be obrtusive. He ends up back next to Kitty, and frowns as Douglas speaks up. "As someone that has lost a sister." Twice, at that, "I will assist you in the search for your sibling, Carin." he offers to the woman, before setting his hand on Kitty's shoulder, "As will Katya, I am sure."

Kitty Pryde reaches over to give Carin's shoulder a gentle touch. "Let me work on securing things for a bit. Later on we can run through each of the commands. Looks like you have a Heads Up Display? We can walk through each command, let you practice with them. But that can wait for later," she says encouragingly.

Kitty looks up to Piotr as he comes over, reaching her hand up to rest atop his own. "Most definitely we'll help," Kitty agrees, shining a warm smile up at the towering metal Russian. She squeezes his hand, letting the contact linger before only reluctantly letting go to return to typing.

Those who have known Kitty for awhile would know of her long-time, unresolved crush on Piotr. Though it seems like maybe finally something has happened between them.

The corner of Doug's mouth turns up a little bit. "I expect to be asked to be the D.J." He says, as he continues reading SHIELD files. …Huh.

"Not helping, Doug." Nori rolls her eyes a little. "And Cess is right. We're good at finding the third option. And I promise you, we'll get your sister back." Nori sets her shwarma down for a moment so she can turn to face Carin better. "We'll do whatever it takes."

Carin eyes Doug. "Okay, that's…really creepy. So they kidnapped me from somewhere?" she says uncertainly, then gets a frustrated look. "…I wish I could remember. I keep getting…like, flashes, but nothing that makes sense yet. I don't even REMEMBER my sister…" She takes a deep breath, then lets it out in a huff. "Right. Right. Okay." she says, shooting Kitty a faint smile. "I'll just…figure this stuff out." She tilts her head slightly at the pair, looking curious, before Doug makes a comment as she glances over confused. "Uh..right. Third options. All about the third options." she says, snagging more of the Russian food to munch on. "So I'm safe? I mean, as safe as I can be?"

"You are," agrees Cessily to Carin. "So just relax. And have a little faith. Once we've gotten you helped, we'll start looking for your sister. And, you can help find her too."

Meaningfully, she looks over to Kitty and Piotr, sideglances to Doug. "Though, I don't have any experience with AIM. Isn't that usually SHIELDs ballpark?" Doug had mentioned them, and it tweaked something in Cessily's brain. "But I'm all for laying some smackdown on them if they're experimenting on people. That's terrible."

Kitty Pryde keeps working on the laptop. "Have run into what I'm pretty sure were some of their weapons, though not them directly," Kitty says whilst working. She pauses for a moment, looking at the screen. "Oh, hey. There's a subroutine for ordering pizza," she says. Kitty lets that linger for a second before reaching over to gives Carin's shoulder a squeeze. "Just kidding," she says with a smile. "I figured, you know, pizza humor is safe. Though I know a great spot if you do want to order some," Kitty offers.

She types a bit more and says, "Ok, all secured. Doug and I can get in. We loaded a virus program that if anyone else connects, will try to infect their system and then contact us so we can track them down," she says.

Kitty leans back in her chair then, turning over to Piotr. "I could totally use some shashilk now," Kitty says. "And, uh, vodka?" she asks hopefully.

"I believe you are not of age, Katya." Piotr responds dryly. "Or Russian."

Doug, who *has a fake ID*, tightens his mouth and says *nothing*.

"Why'd you have vodka in there anyway? I'm pretty sure that Carin's not much older than me either. …Unless you're just sharing your own lunch, in which case, Shwarma." Nori snickers, nodding towards the paper bag on the table, having already polished off most of her own wrap. …Are Shwarmas a wrap? "And I could still go for Pizza too. You don't even have to do delivery when you've got me, although it might smell a little like ozone."

Carin stares at Kitty until she admits she's kidding, then pouts. "…damn, that was almost really awesome…" she admits, pouting. She tilts her head, listening to people discuss it. "Okay. So safe. And by all means,, um, shashilk for everyone?" she offers. She smiles faintly at Piotr's comment. "Woudl she be of age if she was in Russia though?" She huffs, then hmms. "Maybe I'll get Netflix or something through this box thing…' she says, tapping her head. "Um..so…you guys rescue random girls on the run from international evil organizations often?"

