2019-05-01 - sea creatures have no cash, don't ask...


Daredevil intervenes on two thugs trying to mug Mera, they strike a conversation talking about various topics and generally meet one another.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed May 1 11:13:38 2019
Location: Hell's Kitchen

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Pre-dawn on a Wednesday morning. This may be the City That Never Sleeps, but certain parts of it are quite drowsy at having to wake up so early. At least the 'good' parts are. Less salubrious individuals are just finishing their work 'day'. Looking for that one last score or bit of violence - even in a gentrified area like Hell's Kitchen.

Mera has no idea about what neighborhoods are safe or not. She only has a vague idea about crime. And, being of noble birth, she is certainly not expecting the two men following her through the dark alleys to dare lay a hand on her for any reason. The redhead walking with an air of entitlement as she looks around at the world about her with a mixture of curiosity and pity. She is dressed in casual chic, though it is about ten years out of date.

A drug dealer wishing he was never born, a group of street thugs in various states of unconsciousness, two muggers with at least a broken arm, are the resoult of Daredevil so far, today. The man is getting restless lately, almost incapable of stopping doing his night shifts, almost dependant from them, his body and his mind looking for the adrenaline, the surge of that something special that comes with performing some serious martial arts moves on some serious criminals, defying the common belief that a blind guy can't fight, filling him with well-earned confidence.
Dressed in his red armoured suit, the man is currently running, jumping from a rooftop to the next, his hears constantly alert to patrol the streets below looking for something, for a place to intervene.

Mera seems to wander aimlessly until she catches the scent of seafood. A slight increase in pace, copied by the men trailing her, until she turns into a dead-end alley. Unfortunately, it is rotting seafood cast into an alley from a restaurant that she has followed. Her face screwing up in distaste for a moment before she turns to leave…and finds those two men blocking her way.

Young men looking for an easy score. Dressed in cast-off sweats and long coats, one of them draws a pistol from a pocket while his more intellectual associate - you can tell because he has all of his teeth - makes their demands known. "Give us all your money."

This is not the first time that Mera has encountered a pair of demanding men in this city. The last time they were driven off by Helena Wayne. "Is this how you greet all visitors to your city? You mean those papers that you use as currency? I do not have any of those."

Matt Murdock leaps across a rooftop, swings his grappling hook to cover more ground and then twists midair to change direction suddenly. His hears, now, just picked up the sound of a gun being drawn not too far away, and if that wasn't enough, a voice opening with the classic "give us your money!". Increasing his running speed almost to the limit, using the hook to be even faster, it isn't long till Daredevil finds himself above the dead end alley, and now it's just a matter of performing some acrobatic flips and a creative use of the grappling hook, until he lands lightly on his feet directly behind the two demanding men.
"You should seriously stopping doing that, you know, the tourism is greatly suffering by your lack of manners in dealing with ladies…" are the words the man uses to greet the two thugs, and his billyclub, the same that is used to deploy the grappling hook, is casually held in his right hand, lowered so far but it would probably be a matter of seconds before it was ready for action.

The men are understandably alarmed by the sudden appearance of the Daredevil. Even more alarmed because they have heard of the red devil that stalks the night…and they don't feel like dying tonight. Which means they need to strike first! The man with the gun spins around, raising his pistol. The other man balls his hands into fists before trying to throw a haymaker with all his strength. Mera studies the man in red for a moment before taking a polite step back from the fracas.

Matt Murdock sort of expected the two men to go on the offensive, and so as soon as he noticed their movements, his reflexes already started moving his body. First, the bigger treat is the man with the gun, so Daredevil moves a step to the left, sidestepping the haymaker and moving his billy club in a quick ascending arch, the end of the club aiming for the gunner's wrist with enough force that the wrist itself could very easily break, letting the pistol fly away. The next thing to do would be dealing with the selfproclaimed boxer, completing the spinning movement started by swinging his club to throw a left elbow to the side of the opponent's neck. Ending the quick sequence with a pair of quikk swings of the club on the back of the mugger's heads would ensure a peaceful bit of sleep for the both of them.
That done, if everything worked as it should, Matt would just sheathe his club on his left hip, turning towards the woman to make sure she's unharmed

Mera seems rather nonplussed as the red blur strikes quickly and efficiently. Soon, the two men are lying face down on the concrete. When they wake, they will no doubt regret going for that last score. "So much violence in this city" Mera remarks casually as Daredevil turns to face her. "Why do you wear a mask?" she asks while nonchalantly prodding the prone men with her foot. "You were quite adept at disposing of these men…like you have had practice. Oh…do you intend to attack me as well? Do you wish my money?"

