2019-04-29 - Demigod Dustup: Jumbotron Edition


A dangerous brawl in Times Square catches Hod in the middle and provokes a heroic response.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Apr 29 03:09:32 2019
Location: Times Square 2

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Thud. Boom. The sounds of muted impacts can be heard over the wail of sirens. Something is seriously amiss in Times Square today. What exactly started it no one knows. To mortal eyes it had looked like two New Yorkers arguing, which is absolutely a thing they do on a regular basis. Then it had turned into a shouting match. Then a shoving match. And then…

And then one of them had gotten punched through a planter, ploughed a furrow into the asphalt across the street and smacked into a newspaper stand sending the Wall Street Journal flying everywhere. Things had quickly devolved from there.

Times Square has since been evacuated and the call has been sent out to absolutely ANYONE who can contain the scattered brawls occuring in the tight space. No one has thus far knocked down a building but if this is allowed to continue that can only be a matter of time.

One of those brawls is between is taking place just under the jumbotron. A large Man-Bear, a woman wielding a bow shooting arrows that seem to trail leaves and sparkles and a man wielding a blade that seems to be made of moonlight are squaring off against a man with a pair of silver gleaming khopeshes and a woman with a pair of HUGE horse sized scorpions hovering about her. They have between them pretty much demolished everything that's shorter than a person in their immediate area and the fight is getting dangerously close to a cafe in which some civilians are huddled.

It's fortuitous timing for Jean, at least. Earlier in the morning, Zatanna was able to remove the Oathbreaker brand from her. So at least she's not a flaming mass of 'HIT ME HERE.' But her study session was already interrupted by one god today, so it's somehow not the hugest surprise to find out that more of them are making a mess in Times Square.

She managed to fumble her way into her uniform, slap on the domino mask that she's making due with for now, and fly her way over to the center of the problem, hovering about thirty feet in the air at the edge of the square to try to…figure out just what's going on here.

"Holy hell," she mutters.

SG: Sounds like its coming from Times Square.

Spider-Girl is swinging hard and fast toward the Jewel of NYC, her weblines shooting high and the downward swing of each arc bringing her toosh dangerously close to the traffic lights below. When the square comes into view, she releases a line, headed freely toward the Jumbotron while her right hand dances about in the air furiously, sending a message over the Spider-Comm to anyone else who can see it.

SG: Definitely Times Square!

The young woman clad in black with a white spider emblem lands upon the side of the Jumbotron, peering down at those fighting. It's a lot to take in, so she switches over to verbals. "Mierde!" she transmits to the small mic in her mask. "This is bad! Get here if you can, and hurry!" Her eyes are dancing, and when she spots the cafe, her mouth goes wide. "Shit!!"

With a push, the woman leaps from the Jumbotron, soars over those fighting below, and lands right in front of the cafe like a single sentry. Biting her lower lip, she starts flinging weblines across the front of the building, to create a protective barrier of sorts. Good thing New York City Code requires rear exits!

"Behind you," calls a female voice behind Jean. A breath later, and Silk is swinging forwards, towards the scene of - crazyily powered people using Times Square for their Mortal Combat tournament. Someone doesn't have a costume yet, as she's wrapped entirely in the same spider-silk she's swinging from, and what bits aren't wrapped (most are) is merely exposed flesh.

The swinging femme fatale swings low, down to the ground and moves over towards the huddling civilians that might soon end up as injured, or worse.

"Get going,"she tells them, pointing in the direction of a nearby alley. "Through that alley, then west, and north again. You'll find emergency services available there. I'll swing you out if you need," she offers.

"Okay, so our friend got her special 'kill me' mark removed, not sure how, some friend of hers who's a wizard apparently. Anyway, since I owe you, kinda… a bit…" Hod clears his throat, "I figure I can at least get you with her again and see if we can't scrub a dub dub you back to less likely to be smited." he says to Kate.

Hod and Kate are walking down the street, chatting, "There's a way to ge-" and then he's jerking to the side with a shocking amount of speed, spinning away and down, an iron hard grip on Kate's upper arm dragging her off her feet and with him. The pair land hard on the concrete, him covering her as they roll up against a near by building wall. A shower of concrete and clapboard from an exploded news stand they were just next to. "Fuckfuckfuck." Hod says quickly under his breath, "You okay?" he doesn't wait for a response before rolling to the side and sniffing the air like a dog, his head turnning this way and that. His sunglasses are missing, and where he should have eyes there are instead just sunken pits, disturbingly dark and shadowed, holes in his face where holes shouldn't be. "This is bad." he says softly, "Tell me you brought your bow."

