2019-04-30 - Demons & Valkyries


Dani joins Illyana playing soccer at Xavier's, which leands to after-game alcohol and some other Xers drop in.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Apr 30 01:14:41 2019
Location: Institute - Rear Grounds

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It's noon on a Monday at the Institute and Spring is still in the air with sub-60 degree temperatures. Most of the students are in classes and so the grounds are sparsely populated.

Baseball is something of an instituion at the school and gets a lot more love than the grassy field used for soccer that didn't even rate the room's description. Out on that field alone is a figure in shorts and T-shirt, long blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail and a soccer ball. Illyana's not exceptional at the game, but she's good. Mostly because the competetive streak that comes from the demonic influence wouldn't let her be anything but. It's at least clear she knows what she's doing, without anyone to play against from her ball control.

Those students that are around recognize the blonde, and the fact she's aged nearly seven years since last summer when she graduated just compounds the whispers that come because she tends to creep people out.

A clear voice shouts out, "Hey, want to do some practice?" Dani Moonstar, recent arrival to the school, is standing on the edge of the soccer field. She has a soccer ball as well, and she's wearing athletic shorts and a blue T-shirt with the school logo on the front. She gives Illyana a grin, while behind her a winged horse lazily grazes on some non-field grass, the steed looking rather relaxed.

Apparently the rumors of a valkyrie in the school were actually pretty close to the mark…

The voice pulls Illyana's attention over towards Dani. There's a sense of mild amused surprise on the blonde's expression. Most people don't *choose* to hang out anywhere near her. Illyana sets a foot on the ball to keep it in place as she looks Dani over, and then lets her gaze slide past the other woman to the horse beyond before re-settling on the Cheyenne. "Sure. I'm willing to bet you're more of a challenge than my current opponent." There's no real discernable accent to Illyana's words, unlike when her brother speaks and her tone has a dry, mocking manner to it that Dani's sure to quickly find out is sort of Illyana's default mode. Like there's some big joke and only she knows it.

Illyana nods at Brightwind over Dani's shoulder. "They didn't like it when I brought *my* pets to school." No one likes demons, Yana. Kicking the ball up, the blonde crosses the field over to Dani and offers her hand. "Illyana."

Dani grins and shakes Yana's hand firmly, but in a friendly manner. "Dani. Glad to meet you Illyana." She chuckles, "Yeah, Brightwind is pretty popular… I think the Professor is going to try and use him as a recruiting mascot. 'Come to the Institute for free flying horse rides.'"

She smiles over at Illyana a bit more widely then, "Though, Asgard doesn't really do much soccer, but I did play a fair amount before I left. That's a bit of a long story… though not quite as long as yours, I'm thinking." She has heard the scuttlebutt about Illyana because it's impossible not too, but she also has the air of having heard it, and not really caring too much about it either way.

Illyana Rasputina's cold, pale blue eyes glitter with amusement as Dani says she's glad to meet the demon sorceress. Because so few are. "Asgardian valkyrie, eh?" The blonde has some passing knowledge of Asgard, both from Belasco's library and the fact they're so active in New York these days. "So you a mutant that ended up as a Chooser of the Slain or a Chooser of the Slain that ended up a mutant?" Because either would be a bit odd.

One thing Illyana *isn't* living up to at the moment is the reputation her usual manner of dress gets her, which is everything from heavy metal reject to goth dominatrix. At the moment she's almost eerily normal, without even the pentagram and skull themed jewelry. "We live in interesting times." The blonde notes in that dry manner of their stories.

Illyana offers the ball over to Dani. "You want to start?"

Dani grins, "Sure." She takes the ball, bouncing it a bit experimentally as she backs up a bit, giving herself some space as she works into a rhythm, then smiles at Illyana cheerfully.

"Actually, the former. Was growing up in Colorado with my grandfather when my powers kicked in. Then the Academy came for me, and to keep me safe, my grandfather sent me to a safe place. Which, well, was Asgard." She laughs, "Not sure that's what I consider safe, but compared to becoming a slave, being a Valkyrie was pretty awesome." She feints a bit, seeing if Yana bites on the fake, then says, "But yeah, saved Brightwind over there, and we bonded, so by Asgardian Law… I'm a Valkyrie. So I guess that's early job security." With that, she tries to go the other way on Yana, especially if Yana bit on the fake.

Soccer was the favorite game of Illyana's particular class at Xavier's, and so she's spent long enough playing the game to treat it as such, despite her tendency towards competition. Her early days at Xavier's weren't great. People weren't real keen when Illyana's idea of proper retaliation for being touched without permission was a broken arm. They had to get out the book of rules for soccer, so her demonic sense of adhering to the letter could be leveraged to keep her from biting her opponents. Or worse.

So the blonde gives Dani space without too much of an issue, falling for the feint and narrowing her eyes consideringly as she chases after the Cheyenne. "I didn't think you looked much like an Asgardian." Illyana admits. But like people on Earth, Asgardians can occasionally run the gamut. "How'd your grandfather know the Asgardians? This was before they set up shop on Earth, right?"

