2019-05-03 - A Quest!


Lady Sif and Kai discuss potential plans for an adventure over mead and antipasto.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri May 3 07:35:28 2019
Location: Asgardian Embassy - Residential Floors

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Kai proves he can have class and taste by the presentation of a fine Asgardian mead, as well as Midgardian delicacies of something they call anti-pasto that oddly pair well with the drink. Though he still dresses like he's from Earth, he's wearing a rather nice, casual suit. On someone so diminutive and fey, it almost looks like a boy who's raided his father's wardrobe.

Gesturing to one of the comfortable couches, he says, "Hello, Lady Sif. It's so good to see you. I was just catching up on my reading. There's this whole series, Harry Potter. Quite the cultural phenomenon. I've got so much to catch up on. How are you, this evening?"

Sif settles into the aforementioned couch, her own Midgardian attire (as it far lighter and far less restrictive than any of the garments she brought from Asgard) more casual than Kai's — she is wearing jeans and a simple long-sleeve shirt. The leather jacket she prefers to wear along side her weapons when she goes out are back in her quarters.

"Thank you, Kai. I … have not yet ventured into Midgardian literature." She doesn't want to admit that she still can't make any sense of the sigils and characters all over everything the Midgardians make, carry, use, and sometimes even eat.

Speaking of eating, she samples the antipasto with open curiosity. "I was hoping to speak with you about a task that has been requested of me."

"There's so much of it," Kai says. He pours them each a tankard of mead. "I really started getting into Midgardian prose with the great Scottish poets in the mid-1700s. You have to be quick, though. Styles and trends change so quickly here, you blink and an entire genre is there and gone again."

He leans back where he sits and says, "Please, unburden your mind. I'll help in any way I can."

"Does that not apply to most things Midgardian?" she quips about the literature. "It only stands to reason that everything about the people of this realm change as quickly as the people themselves."

Accepting the tankard, Sif takes a sip so she can use the moment to gather her thoughts. And then, after that pause, she just blurts it out as plainly as is probably expected of her. "I've been asked to assist with recovering Loki's bow Godkiller."

Kai admits, "You have a point. Don't even get me started on the music." He takes a drink of his mead, then listens. His pale brow knits, and he says, "Do we know where it might be? Where is the Prince? Outside of him… what he did, I know very little, I'm afraid."

"I wasn't given any details as of yet, but I know there will be much to do." She hesitates, then adds, "I was also hoping to ask the Midgardian shield brothers if they wished to assist as well." They would at the very least have more knowledge of the area than she does, and presumably, they would be able to read anything written in a Midgardian language.

Kai perks up and says, "Oh! Of course, sure. I could ask Bucky and Steve if they want to help you." He takes out his phone and starts scrolling through his contacts. "They're stalwart, warrior-esque types. I'm sure they'll be very useful." He smiles a little. "I wasn't sure what you would want me to do; I'm not exactly known for being a warrior, though I've fought before, and I'm not bad in a battle." He just doesn't look the type is all.

"I am not sure what the hunt will require, and I learned young that a hunting party comprised solely of warriors will undoubtedly encounter troubles that require a mage or similar to surpass." She wanted to ask Loki to join the hunt, but it's HIS bow, and if he asked Astryd to retrieve it, he did so for a very valid reason.

She takes a peppercini from the anitpasto platter and pops the whole thing into her mouth… then after a single bite her eyes go wide, her face turns red, and she tries to appear to be calmly drinking her mead when she's just one tiny step shy of chugging the beverage.

Kai winces a little and says faintly, "Yeah, those are spicy. Try some of the white globs. They're cheese, and they'll cut the heat." He takes a drink of mead, then tops off both tankards. He picks up one of the peppers to nibble on. He has a decent capacity for heat. "Whatever you need from me, dear lady, you have but to ask. I think the shieldmates have access to others with different skills who might be able to assist. Should we need magic, for example."

Sif almost snatches at the cheese and pops a glob into her mouth. Oh, that is helping some. "Why do Midgardians subject themselves to such vile foodstuffs?" She takes another swig of her mead and takes a breath. She's mostly recovered now.

"This undertaking is an unknown quantity, Kai. If I knew what manner of challenges would be set before us, I could select companions best suited to the task at hand. Lacking that, I hope that having a broader variety of skills and knowledges amongst my companions will be of benefit." She has seen elves navigate confidently in near darkness in the past, and can't help but think that might be useful despite the Midgardian predeliction to illuminate everything to an excessive degree.

Kai shrugs and says, "I don't know. Some people think it's good for you. It's an acquired taste, though. After you get used to the heat, you find yourself wanting it. It's insidious that way. Try the olives, they're not hot." He then says, "Of course, you speak wisdom." From where he sits, he inclines his head like a bow. "And I consider it an honor to be counted among those companions." He starts firing off texts to his shieldmate buddies.

Again with the tiny illuminated box. Sif still doesn't understand the Midgardians' fascination with the little device. It's apparently quite useful, but why are they interacting with the things nearly constantly? She doesn't pester Kai about it, though, instead sampling the olives as recommended. Their salty oiliness is decidedly unusual, but not objectionable in any way. Interesting.

Kai pockets the phone. He's so comfortable with the Midgardian devices, their food, their culture. "I've let them know," he says. "We'll see what they say." He sighs wistfully. "They do seem happy together, don't they? I must admit, I'm a sap for romance. There just isn't enough of it anymore."

Sif considers for a moment, using the time to sample a sliver of prosciutto. Again, salty. Odd. It almost feels… uncooked.

