2019-05-02 - Honor Among Gods


Baldur and Loki talk after the former's supposed murder by the latter.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu May 2 00:03:49 2019
Location: Asgardian Embassy

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It's the day after the battle of the gods in Time Square. More a skirmish really. He'd have been seen disappearing with Hod and the mortal Kate Bishop into the mists after having shown up in time to kill the giant scorpion that had been threatening his brother. But now it's mid morning and he looks somewhat less than amused. "Loki." Baldur calls. "I would speak with you." And if he's not here, there are other ways to find him.

Loki has a room here, so that's a fair place to find him. The Older Prince has his cunning eyes sunken with darkness, and his cheeks are hollow, the sign of an ill night passed previous. "I am certain you would…" He oozes out, his tone a slippery one. "It is good to see that you made it through contact with Hod unscathed." He steps back from the door and lets Baldur into his room. They are ecclectic, the room of a sorceror, with a basin of water on a pedestal, books taking up most of the shelves. There are furs covering the bed, which is large and wooden and overall…just a fairly decadent room with stranger things than a warrior would have.

"Of that there has never been any doubt." Baldur answers, stepping into the room. No doubt on his end, anyway. "Also unscathed by the Pesedjet as well as those native to this land. I have a feeling, brother, that your reason for sending me to Asgard was not to look for information on the scarabs."

"You are astute when you wish to be. I am certain you came upon some information, but…I found out something more dreadful. And…knowing you as I do, I knew if I told you, you would put yourself at the front of danger. I bought us a little time." Loki exhales. "There is a dark fae creature with poisonous teeth that is…or was…or could be now again, intent on taking your life, brother." Loki sinks down into a chair and knits his hands together.

"And?" Baldur asks. He doesn't sit but turns to look at Loki. "Many have wanted me dead over the years. None have managed it. Further, either the prophecy is correct and Hod will be the instrument of my death or it is wrong which means my death will not herald Ragnarok. In either case, I do not worry about something as minor as someone or something wishing to kill me. Who or what is it? Hod said you suspected the Celts of orchestrating this."

"I know of your legendary bravery." Loki replies with a crooked grin. "But…we are being manipulated. And…it has been weeks and we are not really closer to finding out who has instigated all of this. I suspect the Celts…or possibly the Olympians, though Hod said he say the figure…he just can't describe them. Something isdifferent. Fenris is here…so many exiles are here. I have not dismissed that it could be someone who is in exile, someone we have all forgotten." The Trickster exhales. "Did you find anything on Asgard?"

"I am an Asgardian warrior." Baldur simply says. They're all unspeakably brave. Studying Loki a moment, he then takes a seat. "Nothing that seems significant to our current problem. None of the avenues of investigation were bearing fruit and I see no point in returning to it. I have sent a message to Khonshu, informing him that Hod is innocent of the murder of the priestess, and suggesting they question him with their magics in order to verify his innocence. Hod has agreed to this so I anticipate we shall no longer need to worry about that particular threat."

Loki looks at the ground, then closes his eyes. "Sif as well? They had also marked her. Baldur…" Loki pauses here and his shoulders slope some. "I can understand your annoyance with what I did, but…I truly have some concern, a terrible feeling that we are being out-maneuvered." There is a longer pause and then there comes from his slim lips a totally different topic. "Have you grown fond of any of the Midgardians?"

"Sif also bears the mark of the Oathbreaker?" Baldur asks. "I wasn't aware of that, having been in Asgard instead of being informed of everything that I need to know. I see no reason why all the marks would not be removed once they are convinced of Hod's innocence. From the brief time I encountered him, Khonshu seems to me to be a man of honor." Amazing what a simple nod of acknowledgement across the field of battle can convey. The change in topic gets a raised brow. "Many of them. If you mean to a significant degree, I am wary about forming attachments to those who will be dead in less than a century. I have been down that path before and it is not enjoyable."

Loki nods faintly. "Sif was marked at the same time as Hod. I have no idea why he would not have mentioned it. That happened long before I sent you to Asgard." Loki leans back in his chair and lets his legs spread out wide, like its a throne from home. "Right…you are right. Best to just…not."

Baldur studies Loki a moment more then says "And yet you have, have you not?" he asks, not unkindly. "Who is this Midgardian who has caught your attention? One of the ones with powers who can fight beside you? Or one without who will be there waiting when you return from battle?"

"It matters not. The person is not interested. I just needed to hear the reminder that it was ridiculous from the start. Perhaps the sting will fade swifter." Loki waves his hand a little. "I need to be able to focus on our threat right now, to outwit whatever is causing this."