"A bit?" Kate's eyebrows raise as she's walking along next to Hod. It was good news to be told that there was a way to get rid of this potential 'death mark' at least. She's just about to ask more when her arm is grabbed. The bag she was carrying slung over her shoulder drops to the ground in the process as she's rolled under Hod on the concrete with a rush of breath escaping her.

"…What the *hell*…" She begins when asked how she's doing. The more serious question though earns her going quiet as she looks up at the eyeless man. Eew. "…Yeah, in my bag." Which was… Over there. Just out of arm reach. Her head rolls back trying to see beyond to what she could just now start hearing now that she was paying attention. "What's going on?"

The Man-Bear bull rushes the woman between the scorpions and knocks her tumbling end over end to land near Hod. She picks herself up with a curse in Egyption and then sees Hod and Kate. Or more accurately, sees the brands on the both of them. "THE OATHBREAKERS ARE HERE!" She calls out in a voice that should require a loud speaker. Then she lifts both her arms and scorpions SWARM out of ever grate, every sewer, every nook and cranny and one of her big bus sized beasts starts lumbering over to the two unfortunates.

The two spiders do manage to get the building clear, but then the man with the silvered Khopeshes knocks the archer into the webs. She struggles her way free and looks around, annoyed. She spots Cindy and sends a gleaming arrow her way in a fit of pique.

The remaining three are going hammer and tongs on the sidewalk just under Jean. She hasn't yet been deemed a threat. But the moment the shout of 'Oathbreakers' rings out, the man with the khopeshes breaks free of his attackers and starts looking around for the source. Someone… might want to do something about that. Or just Man-Bear, Khopesh Guy and moonlight-sword man in general. They're about to smash up a shop front if they keep goin'.

Jean takes a deep breath, though it's hardly necessary for what comes next. What comes next is a psychic shout the likes of which no one here has likely ever heard before. And it's aimed at the gods squabbling below.


Jean extends a hand, sweeping a wall of telekinetic force at the trio of gods beneath her, pushing them toward the spiderwebs that have been so helpfully erected.


Yep. Jean is psychically shaming a bunch of gods.

"Go! Go out the back!" Spider-Girl leaps upon the web-shield she's spun, motioning madly to the people in the cafe as they start moving toward the back door. Good thing too; when the archer slams into the web, she's thrown off it and ends up smashing her face and body into the storefront, shattering glass and knocking over a table at the front.

"Ungh!" Pushing off, she readies herself to pick a target, but the arrival of scorpions from… well, pretty much everywhere draws a horrified shriek from the short heroine.

Instinct drives her to leap high and wide, clinging to a wall that she clambers up. Bird's Eye View, only in this case, the bird is a spider.

"Silk," she breathes over the Spider-Comm, while her eyes watch as the three gods are pushed. "Reinforce that web!"

Leaping from the building, she ends up clinging to the roof of the TKTS structure right in the middle of Times Square and starts flinging webbing at the broken trap, reinforcing it one strand after the other.

Silk's body takes over of it's own accord, and she simply rides the instinctive nature of it as she jumps backwards, flipping, and as high as she can from a standing position to avoid the arrow. Her fingers flick forwards to cast a webline which she pulls, zipping forwards with inhuman speed.

She spots Spider-Girl in her quick assessement of the scene and calls over the Spider Comm system, "Get more webs down on that swarm of scorpions. Two more civilians down there still."

She follows her own advice, letting go of her webline and casting a full-blown ten-fingered wave of webbing out across the sewer grates and sidewalk to entrap a good many of that flood of scorpions, even as she she lands herself on the side of a building, then, "Got it," to Anya. And she's casting more webs into the mix of the three that Jean telekentically pushed into those that were already there. That's teamwork!

Hod turns his head so that one side of his head faces the confrontation taking place all to close, "Stupid!" he hisses under his breath, "Wasn't paying attention!" he bares his teeth, "Far as I can tell?" he motions with his fingers, "Egyptian pantheon is in a donnybrook with the…" another sniff, "the Inuits? Huh. Always did like them. If this escalates we could be in some shit… since we're Marked." he then adds almost absently, "Plus they'll destroy the block, more if they cut completely loose."