Matt Murdock assumes a nonthreatening posture, or at least tries to, while making briefly sure the two men are passed out by a quick examination of their lifesigns with hearing, mainly.
"Not everywhere, just in some parts of it…" Daredevil answers about the violence, shaking his head immediately after "no, no, I barely know what to do with mine I am surely not looking for yours!" referring about the money, of course "plus you just said you have none so…" he shrugs, kneeling next to one of the two men and effortlessly lifting him into the air with his right hand, only to drop it down next to one of the walls, same procedures that is then repeated with the other man. "as for the mask, I can work better if the world doesn't know who I am, for now at least… As for the practice, I'm not exactly a newbie at this"

"You have good hearing" Mera notes with a wry smirk, watching as Daredevil drags the men around like they are rag dolls. "Strong too…for a human. Assuming you are a human, of course. I am finding that not everyone in this city can claim such a thing." She considers the response about the mask. "Are you famous? Would people know your face?" A shrug. "It is no concern of mine who you are." /What/ he is may be of concern. "You often prowl the streets at night? Interesting. Do you not have police in this city?"

"I am human, yes." Daredevil replies, after all he sort of is, right? "and well, I can't complain about my hearing either, so far." he adds, making sure the two men are not blocking the passage, positioning them on their side so that breathing won't be an issue and the respiratory ways won't get blocked either.
"Locally known, not really widely known, but still the mask serves its purpose, so far." he casually comments, returning to focus on the woman now that his tasks have been completed. "There's police, yes, but they sometimes are just too slow or have their hands tied, because those criminals are smart. They know how to just avoid detection or to evade law with loopholes, and legal stuff… And we're not counting corrupt officers, people payd by mob bosses to keep their mouths shut or turn a blind eye here and there… Well I am fixing all this how I can."

Mera watches the movement of the men. "You do not want them to die, but they are criminals who wanted to do you harm. Would not the easiest way to fix this would be to remove them permanently?" No maliciousness in her question, merely curiosity. "It does not sound like you have very good police. I met a man who proclaimed himself the crown prince of crime; Mister Joker. Do you know him? He seemed to be trying to help people. Said criminals were only people who wanted to fight a dead life. I take it that you do not agree with him."

Matt Murdock leans on a wall, crossing his arms on his chest to speak with Mera. "First of all, they tried to hurt the both of us, but it isn't like they really were that succesfull. Death is a, too permanent solution. You learn nothing from that, you just cease to exist, and it's not me who shall judge when your time comes. That's a task that someone else up above will have to perform." he starts, assuming a more relaxed posture now "I know him by fame, not in person. And no, I do not agree. Because criminals, by fighting their, dead life, make miserable the life of a lot of people who do not deserve it. If you've a target, then aim, and fire to the target, other people shouldn't suffer because you're someone trying to fight a dead life. There's counseling, there's lots of things to do to make it into an, alive life, and I don't see how an innocent citizen could be helped by someone blowing up things, or selling drugs, or stealing purses, murdering, bank robbing, taking things that don't belong to him by force. Those people, they deserve everything I give them and then some." and to better reaffirm his point he taps his billyclub "but not death, no, I'm not a killer…"

"What if they were successful and killed me? Would that be enough for a permanent solution? What would they have learned from killing us?" This is not Mera's world, so she will listen with interest to Daredevil's theories. "I was surprised that this Mister Joker thought that giving desperate people guns was a good idea. There needs to be some order so that the world can function. If there was less greed, I think this city would be a lot better off. I should thank you for coming to my aid." And theirs.

