2019-04-30 - Overly Hazardous Visits


Simmons visits Jenn to check her vitals.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Apr 30 03:35:50 2019
Location: Triskelion - Science Lab

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Not being stuck in one room any more made things a lot more tolerable. Sure, Jennifer still got weird looks in the hallways, and she's pretty sure one of the cafeteria ladies faked a coughing fit to go hide in the back, but being able to walk more was good. And they had a gym! …Not that the suit breathed very well. Something to bring up with Fitz next time she saw him. Currently, she's sprawled on her bed, now in slightly better fitting generic SHIELD sweats, flipping through what's available on the TV. Which turns out to not be a lot. Figures that the government only springs for basic cable…

Above the noise of the basic cable channels is the soft chime of what sounds like a door bell, as that is what it is. Then, through an intercom, the soft and polite voice of a woman with a British accent, "Miss Takeda, this is Agent Simmons. I am here to monitor your vitals to ensure that all is well and that the suit Agent Fitz assembled for you is properly maintaining your abilities. Do you mind if I come in?" While Jennifer may be in a containment room, it seems Simmons find that no reason to be rude as she is not a prisoner so much as someone to be helped.

"Oh! Uh…" Jen jumps a bit at the chime (Which she hadn't heard before, fucking asshole scientists.) "If you're brave enough, feel free. I'll try to keep the rads down. It seemed to work okay enough earlier." She shuts the TV off, standing up and awkwardly twisting one toe at the carpet. "I thought this ID bracelet thing monitored those too."

Jemma enters in a full hazmat suit. This one is not bright yellow, but white and has a SHIELD logo in dark blue on the chest. In her hands is a tablet that seems to have some sort of special case over it. Through the clear plastic front, Jennifer can see a woman who looks like she could be anywhere from just graduated college to multiple years out of school. It's hard to tell. Smiling, she reaches a hand forward to shake, allowing Jennifer to decide if she wishes to or not. If she's tentative about the radiation, it doesn't show. "Pleasure to meet you in person, Miss Takeda. I'm Jemma." Then, moving right into the science, she nods. "It does, however in cases of radiation, it's always best to also do check ups. When radiation fluctuates rapidly and unpredictibly, it can effect the monitors."

"…Ah." Yeah, Jen doesn't quite understand why exactly that happens, but she's not about to question the experts. She reaches out, gingerly shaking Jemma's hands. "Jennifer. Or Jen. Please tell me you're better with needles than whoever was driving the remote arm the past few days, though. …Assuming you're still making sure my blood kills lab rats."

Sensing the apprehension, Jemma smiles reassuringly. "Think of this as a check up. As you have quite an extreme ability set, we simply wish to make sure that everything is working as it should. Better than safe than sorry, they say!" Who says that? Perhaps it's a SHIELD motto. "Don't tell Fitz, but I certainly believe I am better than one of his remote arms." Then, she sets down the tablet on one of the tables and pulls out a small case with vials and a needle in it. "Have you been experiencing any differences or difficulties after being fitted to the suit? Anything that feels particularly better or worse?"

"Pretty sure he wasn't the one driving them. I could hear him yelling at the others through the window even with the intercom off. He's actually treated me like a person." Jen holds one arm out, biting her lip. "Everythinng's fine with the suit. Being able to get out of here and see the sun is nice. …Still feel like shit about what happened though… Why'd I have to get /these/ powers? WHy couldn't I get something cool like flying?" She mutters to herself under her breath, rolling her eyes.

"That was not a mark against Fitz," Jemma grins. "Merely that I believe that when it comes to drawing blood, a mechanical arm will never be as good as an actual person in the room doing the same thing." Pulling out the specialized needle, she takes Jen's arm and is very quick with the finding of a vein. Swabbing the proper place and sticks the needle in. There's a prick of pain and then the vial fills quickly with blood. After a few moments, she pulls the needle out, setting it in the case and covering up the injection site with a swab to collect any stray blood. Carefully placing the vial into the case as well, she plucks out a thick bandaid that has been decorated with smiley faces. Removing the swab, she replaces it with the bandaid.

