2019-04-30 - Pining For the Fjords


Baldur and Hod finally have a family reunion. It involves murder, war and treachery. And Kate gets a well deserved nap.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Apr 30 00:25:21 2019
Location: RP Room 6

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"You assume that I shall just let you walk away." Baldur points out and with a hand on Gisl's shoulder, leaps back into the saddle. "I shall not. If there is a plot, I will know about it. You can either tell me of it yourself or trust that Loki will tell me all I need to know. I see now his request that I look for information in Asgard was merely a ploy to remove me from Midgard." Giving Hod a direct look, he says "I know not what you have been doing but it obviously is not done well." One merely needs to look at Hod and Kate to see that and her explanation is more information than he's received yet. Gisl starts to walk after Kate.

Hod return mutters, "Ah. Sorry. Will apologize later." in regards to outing Jean, then gives her hand a little squeeze when she takes his. Baldur's words cause his head to hang a bit, a smile sliding over his lips, "In three thousand years not even Heimdall could find me if I did not wish it. You are my brother," the words carry almost physical weight to them when he says them, "and so is Loki." considerably less weight, but still some, "He may spin any yarn for you he wishes, but you know my heart. I will not trust him to speak the truth, but I will trust you to know the difference when he doesn't." another grin, "Baldur you big dumb idiot, you stand out. You never could /not/ stand out. Half the world's gods want me dead, the other half want me skinned, turned into salted leather and /then/ dead… and I'm not what I once was. Father saw to that. Hiding is safer then fighting now."

"Hiding, fighting. There's times for both," Kate speaks up as she looks to the rather messy Hod, then back to Baldur. "There's also a time for strategic retreat which would be about now. Human authorities are on the way and if we've got any hope of finding out what's going on it will be by *not* getting caught up in that red tape." Wait, was she going to have to explain that phrase, too? Shoot. Giving Hod's hand a tug she quips, "Come with me if you want to live."

"I will do the fighting for us when it is required." Baldur says simply. "I do not disagree that now is not the time for it but I will not let you simple walk away now I have found you. I need answers from you, brother. I know you; you are no breaker of oaths and this is not something a mortal could have involved you in. You will tell me what has happened. But not here. Come stand by Gisl, the both of you. I will take us to safety."

Hod barks a laugh at Baldur's words and grins a bit at Kate, well, to her left, but still. He moves to follow behind her. Hod usually leads the way, the Ways are in fact his domain, but honestly he's not got the head for it. Plus he's pretty sure that venom is starting to sizzle a bit. Which is true. Part of his clothing are in fact smoking slightly. He reaches up with his free hand to wipe at his face, digging into a socket to pull out the goop he felt in their earlier. Just in case it wasn't just gore and something more burny. Then he tugs a gray cloth, something silk like, from inside his vest and with a well practiced motion wrapps it about his face and ties it behind his head, all with one hand, hiding his deformity from the sight of others. "You knew me Baldur, you knew me for five centuries, in the other twenty five I have done far worse things then break oaths." that's mostly muttered to himself though, quietly, shamefully. It wouldn't be hard to have missed it. He's done fighting for now, running, he just goes where Kate tugs.

Kate Bishop pauses when Baldur requests they come step by the horse. There's a glance toward the streets not far off she knew would soon be swarmed by police cars, and probably TV vans as well. With a sigh she tugs Hod toward his brother giving a firm nod. "So long as it's somewhere safe. Keeping in mind that others might not take our current 'status' as well as you are." There's a small pause before she adds, "Thank you. Even if you are only doing this for his sake."

Baldur chooses not to argue with Hod, especially not in front of a mortal. "We will be safe." he assures Kate and as soon as they're close, mist rises from the street to envelope them. There's no feeling of movement but as the mist begins to dissipate a moment later, they're definitely somewhere else. It's lush and green, there's a river about a hundred feet away and trees behind them. It's also chilly and their breath is visible in the air. They're at Sognefjord, in Norway. And it's pretty damn picturesque. http://tinyurl.com/y5faoasl

Hod tilts his head to the side, his own abilities reorienting him the instant they appear. He stiffens, then relaxes, drawing in a long deep breath. New York is many things to Hod, to him esepcially. There is no place in all the world that is more a hub of the Ways then it. But it's not home. And it smells. Norway on the other hand… He smirks a bit, "Sognefjord." he says softly, "Figures." he then turns and begins walking towards the river, his cane swinging before him like a metronome, though Kate will notice that he seems more sure footed here then he ever has in the city.

