2019-04-29 - Demigod Dustup: Thunder, Mischief and Valkyries


Asgardians galore respond when Egyptians and Inuit gods start brawling in the street.

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Storyteller: Fenris
Date: Mon Apr 29 10:41:55 2019
Location: {$location}

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Thud. Boom. The sounds of muted impacts can be heard over the wail of sirens. Something is seriously amiss in Times Square today. What exactly started it no one knows. To mortal eyes it had looked like two New Yorkers arguing, which is absolutely a thing they do on a regular basis. Then it had turned into a shouting match. Then a shoving match. And then…

And then one of them had gotten punched through a planter, ploughed a furrow into the asphalt across the street and smacked into a newspaper stand sending the Wall Street Journal flying everywhere. Things had quickly devolved from there.

Times Square has since been evacuated and the call has been sent out to absolutely ANYONE who can contain the scattered brawls occuring in the tight space. No one has thus far knocked down a building but if this is allowed to continue that can only be a matter of time.

One of those brawls is between is taking place just under the right at the intersection of 7th Ave and 47th Street. A large bird crackling with thunder, a rather gaunt looking woman with a gleaming bone harpoon and a car sized coyote are squaring off against a baboon headed man that must be eight feet tall, a woman with a flock of razor beaked vultures at her beck and call and another enormous and enormously strong woman with the head of a hippo. Between them they've already demolished every car in a sixty foot area and the fight is getting dangerously close to the Radio New York offices, where a number of civilians are sheltering.


"Dark fae assassins? You are sure it is not being the next target for /your/ knife I should be watching for?" Thor answers with a hard stare of chilly blue eyes. He doesn't trust that Loki is being truthful, clearly. However, the continued explanation eases some of the ready tension from Thor's shoulders and jaw, and after a long thoughtful, measured look of the trickster, Thor starts to walk, expectant that Loki will walk with him. Passerby get out of the way: perhaps it is due to that Thor is exuding his irritation into the air very obviously. "As I am sure you know, I cannot go to Asgard to check at the moment, but… this does seem like a plan of yours, I grant." Thor resets his hands in the pockets of his warm leather jacket, an expression of sheathing his weapons.

That is, until much of the noise begins to reach them, of the brawls, as they begin. At first, just since Loki is there, Thor gives him a look and raised brow that reads asking if this is his doing. But perhaps also some excitement: Thor does enjoy a brawl.


Loki lifts his hands again, then touches his chest. "This is not me. Though…hmmm…" He knits his brows as he eyes the combatants, "this could be related. Do you just use your fists these days, brother?" Asks Loki as he draws out two bluish knives that shimmer gold for a moment. He doesn't drop the rest of his illusion, so currently he looks like a tall, pale Loki in a nice, black suit…with two knives. "This is not likely to go well for me." He narrows his green eyes at the Egyptian creatures. "Do you feel like a fight or calming things down, Thor?" And he just grinnnnns.

"And here I was thinking I could get some shopping done in peace." A tall, stern looking grey eyed, woman murmurs as she steps out onto the street. She knows who that is fighting and might have an idea why. Astryd has to determine if she really wants to get involved.

"I suppose I can at least protect the Mortals from this …" It's a detached tone she uses as she makes her way across the street to the front of the Radio New York offices and the sheltering civilians.

The exiled Valkyrie watches the woman with the harpoon spear most closely. There's more than recognition there. She knows that one.

Speaking of Valkyries… Dani Moonstar aka Mirage is currently flying overhead on the back of her winged horse, Brightwind. She's pretty far up, but sees the disturbance below and… blinks. Mainly because her grandfather taught her about at least one side that's fighting below. But more importantly, she notices how close the brawl is getting to the Radio New York building. With that, Brightwind dives down towards the fray, angling to try and stay between the fight and the building.

She then quietly mutters, "Man, my grandfather's spirit is probably gonna haunt me for this one."

At the first report of trouble, Sif gets her buckler and sword ready and sprints toward Times Square as fast as she can. It's far faster than the taxis and other cars are travelling in the chaos of that part of the city being cordoned off, though having to avoid cars and pedestrians alike is slowing her down a bit. Annoying.

She comes pelting into the area in time to see the two sets of individuals squaring off to fight, and while she doesn't immediately recognize any of them, she does recognize others here. And, very likely predictably, she gravitates toward Thor… and Loki. "Your Highness." She nods respectfully to them both, as now is not the time to resume an old squabble with the younger prince.