Dani grins and runs from Illyana, but not too fast. Mainly because she's still talking, "… well, I'm not entirely sure. He knew of the spirits of my people, Coyote and Raven and Thunderbird and the rest, but I don't know how he knew to send me there. Maybe Raven had some chats with Odin, which wouldn't surprise me."

"Original plan was to have me enroll that next year, I think. Grandpa knew the Prof already, but I hadn't manifested powers until just then. Then well, the raid happened and I was wooshed away." Speaking of wooshing, Dani suddenly moves to kick the ball towards the goal, now that it's close enough…

"Raven would likely overlap a bit. I can see that." Illyana acknowledges absently, her attention on the ball as she works on intercepting Dani and taking occasional swipes to steal the ball. Now that Dani mentions the god, it clicks. The sorceress has way too much occult knowledge shoved in her head. Sometimes it takes some work to make the connections.

"So how long were you there? And what prompted you to come back? Looks like you had a home there." That question isn't just an idle one. Illyana recently made a similar decision.

Illyana lunges for the ball, but it sails by her and she's left to watch Dani score the goal. Before the ball hits the ground, a stepping disk opens to swallow the ball while another one opens above Illyana and it drops down into her waiting hands. "Not bad." Moving back to the center of the field, Illyana drops the ball down and gives Dani a grin that shows too much teeth to be anything other than predatory. "My turn."

Dani hmms, then grins, "Nice trick with the disk, very cool." She sounds genuine about that as she focuses on defense, keeping her eyes on the ball and Yana's feet instead of that predatory grin. Not that she seems to mind it, or even be put off by it. It just is.

"So yeah, I was there five years. Mostly working the other Realms and not doing too much with Midg… er, Earth. But not too longer ago I had something to do here, and I ran across…" She pauses, "My parents, I thought there were killed by a Demon Bear. But it possessed them instead. With some help, I was able to undo that, and well… I wanted to be back home." Because as much as she loves Asgard, this is her home.

Illyana Rasputina runs the ball forward, neat footwork ducking it out of the way of Dani's attempts at it. There's a frown of concentration on her face, but she's not giving it the full of her attention. It lets her burn some restless energy in a way that doesn't involve killing things but the conversation is more interesting. "That's my mutant ability. I'm classified as a teleporter even if technically I suppose I'm not. I open portals to and from a splinter realm. Effect ends up being the same even if I don't go directly from point A to point B."

Pale blue eyes glance up at the mention of this Demon Bear. "Possession is nasty business." She notes, like she's familiar with it. "Sometimes it doesn't feel like home anymore… But this is where the people you love are, eh?" She's speaking for herself, but it sounds like Dani's similar.

"So what's your mutant power?" Illyana asks, working the ball backwards along the field and working on keeping it from Dani more than going for the goal. Because Dani's gotta have one if she's here, right?

Dani nods, "Yeah, once my parents were freed… well, they decided it was best I learned how to use my powers, since mutant abilities aren't exactly something Asgard is used to." She chuckles, keeping pace with Illyana but focusing more on the conversation than the soccer.

"So yeah, my power is I can communicate with animals, like telepathy, but just animals. It's how I bonded with Brightwind right away. Sometimes it works on people with a strong animal connection too, like Rahne." She smiles a little at the thought of the redhead, then hmms, "Also, I can use my psychic powers to manifest someone's fears and make them real, or paralyze them, but that's… pretty draining."

"Yeah, I think Asgard has stayed pretty static for hundreds of years. I don't think they have anything like mutants. It's all magic and mythological creatures." Illyana muses, charging forward a bit then moving to the side at a much more sedate pace than were this a real game.

The mention of Rahne gets a chuckle from Illyana. "I need to drop in on the little wolf. See if she's still so jumpy." Jumpy around Illyana, at any rate. "How'd she take the telepathy-ish bit? She was alwas a bit bristly about… well, everything, really." The sorceress doesn't sound particularly fond of the wolf, but she's not dismissive either. She'd have Rahne's back, they just were never particularly chummy.

When Dani mentions manifesting someone's fears, Illyana actually puts her foot on top of the ball and stops. Her attention moves fully up to Dani. "Never do that to me." She warns, not in a threatening way but definitely a warning. "I don't have fears like other people. And if you manage to make me freak out…" The chill of those pale blue eyes goes positively glacial. "It would be bad."

Dani smiles slightly, "Oh, we bonded right away, it was… a little disconcerting, honestly. I mean, it just felt like we knew each for like, ever. Kinda strange, though I hadn't really seen her much since the initial meeting."

Though at Yana's response to her other power, Dani raises her hands, "Hey, I would never do that to you, or really anyone else, unless it's a desperate thing, okay. Definitely not something I do for fun, you know?" She gives Yana a look, "Really."