"Gesundheit," Kate replies to Hod's naming of the place. It's quietly said though, clearly a weak attempt at a joke as she turns her gaze out over the rolling hills and the waterway below. This was so far, far away from New York. Without much thinking of it she wraps her arms around herself at the sudden chill to the air. No complaints are made as she just observes a long moment or two before admitting, "Okay this is probably pretty safe."

There's a happy sounding nicker from Gisl as they arrive and Baldur dismounts. "Go graze, my friend." he tells the horse. "Then go home when you are ready. I shall call for you when I next have need." Removing his cloak, he offers it to Kate. "While we might not technically claim this land as our own any longer, the other gods see it as ours just as we see their lands as theirs. We do not trespass lightly." he says to Kate. "And no Asgardian will attack my brother while I am here to protect him."

Hod barks another laugh at that, "Don't listen to him Kate, my brother is ever the optimist and whatever his claims, Father does as Father wishes." not even Baldur can stop Odin. He doesn't slow down when he reaches the river's edge, instead he merely strides into it, pausing only to jam the cane down into the wet earth above the water line before marching into the quickly flowing water. He stumbles. Twice. Three times. Water should not so easily move an Asgardian, but it nearly has it's way with Hod before he finds his footing and spreads his arms wide, falling beneath the churning surface with a splash and a little giggle. Yup. Giggle. He's gone for a full ten count before he explodes from the water again, about ten yards down stream, and pushes the not matted hair back from his face, "Welcome to Norway Kate, it's the prettiest place on earth, if you don't mind a little snow and ice." which of course, he doesn't.

Kate Bishop looks up toward Baldur with a hint of surprise at the offered cloak. It's accepted with a silent nod and pulled around herself more like a blanket. She was rather small compared to the taller pair after all. It was suitable for wrapping up in and that was all that mattered to her at the moment. "That's good to know," she begins before Hod speaks up about his father. "Oh." Well that wasn't very cheering. Her steps lead her down closer to the water watching as Hod attempts to drown himself in the frigid drink. It was tempting to splash some water on herself as well but judging by the chill she'd do more harm than good. "I guess now is the time to explain things. Though I barely know anything myself. You only brought me in on this the day we found the murdered priestess."

"If the All-Father wished you dead, brother, you would already be dead." Baldur points out. "It is unlikely that he would change his mind at this moment." Watching Hod, he smiles. "The Danes and Swedes would likely argue that but this has always been one of my favorite places on Midgard. It is restful and has not changed much at all in the last thousand years." Looking around, he walks over to a fallen log about the size of Kate and carries it over. Tossing it onto the ground, he draws his sword and cuts it in half, using a foot to push one of them away. The nearer one bursts into flame as he points his sword at it and ignites it with a beam of light. "Sit. Tell me of this murdered priestess."

Hod grins at Baldur, "Even Odin balks, ever so slightly, at familicide. That does not mean he's not above letting others do it for him. He dropped me blind, naked, and powerless amid the greatest war Midgard had seen to that point in a place soon to be ravaged by a plague that wiped out a measureable portion of the population. Odin wants me dead, he is merely to much the coward to do it himself." Hod has… daddy issues. And he's also less the shirking violet he used to be. He never spoke like this in Asgard, never gave up his thoughts so easily and without filter.

He surges forward, slowly pushing his way out of the water and heading up towards the pair of them and their fire, "The cliff in Iceland." he says conversationally, "I was married there once. Only place I love more then Norway…" long pause, "I imagine it's beautiful, but the cliffs are special. You can /hear/ the sea, feel it in your feet, taste it on the air…" small smile that fades as he thinks, "I was played for a fool Brother." he makes a motion with his hand and a stiff breeze whips up around him in a very tight circle, he stands with his arms out streched as he's blow dryed in place. Blow frozen is more accurate, but the moisture leaves none the less. He then starts brushing frost from his hair, the vest, all of it. He can't touch Winter like before, but he's got a few tricks left to him, not being wet when he doesn't want to is one of them. If you're okay with icicle pants. "Someone set me up, they left the clues that would lead me to Thoth's hidden temple and inside it was a dead woman. We arrived just in time for Thoth to find us standing over his murdered priestess with the stink of Asgardian magic in the air. He made the incorrect, but understandable, leap." succint.