"Not ridiculous." Baldur contradicts. "Merely… unwise. The heart is rarely wise however. But if the person is not interested, then better to let it lie. The lives of mortals are so fleeting. A lifetime to them is but a passing moment to us and few die in battle so that they may be brought to Valhalla. It is cruel to them as well so grow old and fade while we stay in our prime."

Loki nods once. "Yes…though…some of them do not fade so swiftly. They have powers, /mutations/, and I have heard there are some who have the genetics of the Kree. This world is becoming full of the unexpected. Not so simple as it was." Loki arches his brows and sits straight again.

"Unless their powers allow them not to age, it matters little to how quickly they are gone." Baldur points out. "You will suffer their loss regardless of their power. Perhaps it might be worth the cost. Perhaps not. That is a decision only you can make. But if, as you say, the interest is not returned, better to not attempt to alter the situation I think. There are those in Asgard who look upon you with interest."

Loki arches his brows. "Oh? With you and Thor around? I think not." The pale brother remarks with a dash of both seriousness and teasing too. "And yes I do think some of them have powers that slow their aging. I…have one of them. My raven. He is a mutant who does not age while he is in his bird form."

"Yes, with me and Thor around." Baldur agrees. "As you would discover if you did not pay attention to those looking to me or Thor or anyone else." Now that last bit of information is interesting. "Is that who has sparked your interest? The one who can turn into a raven? One would hope he enjoys being a bird often."

Loki shakes his head. "No, that is a different relationship. You see…eventually, he will grow so old as a human that he will be stuck in bird form forever. So, he serves me now in some ways. I took him around to various realms and planets for a time, letting him start to come to terms with an unusual life. And, though he may live his life as he chooses, eventually he will be as Hugin and Munin are to our Father, to me. No…I suppose no harm would come in telling you that Steve Rogers' companion, James, has held my interest but…" he shakes his head. "So…now your turn. Tell me who is interested in me, then…"

"Only if he fears death so much that he refuses to ever change back from raven." Baldur points out then sounds surprised as he asks "Steven's shieldmate? I can see why he wouldn't be interested given who he is with. Steven is as fine a mortal as I have met in many years." The question gets a smile in return. "Just look around you when next you feast in Asgard, brother. You will see the ones trying not to watch you too obviously."

Loki grunts. "Oh…so, none so specific as might actually have a name I'd know." Loki grins with some of his humor restored. "I shall keep my eyes open."

"Or I think you'll enjoy figuring out who they are more than if I told you." Baldur's about to say more than there's a knock at the door. "Prince Baldur?" one of the embassy's servants says from the hall. "A messenger delivered this for you." Standing, Baldur goes to open the door. Once given to him, he unrolls a piece of papyrus to read. There's a scene of incense to it. "Khonsu is agreeable with some changes to my proposal. He is being even more cautious and proposes we each have a neutral mediator present. He is picking Amaterasu for his and to do the questioning at a neutral location here in Manhattan. We will need one as well. Do you have any ideas on who is /not/ behind this that we can trust?"

Loki nods in a sagelike manner. "I trust a man called Dr. Strange to do something like this. He also would not put up with any sort of…disturbances at the proceedings. This is to absolve Hod? yes, I think this would be a good choice. I doubt Captain Rogers wants to mediate a religious dispute. There are others that I sort of trust, but none that I trust whole-heartedly."

"A mortal?" Baldur asks, looking up for the papyrus. "I hadn't considered that. Are you certain it's wise? And yes, to absolve Hod and remove the mark from him and the others. This is not merely for Hod however. Potential war between us and the Pesedjet is a distraction and a potentially dangerous one. Proving Hod's innocence and that someone is attempting to manipulate us will make allies out of enemies. Khonsu will not take kindly to being used."

"Certainly I will be there. I would not have it otherwise. I do not trust Amora…and Hod and Sif are already marked. It cannot be them. I would do it…if it did not grudgingly believe they may still believe I had something to do with that murder. Though I am not marked, I am accused. Perhaps the new Valkyrie, though I do not know her well. We need someone who speaks well, can think quickly on their feet." Loki folds his hands together.

"I was thinking of someone from one of the other pantheons, if there were one we were certain was not involved. But if we are not, then perhaps a mortal is not a bad idea." Baldur muses. "His power would need to be great in case of treachery though I do not expect such from Khonsu." He rolls the papyrus back up and slips it into a pouch. "See to it then, if you would. I will find Hod and let him know it will happen. Or rather, I will find Hod's mortal companion and wait for Hod to arrive. The sooner this is over the sooner we can make war on the ones truly responsible."

Loki stands up from the chair and claps his hands one. "I will see to it, brother. And, you know my trust does not extend far…particularly not right now. I long to see this resolved…or at least our enemy known."

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