Illyana Rasputina gives Dani a slow nod. "I don't know you yet, and sometimes… well, once you've been here long enough you'll learn that things can go sideways all of a sudden and wierd shit happens." She blows out a long breath through her nose. "I grew up in a hell realm. Literally. If anyone should believe me without seeing it, I figure you will. It's a warning, not an accusation that you'll do it." Illyana's self-control is very, very important to her. It's what keeps her from giving in to the devils on her shoulders. No angels for this girl. What passes for one is a giant knight in shining organic steel armor.

Dani nods, "I understand. And yeah, I'm used to things going sideways but…" She hmms, looking at Illyana with a slightly sad expression, "That just sucks to hear that. I think that's what might have happened to me, if the Demon Bear had its way when it first attacked my parents. Really felt like it was meant for me." Of course, now she's pretty much distracted enough Yana could just pass her by for an easy goal, if she wanted to.

Some things are more important than scoring. And it's not like there'd really be a 'winner'.

"Can confirm: it sucks. 0/10, would not choose to be kidnapped again." Illyana notes in that sarcastic manner of hers. Deciding that they sort of derailed the casual conversation over soccer, she kicks the ball up into her hands and then tucks it under one arm. "Being from Asgard, at least recently, I'm sure you drink. I'm also fairly sure my brother has some vodka squirreled away in his room." It's an offer, even if there's no question involved.

Dani grins, and says with mock-seriousness, "As someone who has Asgardian citizenship, our drinking age is definitely not twenty-one." She winks at Illyana then, "Lead on, and… wait, is your brother Piotr? Tall, dark, handsome, brooding over Kitty?" Hey, just because she doesn't spread rumors doesn't mean she misses what's happening right in front of her eyes.

Illyana Rasputina chuckles and turns towards the mansion in general, and the staff wing in particular. "That'd be him. We look so much alike, right? Though it looks like he and Kitty have resolved things, so now they're isufferably lovey-dovey instead of each walking around with a raincloud over their heads. She had a crush on him back when she was jailbait and when she told him she wanted to be with him he said no and then she was convinced he didn't care about her and he was trying to be all self-sacrificing so that she'd get a chance to grow up, yada yada yada."

The blonde gives a one-shouldered shrug. "It sucked to see them miserable, and now they make my teeth ache a bit, but I'll take it. Kitty was my roommate and best friend when we were both in school here." Just as Cat had been Illyana's best friend in Limbo, not that she's brought that up to anyone. She tends to keep the details of her time in Limbo pretty sparse.

Dani nods, and chuckles, "Geez, you make it sound like a soap opera here… should I be worried?" She grins, "I mean, it was pretty simple living with the Valkyries. You saw someone you liked, you asked them out, case closed. Didn't really matter who, as long as you both were willing about it. But here it's definitely more… complicated." She follows along with Yana, looking around as the blonde leads the way down the staff wing.

Brightwind? He's actually still by the soccer field. When he wants to go back to the stables he will, as he's definitely smarter than the average horse. Or tax collector.

Illyana Rasputina gives a low chuckle and a slow nod. "Actually… soap opera would probably not be too far off the mark." She admits. "I graduated last year, and got stuck back in my hell realm until earlier this year. Less than a year here, years for me. Anyway. Since I'm not a student anymore, I needed a place to stay and hit up one of my old classmates who has the room and is used to putting up with my… quirks." She glances over to Dani as she elaborates. "Spend most of your life growing up with demons, you develop some habits." That might be putting it a bit mildly.

"Anyhow. Instantly the Xavier rumormill gets started that we're dating. Maybe folks are just looking for a bit of the normal amidst all the crazy, y'know?" Illyana pushes the door open and they make their ways through the hallowed halls of the Institute. It's lunchtime, and the halls are a bit more populated now. The blonde gets some glances from some of the students and there's some whispering in her wake, but what might be more interesting is the way people tend to give her a wide berth even if they don't look her way. They just naturally give ground and move around her.

Dani nods, "So not dating at all? Good to know." Why that is, she doesn't exactly say, but she just takes advantage of the wide berth the other students give Yana to trail right along beside her. "Haven't really been doing that myself, still getting used to how different it works down here on Midg… Earth." She chuckles dryly, "Sometimes it just seems way to complicated."

Illyana Rasputina gives Dani a look that is a mix of pained and 'right??'. "If anyone tells you that I'm dating someone, they're likely just rumormongering. No matter how much I watch TV and movies and just people in general, I don't get it. I've seen some stuff that there's like a chemical reaction that initiates the whole romantic obsession. Maybe I just don't have it because of my time in Limbo." That's not anything she's really talked to anyone with about at length, though she's brought it up to Doug. She must figure she's found someone who might understand her.

The sorceress pauses then, turning to look at Dani with a slightly furrowed brow and a thoughtful frown. Her pale eyes search Dani's face for a long moment before she shakes her head and, without saying what that was about, continues on and up the stairs to the staff wing.

Dani snickers, "Yeah, well, I'm not saying I haven't dated, but I don't think I've really done anything like that since coming back. Still just too diff…" She pauses, catching the look Yana gives her, then she follows Illyana up the stairs, losing her train of thought but now a little more curious about that glance.