And then of course, one of them cuts loose. On Kate and Hod. "You know what's creepier then seeing scorpions?" he asks Kate as he raises up to a knee, "Not seeing them and just hearing all the little legs." he grips his cane in his hands, "Get your bow," and his voice has lost all of it's jovial manner because shit has officially gotten real, "and stay behind me." He slams the cane towards the ground, and as he does so it suddenly explodes upward, growing to more then twice it's length. The ebon shaft seeming to drink in the daylight while the head and butt spike glint and glimmer with their own faint light. The back end of the staff digs into the concrete and around Hod, in a small circle, maybe five feet across, snow appears from nowhere and a breeze begins to stir. Kate's seen this trick before, it worked on bugs last time, right?

Having had Jean in his head a couple of hours ago, and being almost shameless, he's uneffected by her shouting. Look up to the gods. Heh. That's adorable. You gotta love that Christian influence on the zeitgiest. "Shooting is good." he snarls through gritted teeth. He really needs to get Winter back under control.

It's easy to forget that Baldur knows when those he cares about are in danger. Assuming they even knew in the first place. It's not a flashy ability, this knowing. There's no flashing light or dramatic music. He just knows. What comes after knowing is what's flashy.

In the middle of Times Square, mist starts to gather, thick enough to obscure all sight and even sound is muffled: the sound of a stallion's angry neigh. This is followed a moment later by a man's shout. "HOD!" As the mist begins to clear, Baldur is visible on his horse, Gisl. Both are accoutered for war.

"We were framed!" Kate hollers though she doesn't expect to be listened to. Besides there were more pressing matters, like the onslaught of a lot of scorpions. As soon as Hod gets up she kicks to her feet, and sweeps a leg out to catch the strap of her bag. It's kicked into the air which she grabs it out of already beginning to backpedal as soon as it's in hand. The bag is slung over her shoulder again, bow withdrawn and quickly notched with an arrow. "I get into the worst trouble hanging around you!" She mutters to Hod, though she does at least follow his lead. Who else was she going to listen to? She lets the arrow fly right at the goddess sending scorpions their way.

Then she hears a sound in the alley behind her. Whirling around she spots the source with a little yelp of glee. A quick duck down and she scoops up a stray kitten in her arm tucking it in against her chest. "Hey crazy lady! Careful or you might hurt the cat! … such a cute kitty," she mumbles beneath her breath with bow in one hand and kitten in the other.

The scorpions closing around Hod and Kate do not seem to care that Kate doesn't have a high opinion the process by which it happened. The arrow sticks the goddess commanding them and she does rock back and pull it out with an annoyed look. Then she holds out her hand and chittering and clattering begin to come from BEHIND her as well.

Hod in the mean time has some problems. He's got He's got a bunch of small creepy crawlies closing in and those might well be enough. He has help for those. Webs stick onto them and leave them struggling helplessly. One less thing to worry about there.

But then he's got ones the size of dogs and one big one the size of a bus which rears back and stabs at the Winter God and his archer friend with a stinger whose tip is the size of a sword.

This does leave it and it's goddess somewhat… exposed when the literal cavalry shows up.

Jean's efforts to shame the gods get all of them to look up at her. This is possibly not a good thing as the distraction lets the khopesh wielder leap into the air and run along the walls angling for the spiders interfering with proper vengeance.

The remaining two both begin picking up rubble.

And hurling it at cannon force at the redhead.

"You know." Jean's jaw sets as the gods start hurling rubble at her, pulling up a shield around herself. "For the record, I tried to be nice first."

Jean may grumble about the dangers of getting involved with gods and all the frustrations it brings. But there's one thing about fighting gods that she appreciates: she doesn't have to be afraid to let go.

For once, she stops holding back, reaching out with her mind to take hold of Man-Bear…and start using him to beat on moonlight-sword man like a game of whack-a-mole. "Stop! Being! JERKS!"

Anya is trying very hard to ignore the fact that there was a strange woman's voice in her head. The last time something like that happened, she almost died! Leaping from the TKTS stand, she soars over the nonsense below and lands upon the wall above the cafe once more, wildly spinning the webbing to become thicker, stickier, more… oh.

