2019-05-01 - Chance Concert Meetings


Some potential Young Avengers meet up at a concert where Dinah performs.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed May 1 00:30:26 2019
Location: RP Room 1

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New York City. The City That Never Sleeps. In this particular case, that's probably because of the pounding bass and flashing lights that interrupt the night. The good news is, the concert is down by the docks, so there aren't a whole lot of residents to disturb.

It's a fundraiser, technically. A Take Back the Night event being hosted for charity by a number of top rock and pop bands. That's how Helena Wayne got permission both to be out and to attend it. It's crowded, it's loud…and so far, everyone is just having a great time. Some people more than others, admittedly.

Helena's wearing one of the rest wristbands that marks her as underage for the drink tents, but she's managed to get herself up to a spot where she can hear the music and actually see some of the performance. In skinny jeans and a white t-shirt with a light-weight black leather jacket, she's rocking the classic look tonight.

Despite the fact that in actuality Rose Wilson is underage, she is -not- wearing a stamp, or wristband that marks her as underage. She is moving through the crowd, dressed in skinny jeans as well and a colorful halter top, high heeled boots.

Even though she has only one eye, it doesn't prevent her from noticing Helena nad moving towards the dancing teenage girl and coming up behind her. "So, Helena, this is what you do when you're not lobbing broken wood palletes at boys? I wholeheartedly approve. Told you we should hang out sometime."

Christopher Powell's got jeans, black t-shirt, and tennis shoes on. He has one of the underage bracelets clamped around one wrist, and doesn't seem to mind it at all. He's just randomly strolling through the crowd, enjoying a night to himself, just people watching. He kind of bobs along a bit to whatever is playing around him, hands in his pockets, artfully dodging people that come and go around him as he makes his way to a place where he can get a good view.

Being out past curfew is a lot less trouble when you know the routines of anyone who would be checking, and can be home in under five minutes. Blue hair standing out in the flash of the lights, she sways and bobs in the middle of the crowd, light occasionally also reflecting off the bulky 'totally just medical braces' that cover her arms up to the elbow. Either of the metallic wrists is totally not sporting a bracelet, since it's amazing how easy to get into these places it is when you can literally do it in a blink. She did, however, leave a donation. She's a punk, not a monster. She seems to have a small bubble of space around her, likely due to the slight static prickle felt by those getting too close.

For something like this, Anya Corazon is gonna do it up right. She's got her best DEADMAU5 shirt on, ripped to pieces of course, with a purple sports bra visible between the rippings. A black leather biker jacket that is all but covered in patches and studs gives her that 'fuck everyone' look, and her lower half is enshrined by short denim cutoffs, ripped up black tights and bright gold, heeled Chuck Taylor high tops. A pentagram hangs from her neck, and her eyeshadow is a dark purple to match the purple streaks that have recently joined the aging blue one.

She's come here alongside some friends from NYU who are part of the local Democratic Socialists chapter, and boy, are they drinking. Cheap beers from the concession stand to throw off suspicion of the non-see thru water bottles most of them have in their possessions that probably aren't actually carrying water. Anya herself has an old backpack on, covered also in patches and buttons. They're here to party, and are among the more rowdier types, some of them dancing with each other regardless of gender or sexual identity, or relationship status.

Dinah was talented, there was no denying it, but she wasn't quite famous enough to be headlining by any means. Hopefully it was good exposure, right? With her own set well and truely done the blonde singer had come out in the crowd to actually enjoy the fundraiser for herself a little, even give a modest donation of her own.

Leather jacket, leather skirt, leather boots…she was still dressed as she had been on stage, but that didn't really make her stick out all that much in this crowd!

To her credit, Helena does not turn around and elbow Rose. Or any other attack, really. Though that might be partly because she's lucky she can even hear her with the music blaring across the city. "Hey! Rose, right?" she grins to the other girl like she didn't immediately go and check files for any descriptions matching the woman who broke the mugger's wrist. "Good to see you again!"

For someone who knows how to move in a fight or how to dance formally? Helena is not a great concert dancer. She's about half a step short of dad-dancing. But bless her heart, she's enjoying it. "This is great, right?"