They continue on in silence, and when they get to Piotr's room Illyana opens a portal in front of the door and walks through it and returns a bit later with a bottle of vodka. Locks rarely keep the blonde out of anywhere she wants to go. Heading to the kitchen she gets down a pair of tumblers and pours a measure of the clear liquid out for both of them.

"I don't usually talk about stuff like that." Illyana says, finally breaking the silence. Glancing up to Dani, she adds: "Especially with people I don't know." And of course being in a house with an easy half-dozen telepaths or more, one can't help but wonder if they're being influenced.

Dani smiles, "Well, unless you get turned into a newt, I can't get into your head that way." She raises the glass, and tilts her head at Illyana, clinking her glass on Yana's, "To the beginning of a good friendship. Especially if vodka is involved." With that, she takes a good shot from the tumbler, then sets down the glass with a satisfied expression. "Definitely tell Piotr he's got good taste in vodka."

Remy had established himself in the Lake house over the weekend, having snagged one of the rooms previously designated for Guests, he'd moved a bunch of new furniture into it and was now? Well, now he's coming back to the main building to get some items he left here-in.

He steps into the kitchen while the other two already there are enjoy some fine Russian water. Dressed in a dark red teeshirt, some distressed jeans and a pair of black scuffed-up boots, LeBeau walks through the room, humming a tune very lightly beneath his breath as he goes, one hand coming up to swipe the long hairs out of his face.

On his way to the fridge, he spies the ladies and instantly offers them both a grin. "Some body up'ta an early start on the evenin', so it seems." He says with no small amount of amusement in his voice.

Illyana Rasputina gives a small, slightly hesitant nod. "Yeah. I figured. Just odd." Like she's know the other woman longer than she has. Unlike Kitty, Illyana hadn't met another version of Dani that had been trapped in Limbo to have that sense of familiarity.

"Za vstrechu." Illyana says as they clink glasses, the blonde knocking back a good swallow as well. The comment about the quality of the vodka gets a chuckle. "I'd hope so. We're Russian!"

When Remy strolls in Illyana gives the red-eyed man a nod, and her chuckle grows into a smirk. "It's after noon." She says defensively. Barely.

For a change the blonde isn't in her heavy metal reject attire, wearing shorts and a T-shirt along with athletic shoes on her feet. There's a soccer ball on the counter as well. Illyana nods over to her new drinking buddy. "You meet Dani yet?"

Dani grins, wearing an Institute T-shirt and black short shorts, along with white sneakers. "Hey, you're Russian, I'm Asgardian by way of Colorado. Their idea of a morning refresher is coffee and whiskey, minus the coffee." But she doesn't exactly clarify whether Asgard or Colorado is that way.

She smirks a bit, then looks over at Remy. "Dani Moonstar, just got here a few weeks ago. For some reason Asgard doesn't have an accredited high school, so I needed to come here to get my GED. Oh, and learn more about my mutant powers." With that, she extends a friendly hand to Remy.

Remy steps up to the fridge then and pops the door open. He starts to grab a few plastic grocery bags out of it via their little (far too easily breakable) handles, stacking them up on forearms and wrists. He then hooks a finger beneath a six pack of some fine bottles of brew, then closes the door once more.

Those red eyes of his drift back over to the two at the table and he gives a grin again to Illyana. "You lookin' nice t'day, like a Nike commercial or some such." He quips light heartedly before he steps toward the table that they are at and he returns Dani's offered hand to offer his own in a light shake. "Asgard, huh?" He asks then. "Not much up on my Asgard history. That the same place He-Man is from, no?"

Remy then slips over to the island counter and sets the bags down there so he can root through them for a moment. "You two look like you just got done doin' some gym type workouts? Or gettin' ready t'go do such?"

Illyana Rasputina gives a soft huff of amusement, her tone dry as she remarks to him, "You're always on me about my clothes, cajun. We were out playing some soccer and all sports should be followed up with alcohol." Which was *not* something she did as a student, sadly.

The sorceress watches as Remy works on collecting stuff up from the 'fridge. "You gonna want a lift to your new digs?" She asks, her mocking sort of amusement watching the balancing act he's got going on.

Over to Dani, Illyana notes, "Remy was the one informing me of the soap opera nature of the school earlier, and that folks are pairing off like they need a partner to get in Noah's ark."

Dani chuckles at Illyana, "Well, okay then." She glances over at Remy, and smirks, "Well, I guess that explains the She-Ra comments then, even though I'm not blonde. Do have the winged horse, though hopefully he hasn't devoured the whole soccer field by now."

She pauses, then adds, "Though a lot of the guys there do have the He-Man look. Like the crown prince, for instance. Mrowr." She then laughs a little, a hint of a blush touching her cheeks.