With no other expectations, she draws her sword, her buckler already in place on her arm.

You could hear the ruckuss from the Asgardian Embassy. That wasn't a call to action in and of itself; Midgard is a chaotic place, and New York especially so; but as news swept across the city, and the call for aid came out, Amora the Enchantress of Asgard, surrounded by various books of mythology open to various pages and blueprints of a mechanical scarab, felt a wave of resignation that she wasn't going to get any work done today.

International relations are at least twenty percent theater, or so she hears.

"Those are Egyptian Deities." Amora announces, brow knit as she hovers soundlessly behind Sif, Loki and Thor, having seemingly appeared out of nowhere, and lowering herself gently to the ground, neck craned to look at one side of the warring combatants. "Curious coincidence." She looks to the two princes, wincing as if she's only just noticed them. "… I hope you're getting ready to fight *them* and not each other. Prince Thor, if I must vouch for-" The noise of the scuffle interrupts Amora and she furrows her brow. "… Nnn. Priorities. Do take care not to cause too much collateral damage, won't you? I *am* among those that get yelled at for that."

Priorities indeed.

The arrival of Dani on the valkyries signature winged horse definitely gets attention. The hippo woman grabs the coyote by the back leg, swings him around in a circle and hucks him up right at Dani's horse. Of course if she misses the shot that coyote is gonna hit the building but it seems as though she's okay with that. At virtually the same time the large baboon man spots out Sif. That's not difficult what with the big 'OATHBREAKER' magically following her around. He leaps into the air with an angry roar and comes down on Sif's location, both fits swinging overhead.

A vulture the size of a small car swoops low over Thor and Loki, not attacking but fleeing the Thunderbird. Unfortately for the two Asgardians the thunderbird tires of the chase and simply begins to rain down lightning. At the bird, but ALL AROUND Thor and Loki.

Astryd and Amora find themselves near the duel of the harpoon wielding woman and the woman commanding the vultures. Sedna throws and Nekhbet's birds knock it aside. The death-tipped instrument spins headed right for Amora even as it's owner's eyes widen. "Treacherous Raven!" She shouts, meaning Astryd. Uh oh…

"I suspect that it will become a fight regardless of what I choose, though this feels much like a test of diplomacy," Thor says in a dismayed, and somewhat rebellious, tone. Bleh on diplomacy, but, well. When Loki questions his weapons of choice, Thor gives a sort of amused side-look, a smile quirking the side of his lips. "You speak as if my fists were not enough," teases Thor in a deadpan tone. A few sparks of glinting light pass around Thor's eyes as he looks upwards, his focus moving towards the weather above them, a mystic pressure sent to the clouds above. If this assists the Thunderbird creature accidentally, well, that's a thing that might happen.

Lady Sif, though, distracts Thor. He actively turns and beams at her, so pleased is he to see her. "Lady Sif! Do you know of what dispute this battle is about?" Thor calls. Very loudly. The god can project. The people in the battle can probably hear Thor. He looks back to Amora as she arrives as well, as if silently extending the question to her, as well.

That lightning starts to rain around them causes an automatic move from Thor: he moves to actively defend Loki, drawing one hand up and outwards above his brother's head, pulling the lightning down to himself as a conduit. Thor's stance widens, drawing the electricity into a swirl of energy across his body, arcs of the powerful energy lacing and twisting.


Astryd lets out a slow breath. "Where's a God-Wolf when one needs him?" she mutters "Probably shedding all over my couch. Certainly not here, enjoying the fun."

"Come now, Sedna. Have you not put that behind you yet? It was millenia ago and I was yet young. It was just a toe that slipped from the path." Is she being flippant? A little but then, one doesn't earn the anger of another pantheons death diety lightly. "Besides, I returned the horn. Eventually."

As she speaks, the blonde reaches back to remove the hairclip she wears, placing the 'basket' in her left hand and the 'pin' in her right. With a shake, they transform to a small round shield and an arming sword.

"Perhaps you should take your disagreement, elsewhere. These Mortals are ours." Um. Something of the God-Wolf might have rubbed off on her.

Hopefully Amora can deal with that harpoon.