"Hell yeah. Just look at that eye candy," Rose says, pointing at a rather handsome, older looking guy who vaugely resembles a young Jim Morrison, right down to the leather pants.

As she tracks him, her eyes run into Chris, and she laughs, "Chek him out," she says, pointing to the young man, even as she offers Helena a silver flask that somehow has managed to make it's way into her hand.

With her other hand, she waves at Chris, trying to get his attention, before she starts to dance with Helena. Unlike her 'partner', Rose seems to be doing a damn fine job of dancing, matching the best of moves with those around them, effortlessly.

Christopher Powell glances over in time to se Rose waving and he pauses for a moment, and then recognizes her, and lifts a hand to wave. The last time he'd seen her, he was in his pajamas, however, and that was a little while ago. "Hey," he says with a slightly amused smile. "How's it going?" He drifts inthe direction of Helena and Rose, giving a nod to Helena in greeting as well, though he doesn't seem to recognize her. He finds someplace to lean comfortably nearby while they dance.

~Lessee… Who's cool in this crowd… Ooooh, one of the singers.~ Dinah gets a particularly high pitched whistle, followed by a grinning Noriko throwing up the horns. Yeah, that's about right. Eyepatch girl seems to already be talking to someone, and has kind of a weird vibe. …Nori is not /that/ relaxed yet. Her gaze finally stops on Anya's group, sho seem to be pretty liberal with sharing, and also looking pretty awesome, and she starts worming her way through the crowd, eventually ending up next to the purple haired punk. "Great night, huh?"

At the end of a song, Anya lifts her can of beer and chugs it down. Doing so has her missing the fact that all of her friends are rushing off through an opening in the crowd, one created by Noriko, and one that brings them closer to the merch tables. "Aw, damn!"

Elbowing, slipping and 'polite-shoving' her way through, she finally reaches the opening near Noriko, watching as her fellow students rumble past Rose, Helena, Christopher and company. "Huh?" she says, then looks to Noriko with a grin. "Fuck yes!" She's not paying too much attention until WHOA LEATHER PANTS. "Holy shit!! Nice choice, amiga!"

That whistle is picked from the crowd, Dinah actually turning towards Noriko and flashing her a wink in return, exagerated enough to be picked through the crowd before she makes her own way through the crowd. Where was she heading? Even Dinah hadn't worked that much out, it was a voyage of exploration through the sea of people! Even so, her gaze does fall on Helena, Rose and their varying quality of dancing. Chris? Her gaze flicks over him, but the guy was taking refuge leaning out of the way so he's passed over for the moment. Anya? Well, there was no missing the look nor the outfit and she gets a smile in passing. "Nice buttons!" she manages to yell over the music. Expert singer, but not so much conversationalist.

Helena reaches out to take the flask from Rose, giving it exactly one sniff before she laughs and shakes her head, offering it back. "Thanks, but no thanks. My parents are cool, but they're not that cool." Sure, veteran party-boy Bruce Wayne isn't 'that cool.' "Hey," she grins to Chris as Rose waves, adding her own wave as well. Friendly.

As she clocks just how out of it her dancing is in comparison to Rose, she breaks into a laugh, switching to the old-fashioned jump and fist-pump. At least she can find a beat!

"Pffft," Rose tells Helena, rolling her singular eye. "What? They going to 'ground' you?" But, she doesn't push the issue, just chuckling. She takes a deep drink off the flask, and then offers it to Chris.

She tells the boy, "Rose," in much better spirits than the last time he saw her - in her underwear, and covered in bright blue inter-dimensional alien blood. But, that isn't brought up as a topic of conversation. "This is Helena." If Rose knows which Helena (she does) she doesn't out Helena as a Wayne. She lifts her chin to the young man, "Wanna dance with us?"

Christopher Powell takes the offered flask when Rose holds it out to him, giving Helena a grin and a loft of it in salute. He gives it a sniff to see what it is first, and then takes a swig from it before handing it back over. "Chris," he says to the pair of them, and then pulls away from the wall, moving to join them. "Sure," he grins, once the invitation is extended, and falls into the rhythm of the music with ease. He gives a friendly wave to those who happen to be nearby or looking in their direction. "Did you hear her set earlier?" he asks, nodding in Dinah's direction. "It was good. I hadn't heard her before."