looks thoughtful for a moment, then tilts his head "if they had killed you, probably, they wouldn't be as healthy as you see them right now. But again it is not my place to deal permanent solutions…" he affirms, moving a bit now, a couple of steps forward to position himself at the center of the alley to better survey the scene "Then again, if they killed the both of us, I wouldn't really need to worry about them anymore… But lets try to avoid that if possible, I like my life so far… Hopefully, when they'll wake up, they'll think twice about trying a thing like this in this part of town, at least. Next time I may not be so, gentle" he however manages to aim a smile at Mera "and well, I completely agree with you, there should be more order and less greed, but not likely to happen anytime soon I'm afraid. This world is not fair, not at all…" he smirks "you're welcome, anyways"

"No, it is not fair. Not fair at all" Mera sighs. "Whose place is it to provide permanent solutions?" Maybe that is the person she needs to see. Though she does also remember why she is here. "Do you know of the giant sea creature attacks last month? You seem to be a man with your finger on the pulse of the city. Any rumors that you may have heard with your good hearing?" Though a glance at the thugs on the ground may mean that the man in red does not deal with such vast issues. "Do you have a name at all?" A nod to his mask. "Obviously not your real one, but something I can call you."

"daredevil… That's how people call me." Daredevil offers as an introduction, adding a small bow to it aimed at the woman. Straightening himself again, he shakes his head "unfortunately I don't know anything about it, I've not been much in this city lately, and well, I generally focus on this part of town anyways. So I'm afraid I can't be of much help"

Mera is starting to wonder if the attacks had happened at all. Perhaps the memories of the city residents has been manipulated? "Daredevil? Interesting name." His polite bow receives one in reply. "Where have you been? If you don't mind me asking. Though, rest assured, Daredevil, you have been of great help. Those men are alive because of you."

Matt Murdock nods in aknowledgement at Mera's words, without offering any comments about the life of the two men anyways. "been travelling around the world a bit, to train, mainly, improve my skills…" he admits, his mind recalling the last months of training, the new techniques he learned. "you can never bee to skilled, in this city, there's always someone ready to put it to the test. Luckily that someone doesn't usually manifest as a pair of lowlife thugs"

"I expect that these men are very much at the bottom of the pyramid" Mera smiles. "I have yet to see the top of it. Unless that was Mister Joker Travelling the world is a wonderful thing to do. It gives you wisdom and experience that will help you understand others. To not be so afraid of the different. If only we could all do such a thing." A nod to the thugs. "Do you need help taking those men to…well…where will you take them?"

Matt Murdock chuckles, shaking his head "oh, I do hope he is not at the top of it or we're really doomed…" he comments with another small smirk now, then shrugs and gestures casually in the two men's direction "nowhere, they'll be just left here to their device. They won't die, not by my hand at least. One has a broken wrist, it will probably heal within a couple of months, and the both of them have headaches not easily forgettable too." he now pulls out a small grin "that means, they're fine… Ah" he moves now, his steps bringing him into a corner of the alley, where he picks up the gun that flied away from the hands of the first thug. With a couple of quick movements, he unloads it, then just smashes it under his left boot "and I agree, travelling the world is a very nice experience."

"You will not take them to your police?" Mera watches Daredevil destroy the pistol - another action she has seen before. If humans dislike guns so much, why do they persist in making so many? "I shall leave you to your work, Mister Daredevil. It was a pleasure to meet you." If he is close enough, she will offer her hand. "I am sure we will see each other again" she adds, unaware he does not see anyone.

Matt Murdock chuckles again "so that they will do what, pat them on their shoulders and tell them, don't do that again? And then that, what, trying to steal your cash? That'd require you to come with me, say that they were indeed trying to, and all that sort of things… And I suspect you are not the kind of person to go give witness statements." he extends his right hand however, shaking the offered one with a small smile behind the mask "it was a pleasure, miss…" he admits, then turns to draw his club. The next sequence of actions starts with the grappling hook shooting upwards, continues with a serie of jumps and backflips from a wall to the next, and ends with Matt running on rooftops again, to get far from that place and looking for something else to do.

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