And to make the trifecta of valkyries/ex-valkyries, a dusky-skinned woman pulls up on a rumbling cycle, shutting it off and sliding free. She's dressed just in leather…pants, a vest baring her biceps, and motorcycle boots. No armor as of yet, as Brunnhilde sees the battle and just…grins. "Mmmm, this looks fun…" she murmurs, starting to walk towards the brawl

As she does, she reaches behind her back, then draws, the blade Dragonfang becoming visible as its golden blade gleams softly, casually held in her right hand. She sizes up the combatants, then notices the other people being drawn…specifically the Asgardians. Her brow furrows as her eyes narrow a bit. "…probably another one of one-eye's little oopsies or something…" she mutters darkly.

And then is totally distracted by the unexpected arrival of another valkyrie. Actually ON her winged horse. Brunnhilde's lips part, her eyes widening in suprise as she stares openly, a twisting sensation in her chest as she watches the graceful sweep of the winged mount as it soars over head.

It still hurts. Just a bit.

Amora answers Thor, "I know that the Egyptians have been invoked in magical ingravings as of late. Who the other side are, I'm not certain. They're as likely to be responsible as they are to be blaming the egyptians, perhaps, or-

Amora is cut off mid sentence as the thunder begins to rain down, hovering backwards and away before landing with her arms crosses, watching the choatic show with consternation, wincing in concern as Thor and Loki are attacked nearby. Well… they're warriors. They *should* be fine. Still. A little aid may not go amiss. "I'm going to put up some shields. See if I can't protect the Princes and perhaps some of the civil-*OHMYGOODNESS*! With a split second's notice, Amora crouches low and creates of dome of light around herself which the spear seems to skim and bounce off of the top, the affected area of the shield shimmering for a moment before the whole thing vanishes.

Amora straightens up sharply, eyes wide with alarm, and then looks to the newly armed Astryd, taking a deep breath and saying, "… Well. Go on, then." Astryd can deal with this, probably! Wait, is she a valkyrie? Amora's eyes wander to Brunhilde. Wait, is *she* a Valkyrie? This is… Amora's decided that it's crazy down here.

That answers a question Loki had about Thor's ability to still funnel lightning. Loki absolutely lets the lightning be redirected, not to himself. "Excellent work brother…guess those fists will do." Then his jaw grits as he looks at the battle and all the destruction. "This is exactly what they want." He needs to pick his target carefully. The lady with the vultures…he focuses his gaze on her, waits until the lightning has ceased, then makes a run for her. His daggers slide away. His feet pound the pavement, and at the last moment, he drops to the ground, trying to slide into her with feet first. Dust sails up around him and at the same time as his nice black suit is getting hopelessly dirty, it shifts in a glimmer of gold and green. When his slide finishes, he's wearing his Asgardian leather armor, with flashing gold bracers. Style.

"I do not, Thor. But we need to end it, and quickly. Midgardians are at ri—" Sif has to leap away from the brothers and well clear of the Thunderbird's lightning as the baboon-faced one lunges at her. If she'd given a thought to the Oathbreaker sigil she might have opted to stay away, but as of yet she's completely unaware of why this creature has targeted her specifically. But, no matter. She's dealt with bigger — and uglier — bilgesnipes.

Turning and looking at the Egyptian diety that just tried to smash her, her eyes study Babi for a quick moment before she waits for his arms to lift again. The instant they do, she darts in close and around to swipe her sword at one of his hamstrings.

This being won't be able to put any more Midgardians at risk if it can't move. Or at least that's her hope.

Meanwhile, the only active Valkyrie on the scene is trying to process the situation when one of the Great Spirits her grandfather told her about in stories is flying at her in an involuntary Fastball Special. She glances down at Brightwind, who instinctively flies away from Coyote, but not before launching a swift kick with all his power to the side of Coyote. Hopefully enough to deflect him from hitting the building.

Which is when Dani does something that, well, might be a bit crazy, even for her. Mainly leaping from Brightwind's back and landing on Coyote, seeing if her animal telepathy works on Gods too so she can try and get some reason to break out.

And if not, well, she does still have her Asgardian armor on, at least.

Thor is gathering a lot of power. Thunderbird shifted his gaze from his prey once he noticed where all his lightning was going. Now he's hovering about fifty feet above the Asgardian Brothers, great wings beating down and blowing dust every which way as he pours lightning down onto them only for Thor to absorb more and more and more of it. What is he going to do with all that power, though?