Remy pops a carrot out of one of the bags and he turns around to lean back against the counter, with one arm cross over over his slim waist while the other holds the carrot (completely with dangly green leafy bits hanging from its end) up to take a bite out of it like Bugs Bunny. First he looks to Illyana and after crunching on carrot bits he shakes his head at her. "I known Russian in my day who'd suck down a whole bottle'a Russian water then go out and play all kinds of sports. I knew one in particular, Sabby we called him, he was a bull fighter no less. Drunk as a skunk bull fighter. That was quite the sight to see." He grins quite big after that before he sweeps his gaze back onto Dani.

He points the chewed upon carrot at her for a second. "Winged horses and Prince's with funny names. I like you already, jeune Dani." The Cajun tells her, before taking another bite of the carrot with the dangly leafy bits.

"I gonna throw a party at the Lake house sometime soon, this weekend mayhaps. You both invited." He smiles at them collectively now. "This a big honor, it is okay to show pride in that fact."

Illyana Rasputina leans in towards Dani a bit. "Don't mind him. I'm pretty sure he's been hit one too many times in the head." Her tone is dry, but the smirk might take the sting out of her words. Her comment is followed by a short bark of laughter as Dani starts to blush beneath that coppery skin. "Someone has a crush, huh?" Her pale blue eyes glitter a bit and there's that predatory smile again that just promises that Illyana is going to find a way to tease Dani about this later.

The blonde shakes her head at Remy, "Like I need to be *invited* anywhere." She just shows up if she wants to! Though she likes Remy. She might exercise some of those manners that Xavier's has tried so hard to teach her.

Illyana and Dani are dressed in shorts and T-shirts, a soccer ball over on the counter. The blonde is looking very unlike herself as nothing she's wearing at the moment is black. The trio are in the kitchen over by the staff rooms with some vodka on the table that the ladies are drinking, while Remy is doing an impersonation of Bugs Bunny.

Dani sticks her tongue out at Illyana, "Oh, like the entire Realm doesn't have a crush on Thor anyway. Not exactly news, but hey, I'm the most junior Valkyrie and he's a literal God. Saw him in action the other day and… well, damn." She chuckles, then looks over at Remy, grinning a bit, "And sure, why not. I need to meet more people here since I've been busy with classes and everything." With that, she takes another drink of the glass of vodka.


The tell-tale sound of a straw running dry heralds the entrance of Rachel. She still wore the leathers she had come to this time in, but due to the weather leather jacket was off leaving her in the leather pants and a white tanktop. The jacket is hung over her shoulder, held on by god-knows-what-means, as she focuses her attention on the Slurpee she was currently imbibing in. Is it a good idea for a telepath to have brainfreeze? Let's find out!

Rachel's eyebrows lift a bit at the sight of the trio here as she wasn't familiar with half the faces at this place yet. The Slurpee is lowered to give a tip of it toward everyone with a simple greeting of, "Yo."

Whilst the other two lovely ladies speak, Remy takes another bite of his carrot and he just continues to grin, lightly but still visible. He centers his stare onto Magik. "So that how it is then, huh? You above invitations an' such? Usin' them portaly holes'a yours t'just go places ya wanna go, t'hell with the rules and the establishment?" He slow nods to his own words there. "Guess that matches your usual attire, no? Maybe not what you wearin' right now, but still! I can respect that. I been known t'go a few places I wasn't supposed t'be."

As he drifts his gaze to Dani then he has to nod to what she says of Thor. "He an attractive man. I see why his people like him, to be sure. It like if Fabio actually had skills beyond picture posin', yah? It rare for a guy t'be pretty, and useful too. Like me, for instance." And there's the grin again as he takes another bite of his carrot. He coughs just a little then and averts his eyes down to it. "This thing kinda taste like dirt…" He mumbles under his breath. "Maybe shoulda washed it first."

the slurpy sounds gets Remy's eyes to look over to the girl in the white tank who strides in. He smiles to her and raises his half eaten dirt tastin' carrot up to his forehead to salute to her with it. "Bonjour %<224> vous." He greets the young one.

"From what I recall, Remy's parties are supposed to be… explosive." Ba-dum-tish. Illyana smirks over at the Cajun, snorting softly in amusement as he toots his own horn. But, that's kind of to be expected of him so she lets it go.

The demon sorceress shrugs a bit as Remy observes she goes where she pleases. "If someone doesn't want me there, then they'd best be able to keep me out or be able to remove me. Otherwise, yeah. I tend to go where I please." She gives Remy a toothy grin.

The banter is sidelined a bit at the new (to Illyana) face, and the blonde tips a nod Rachel's way. She looks at the other two, knowing Remy's recently back and Dani's recently arrived. "I don't know her, I can't do this intro." She notes.

Dani grins at Illyana, "Well, I could just give her our names." She looks back towards Rachel, waving at her, "Hey, I'm Dani, and this is Illyana. Nice to see a new face that isn't going to explode the mansion. I mean, I've only been here a few months but apparently that's a whole thing."

She pauses, then narrows her eyes at Rachel in mock-suspicion, "Wait. You aren't here to blow up the mansion… are you?" Then she grins again, looking curiously at Rachel as she waits for a return introduction.

