2019-05-03 - The Sandwich Thief


Kitty runs into fugitive Bruce Banner at a deli. She fails to eat her favorite sandwich. Again.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri May 3 19:11:12 2019
Location: Katz's Delicatessen

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Kitty waits in line with the lunchtime crowd, waiting to get access to the cutter stations where the magic of the sandwiches happen. Her last attempt at her favorite sandwich was spoiled by a certain demonic Lord invading New York down by the port, Kitty literally teleported away from the sandwich in mid-bite so her teeth closed on air.

But not today! She gets up to the station with the roast beef and places her order. Roast beef and cheddar on a baked sourdough bread, absolutely smothered with chipotle mayo. It's the mayo that makes the difference.

Kitty gets the sandwich and there might as well be that golden gleam from the briefcase in Pulp Fiction. She adds a cup of fruit and gets a glass, carrying her tray over to find an open table. She sets the food down and then goes to grab herself some lemonade from the beverage dispenser.

Bruce shows up around the time she's going for her drink, stepping into line himself. He'd been given the recommendation by the pretty young teen at the science fair the night before, so he might as well give it a shot. He's wearing the same suit as then, still kind of rumpled. He might not have a lot of changes of clothes so far. It's not that easy to find work when you're a wanted fugitive. He's getting by doing odd jobs, fixing things, that sort of stuff. Hands in his pocket, he's slightly slouched over as though trying to avoid drawing attention to himself. He eventually glances around, scanning the other patrons while he waits. He notices Kitty getting her drink, and smiles before raising a hand her way. "Hello again." He seems a little more relaxe than last night. Maybe because there's no goverment officials hanging around.

Kitty fills her cup with ice that clatters about, then the soft woosh of the other machine dispensing the lemonade. Not just lemonade, but raspberry lemonade. God bless Katz's! Kitty glances up as she hears the voice speaking to her. As she sees the older man in the rumpled suit, Kitty's face breaks out in a smile.

"Afternoon," she tells him warmly, moving over to where Bruce is standing in the lunchtime line. "Isn't this place the best? It's the spot I was mentioning the sandwich from," Kitty tells him. "I'm over there by the window if you want to join me when you get your food," she offers to Bruce, motioning towards her table without looking.

Bruce Banner nods his head to the X-Man. "Afternoon. It seems nice enough. I thought I'd give that sandwich you mentioned a try." He looks at the table in question. "Sure. I can do that." He smiles at her again, then steps up to make his order. After a few minutes, he'll arrive at the table with the sandwich in question in his hands and sit down across from her, getting comfortable. "So, how're you doing today Kitty?" He takes a bite of the chipotle and bacon covered food, chewing. "Hmm, pretty good."

Kitty Pryde lingers over near the line with Bruce as he gets his food, the young woman holding her cup of raspberry-lemonade and sipping from it while she waits. When he has his tray, she turns to join him walking over to the table. Kitty's eyes lift to said table and find that her tray is there, and so is the cup of fruit. But not her sandwich.

She looks about in surprise, and then spots an older man hurrying out the door, sandwich in hand. His coarse beard, unkempt hair, and the rough state of his clothing suggest he's probably homeless. He darts away as soon as he hits the sidewalk, racing down the window back past Kitty's table. He takes a big bite of the sandwich and then disappears from view.

"Oh sonnova-" Kitty says as she gives an exasperated sigh. She walks over with Bruce back to the table. "Should have taken the fruit! It prevents scurvy!" she yells at the thief, way too late, and getting a few looks from other customers for the loud words. Though they quickly settle back to their meals. It's New York, that barely even was worth notice.

Kitty drops into her seat heavily and glumly picks up her fork to start on the fruit. She watches Bruce with somewhat disguised sandwich envy. Even if it has bacon on it. "Oh, well, good for the most part," she says. "I guess I needed to diet today after all," she says of her fruit lunch. "How about you? Do you have somewhere safe to stay?"

Bruce Banner raises a brow as he looks after the departing sandwich thief, then back to the slender jewish girl sitting across from him. "Well, you took that well." He looks down at his sandwich, then at her. "Want half?" He smiles at the question. "Well. Being safe isn't really something I have to worry about… it's drawing attention that's the issue. But yes. I'm renting a room." It wasn't a very nice room. But it was cheap. So, are you very…. active, with your friends these days? I had been under the impression they were more active a bit further north than this. Unless I heard incorrectly."

Kitty Pryde gives Bruce a grateful smile but waves off the offer of part of his sandwich. "Appreciate it, but I'm Jewish. Try to stay away from bacon," she tells him. "I'll get one tomorrow maybe," she says, glancing with longing back towards the sandwich station.

At his question on her team, Kitty says, "I was going to Oxford. Actually started up a team while I was there. Just returned a few weeks ago after graduating. I'm planning to go to NYU to work on my doctorate. So in town scouting things out. Have friends with a place I might be staying," she explains. She looks about 18, kind of young to already have a Batchelor's, let alone from Oxford. Though maybe she's older than she looks. Or smarter.

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