Amora's shields are holding. It's definitely helping. And hey, the activity is drawing the other combatants in so the civillians are in less danger. Not no danger. Just… much less danger.

Dani's deflection does the trick. Coyote yelps but the kick sends him tumbling down back onto the street and not in the building. He still makes a mess though. Now she's got a another problem. A trio of vultures the size of helicopters have spotted her and are swooping down from above, diving like birds of prey which they simply never do. Well, except now. To her.

Brunnhilde arrives in time to see a woman call a harpoon back into her hand like Thor does his hammer and go for Astryd without a word. At that very moment though Babi lands where Sif used to be - right next to the brothers and BELLOWS. An answering bellow comes from the Tarawet, the hippo, as she drops her shoulder and charges right at Loki even as the Baboon stays on Sif.

All of this does leave Amora, Dani and Brunnhilde free to act. Though does Amora dare drop her shield. The Coyote is getting back up and he's licking his chops at her, perhaps a bit dazed from the kick and just seeking something to lash out at.

"Greetings, Sisters." Astryd says to the other three Valkyries. "It has been many years since I have seen any of you, now three in one day. The Norns must be laughing at their weaving." They would at least know of her, the wayward Valkyrie who had been charged with guarding the Monster, who instead petitioned Odin to release him.

It had cost her Asgard, flung to the farthest corners of the realms with no way to traverse them. And yet, here she is - on Midgard.

"Sedna, are you sure we can't dis—-" Astryd doesn't finish that statement as the gaunt woman closes on her.


The harpoon hits the small round shield.

"I guess not…." The sword sweeps round, hitting her opponent - with the flat. "I will not harm you, Sedna. This conflict is not of our making and you'd know that if you spoke to the denizens of your realm."


Thor is definitely going to need a target to put this lightning towards. Or, at the very least, to get the very dangerous bird out of the public street. Ideally, both. He's leaking lightning into the metal around him: street lamps explode, glass flying, as arcs of the electricity stray away from Thor. Without Mjolnir, the control isn't there, to really contain this. He can keep the lightning off those near him, but.

"Desist your war, or face the CONSEQUENCES!" bellows Thor, in a mix of lightning and thunderous force. Diplomacy. Thor runs several paces and then lunges, sending a hefty pulse of energy and strength towards the ground to propel upwards: leaping for the bird with a thunderous roar, intending to get on top of it if he can, much as the valkyrie are doing. There's no doubt a giant smoking crater where he was, in addition to the poles and malfunctioning street lamps.


Brightwind does not tolerate any other winged animals harassing Dani, because he does it enough. As the vultures dive towards her, he dives towards them in return, trying to hammer into the back of one so it careens into another.

Dani, meanwhile, looks back at Coyote, taking off her helm so the spirit can clearly see her ancestry. She then says, "So, are you the Coyote that's the Trickster, the Changer, the one that makes Loki look like a rank amateur… or are you the one that argues with rocks and the rocks end up winning? Because this fighting serves no one, let alone you. You can kill me if you want, Coyote. Grandfather wouldn't want me to fight you. But I'm pretty sure those buzzards above he couldn't give a crap about. So you can make a choice for yourself." She then manifests a psychic bow out of nowhere, which is not a typical Valkyrie power, and shoots an arrow at the lead vulture coming at her, trying to paralyze it and knock it out of the fight.

Amora makes eye contact with The Coyote, her face twisting in alarm. Funny, she'd assumed the dangers Midgard presented would be mostly quaint to an Asgardian. Very suddenly she's aware that she's a witch in a war zone populated by gods, and she rather wishes she wasn't here.

But it's a bit too late for that.

Slowly Amora straightens up and wills herself to regain her composure, brushing herself off and… smiling at The Coyote. "… Yyyyou don't want to fight me…" She purrs softly, her voice carrying an odd sort of subtle echo that is a little… well… Enchanting. "Why on Earth should we be enemies…? Look around us… Isn't this all so… silly…?" Her voice is like a sweet song, soothing and rousing, like being close to your beloved one. Even if one can't understand the words, it seems to radiate off of her, carried like a beautiful virus in her voice. Her eyes half lid warmly, her smile kind as she steps slowly towards The Coyote. "Why fight? Surely there's no cause that we can't be friends, is there…?"