"As much as Scott thinks that's why I'm here, no, no I don't intend to blow anything up. Not yet anyway. I'm not ruling out any unforseen circumstances like invaders, or cockroaches." A grin is cracked and the redhead moves closer to the others to lean against the kitchen counter with her hip. "I'm Rachel. Recently arrived, yadda. Nice to meet you both." An eyebrow rises again turning a glance toward the cajun that had first greeted her with a grin. "You too. Always nice to have some eye candy around."

Remy's red eyed stare goes from one lovely lady to the next, to finally settle on Rachel. He flashes her a grin as well. "This candy, won't give ya the diabeetus either. So… bonus?" The Cajun then simply tosses the half eaten carrot up into the air where it pops to life with a bright and shining purpley pink light and then crackles as it starts to disappear, all gone and lost forever within a second of time.

"And with that said…" Remy moves to gather his stuff back up, the three grocery bags in one hand and the six pack of alcoholic delights in the other. "I be retreatin' back t'my new place."

He smiles to the two at the table in the sporting clothes. "Try not t'get too shnockered on Petey's supply. Not when I'm too busy to participate, yah?" He's on his way past the girl in the leather pants then and he flashes her another grin. "Watch out for the brain freezes, they an unforgivin' kinda thing." He'll make for the doorway then, back to humming that tune that he'd originally had on his mind.

Illyana Rasputina shakes her head at Dani. "You make things too easy. I found this WAND agent and had him guessing after my name for *weeks*. It was great." Rachel gets a nod from the blonde as she's introduced, followed by a slight bobble of her head that ends in a nod when the Cheyenne mentions the propensity of the mansion to get blown up.

Rachel's remark about Scott gets a chuckle from Illyana. "Oooo, are you annoying Mr. Stick-Up-His-Butt already?" She admittedly hasn't run into Scott lately, but the idea that he could have changed over less than a year? Inconcieveable! Illyana follows that up by tsk'ing Rachel lightly. "Don't. You'll give the Cajun a swelled head and he'll be miserable to be around." That's said with a hint of affection though and as Remy makes his exit, she gives him a wave before reaching over for the vodka to top off Dani and her drink before holding it up in an offer to Rachel and a quirked brow. Rachel will have to get her own glass, though.

Dani grins, "Well, I'm just glad I was able to get them to renovate the stables for Brightwind." She nods over at Rachel, looking at her curiously, "You seem kinda familiar, but I'm sure I haven't seen you here before. I mean, I'd remember someone like you." A slight grin, as she nods over at Illyana, "And thanks for the top."

Rachel Summers watches after the retreating Cajun with a little lingering look at his … bags. Yeah. Her gaze tears away to look back to the other two with a helpless little shrug at being chastized. "Never hurts to give compliments now and then. And… You could say I'm annoying Scott, yeah." An amused look creeps over her when Illyana offers the vodka. She reaches for the bottle, fingers wiggling, only to take hold of it with a little telekinesis to bring it closer. No over-stretching here. A good bit is poured straight into her Slurpee cup which is just fine with her before the bottle is offered back. "Thanks."

A small sip is taken when Dani mentions looking familiar. "Uh. People keep telling me I look like my folks. I don't see it. Mom's all prissy and dad's a huge stick in the mud."

"I think it's a bad idea to piss off a huge flying horse, so it's good that they made him a space he likes." Illyana replies over to Dani. When the Cheyenne mentions Rachel looks familiar, Illyana peers over at Rachel as well. Her head tilts to the side a bit before she shakes her head. "I don't know many people old enough to be your folks." She admits.

"Ah. Teek." Illyana notes as Rachel pulls the vodka over with the power of her brainz. "Teep too? Those two always tend to show up together for whatever reason."

Hearing some noises from the kitchen, Cessily peeks her head around the corner and walks in, wearing an 'Ein' t-shirt, a pair of comfortable shorts, and flip-flops. The rest of her is as brightly silver as ever. Except her hair. That's still a brilliant red, and in her traditional pony tail.

She lifts her hand, wiggles fingers, "Hey," she calls brightly. "Anything fun going on?" She smiles towards Dani and Illyana whom she knows more, but includes the 'new girl' Rachel, whom she's heard about, and probably saw in passing or something too.

Dani grins at Rachel, "Oh, well, isn't what all kids say about their parents though?" She hmms, then brightens up a bit more as Cessily comes in, "Hey you! How's it going?" She grins cheerfully, and does occasionally sneak a look back at Rachel now and again.

*Very much so. Though I try not to intrude on people without permission.*

The response is thought aloud yet not directly into their minds. It was as if she were speaking through some sort of mental telegraph. It was loud enough to be heard easily without the need to invade their brains. Which is a handy trick as Rachel was currently tipping back her vodka-slurpee to take a nice gulp of it. "Ah… that does sting a bit," she mutters, clucking her tongue up to the roof of her mouth to try and ease the surge of brainfreeze it causes. A shrug is given in response to the pair inquiring about her parents, and her resemblance to others.