"I'll take him," she says over the Spider-Comm, and squares off against the khopesh dude. "Help the redhead!"

With a click, Spider-Girl disengages the comm and begins crawling with wild speed toward the bladed man. "You picked the wrong day to fuck with New York, buddy," she warns him. Leaping off the building, she fires a pair of weblines toward his hands, fully intent on having them catch and using not only her body weight but a good hard pull to either yank the weapons free, or pull them both from the side of the building.

Hod is ready for the scorpions. Please. He was trained in battle by the pantheon that glorifies it more then any other. Fighting he can do. He's prepared for the goddess and her ire, a show down of this nature was inevitble after all, ever since he was Marked he knew his hand would be forced. He is not ready for Baldur.

"Fuck. Me." he mutters under his breath. "Kaaaaate." he says he kicks out the base of the spear which sends chunks of concrete flying into the face of the first dog sized scorpion while the tip whips around with the force of the kick, wicking through the space where the other dog sized scropion's tail should be. The same spinning motion brings the shaft in alignment with his arm and he turns in place slightly, letting the much larger and frankly disturbingly sized stinger of the massive scorpion scrape along it's length with a metalic shrieking noise that makes him wince. "We need to leave. Right. Now." the snow around him begins to whip a bit faster and frost spreads out along the concrete, sending any of the smaller scorpions that come near him into almost instant torpor. "My brother is here."

He's run from fights, he's hid from fights, he's been annoyingly angry and silly and dismissive. But this is the first time in a long time he's actually been scared.

At least a good portion of the scorpions out of commission, Silk moves through the air and lands, this time, on the ground. It's a risky plan, but, it's not like there's really time to make a strategy.

One twhip. Two thwips. Weblines attach themselves to the woman yelling about Oathbreakers and flinging scorpions all over Times Square. Then, Silk pulls, hard, shifting her weight to swing - and if it all works? The Scorpion Lady will be the rock in her webline slingshot, which she then hurtles towards one of the others focused on the other redhead, Jean as her own makeshift magic missle.

There's another angry neigh from Gisl as Baldur, shining with bright, golden light, rises in his stirrups. "You will NOT harm him!" he commands, lifting his sword to point at the giant scorpion. Specifically, the giant stinger of the giant scorpion. Baldur's light coalesces at the tip of the sword and a superhot beam of light lances forth at the creature. "Hod! To me and we will fight them side by side!" Pause. "NOW."

"Which ONE?" Kate calls back to Hod as she finishes tucking the very confused stray cat into her shirt. But, hey, person paying it attention. Thankfully it's a friendly sort and quite happy to hide and purr away in her shirt. With the occasional peeking out from the neckline. Later she might get clawed good for it but for now? Now her hands were free to aim her arrows again taking a shot or two at a few of the larger scorpions.

"The good one, the bad one, or the one we got framed by?" Wait, which was which? Right now she had a feeling Thor would be all 'die Oathbreakers!' so he might be in the 'bad' court.

Then Baldur yells for Hod, she squints against the light in that direction with a soft, "Oooh, *that* one," and takes a half step back. Were they running? Fighting? He seemed pretty demanding in calling for Hod. At least the others that were here, those spidergirls and that floating redhead, seemed to be doing better than they were.

There is an explosion of slime as the tail of the giant scorpion just vaporizes. The creature screeches, a chittering ululation and rears up only to fall back onto it's back. Serqet, for that is the woman's name, also screams, the injury to her beast also doing injury to her.

"BALDUR!" She screams in rage, bring both her hands up and sending a emerald jet of enchanted venom at him as all of her remaining creatures close in. Those have been considerably thinned though, and it doesn't look as though there are any more coming. The spiders, Hod, Kate and Baldur have done work on them, to be sure.

Jean at the moment is presently using Nanook - for that is his name - as cudgel on Igaluk. He brings up his sword to defend himself but, uh, both are getting quite dazed. In desperation he raises a fist and something shines behind Jean… then a shaft of burning moonlight lances down right at her.

Anya gets one of the blades but the khopesh guy but he manages to tear free of the other, takes a flying leap off the wall and tries to hook her with the reverse side into a steel support beam. This might not work though and if he misses he has no control in the air.