"Its Nehkbet, right?" Loki asks from the ground below her, where he slid. He must have missed running into her as he intended. He flashes a grin. "I am Loki…I heard you were looking for me." His voice is buttery smooth, and he's just hopping to his feet in a defensive stance when Thor's lightning starts exploding things all over! he throws up an arm to try to defend himself against the bright flashes. "Have the Tuatha spoken up? I bet they haven't…wouldn't they just love to see us at each other's throa-AHH Odin's beard!" He has to interrupt his seductive monologue to take cover. And then his eyes cut towards Dani and narrow.

Bellowing like a beast is nothing new to Sif, she's heard Thor… just like that. So Babi's roars don't intimidate her whatsoever. But, for the sake of getting this dealt with quickly, she runs and clambers up onto the nearby wreckage of a delivery van before using that to leap at the baboon-headed being with the intention of stabbing the being though the spine at the base of its neck.

It works on bilgesnipe…

Brunnhilde does admire the courage and grace the young valkyrie she doesn't recognize shows in intercepting the flying wolf. Part of her is mentally commenting on her form, half buried memories of leading new vaklyries in training coming to the fore. Especially after the OTHER valkyrie speaks, calling out to her.

T"It's been some time since any from Asgard called me 'sister.'" the redhaired warrior says, her tone steady if slightly wry. "Traitor, perhaps." The leader of the Valkyior, the most honored of their ranks, leader in countless battles. And then she just…walked away. Refused to obey Odin's commands any further. There are plenty of rumors…a murdered mentor, or husband, a betrayal by her fellow valkyries…it's millenia past now since she exiled herself before Odin could. They made a whole opera about it.

Her boots crunch on broken glass from a shattered windshield as she steps up to join Astryd (as Amora and Dani seem to be facing off with Coyote), then points her sword at Sedna.

"I don't care why you're here, or why you're fighting. You're bothering us. Go away. Fight somewhere else." she says bluntly, before grinning toothily at the goddess. "Or I will make you regret coming here this day."

The soul of diplomacy, is Brunnhilde. The little belch at the end probably doesn't help, or the faint hint of booze wafting off her as she holds her sword casually at her side.

Coyote sets himself to charge and then as Amora starts talking he shakes himself. And blinks. Dani's exhortation might have had an effect, it's hard to know. But Amora DEFINITELY has his attention. He cants his head in an oh so canine fashion and grins. "No. I don't suppose we need to be enemies at all, now that you mention it."

Dani slips the vultures, or knocks them down. Or rather Brightwind does that. Summoned beasts are no match for the pegasus. She's got a good vantage point to watch Thor smash right into the thunderbirds chest. He knocks it upward and then as his impetus runs out it begins to tumble down down down…


It's still alive. It'll be fine. The two Bentleys it landed on, not so much.

It does work on a Bilgesnipe, Sif's trick. It works on Babi too… sooooort of. The pain of the wound drives the baboon god to his knees and probably takes him out of the fight.

Tawaret looks down at Loki and sets her jaw. She looks like she might have been listening to him until he had to cut off and then Hilde makes her… ultimatum. Looking around and seeing a lot of the other participants down, she seems to be weighing whether or not to continue fighting.

Sedna holds her next strike, eyes narrowing at Astryd. "Any place is a good place for our disagreement." She says, watching as Thunderbird comes crashing down and Babi gets taken down by Sif. She seems perhaps ready to dare the lot of them to keep going.


The sound echoes throughout the square and the Asgardians (and Dani) can see Fenris arrive on the far end, attending to something over th- is that Baldur?

Sedna sets her jaw and drops her harpoon. Tarawet and Nekhbet likewise raise their hands.

And Coyote turns into a rather sly looking man and sidles on over to Amora. "We should probably let the Asgardian princes sort this out don't you think?"


The fighting seems to be over at any rate.

Loki stretches his back and eyes the others. "Remove the curse from Sif!" He yells at the Egyptians. "You know by now this has nothing to do with us!" If they are gonna poof away, he wants to get in a last request. If Fenris has eaten Baldur then that is totally NOT HIS FAULT.

"Do not make our personal disagreement part of all this." The grey eyed blonde says to Sedna. "If you wish to settle it, I will meet you but I'll not harm my Sisters, the others or our Mortals." Astryd drops her sword and steps back. Disengaging from the Death Diety that shes offended, somewhere, somehow. "This… is bigger than all of us."