"I'm glad you've finally gained some mobility. That must be quite freeing. Unfortunately, we're never asked about the things with which we are born. They simply manifest themselves. What happened wasn't your fault."

Jen lets out a brief hiss of pain as the needle slips in, gritting her teeth until it's out again. "…Is there a special bin of 'trash from the poison girl' somewhere? Nobody ever really said what I'm supposed to do with old clothes either, they just keep giving me new ones every couple of days. …And I just wish they'd tell me what's happening. Not keep me in the dark."

"Sorry," Jemma quickly apologizes. It's automatic, though sincere, something she is used to saying while drawing blood. "Actually, I haven't looked into it. We do have a specialized bin for your vials and swabs, however. You could give it a proper name if you'd like. Right now it's just called 'The Radioactive Bin'." The question about what is happening is met with a bit of a sympathetic look. "That is the rub when an agency like SHIELD is helping." She pauses. "What I do know is that we in the labs are attempting to figure out a way to stabilize either you or ensure the suit that Fitz has made is safe for the longterm. I'm not quite sure the timetable on that, unfortunately."

"Might want to stick some other hazard symbols on it too, from what I overheard." Jenn snorts, closing her eyes and leaning back against the wall. "Honestly… If you could get rid of these powers… I'd accept it in a heartbeat. I just want things to go back to normal. …But that seems less and less likely every day. Thanks for treating me like a normal person, at least."

"I'll be sure to make note of that. Perhaps we can call it the 'Overly Hazardous Bin' now." Jemma smiles and puts the swab in a small containment bag, puts that back in the case and then shuts the lid. Picking up her tablet, she taps it on through the hazard suit. "I am not sure it is possible to completely remove your powers, however I do believe we can find a way to help you work with them." Giving Jenn a smile, she adds, "You are a normal person, simply going through very extraordinary circumstances." In addition, she holds up the tablet. "If you wouldn't mind holding for just a moment, I will scan you with this."

Jen rolls her eyes at the suggestion she's normal, but snorts a bit. It's kinda funny. As is the 'overly hazardous bin'. "Sitting still's a lot easier than anything else people have asked for the last few days."

Holding the tablet up, she scans it over Jenn with a brief flick of her wrist upward and downward. The screen makes a few beeping noises and a whir and then it's silent again, perhaps processing. Tapping another button, she tucks it under her arm. "See? Relatively painless. Hopefully these will become less and less frequent as we figure out how best to maintain your stability. Is there anything I can get for you?"

"Well, the Scan was totally painless. As for the blood… Do I get a cookie? Or a milkshake?" Sitting back down on the edge of her bed, Jenn gives Jemma a bit of a smirk. "…Oh yeah. And tell Fitz that the inside of the suit gets kind of sweaty if I do any exercise. I tried it in the gym earlier. …But honestly, thanks for just being nice and nto acting like I"m a bomb."

"Hence the relative." Jemma's tone is light and she shakes her head. "I believe the usual gift is a lollipop, however I generally do not carry those with me. Next time. Do you have a preferable flavor?" The note about the suit is met with a nod and filed away for later - that's certainly helpful to know to add tweaks. Smiling, she nods. "You're welcome. If there's anything you need, be sure to ask. I'll be back around to check on you."

Jen bites her lip for a moment. "Uh… orange is good. And yeah, I'll add you to the list of people I can somewhat trust around here. …Any chance I could get my phone back either, or is it all classified stuff around here?"

"Orange it is, then." Jemma gathers the case and gives a warm look to Jenn when she's told that she is somewhat trusted. "I'm glad." The question about the phone, though, is met with a pause. "I'm not sure. I'll ask, however."

"I know. It's not really your job. …I'll see you again sometime?" Jen leans back against her pillow, giving Jemma a slightly hopeful look.

Now that her things are gathered, Jemma turns for the door. At the question, she turns back and nods. "Yes, you will. It was nice meeting you."

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