Kate's arrows stick in the downed scorpion and end it. And she dispatches another couple of the dog sized ones along the way. There looks to be finally a way clear now. Looks to be a way she and Hod can move. Unfortunately it is TOWARD Hod's brother and he doesn't seem to like that.

As Scorpion Lady lanuches her attack at Baldur, Silk gets her shot in. Square on target. The chunk of rock shatters on the woman's back and drives her down to one knee, leaving her also rather vulnerable for a critical moment.

Jean's shields are great at stopping physical forces. They are not so great at stopping light. And besides, she's a little bit distracted by beating gods with other gods. The beam of moonlight hits her hard in the shoulder, distracting her enough that she falls a good fifteen feet before she catches herself.

Right, well, now he's just made her angry.

Something sparks in the back of Jean's eyes as she opens up the floodgates, the rubble around the square starting to shake and tremble. Bit by bit, it too levitates off the ground until finally, a solid fifty tons worth of rubble and debris shoots toward the two gods to bury them…and then she pushes on it.

Oh, give it time, Kate. The Spider-family is sure to have their fair share of drama in time. This is just the honeymoon phase.

"Gotcha!" Anya catches the blade in hand, then flings it about to catch her opponent's attack with the broad side of the weapon. She's been in a few knife fights as a youngster, but this is way different! She's thrown right into the steel beam with a thud, but the woman's body seems to twist in an impossible manner (one looking on from below could easily make the mistake of assuming her legs were just bent like that girl in the gymnastics video) around the beam. She catches herself on it with one hand and yanks herself over it in a twirling somersault. A webline is released back at the beam, and she uses the tension to pull herself feet first toward the opponent's back as he passes by beneath her. There's a certain level of brutal ferocity in the speed at which she barrels down upon him.

Oh, and she has a sword. What the hell is she gonna do with a sword?? And what is that light? Where is it coming from? And… is the ground rumbling?? These are all distractions she's just not ready for, and it could easily give her opponent an opening.

Silk runs forward about to smash Scorpion Lady in the face with a right cross at full speed, and with all her power when her Silk-Sense goes into overload, and she shouts over to the Spider-Comm, even as the rocks are just starting to form, "Get the hell out of here!" And she web-zips up into the sky, and away from Ground Zero as quickly as possible.

Hod is splattered with gore and bits of steaming hot scorpion tail. SPLAT. His shirt sticks to his chest, there's something that feels suspiciously slimey inside one of his sockets (this is why he wraps his face up in glasses or a cloth), and it's all in his beard, his hair now plastered across his face. So. Much. Ew. Anyone else and he'd think they'd done that on purpose, but it's not Baldur's style. Or it wasn't. A long time ago. He spits something disgusting out, a bit of carapace, and shudders. He begins to route the run, to plan the Paths to get him and Kate out of there.

But then Baldur gets all … twinsies on him. Which is totally cheating!

And Serqet is shouting, and the air fills with the scent of venom. Not that weaksauce stuff either, but the real deal. The kind that burns, that melts nerve endings, that liquifies things before it kills you. "Kate." Hod says, turning his attention towards the Egyptian god, "Go over to my brother, stay with him, he'll keep you safe." and he charges the downed goddess who's currently dealing with Silk. Hod uses the spider as a distraction, calling on his natural ability to sort of fade into the background, to let his presense go unnoticed. He leaps into the air, covering the last ten feet of distance, his spear lifted over his head leading the downward arc. It enters Serqet's back and explodes out her front, burying itself a solid foot into the asphault below. He follows behind it with a knee, driving his weight down onto her back so that he can bend close to her ear and snarl, "No one touches my brother!" in a hateful enraged hiss. Aesir. Odinsons. Family is complicated.

"What? You're kidding…. Hod!" Kate calls out even as she watches him make a run for it. The cat she'd tucked in her shirt begins to fuss because it's instincts are saying 'RUN', and so she's momentarily caught up in freeing it from her shirt. The bottom is tugged out, the cat drops and sprints off, leaving her to follow Hod's orders. "Be careful, damn it!"

The cry offered out toward him is sincere enough as she makes her way toward Baldur giving the unknown god a nod of greeting. Even as she does so though, her bow and arrow are still held up aloft to focus on the entire fight now. When it seems Jean or one of the spider gals might need an assist she lets her arrows fly to aid where she can. Hod, too, gets help where she can, but these are just regular arrows. Not her trick ones she sometimes brings. Which is why she asides to Baldur on his horse, "If you've got anything that can help out I'd really appreciate it. There's still regular civilians in the area! They're innocent!"