The cold eyes meet 'Hildes and warm for a moment. "Sisters, always. Even through the disagreements."

The howl might make the others shudder, but it makes her smile as she looks to the God-Wolf. "Took your time getting here, my heart, did you get lost?" beat "Whatever you do, don't eat too much, there's a lamb cooking at home for us."

The echoing howl suprises Brunnhilde which is rare to see, as she stares at the mythic wolf and…Baldur? "..what in the Hel…" she mutters, frowning to herself. Though not in the same words, she'd agree in spirit with Loki's opinion; not her circus, not her giant wolf possibly devouring a god. Then her attention returning to Sedna as her weapon is dropped, along with the other gods apparently surrendering. There's a tiny flicker of disappointment in her…but she's probably end up wrecking someone if they had fought here. It looks expensive. All the shiny lights and signs.

Though as she overhears Coyote's suggestion to let the Asgardian royals handle it, there's a definite snort of distain from her. Though that's at least brushed away with a flicker of amusement as Amora's enchanting ways bear fruit…and now she has a god smoozing with her. She sighs, then rests the tip of her sword on the ground, hands on the crossguard as she frowns slightly, then raises a brow at Astryd's smile, a flicker of suprise crossing her face, before it's hidden again as she inclines her head towards Astryd slightly in acknowledgement. Not quite sure how she feels about that. Then again, she doesn't remember if Astryd was among the Valkyior when she left…and she's here on Midgard, so at least she must have some taste.

She tilts her head to follow Dani in her peripheral vision. That one….that one she'd definitely remember, she tends to stand out among the Asgardians.

Amora blinks once. Oh! The beast talks! That's novel. And possibly complicates things. Amora still smiles and reaches out a hand. "Of course not. In fact, I'm sure if we all stopped this-"

And then everybody stops this, and Amora has no plan.

Fenris' cry chills Amora's heart and draws her attention to the massive wolf and… and… "Prince Baldur?" Amora blurts out with mixed surprise and relief. That is… a tremendous weight off of her mind, not having to keep 'Loki might be a murderer' in mind at all times. She looks around tensely as everyone drops their arms, then heaves a sigh. "That's… curious." She says distantly, then straightens up in surprise as The Coyote approaches her in his new form. The surprise stays on her face for maybe a second before she composes herself, all sly confidence as she answers, "Yes, quite right you are, good sir."

It's not all roses. I mean. That IS still the wolf that's supposed to eat her king. But at least nobody's trying to kill her right now.

Dani grins slightly as Coyote makes her move, unable to keep from chuckling as she makes her way over towards the other… well, even ex-Valkyries still radiate a certain, something. And she's not particularly comfortable around royalty that she's still not accustomed to being around.

And then she spies Loki there. And she immediately blushes, remembering what she said about him to Coyote to snap him out of it. Thinking quickly, she puts her helm back on and whistles for Brightwind, who gracefully lands near Dani, giving her a rather amused look as he seems rather proud of taking out those vultures for her.


There's a roar and electrical pulse from above, as lightning is flung into the sky, and the weather turns towards an increasing, gathering storm. Thor, standing atop the Thunderbird, with an excessive amount of electricity rolling off and over him, forming ladder like ropes of electrical current between his arms and his sides, didn't have somewhere for all of that power to go. His expression is cloaked in the electrical energy, and the turbulence of the sky. With a shattering pulse of impact that may send some poor mortals on their backs and some car alarms screaming with the pulse, suddenly the thunderbird and Thor are gone: in a flash of electrical impact.


When Fenris appears with Baldur, and everyone else stands down from their respective battles, Sif takes her cue from Astryd and Dani and steps back from Babi. She's still watching the baboon-headed diety warily, as she DID just stab him rather decisively.

Loki's call to Sedna to remove the Oathbreaker curse that's been plaguing Sif comes as an honest surprise to her. Not the request itself, that's reasonable. The fact that Loki was the one to voice it, that has her glancing toward the younger prince in surprise. She's not about to protest, though. Most certainly not.

The howl startles Sif as much as it does some others, but more like Astryd, she doesn't seem overly concerned or unsettled by Fenris' arrival.

Baldur, on the other hand has her looking toward where the pair appeared in enough surprise that the peripheral attention she's been paying to Babi has almost completely slipped.