"Yeah, I've got to have some kind of cool factor to balance out these." She wiggles her fingers, grinning as the crowd surges and flows around them. "You're looking pretty good yourself! Love the hair!" Dinah gets another wave as she passes, and Nori's grin shifts back to Anya. "Got any more of those? Call me Nori."

"Hey, thanks!" Anya tells Dinah, then stares at the woman for a moment before looking back at Noriko. "Damn, her set was dope," The young Latina says, before observing the other girl's braces. "Hey, that ain't nothin' to be ashamed of!" Then blink. "Shit. My friends."

Momentarily distracted, she tries to find them but is only successful at seeing Helena and the others dancing. As for more booze, she grins wickedly and offers the incognito bottle, which is in fact filled with tequila. "I got this," she says, then looks back to Noriko. "I'm Anya. Come on, I can't lose them!"

Turning, she rushes off in pursuit of her friends, bringing her closer to the others… and not having luck in finding them because apparently the merch table was boring. Suddenly, her eyes go wide, and she seems incredibly upset. "Oh, those assholes!"

Like most in such a gathering, Dinah is inevitably drawn towards the dance floor! Making her way towards the the gathering of Helena, Chris and Rose at much the same path of Anya and Noriko. Of course, there were no introductions made on her part, but the woman herself makes her way towards the trio just in time to catch the compliment and flash a grin towards Chris. "I try," she adds with a grin as she too joins the moving, swaying and twirling to the music.

"Hey, I like my privileges," Helena smirks at Rose, shrugging. "Nice to meet you, Chris," she calls bac over the music, following his gaze to Dinah. "Oh! That's Canary! Yeah, her set was awesome. You rock!" she calls back to Dinah, cupping her hands around her mouth and breaking into a laugh when she realizes there's no need to be quite that loud once she's closer.

"Sorry. You were great, though! Really!" The current song ends, fading into something a little bit slower and quieter that makes it easier to hear, if still not quite easy.

"Yes, you rocked the socks off the block," agrees Rose to Canary, grinning some. Her monocular vision slides to Chris as she offers Canary the flask.

She loops an arm around Helena, telling the other girl, "You need to learn to live a little, Helena. There's a whole other life out there. Your parents want you to be well rounded, don't they?" Yes. Rose is the devil on the shoulder. But, at least tonight she doesn't push it more than that, letting the words simply be there rather than pushing more.

She tells Canary, "I'm Rose. This lovely girl here is Helena. And that handsome young man is Chris. Verdict is in. You rock. I'm totally buying your download key on my way out. Need something new to listen to." She seems to actually mean it, too.

The platinum blonde looks askance to Chris. Curious. "You run into any of the others from a couple weeks back? I saw Pretty Boy, not too long ago." It wouldn't be hard for Chris to realize she means Noh-Varr.

"Oh, hey," Chris greets Dinah as she comes over and joins in the dancing with a grin. "Really nice set," he says, intentionally directed at her this time. Then he sees Noriko and Anya approaching in search of Anya's friends, and not finding them. "I think I saw one of them head that way toward the stack of speakers down there," he says as helpfully as he can, pointing in the general direction he saw one or two of her friends split off. But it doesn't seem that any of them are currently within line of sight. He smiles gratefully when Helena provides the name for the performer, since he didn't know it, saving him the embarassment of having to ask. He shakes his head at Rose and says, "Haven't seen anyone since then. You're the first one I've run into."

Nori accepts the bottle, a slight tingling feeling forming in Anya's fingers as the teen's metal-clad ones brush against hers. She takes a swig from the bottle, face going momentarily rigid as she tries not to cough, before weaving her way through the crowd after her new friend. She gives the others a wave and a grin, not wanting to interrupt too much if she's just passing by.