Kate Bishop felt the creation of the fire and 'stool' weren't for her, but there was no reason she couldn't take a small corner of it for herself. Carefully gathering up the length in her arms she sinks down to gingerly sit on one end turning her attention to the burning half of the log. At least she was keeping Baldur's cloak from getting dirty. Once he finishes his tale Kate merely nods in agreement. "That's where I came in. He asked my help and I went along with some others to help in case of trouble. We just didn't expect to find what we did." Though he was blind, she turns toward him with a thoughtful frown. "Sif said the blade that was in the girl at one point belonged to Loki, right? But a long time ago. That's probably how they made it feel like Asgardian magic in there." With a shrug she turns back, watching Baldur's reaction to what Hod says. "That's when we got the Oathbreaker marks. Only moments after finding her when Thoth arrived." She shrugs then, and leans back, figuring to let the brothers hash out the rest.

"And you survived. You've earned his respect for that and that of all of Asgard's warriors." Regardless of wanting someone dead or not, strength and survival are things to be respected." As Hod starts to explain, Baldur falls silent to listen to him and then to Kate. "This should be easily remedied. You did not kill her however it looks. I would be surprised if none of the Pesedjet were able to read the truth of someone's words and in this instance, your lack of power would work in your favor, brother. You would not be able to hide the truth from a god or goddess with their full strength."

Hod grins over towards Kate, "You see? Optimist." he says, shaking his head as he plops down on the earth next to her, letting Kate keep the stool for herself. He spent a very long time living on the ground, blind men don't often get jobs, homes, furniture. He's comfortable there. He plops his cane in the earth and leans forward on it slightly, the gray cloth over his face crackling as he moves, small flakes of ice falling away as the fire begins to thaw him out, sending small bits of steam away in place of frost. "It's why he's so loved. He cannot see the bad in anything. You'd think it would get old, but it doesn't. It's nice."

He exhales, his face turned into the flame so that it almost looks like hes staring into it, though clearly he's not. "Perhaps." he admits, "But hiding is what I do, what I have always done, and I'm not certain all would be quick to believe." he pauses, then adds, "And there are truths I possess I do not with anyone to hear. Secrets. I do not trust the Pesedjet not to abuse the offer were I to make it to them."

Kate Bishop makes a small noncommital noise of agreement with Hod's talk. The chatter of the brothers was starting to fade though as the adrenaline from the fight was wearing off. And it was cold. Only she had a warm cloak and a warmer fire. Slowly she starts to tip to the side, her head bobbing down, until she finally just kind of… drifts off. She was tired darnit, she wasn't some immortal god.

"Of course I can, brother." Baldur says, shaking his head. "Do you think I cannot see the evil in Surtur? But he is not solely evil. There is good in him as there is in most beings. Sometimes that good will win out if given the chance. Just as it will with the Pesedjet. I can arrange a meeting with them and get their bond that they will question you only about the priestess and events directly resulting from it. The one at the battle, Khonshu I believe his name is, seemed honorable." He's aware of Kate falling asleep but sees no reason to wake her. She can be questioned another time if need be.

Hod coughs at that, "Their god of vengence. You wish to give me over to the tender mercies of Khonshu, god of flaying and merciless slaughter of the least transgressor." he pauses, seems to consider, "Actually he's not that bad a guy. Well, he is, but you get a couple of ambrosian wine horns into him and turns out he's got a really decent tenor. I think. That weeks a bit of a blur…" he shakes his head and looks back in his brother's direction, "It might be for the best. If it all goes to shit at least I'll get to see how a diet Aesir measures up to the Pesedjet in their prime. I'm guessing about that tall." he holds thumb and forefinger about three inches apart.

"His honor will not let him harm you once you speak the truth." Baldur sounds certain of that but that could just be him seeing the good in everyone again. "They will stop hunting you and your friend and we can then work together to discover who is behind these attempts to set us against each other. The Pesedjet are worthy allies."

Hod shakes his head, "They are worthy enemies, as allies they are like the shifting sands. Useful, but only if you know where you stand and you brought a good tent. I suspect I know who, or at least /which/ pantheon is behind this. I cannot be certain, but I suspect. Actually, Loki did most of the leg work, but his math adds up in my estimation." he sighs and reaches up to pull the edges of the cloak more tightly about the snoozing archer behind him, "Loki." that word carries a lot of baggage with it.

Baldur is also not going to argue about the Pesedjet. "Who?" is what he asks. Which gods are trying to start a war between gods? "Loki." he repeats. Baggage indeed. "He convinced me to return to Asgard, looking for information he said he needed. To remove me from Midgard, I now assume. I will not run from a fight."