"Many in Asgard would revile their behavior. Label them as argr and dishonorable. But this isn't Asgard. Midgardian should not be held to Asgardian cultural strictures." She almost sounds like she's reminding herself of this. "The shield brothers make each other happy, and harm no one. That should be enough."

Her eyes then focus on Kai. "I am a warrior, not a romantic. I have little enough opinion on the matter."

Did she just contradict herself?

Kai's phone chimes, so he retrieves it and says, "Oh hey, it's Bucky." With follow-up questions Kai never thought to ask, because he isn't going to say no to Lady Sif. "We're not so close-minded in Alfheim," he says as he fires off some text in reply. "Love is to be treasured wherever it is found. We're great lovers of love, we elves." He shrugs and says, "Though in my case, it's an abstract hobby, not an actuality. I don't tend to attract kind people." It's that wretched curse, the one that makes him scan as prey.

Sif ohs? as the little box chimes and Kai looks at it. She doesn't pry though as he taps at the device. Then, she tries to stick with the topic Kai is discussing instead of asking about his communications with Bucky. "That is a sentiment that I make a point of reminding myself about as often as I can, amongst others. What was it a kind elderly Midgardian woman in the library place told me? 'Open eyes, open mind, open heart'. I am still not entirely sure what she was trying to convey to me."

"If you shut yourself off from the world, you end up isolated," Kai says. He looks up and smiles faintly. "I've isolated myself from the world, and it's not as fun as it seems. Alfheim gets lonely, upon that hill in that manor. Can't beat the view, though. Anyway, Bucky wants to know if you think the bow is in this world."

"I do no know. That is, perhaps, one of the things we will need to determine," Sif replies with an apologetic shake of her head. "I suspect that we will learn more once I indicate that I am certain about assisting with locating the bow." Her eyes drift toward the phone again curiously.

Kai nods quickly and fires off a response. "Can you navigate the Bifrost?" he asks, tilting his head curiously. "I can't. I kind of rely on the kindness of others to get around, so if we have to go off-world, things could get interesting. Unless we rope one of the princes in with us."

"We might have to request the assistance of Thor or Loki for that. While the Bifrost is not closed to me, I doubt any of my calls for assistance short of dire mortal emergencies would be promptly heeded." Sif is careful to not say Heimdall's name aloud, it's like picking up a phone and dialing 0 for an operator. If you don't need to, don't do it.

"Otherwise, we might need to seek alternate means of travelling to other realms. But, it is my hope that that will prove to be unnecessary."

"We'll work it out one way or another," Kai says with a smile, ever the optimist. "I'm sure if it becomes an important part of the quest, certain parties would understand our asking." He's not going to invoke Heimdall's name either. "I wonder if the Midgardians have wizards who can traverse worlds." He shakes his head. "Either way, we'll figure it out when we come to it."

Sif nods. "Agreed. We should ford each stream as we reach it." She finishes her mead and eats the last olive on the antipasto tray. "So, did Bucky agree to join us on this quest?" And yet again, she's looking at the phone curiously.

"He said he could use an adventure, and he'll see where Steve's at about it," Kai says. "I think they'll probably be in. I believe helping out a lady in distress is part of the heroic code." He winks and lifts his tankard to her. "I'll let you know what they say if they don't find you first, but I believe you can count on us."

Sif looks at Kai with that 'you're not funny' expression that likely many females have mastered. "If you are referring to Valkyr Astryd, then yes, there is a lady in distress." She lifts her nearly empty tankard as well. "Thank you, Kai. I look forward to questing with you and the shield brothers."

Kai inclines his head, accepting the wordless admonishment. "I look forward to questing with you as well, Lady Sif. It will be good to get back in the game and do something worthwhile." He raises his tankard to her. "Maybe when we're not questing, I could help you explore Midgard? It has changed a bit since I was last here, but I know it well."

"That would be greatly appreciated. I have walked most of the thoroughfares from here to the edges of the island we are on. I am… uncertain about travelling in the tunnels under the ground." And the only cars she's experienced thus far are taxis.

Maybe she and Kai can impose on the shield brothers for motorcycle rides to go sightseeing?

Surely the shield brothers wouldn't deny them that simple pleasure. Kai's expression brightens. "It'll be great. New York is my favorite city. Everything you need to know about Midgard, you can find here. The food, the culture, all of it. I'll take you to a Broadway show, and we'll have coffee in Greenwich Village. Last time I was here, it was the cultural center of the universe. I hope it hasn't changed too much."

"Perhaps you can also explain the communication boxes to me that every Midgardian seems so enthralled with?" She hesitates to mention the fact that she hasn't figured out Midgardian written language, especially considering all of the weaknesses she's already revealed thus far.

Kai says, "Of course, it'll be my pleasure." He considers Sif for a moment, then says gently, "It can be hard to be so far away from home. I want you to know you have a friend in me. This place is strange, but there's a beauty to it. A rhythm. Once you feel it, you might never want to be anywhere else."

She doesn't say it aloud, but Sif truly doubts that. Even now, she misses Asgard. And she's been here for such a relatively short time. "Once this quest is complete, I think exploring more of this realm would be entertaining. Astryd spoke of a place named Norway and Fenris of Egypt."

Kai says, "Oh, sure! Norway is nice. Reminds me of Asgard. Aflheim, too. I've never been to Egypt, but I've heard of it. I've seen pictures. I could take you to Scotland, but I haven't been there for a long, long time. Not since the Jacobite rebellion. It's probably nothing like it was these days. Oh! If you don't want to go all the way to Egypt, I think there's a pyramid in Las Vegas. That might be close enough."

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