She snags more of the shashilk, munching on it as she looks between everyone. "I mean, you guys seems kinda like….family or something."

"Sometimes. Teenagers on the run? More often than you think. Though, we kind of cheat at that, just a little. We keep an eye out for people who are special and, well, might need some help," Cessily tells Carin, without giving away too many details.

She looks up at Piotr, and it's hard to tell when her eyes are pure solid silver, but she rolls them at his comment towards Kitty. "You really need to learn to relax, Piotr," she teases him, affectionately.

"It's kind of what we do." Doug admits, before he slips his phone away. "Listen… we're X-Men. We're for the oppressed and against the oppressor. It's what we *do*." He adds, "SHIELD is just a day job, really. I'm all about the Ptchie Moloko — I figured out how to make it, and I'm going to make Illyana one for her birthday."

"…Belated birthday." Doug adds.

"Try death by chocolate ice cream. She is still 12 at times." Piotr says simply, yet there's a flatness to his tone. Perhaps a warning? Thin ice, there.

Kitty looks Piotr back in the eye. Or tries to. He's kind of tall, and says in Russian, « No, but I'm Russian enough! » She gives him a hard poke in the chest and ow! Metal. Kitty sighs and gets one of the shashilk skewers, eating the shishkabob-like cubes of meat. She leans her head over against Piotr. "We are kind of family," Kitty confirms. She looks up to Piotr. "I think maybe we should have her talk to the Professor or Jean, and make sure she'd be ok to bring home?"

"I mean, I was just a street kid. Not on the run from any organisations. …Although I am technically from Japan, so that might be the International bit… Anyway, not relevant. But yeah, It's what the X-Men do. I've also got a burner phone in here somewhere, although you might need to recharge it. I'm murder on batteries, but you could at least watch Netflix or something." Nori starts rummaging around in her pockets, biting her lip in concentraiton.

Doug looks up at Piotr, and says, "…She doesn't feel that way about me, Piotr. You have nothing to worry about. I'm interested — she's not. And that means there's *nothing* going on." He gives the big Russian a flat, even stare.

"I am well aware. Of both." comes Piotr's response. Even with Kitty poking at him. "I do not know if you can handle real Russian vodka. American vodka. Pah. Like bathtub water."

"Okay. You're X-Men." Carin repeats.

You can see it coming right before she predictably follows up with. "What are X-Men?" Secret mutant group and all that! "I mean, you're….mutants?" She frowns. "Am I a mutant? I…remember looking like this when I was younger." She flexes her alabaster fingers slightly, then tilts her head, absorbing the 'she's sometimes twelve' and just…filing that away, because she has no idea how that works. Maybe she has youthening and aging powers? "You can have mine, I don't..think I drink?" The pale speedster wrinkles her nose a bit. "I mean, I don't remember liking to, anyway. Who are the Professor and Jean? Professor…Xavier, I think you guys mentioned?"

"A little secret," agrees Cessily. "We fight for mutant rights. For safety. We give people who need it a recluse. Train them to be able to use their powers, safely. So they don't hurt people around them. And so they can protect the people they care about. People like you, Carin," Cessily insists, in her quiet manner.

"Some mutants are born - different. It happens. Most, like me, don't manifest our abilties or changes until adolesence."

Kitty Pryde tells Carin as she asks about the people mentioned, "Friends who can make sure things are ok with you. Maybe offer you help," she says, nodding along with what Cessily has had to say. "Maybe offer you a safe place to stay, and training if you'd like it."

Kitty takes another bite of meat and looks to Piotr. "Only way to tell? And it's not like I drove today?" she suggests, giving him a little wiggle of her eyebrows and a hopeful look before glancing back to the vodka.

"Mostly Mutants, but we help anybody. You're not going to get turned away even if you aren't a mutant." Nori squeezes Carin's shoulder again. "Cess is right about the usual timing, though. Mine happened when I was thirteen. I have to wear these to regulate my power." She wiggles the fingers of one metal gauntleted hand. "And Prof X is pretty much an expert on mutants, so he'd be able to tell if you are one. Either way, we'll help you out and try to find your sister."