Upside to being somewhat en route to drunk and thoroughly chapped that her friends made off with the blunt she brought to this party, Anya happens to completely pass off the static electric charge. Also, tequila. "Slap yourself in the face," Anya tells Nori with a smirk. "Just in case you feel like you're gonna vom." Snatching the bottle back, she knocks back a shot and a half's worth of the vile yet delicious liquid, before shooting a look Chris's way. "Ah, screw 'em!" she answers, though there's a grateful look in her eye for his effort. "I know what they're up to, and I don't care." Her eyes dance between the others, one after the other, and then she's just all up in there, swaying her hips to the lighter tune. "I'm Anya. This is Nori." She smiles at the lot of them, before lifting her bottle of contraban- uh, water up into the air. "Take back the niiiiiight!" she cries.

Flask taken, Dinah grins as she recieves praise and introduction alike before shrugging her shoulders. "Thanks! Here's hoping people remember it well enough to come to the smaller shows!" she grins before taking a swig for herself before passing the bottle back so it can continue its circuit. "Dinah," she offers in introduction returned before wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and then giving a chuckle. That was sure as hell not water, but she was hardly going to go tattling. "Good to meet you all!"

Helena casts a sidelong glance toward Rose and Chris at the mention of prior meetings, curiosity piqued, but doesn't pry. Yet, at least. Probably because she hasn't been sampling the flasks going around. "Helena," she introduces herself to Anya and Noriko as they join the group, smile easy. "And Rose…Chris…and Dinah. Right?" she looks around the group.

"So where'd you guys meet?" she asks Rose and Chris. Right back to the curious part.

"We met on a ship," Rose answers Helena, cheerfully. "Had a bit of a hiccup on the ride. But, we got out of it okay." Rose seems about as eager to discuss that evening as Helena seems to disclose she's a Wayne - even if it might be widely known due to how much her picture could be plastered over the paparazzi. It's good to pretend for 'friends' however.

"I'd reccomend it, but I think after the last cruise, they might be out of business." Her grin is almost salicious as she takes the bottle back from Helena. "Tell you what. I'll give you my number. Call me sometime. Maybe we'll talk about it."

Christopher Powell shrugs his shoulders a little apologetically to Anya, apparently sympathetic to her friends running off with her joint. He grins and says "Hey Anya, Nori," in greeting to both of them together. He dances along with the group, with someone, by himself, seeming content to simply enjoy the music and the company. "When's your next show?" he asks Dinah. "I'll be sure to make it."

When Helena asks where they met, he glances over to Rose, curious as to how she's going to answer the question. "Yeah, it was kind of an adventure. The crew wasn't particularly friendly and the room service was non-existant." He grins a little bit lopsidedly.

~Welp, guess we're hanging with this group now.~ Noriko grins around, giving the others a nod of greeting. "Heya." She joins in Anya's cry with a whoop, before offering a hand to Dinah for a shake tinged with that same static prickle. "Totally want to come. Just say when and where. Or put it on your website or something. Tonight's /amazing/ so far."

Anya is really just happy for a chance to just be, ya know, a senior at NYU again. At least for tonight. She's got a feeling this isn't going to devolve into fighting monsters or, apparently, gods.

"Sounds terrible, I'd have gotten my money back," Anya remarks of this boat thing, before stuffing the bottle between her backpack and arm so that she can replace it with a phone. "I'm gonna follow you on IG," she tells Dinah, grinning. "Def coming to a smaller show, yeah."

"I do a little lounge stuff at a club in town now and then, pays the bills to keep a roof over my head." Dinah adds, tilting her head to the side with a laugh, "but if you're more into 'this', I have a thing about two weeks from now. You can find it on Facebook and all!" She's smiling, after all Dinah was having fun -and- she might have made a fan or two tonight, that was worth celebrating out here on the dance floor. Chris and Rose's tale? That earns a curious tilt of her head as she listens in. Curious.

Helena quirks a brow at Rose's response, smile wry. "Sounds like you want to sell me a time-share on the crappiest cruise ship on the seven seas," she chuckles. "Man, though. Cruise ship time share. That would be totally worth it." She doesn't have an instagram. Or a public facebook profile. Or…well, much of a social media presence at all. Speaking of restrictive parents.

Fishing in her pocket, Rose finds a pencil stub, a scrap of paper, and three joints. One of these three is handed to Anya. The scrap of paper is written on, a phone number only, no name, and handed to Helena. The other two joints and pencil stub go back into her pocket.

