2019-05-02 - Being Thankful for Shortbread


Following Cessily, Rahne, and Noriko rescuing a mysterious speedster named Carin from high-tech thugs attempting to capture her, the trio has put Carin up in one of the X-men's many safe houses in New York. Rahne arrives to check in on their new guest.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu May 2 05:17:49 2019
Location: X-Men Safehouse

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Following being brought to the safehouse, Carin had a seat on a guest bed, and pretty much fell asleep almost immediately, being exhausted from running for hours and hours. Enough time for the X-girls to let the mansion know they have a guest hiding out from bad people. She slept for a good six hours before stirring again, then getting up and using the bathroom, then finally leaving the guest room to explore the wider house. She's removed the gauntlets she was wearing…really, just dumped them in a corner, she doesn't seem to value bladed fingers much. She moves quietly, almost tiptoeing, as if afraid of making a sound.

Rahne Sinclair wasn't there when Carin was dropped off at the safehouse. That was left to Nori and Cessily. But she knows where the woman was left, and feels somebody should check in on her at the very least. She arrives at the safehouse with a box wrapped in brown paper, makes her way inside. "Hello!" she calls out as she opens the door. "It's Wolfsbane! Jest checkin' in!" None of this is said loudly — she doesn't want to announce her presence to anybody outside the house — but loudly enough for it to carry to wherever Carin might be.

Carin jumps a bit at the door opening, whirling around, then takes a deep breath as the other girl announces herself, before she pads over to peer out of the kitchen, a bit shyly now. "H-hi…" the pale girl says, smiling weakly . "Um, I didn't get to thank you, before…so, um, thank you. For helping me."

Rahne flashes a bright smile. "Ye're welcome," she says. "We dinnae like when people take other people t' 'speriment on, ye know? It's a bad thing." The box is thrust forward. "Welcome t' freedom. We let the X-Men know ye're here, and I made ye shortbread. Me mum's recipe." She pauses a moment before adding, "I dinna know if the others told ye their names, but I'm Rahne. Rahne Sinclair."

Carin's eyes light up as the box is offered, blinking. "Oh! Thank you…I don't remember if I've ever had shortbread…" she adds, furrowing her brows for a moment. She looks back up, then offers a less weak smile now, Rahne's friendliness getting through her nervousness. "Nice to meet you Rahne…I'm Carin…Carin Taylor." she says softly, offering a hand as she juggles the shortbread box in the other.

Rahne accepts the hand, gives a gentle shake and a squeeze that's intended to be reassuring. "I s'pose ye've been through a lot. Ye were clearly exhausted yesterday. I'm glad ye've had some time to catch up on sleep." She releases the woman's hand and continues into the safehouse, into the kitchen, where she fills a kettle with water and sets it on the stove. "I'm sure somebody among the X-Men'll give ye the real rundown and take ye home soon enough, but this place sh'd be comf'table for now? D' ye need anything?"

The other redhead turns to follow after. Up close, there's no real nice way to say it…she smells a bit, of sweat and exertion primarily, and who knows how long she's been in that costume. "Yeah, it helped…um, gatorade would be awesome, if you have it…I was running for hours, I'm still pretty drained." she admits, setting the box carefully on the counter, before she pops it open to look inside, then snags a piece of shortbread, before glancing over.

"Um…this may be a stupid question but….who are the X-men? And you said…Wolfbane? Is that a code name?" She hesistates. "…mine was…well, is, I guess, Velocity."

Rahne is used to scents. If she was in her werewolf or wolf form, Carin's sweat and dirty clothing wouldn't be the worst thing she could smell in the room. As a human, she doesn't worry over it, knowing there are far worse things. The girl just needs some fresh clothes and a shower. "There ought to be some Gatorade or the like in the fridge? Maybe in the cabinets if not…" She starts to rummage around, searching the fridge. There's a bottle in a shade of greenish blue far in the back. "Glacier Freeze? This do?" She offers it to Carin before straightening up and searching the cabinets for a teacup — much easier to find than the Gatorade. "We're mutants who try t' fight fer the rights o' other mutants, an' stop people from bein' shite. Tha' sort o' thing."

"Yes please!" Carin gratefully takes the offers drink, munching down the cookie, then popping the top and taking a long series of swallows, before she lets out a gasp at the end, closing her eyes. "…oh wow, that's sooooo good…" she sighs, then focuses on Rahne again, her green eyes standing out in her pixie-ish face. "Okay…" she says after a moment. "So…you're freedom fighers, or vigilantes or…something like that?" She frowns, her brow furrowing. "Sorry, I don't mean to ask stupid questions, just…my memories are…" She gets a frustrated look. "I can't remember a lot."

The house has a thing for green-eyed redheads, apparently. "Sometimes freedom fighters might be the right word. An' we're not 'xactly sanctioned by the government, sae yes, vigilantes as well. But we try t' do good an' help e'erybody. We're just, ye know, less trusted than the Avengers 'cos we're mutants."

That brow furrows as Carin gets a pensive look. "…Avengers. I remember…we were being trained to fight Avengers." she says after a moment, frowning to herself, before taking another long series of swallows from the bottle. The taste finally catching up to her from her expression, but don't look gift electrolytes in the mouth. Or something!

"Okay. So…you do good, just not, like, law and order legal type good necessarily." She cocks her head, looking unsure. "Am…I a mutant? Can you tell?"

"There are ways, certainly," Rahne replies, her brows furrowing. "But generally it takes a blood test. I dinna think I could smell the difference 'tween a human an' a mutant, but I've ne'er tried, either." She leans back against the counter as she waits for her water to boil. Tea is life. "We're at least nom'nally friends w' the Avengers, but sometimes ye have t' break the law t' do what's right."

Carin huffs, then runs her fingers through her mussed coppery curls, nodding at the explanation, studying the other girl curiously. She can't help but note she doesn't LOOK wolfy like this. Which is…neat? "So sort of on the down low, where they don't notice you and you try not to be too obvious about it?"

"Oh, we can be pretty damn blatant," Rahne says with a smirk. "An…" Beep. Beep. Beep. She extracts her phone from the hip pocket of her jeans and peers at it. "An' I'm bein' summoned, I'm afraid, but I'll make sure somebody comes by t' see ye real soon, Carin. Sorry 'bout this." She gestures to the kettle and cup. "Have my tea, if ye like, an' help yerself to anything ye find in the fridge an' cabinets. Our safehouse is yer safehouse!"

Carin smiles a bit. "Thanks. I….I really owe you guys." she says softly, nodding. "It's not a problem, I'll…um…I'm gonna go shower, I think…" she says, noticing the smell finally is her, not something else that crawled under the sink and died. "Ugh…." she says, wrinkling her nose as she tugs at her costume. "I'll see you when you can get back then?" she says hopefully, waving as she finishes off the last of her drink, then snags another cookie, then says something with her mouth full that sounds vaguely like 'these are really good!'. And then disappears back towards the bathroom area.

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