"Who do you think I look like?" It was a risky thing that, and she grins a bit. No sense in not having just a bit of fun. When Cessilly enters she smiles broadly to her fellow redhead. "Hey there. Just some chatting and introducing myself around some. I'm Rachel."

Illyana Rasputina doesn't have the freak-out or any signs of the trepidation that a lot of folks have around telepaths. That's because most of the telepaths she's met haven't been able to read her thoughts, so she's never developed the paranoia that some do. She looks over to Dani and shrugs. "See? They almost always show up together."

As Cessily joins them, Illyana gives the silvergirl a nod. Having gone to school together, the fact that Illyana can wear something other than heavy metal chic isn't likely to be odd to Cess. The fact that the teleporting sorceress seems to have aged the better part of a decade since graduation, that might be of more note.

Cessily peeeeers at Illyana for a long moment, makes an odd face, but decides it's probably a question one shouldn't ask in a public venue. "It's good to see you, 'Yana," she says warmly instead, though her gaze lingers just a little longer before moving to Rachel.

"Hi! I'm Cessily. It's really good to meet you," she says, cheerfully, before asking, "Have you gotten Dani to introduce you to Brightwind yet? Coolest. Horse. Ever."

Dani grins at Rachel, "Yeah, even if he does have an insatiable appetite for White Castle sliders. I swear he just does it to get attention at their drive thru." She shrugs a bit, and gives Cessily a look as she raises her glass of vodka to her, "Fortunately, the drinking age in Asgard is… hmmm, not quite when you're able to walk, but pretty close."

"What's White Castle?" Rachel asks looking pretty clueless about it. It's shrugged off though as she looks back to Cessily with a grin. "Nope, I just got here a bit ago. Been having some… issues fitting in. Mostly due to certain people thinking I'm a spy or something. I'm not," she assures. Of course her earlier remarks might make Dani and Illyana realize she was speaking of Scott. Another sip of her vodka-ed up slurpee is taken with a grin.

"Eh, I'm old enough by old standards, but also by 'who gives a shit' standards."

"It's a fast food place. Though 'food'… eh. That's a bit of a stretch." Illyana would certainly know Bad Food. Limbo's full of it.

When Rachel says someone thinks she's a spy, Illyana just frowns over at Rachel. "Maybe whoever thinks that forgot the rather rigorous intake process the school has. The propaganda may say it's for 'gifted' students, but that is *not* the most defining criteria. Gotta pass the security clearance."

The sorceress grins over at Cessily and sing-songs her way, "You're too you-ng." Because Illyana likes to torture people. Just a bit.

Cessily looks back to Illyana, frowning as the sorceresses words kind of hit a particular poignant point that is often echoed in her mind. The torturing - just a bit even - seems to have worked, and she looks flustered, for a moment, before she decides to sidetrack it back to Rachel's point.

"Illyana's right, they wouldn't have let you in if you weren't legit. I wouldn't worry about it. Some people can get paranoid here, and they forget that it's important to trust, too. I mean. We -are- here to protect people. And if we want to go around and pointing and saying everyone's a spy, then that's just silly."

She leans against the counter, crosses her arms, and when she thinks Illyana isn't looking at her, sticks out her tongue at Illyana. Mostly in good fun.

Dani, however, does give Yana a bit of a look as she teases Cessily, frowning just a little, "Hey, stop that." She then looks at Cessily, "You know what, tonight you're an honorary Asgardian citizen as far as I'm concerned." With that, she sticks her tongue out at Yana, then grins over at Rachel.

"But yeah, White Castle is… an experience. We should go sometime, as a group outing. And my horse loves them. Flying down to the city is always a fun experience. Though… well, maybe your disks would be better, Illyana."

Rachel Summers draws the straw out of her drink only to stab it in a couple more times mixing up the slush. "It's… it's complicated. I shouldn't have mentioned that. It just annoys me. He's so damn *stubborn* like all the time." A tired sigh is exhaled, and her head shakes rather firmly. No, best not to get on that topic. Besides there were so many more interesting things going on. The reassurance from the others earns a thankful smile though. "Thanks."

Her gaze slides over Cessily a moment or two before shrugging. "How young can she be? She looks about the same age as us. Or maybe it's hard to tell with her skin. Looks awesome by the way. Can you change the color or is it on perma-silver?" As she waits for an answer, she looks over to Dani with a bemused smirk as well. "Why thank you," she responds to some unspoken compliment. "But I prefer to hang up my jacket rather than leave it on a bedroom floor."

Illyana Rasputina doesn't look at all contrite as Dani chastises her. There's a reason that while some other students Illyana went to school with don't mind her, a fair number *do*. The apparent amusement, if not pleasure, the blonde takes in the occasional jab isn't appreciated by some. Others are just gluttons for punishment.

"Well, we graduated last year so depending on when her birthday is, 18 or 19 and drinking age is 21 in the US." Not that Illyana has ever much cared to follow rules that no one can enforce on her.