"Nah. We should just reallygo have some fun together. Let loose," she tells Helena. "Trust me." She gives Helena a rather large grin, winks eith her one eye, and glances to the others present.

She tells Noriko, "You think this is hot stuff? You should see some of the underground shit. That's when it -really- gets fun."

"Which club?" Chris asks Dinah, curiously, but he nods about finding the information for the next show on Facebook. "I'll check that out later." For now there are actual people to hang out with and talk to. "Not on this cruise ship," he says sidelong to Helena with a chuckle and shake of his head. "To say the accommodations were spartan would be overstating it."

"Yeah, smaller's good too. Kinda more personal, you know?" Nori's own phone comes out, seemingly having a dead battery at first until the teen gives it a few smacks with one hand, whereupon it powers up. "Oh? Tell me more." She gives Rose a larger grin, holding out her non-phone holding hand to Anya. She lowers it a bit to be /somewhat/ hidden from the crowd, before snapping her fingers and striking an arc between thumb and index finger.

Anya looks at Rose as if she's her new best friend. "You," she says to the white haired gal, and just nods her head once in true gratitude. "Can we keep her?" she asks of Noriko, and grins mischievously while fishing around in her pockets for a lighter. Helena looks familiar for some reason, but she can't place it.

(Hours from now, while trolling through her social media feeds, she's likely to see some kind of media article on the Wayne family, make the connection, and be sad she didn't take an opportunity to get an anti-capitalism dig in here but, alas.)

She's about to light up when Nori does that… and Nori becomes the recipient of a sharp look. "Relajate, amiga," she murmurs.

The lighter is raised and she lights the joint the old fashioned way, takes a drag, then passes it to whomever is on her left, which is happens to be Chris.

For her own part, if Dinah had known it was quite so easy to get the number of a rich socialite? She might have taken a note out of Rose's book of flirting. Clearly she had much to learn! Instead she looks back at Chris and raises an eyebrow. "Not the most luxurious of days then, huh?" she questions, tilting her head to the side…then Noriko's little spark drink has her blinking a little in suprise.


Helena takes the number from Rose, tucking it into her pocket with an easy smile. "I'll…think about that," she chuckles. "Probably in a couple weeks. I've got finals coming up soon, then graduation, then…the timer is counting down until my parents figure out that I'm planning on taking a gap year." She half-winces, already looking forward to that conversation.

She's all too happy to change the topic with Chris's comment. "Sounds like maybe not the best line. I'm starting to think they're not the kind of folks who give refunds, either." If she notices the spark, she doesn't seem to think anything of it. She does move upwind of the resulting smoke, though. That isn't something she need to explain to Dad.

"I'll be around," Rose assures Helena, perhaps having a good sense of when, and where to push, and how to apply just enough pressure to entice without overstepping her boundries or invidtation. She grins at her friend, then tells the others, "Think I see someone else I know. Gonna go say hi, yah? Don't be losers, have fun."

She lifts a hand to Chris, "See you around, maybe we can talk about old times." A nod to Dinah, Noriko, and Anya and a wave, and the atheltic girl slips into the crowd, headed towards a rather handsome looking hispanic guy. She slides her arm around his, kisses his cheek, and the two move off further into the crowd. Funny, that. She seems to be leading him, if anyone is watching.

Christopher Powell accepts the joint from Anya, taking a toke off of it, and then passes it on toward Noriko, letting the smoke curl out from between his lips and seeming to relax just a bit more, the dancing half-forgotten as they stand around and talk. He doesn't notice the little spark, or if he does, he doesn't react to it very much. "Yeah, not really, and the disembarking was a bit rough. Half a star. Not recommended." He grins a little bit sidelong, then he asks Helena, "What are you going to do with your gap year? Any plans? Backpacking in Europe? Finding yourself in the desert?" When Rose goes to head out, though, he gives her a nod and says, "Yeah. Hit me up sometime." He gives her his number before she slips off.

Noriko winces, immediately extinguishing the arc. "Sorry, my bad." Back to Helena. "Ouch. Finals are the /worst/. Especially the practicals." Psychic Defense always leaves her with a headache. "Stay cool, Rose." She watches the eyepatched girl leave, sighing and leaning against Anya a little and accepting the joint. Puff, puff, not blinking because eyes watering, pass. "I think I've got a gig lined up already for after I graduate. On the job training, too."