"SERQET!" Baldur shouts back, diving off Gisl and coming to his feet in a roll. "I do not seek to do you harm but neither will I let you do harm to my brother. Depart this field ere someone is grievously…" Baldur's probably one of the nicest gods in Asgard. Maybe even in the Nine Realms. So he doesn't say 'I told you so.' when Hod skewers her like a piece of sushi. "Well done, brother. You have improved your form!" Looking over at Kate, he says "Then go tell them to run." he suggests. "It is not safe here for mortals."

Serqet goes down onto her knees as Hod spears her. Amazingly she is not dead. She is decidedly out of this fight though. The scorpions all scream in agony, the ones that are left, and expire on the spot. Jean's got her gods stitched up, or buried as the case may be. Khonsu does indeed get a hook onto Anya's leg. With superhuman agility he swings her around and slams her downward before he himself lands fifty feet away. Silk can see that. Hear it. Hell everyone can see and hear it. He twirls his one remaining blade and eyes Baldur, Hod and the others standing over there. He's the only one still standing at the moment.


There's an ear splitting howl that echoes over the city and a semi-truck sized wolf thunders into the square, apparently in the act of head butting a giant woman that Baldur might recognize as the ogress Alsin. He looks up the square toward the still standing Khonsu and his eyes narrow. Do the others have this?

As the wolf arrives, Jean at least stops pressing on the pile of rubble she's buried the gods in. But she's not counting them out yet. Gods are…well, durable.

« Are you ready to stop acting like children and go home? » she asks of the minds beneath the stones.

Spider-Girl can hear Silk's warning in her mask's earpiece, but her mind is otherwise flooded with the fight at hand. She's not expecting Khonsu's speed and the blade is whipped right out of her hand as she's send toward the ground at breakneck speed.

Where's creepy bug lady when you need her?

The thought registers in a flash, the same kind of flash that reminds her of her family, her friends. As she falls, her entire back lights up with a brilliant, glowing blue light, vaguely in the shape of an ancient spider. It illuminates the ground as she speeds toward it, even as a webline fires off into the air, misaimed and going nowhere.

Her landing is louder than it should be, and it isn't so much of a *THUD* as it is a *CRUNCH*. Pavement is thrown up in her wake, and for a few moments, it might look dour for poor Spider-Girl. Then there is movement, something larger than the diminutive woman turning about in the crater.

There comes suddenly a ferocious, female scream, and a bug-like monster leaps from the hole in the ground. The creature is covered in some kind of chitinous armor, gleaming black and luminescent blue with huge yellow bug eyes, and it's vaulting with impossible strength in a beeline for Khonsu. Heavy arms with clawed fingers aim for the god's body as the angry scream echoes through the square.

Hod steps on the goddess' back and yanks upward on the spear, twisting it as he does so, pulling the blade of the weapon, and it's cross peice which also went through her, back out in a different orientation then it went in. It makes a squelchy noise and more stuff splatters on Hod's already ruined expensive clothing. He bares his teeth once more and then turns his attention towards the giant wolf, the ogress, the moon god, then Kate and Baldur.

"Kate, we need to go. Our presence only makes this worse." Oathbreakers in a god fight will only make things worse, they're a distraction, a liability, and a target. As long as they are there Hod can't see a way out of this that doesn't end in more bloodshed and possibly the destruction of more real estate. Before Baldur can suggest otherwise Hod points out the obvious, "Ogres, a god of vengence, and unless I miss my guess," he sniffs the air, "Fenris the fucking wolf are all showing up here brother. Oathbreakers will not bring an end to this and the mortals aren't built for our wars." then there's a giant spider-bug-monster and Hod just sighs. "I don't even wanna know what made that noise, do I?" because he can't see her, but he can /hear/ her and… yikes.

From her vantage on high, Silk gets a pretty good look at the situation. Crazy-powerful floating red-head over a debris of rubble and wreckage. Baldur, on his horse. Hod, with Scorpion Lady skewered thanks to her knocking the scorpion-crazed woman to the ground. And, … her - friend? Her friend. In trouble.