Hod nods his head, "He knew that, as would anyone who knew you. But you being here wasn't /helping/ anyone. You are strong, you are honorable, brave, kind, forgivging, merciful, but you are /not/ the god one wants on their side if one is waging a war of duplicity. Almost every time that is a benefit, not so now. Charging horses and shineing sunlight will not work against these foes. They live in Loki's realm, half truths and lies, tricks and mischief… and they live in mine. The shadows and the hidden places. When the battle comes, who else would we call but you? But before then? We must be certain we are fighting the right foe." he dances about the question artfully. Time among mortals has it's benefits.

"Do I look like Thor, brother?" Baldur asks with at least some exasperation evident in his tone. "I know the value of patience and making certain of the correct enemy. Now who do you and Loki believe is behind this? And why? What is your chain of reasoning?"

Hod grins widely at that, "How would I know?" he quips back at Baldur, turning his masked face to his brother so that he can once again see where the silk streches over the sunken pits where his eyes should be. "My time among the mortals has taught me more then a little, and my reputation," he snerks, "has opened doors that would be forever closed to you. Loki has made his way among similar locations and has his own magics I figure best left unasked about. There is also simple deduction involved, as the mortals say, who benefits?" he shrugs, "But none of this is adamantine. We need proof. Which is what we're working on."

"Our territories are very far apart." Baldur muses. "We have very little contact with each other. If I were to make a guess as to who would benefit from comflict between us, I would say the Olympians. They are between us so could gain ground if either of us weakens. Or, using a different chain of reasoning, since they are between us and the Pesedjet, they could be drawn into the war thus weakening all three of us. Which would allow a pantheon to the east to gain strength." He thinks a moment. "Did I not see the gods of the Americas as well? Another possibility is that it is one of the faith with only one god trying to weaken us all."

Hod nods his head, "We too suspected the Olympians early on, they remain a possibility, but honestly it's seeming less and less likely as we continue our investigation. The Americas…" he shrugs, "They have ever been our allies, more then most of the others they share many of our views, our cultural touchstones. Certainly there are differences, but on a whole we work well together, and while others may have suspected them I never have. I … I was with their people when they were pushed out. For a time anyway. I have seen their pain. If they were to wage a war it would not be against /us/ when they have other more squishy enemies that draw their quiet rage." he seems lost for a moment, sorrowful, and the smile has disappeared from his face.

Hod looks older then he should. Older then the other's who're all about their age. There's gray in his beard, not a lot! But a few strands, here or there, and the barest hint in his hair, a strand or two, a small spattering at his temples. The lines on his face are deep, carved there by wind and silence and life, most show up now when he grows faintly maudlin, though there are a few at the corners of his eyes too. He they were mortal he'd appear a full decade older then his brother, easily. Life on Midgard apparently takes a toll, even on the Aesir, "As for the monotheisms… who can say. Half of them are mad anyway. No. We have other more cunning enemies, tricky sorts with a perchant for this sort of action. But I feel they may have choosen their battle grounds poorly. Illusions and double crosses, weaving complex tales and supositions to ensnare your opponant… They could not have drawn Loki in more fully if they'd stolen his favorite horny helm."

"Who, brother?" Baldur's starting to sound impatient.

Hod pokes at the fire with his cane, "There it is." he says, the corner of his mouth chasing away the maudlin moment. "It's nice to know I can still rile you up a bit. I used to do it with silence, the mortals have done well to teach me the art of talking lots and saying nothing at all. They are /really/ good at it." another poke at the fire, "No one I can prove. Yet. But I will, and when I /do/, I promise you will be my first summons." then he sits up straight, "Wait. You have a point. You're not Thor. The Tuatha de' Danonn are our main suspects."

Baldur frowns and is silent as he thinks about that answer. "I can see why they would target us. To my knowledge, they have never had contact with the Pesedjet's people. It would make more sense for them to involve the Olympians, unless they are hoping they get involved from being between us. Is it simple revenge they seek?"

Hod shakes his head, "No one, and I mean NO ONE, wants a war that might drag Zeus against Odin." he points out. Of all the pantheons those two have the most power invested into a single patriarchal being, neither of which are known for being kind or conservative with their rage when driven to combat. "What good would that do? Destroy the world the Tuatha wish to gain ground in? No. I suspect they are hoping each side will lose enough face, enough warriors, that they will simply make a few potent steps forward. They are also patient, and cunning, but few of them could stand before you or the Three, Heimdall, Tyr, not to mention Thor or Father. But if they weakened us? They could gain ground, modest gains, but defendable ones. Then bide their time, and do it again." he shakes his head, "That's my thought anyway. I think Loki believes their motives are somewhat more grand, but then he would. Everything with him is grand."

Baldur nods slowly. "There is a certain sense to that. I shall think on it. Meanwhile, tell me what you have done since I saw you last."

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