As Rachel obviously replies to something unsaid, Illyana looks between the former Hound and the Valkyrie, lifting her glass so she can raise a finger and waggle it at the pair of them. "Now, now. That's just rude. All on the table or all behind closed doors."

"Mercury, actually," Cessily answers Rachel. And, she demonstrates by reaching her hand up and forming her hand into a spiked mace, and then a sword, before it reforms back into a hand. "And I'm eighteen, yes. I just -," she pauses, and then speaks aloud why Illyana's jab got to her so much. "Don't know if I am going to get any older, since I don't have organs anymore. Or blood. Or anything."

Silver eyes flit between the girls, and she sighs, moving to sit down in a chair. Her lips twist, thoughtfully. "Anyways."

Dani's eyes go a bit wide at Rachel's revelation, and which point she grins crookedly, "Well, I was just thinking it, apparently a bit too loudly. But you know, my room here has a very nice set of coat hooks." With that, she winks at Rachel, giving her a sly look before glancing over at Illyana.

"All on the table? Wait, is phrasing not a thing in Midgard? I keep forgetting." She chuckles a bit, then shrugs, looking at Rachel wryly, "Besides, you're the one in that smoking outfit, I don't think I'm the only one that's been thinking that around you."

Then she looks over at Cessily, losing the flirtatious air as she definintely has a concerned look for the silver girl, "Well, you got a lot, and frankly you're gorgeous. Even if you don't have organs or blood, you're definitely something." She doesn't say it in a flirty way, but just a statement of fact.

"Let me tell you something," Rachel begins toward Cessily… Only to pause and hold up a finger toward Dani. "Behave." Still looking amused but more concerned for the younger mutant, she reaches out without concern for touching mercury to pat her arm. If need be she could protect herself from any poisonous side effects. "Even if your body doesn't age, your mind will. If you ever want to look older you can practice altering your appearance since it's fluid… but really, you're a bit young as it is to be worrying about it. Other than in the 'am I ever going to be old enough to drink' manner, which the answer to is 'yes of course.'"

Cessily seems mollified, if nothing else, with the support of Dani and Rachel. For now. But, largely because most of her issues she's already dealt with early on at her time at Xaviers. She smiles, genuinely, offers them both, "Thanks. It's just something that keeps me awake at night, sometimes, you know?"

She adds sidelong to Rachel, "Dani doesn't ever behave. I suppose that's part of the reason I like her so much," she says with a faint laugh. She adds, "I've tried. I mean, to change myself. This. Maybe I'll be able to when I learn more about my powers. It happens, sometimes. I'm not going to stress about it too much, now."

Curious, though. There are no poisonous side effects. Oragnic mercury. Non-toxic. And, Cessily's so used to most people knowing that she doesn't even bother to share the information. "You're pretty cool," she tells Rachel.

Dani grins at Rachel, "You did start it, you know." She then looks over at Cessily and chuckles, "Hey, don't rat me out. I mean, she is a telepath, but I do have a pretty strong will, despite what appearances might indicate."

She then reaches out and touches Cessily's arm, "Hey, you know what? You're an awesome person, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Even yourself. Come to think of it, especially yourself."

Rachel Summers blows out a puff of air knocking her hair out of her face in the process at Dani's retort. "Yes, but this isn't the time." There was a time? Eh. Who knew. Cessily's remark earns a chuckle. "Thanks, I try. Seriously though…" Lifting a hand she points again at Dani, but this time to say, "Listen to her. If that's the worst thing keeping you up at night, you've got a lot going for you. Just let yourself relax. Enjoy things while you can. And other things old folks say."

Cessily laughs again, a little. She gives Dani a quick hug, and Rachel gets a warm smile. "Got it," she says earnestly. At least for Cessily, though, it's a bit harder when you're made of mercury. Still, the talk has her back and upbeat after Illyana's little barbed comment, which is quickly enough forgotten.

"We should totally take you shopping," Cessily tells Rachel, then. "There's a big sale at Bloomingdales this weekend. I mean, if you want to. I want to go into town anyways and look in on the Freeman's."

Some people in the mansion may know. The Freeman's are a family staying in one of the X-Men's safehouses in the city, presently. Their 5 year old boy was 'marked' by some of the strange tattoo folk attacking around the city and kidnapping children.

Dani nods, "I definitely need to get some new clothes. Anya was mocking my shorts the other day because they had pockets." She wrinkles her nose, "It's not my fault that Midgard fashion has no pockets! I need somewhere to put my stuff." She returns Cess's hug, then grins wryly at Rachel, not saying anything, but probably thinking something to her.

Illyana Rasputina has been sitting back, watching the impromptu motivational speaking. A smirk curves her lips but the look in her chilly gaze is almost… soft.

As the hugging starts though, she reaches for the bottle of vodka and raises her hands in a surrender sort of gesture. "That's totally my cue to get outta here." Cessily at least would know that Illyana is not a hugger. Summoning a stepping disk, the blonde just drops out of sight and is gone. Looks like if the trio wants to keep drinking, they'll have to find a new supply.

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