It's not about simply saving civilians, and getting these 'Gods' to stop anymore. Now - like Baldur (in a fashion) it's about keeping someone she cares about safe.


Silk moves, jumping down, then casting a webline to the ground at Khonsu's feet. It might seem it missed. It didn't. She pulls, hard, and her descending speed rockets her downwards towards Khonsu.

Another webline is cast, this one to his sword. It doesn't matter if she pulls it free or not, but she tugs on it just the same to give her an opening to land. Then, systematically, she's moving to engage him. Fight him, fist and foot, toe-to-toe, utilizing her superhuman speed, Silk-Sense of awareness and instinctive reflexes, and webbing, to dodge, strike, and move.

Her webbing is fast, practical, knowing from earlier observation he -can- break it. Instead, she's slowing him down with it. Frustrating him. Fighting smarter, not harder, by trying to web his legs to the pavement. His bicep to his chest. His wrist to his hip.

She recognizes the form of the chitinous Spider-Girl and pays it no mind. She sees the huge wolf out of the corner of her eye, and trusts the redhead, or Hod, or the guy on the horse, or the woman with the arrows to deal with that monstrosity. She has her own fight, now.

Kate Bishop stares at Baldur a moment resisting the urge to call out to Hod… No, no, now was not the time for snipping. "Every one that you see fighting these gods is mortal," she informs Baldur. Without looking back to him she strides a short distance away to step down on one of the felled scorpions of impressive size to pry free two of her arrows. Just moments before it dissaptes entirely which would have made the whole process much easier if less impressive.

"We're buying them time to run. These gods aren't exactly being careful who they hurt in their fight."

Then comes the scream and large spider which causes Kate to swing her bow high again unsure if she should fire or not. So far the spider-kind had been on their side after all. As if that weren't bad enough the howl of a wolf draws her attention, and she lets out a mutter beneath her breath, "Hod please tell me this isn't a family reunion!" But then he kind of tells her just what she didn't want to know causing her to sigh. "I don't have my speciality arrows with me. I can only distract, and I'm mortal myself…" There's hesitation as she looks back to the others clearly contemplating something.

"We should leave," she agrees reluctantly. "We don't have Sif on our side this time and Jean is…" Wait. Redhead moving rocks? Crap. CRAP. Crap. "…Probably busy elsewhere."

Baldur steps toward Khonsu, his sword lowered enough to not directly point at the other god. "You have fought well but the battle is over. Take your companion and depart." he says, not unkindly, and casting a glance over toward the wolf. "Another day, we can speak of what brings you all here and what can be done to remedy it." Then looking from Kate to Hod, he asks "What have you done, brother?" It's hard to miss those marks. "But you speak truth. Come, stand next to your mortal friends and we shall depart as well. Then you tell me what has befallen you over the last two thousand four hundred and fifty seven years." But who's counting. "And why you both wear the marks of the Oathbreaker."

Anya, if indeed that is she, slams into the unsuspecting god and drives him to his knees. He's webbed and torn from hard, claw tipped arms. The wolf across the way smirks and watches and then turns around and then turns and moves away, disappearing behind a building.

Dani from her vantage point can see something open and watch him vanish inside it.

Jean, hovering above a pile of slightly compressed rubble gets a whimpered 'No' in response to her mental queries.

And all around sirens blare. Yes, NYPD, SHIELD, WAND… the mortal authorities are going to be all over this. Rapidly.

Serqet glares up at Baldur. "You win this time. But only because you support an oathbreaker such as he."

Maybe not wise to say that while Hod's spear is in her but you know. Deities.

Kate at least is spared any further attention, at least, no more than a glare from the downed egyptian deities. Yes. They see that brand on her chest. And this time they got a good look at her.

Khonsu nods to Baldur, not spitting metaphorical venom at him. Baldur after all has the reputation of a Knight, or the Asgardian equivalent. Unimpeachable. The moon god concentrates and in a flash of silvery light the Pesedjet all vanish, leaving just the two now buried under Jean's makshift cairn.

And a lot of mess for folks to clean up. Other folks. Of course.

Hod holds a slimey hand out to Kate, beckoning her back to his side, "Sorry brother, but no. Your appearance here has already undone the good works of Loki, a sentence I never thought to hear myself say. You have endangered yourself, and once more put the Aesir at risk. Someone plays us for fools, me more then the rest of you, and I would know who." he smirks at Serqet's words, letting her depart without a parting shot from him. Plus, he's not ready to see Baldur again. Not yet.