With the joint going to Dinah next, Anya just smiles. This is good. All is right with the world. "Ciao," she tells Rose, before giving Helena a sympathetic look. "What school? I'm in my last year of undergrad. NYU. Engineering and comp-sci." Up comes a hand, and she makes quote marks while impersonating Austin Powers. "Nerd alert!"

"Gap year ain't bad, I think I'm gonna take one before moving on to grad school." A pause, and she darkens for a moment before taking the joint. "Ya know, assuming the financial aid doesn't fall through the shitter."

And then Rose is gone, Dinah watches her departure complete with companion-wrangling with a look of amusement on her features. Discussion however pulls her back and she nods at Chris' comments before giving a little chuckle. "I took one…or three myself, did me a world of good," the blonde muses on the mention of Gap years. "Of course, I didn't uh…do that whole -after- thing so much." A shrug, a tilt of her head and she looks towards Anya's dour turn, giving a lazy poke of her fingertip to the woman's shoulder. "C'mon. No shitty thoughts on the dance floor. It's a rule!"

"I'm not one hundred percent sure yet," Helena admits on the topic of her gap year. "But that's kind of why I don't want to rush into college either. Why am I going to go to school if I don't know what I'm doing there? I figure I'll do some charity work. Pick a project, make it work. I feel like my parents would have a hard time objecting to that, right?"

Her brows rise with interest as Anya states her major, smile flashing. "That sounds great, honestly. I'm definitely interested in things in that direction, I just…I'm not convinced school's the right path for me. I dunno. I'll figure it out eventually."

Christopher Powell grins over at Anya and says, "That's awesome, actually. I like to tinker with things. A friend of mine and I have been building some little kite flyer.. things.. I'm sure he has a better name for them. We're thinking of having some kind of a kite flying day sometime soon, just for fun." He may be a little bit of a tinkerer nerd, himself. But he doesn't join in the conversation about college much, just nodding to Helena, "Nothing wrong with finding a project, and taking some time to figure out what you want to do." His phone starts to buzz, though, and he pulls it out, glancing down at the screen and letting out a bit of a sigh. "Gotta go. Was nice to meet you all, though." He gives everyone a wave, then, and begins to retreat.

"I might do something with electronics. Haven't quite figured everything else out yet." Nori gives a wry grin, closing her eyes for a moment as she grooves along to the music. "Nice to meet you, Chris! She gives a wave as he leaves, before turning back to the others. "So… what now?"

Anya shoots Dinah a grateful look, and she perks right up again. Then, to Helena and Chris, her grin broadens. "I'm building my own drone," she tells them. "This thing is gonna be so sick. I can't tell you too much, but… ya know those EM recharging plates? Well, I'm reverse engineering one to see if I can charge the L-Ion batt with radio waves. Good, old fashioned A.M. radio waves. I've got the math sorted out, just need to snag one or two things and then I think… I think it'll be ready for a test run. If it works, it'll never run out of juice." A pause. "Unless, ya know, aliens come and wipe out civilization as we know it and the radio towers stop broadcasting but, nah."

Waving to Chris, she watches him for a moment with a coy little grin. It's distinctly possible that she's checking him out as he goes.

"That… is pretty awesome. Unless they stop using AM Radio. Hang on… You got a sharpie? We should hang out sometime." Nori leans on ANya a little more, grinning widely. Things are starting to kick in, apparently.

"That all sounds…way more hightec than is my speed," Dinah muses, "So it's probably pretty cool." A shrug, she's still dancing even as the others make to fade from the crowd or continue their test run before a buzzing against her side has her pausing. Fishing into the only pockets her outfit actually has, Dinah pulls her phone from her jacket and gives a little noise of annoyance. "Band is packing up and looking for me. Gotta go but…" she tucks the phone back into her pocket. "Come to a show! Or at least shoot me a message sometime! See you arounnnd!"

The last is called as she slinks away and soon enough Dinah too is melting back through the crowd of people and out of sight.

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