Loki parts his lips and his eyes grow wider. His brows lift and he rushes towards the spot where Thor and the Thunderbird disappeared. His jacket's tails swirl with the sudden movement and he appears, for a moment, to have some genuine concern? He'll have to track him down…make sure Thor's not been captured by the Native pantheon. He's a terrible prisoner.

The Old Wolf nods to Loki. "Sorry. Ogresses are tough when you're trying not to level a city block." He nods to Astryd as will. Yes he knows dinner is on. The others get a look and then he turns and disappears behind a building and does not re-emerge.

Everyone else can hear sirens. The human authorities are going to be ALL OVER this. Fortunately the worst of it looks like minor structural damage and torn asphalt but oh, the Embassy is SO going to hear about this later…

But today, at least, there appears to be no Ragnarok.

"We'll talk later, I'm sure. Unless you like to come with me now." Coyote says and slips away, not keen on being about when either wolves or police are here. Everyone else, well, there's likely to be a lot of questions about interdimensional immunity. But no one here has to deal with that, luckily.

"Prince Thor!" Amora cries out in alarm as he vanishes along with his opponent, eyes wide and taking a single step forward, reaching out before she stops herself. Loki's there, and she can't do anything. Her arm drops and she stares in concern, only barely flinching when Coyote speaks to her again. "What?" She mutters, then regains her composure. "Yes! Of course, I understand. I should… stay. Excuse me." She replies, eyes drifting back to the space Thor once occupied, crossing her arms and grasping her elbows anxiously.

Brunnhilde, meanwhile, observes the God of Thunder and the Bird of Thunder disappearing. And Loki and Amora's distress. "No. Wait. Stop. Don't Go." she says in a monotone, lifting her sword and putting it behind her back, where it vanishes from view again.

Astryd frowns as Thor disappears. She might go searching for him a bit later.

"Guest right is extended to you all at our house. In Queens, find Kerensky, Ulric in the phone book." beat "Well fought."

As she turns to leave, she looks back to Sedna. "If you wish to settle our disagreement, you know where to find me." It seems they're done here for the moment and the blonde has no interest in speaking to the authorities.

"I have some shopping to collect. If you'll excuse me."

Dani gets on Brightwind at that point, giving one last look at Brunnhilde and Astryd. Then she puts her helm back on, urging Brightwind back into the skies above New York. As they go, the horse whinnies insistently about something, which causes Dani to sigh a little bit in exasperation.

"Fine, we'll hit the White Castle on the way back… you earned it!"

Brunnhilde raises a brow at Astryd, then nods slowly, a curious look in her eyes. "I will do that." she says after a moment, her eyes flicking over to Dani. "…as it seems we've many valkyries here now." she murmurs, folding her arms across her chest.

Loki is definitely not going to get caught by the police /again/, so…he calls out to Sif, "Quick, come!" But then he totally disappears before she gets there.

Despite gut inclinations, Sif does indeed run over to where Loki calls out to her, and then huffs in annoyance when he disappears. Typical.

Brunnhilde turns her head, watching as Sif goes running across….and Loki vanishes. She lets out a definite snort of amusement at her expression. "Not one to stick around…." she says, sounding amused. "Don't tell me he was your ride, princess?"

Sif turns to look at Hilde flatly. "He was not. I can return to the Embassy without anyone's assistance." Including the former Valkyrie's. In fact, that's what she's going to do right now. She starts walking toward the embassy while returning her sword to its scabbard. The buckler is staying on her arm. Just in case.

Brunnhilde smirks a bit at Sif's terse response, watching her walk off as she shrugs, then sighs, looking around at the mess. Glad she doesn't have to clean up! She starts sauntering back over to her bike.

Astryd looks equally amused at the antics and gestures to the remaining women. "Join me, if you like. A cleansing ale and some shopping is just what we need to put this behind us."

As she talks, the shield and sword transforms back into the hairpin that she sets in her hair once more.

Brunnhilde brakes at the mention of ale, immediately turning around and walking back to Astryd. "Hmm, not much of a fight, but I won't turn down lifting a glass or ten…" she says cheerfully. She tilts her head. "…nice trick." she adds, seeing the hairpin transformation. She glances over to Sif, curious what her response might be.

Sif doesn't respond right away, but she does veer more toward Astryd than directly back toward the embassy. "What manner of 'shopping' are you referring to?" She's seen the odd little vendor boutiques, and she honestly does NOT comprehend some of the items being offered as clothing.

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