He made his point in another manner. "One day we will … catch up, as the mortals say. But not today." his spear snikts down into it's cane size, and for all the fighting it's done it's the only part of him entirely clean of gore. "She's up there." he then says to Kate, pointing up in the general direction of Jean, since Kate clearly, somehow, missed her and seems unaware of her presence. Hod likes to be helpful. Plus, he can't tell Jean's supposed to be incognito… how would he know that? The little mask she's wearing? That he can't see? If he knew what half the heroes of NYC wore, he'd be shocked. He then points with the cane in Cindy's general direction, "You. Thank you." seems only polite after all.

By this point, Spider-Girl is committed to finishing this. She's never been in a fight to the death before, and her blood is boiling. However, when Khonsu disappears with the others, her clawed arm finds itself slashing through nothing, and this brings her pause.

For a few moments, the spider-like humanoid just stands there, chest heaving with heavy breaths. Then she turns and looks at Silk, and whomever might be left behind, still all armored up and looking creepy. "?Que pinche fue todo eso?"

The sound of sirens catches Jean's attention more than anything else, but as the gods under the pile of rubble appear to have surrendered, she lifts the pile of rubble long enough to allow them to depart before setting it gently down. At least most of the mess is in one place now?

But with the authorities coming, she's on her way out. She does look over to make sure Kate and Hod made it out all right, raising her hand to Kate, before she's getting away from the scene of the brawl.

The Gods At War begin to leave. At least, most of them, even as Baldur makes his 'request' to Khonsu, and Silk jumps back, to reassess Khonsu, and give Baldur space. When they agree to depart - for now - Silk breathes a sigh of relief. She wasn't sure how much more she could go, her webbing was running a bit thin, as it was. And she was going to need some protein, soon. And a hell of a lot of it.

The Silk-wrapped young woman with the covering over her lower face turns intense brown eyes on Baldur, then Jean, and finally Kate, and Hod. She doesn't have to ask Anya - Spider-Girl is in her protective chitin. "Everyone is okay?"

Sirens are heard. She shoots a web up into the air, to snag a building. "I probably shouldn't hang around. Don't like interviews," she confesses.

She nods to HOd, catching his words. "Anytime. I promised to protect people, with my abilities. Call me Silk. Look me up, sometime," she tells Hod, a smile sounding in her tone.

To Spider-Girl, "I don't speak Spanish. And, we need to get out of here. Come on." With that, and assurance that most everyone is okay, Silk zips up into the night-sky where she will most likely find an alley, rip off her costume to reveal the shorts and shirt underneath, and go devour a late night taco stand or chinese place.

Kate Bishop moves back to Hod's side with a sigh when he 'outs' Jean. "She's in disguise," she mutters out of the corner of her mouth to him. He likely could tell. It took her a short bit to get it, but then it kind of clicked into place once she thought of the telepath. Now it made more sense. Still, she casts a look between Hod and Baldur a moment only to shake her head. "Someone is framing your family for crimes they didn't commit and we stumbled right into it… And got blamed for it," she says the short and sweet of it. Then she takes Hod's hand giving a little tug ignoring the GROSS mess he currently was.

"Come on before the cops get here. There's some tunnels we can take." Drainage ditches. It worked. Not glamorous in the least but it worked. She gives a wave to the spidergals, and the departing Jean, as she tries to head off herself. "Glad I'm an only child."

"You assume that I shall just let you walk away." Baldur points out and with a hand on Gisl's shoulder, leaps back into the saddle. "I shall not. If there is a plot, I will know about it. You can either tell me of it yourself or trust that Loki will tell me all I need to know. I see now his request that I look for information in Asgard was merely a ploy to remove me from Midgard." Giving Hod a direct look, he says "I know not what you have been doing but it obviously is not done well." One merely needs to look at Hod and Kate to see that and her explanation is more information than he's received yet. Gisl starts to walk after Kate.

Anya takes a deep breath, and with a grunt, she flexes her arms and body, causing the armor to crack and fall to the ground in pieces. "Si," she tells Silk, passing one more look to the strangers they fought alongside before flinging a webline skyward and following in Cindy's wake.

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