"But really," Doug adds, "We're for oppressed people of all varieties, everywhere. It doesn't matter if someone is LGBTQ, or an oppressed minority, or just a kid being bullied at school. Those people are why we exist." Doug says. Then he murmurs, "On reflection, I remember when mine first manidested. My first day of seventh grade Spanish class. I walked in unable to speak a word of it— by the end of the 45-minute period I was having a conversation with the teacher. I stayed up all night reading Don Quixote, cover to cover." Then he nods, once. "That's right. It's what we do."

The pale redhead eyes Doug thoughfully. "So you're totally woke. Got it." She frowns, then admits. "W-well, I don't…I don't have anywhere else to go. I mean, even if I had a home, I don't….I don't remember it." The slender girl leans back into the couch, frowning quietly as she hugs herself. "So, um…what…do I need to do? To prove I'm good for staying with you guys? Is there like a test or something? Cuz I totally didn't study…." She reaches up and tugs her red hair absently, winding it around a finger as it brushes the green lightning bolt tattooed across the right side of her face. "I mean…I think…I was pretty young, what I did remember, and I still looked like this…"

"Nope. No tests. We just kind of need to make sure that you're not a risk. To others." Cessily taps her head. "That you're not just pretending. Or are a spy, or anything dangerous to us, or our friends. We are very accepting of almost anyone who needs our help. But, our - actions in regards to keeping people safe have naturally made us a few enemies. So, we need to be careful. That's why we have these safehouses."

She grimaces, and observes, "That whole, trust but verify thing. It sucks, but it's needed."

"Pretty much what they said. I'm sure we'll get along fine. I'm actually between roommates at the moment, assuming they end up saying yes. …Which you probably will." Noriko bites her lip again, not wanting to go into exactly what happened with her /last/ roommate. But… Hey, free bed.

Kitty Pryde nods to what is being said. "He may be able to help with your memories as well," Kitty offers. She smiles to Carin and says, "Pete? Let's go take a look around," she suggests. There's no way they are letting AIM find her and take Carin back. The pair go to check the area looking for anything suspicious.

"…Piotr can get you an interview with Professor Xavier. The institute's doctors will want to examine you too, but provided we don't find anything else, the Prof will probably set you up with a bed, at least so you can rest quietly and you won't have to be paranoid while we figure this out. I MAY want to bring you in so SHIELD can interview you, but that will only be when you're ready to do so under your own power." Doug adds. "But for right now, just sit tight, we've got this."

Carin nods. "No, no, I get it….I mean, you don't want AIM creeps knocking on your doors." she says, nodding slightly, before setting down her now empty skewer. She does looks a little confused. "Um…how can this professor guy fix my memories?" Those green eyes flick to Nori. "R-really? Well..sure." She smiles a bit. "I could be a roommate? Better than a barracks." She nods at Doug slightly. "Sure…I mean, I don't remember when I had my last annual checkup." she says, a bit dryly. "Um, and if you think it'd help? I might need to remember more first before I could be really helpeful about the place I was in. I remember some of it, but it's all…broken up in my head?" she says, tapping the side of said head.

"Well… That's his kind of thing. He's good at helping people remember things." Nori isn't sure how much she should /really/ talk about, so she keeps it kind of vague. "Either way, no rush. And sure, you seem pretty cool on the roommate front. Fair warning, You'll want to keep your phone plugged in when you're in there with me though. Still working on that."

The cyborg speedster nods slowly, looking hopeful. "OKay…I mean..if he can help me remember then…I'll do whatever he needs." She blinks at Nori. "…er, well…I don't have a phone, so…" She shrugs! Then looks around at everyone. "…thank you." she says, softly, but fervently. "All of you. I thought I'd be on the run by myself, and I didn't know what to do and now…now I feel like I'm not completely alone." she says, smiling weakly. "Thank you. Really." And now she just needs to face this mysterious Professor Xavier…

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