2019-04-28 - The quietest earpiece ever made


Intervening on two thugs stealing a purse, Daredevil and Jane AKA st.roe, meet and seem to learn a couple of things one about the other, Jane understanding who hides behind Daredevil's mask, and Matt understanding that maybe the woman is not as average as she pretends to be, and that she has some very quiet earpieces that still give her a lot of info!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Apr 28 23:01:49 2019
Location: Hell's Kitchen

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Hell's kitchen is quiet, tonight, what with the late hour and people sleeping safely in their homes. Someone who is not sleeping at all is Matt, currently wearing the red costume and the mask of Daredevil, sitting quietly on the edge of a rooftop. Apparently he's doing nothing, hands on his laps, breathing slow and steady, eyes closed. His hears are however as active as they could be and his mind is processing tousands of sounds, picking up voices, words, conversations, and everything in a radius of almost 5 miles, his version of a patrol for now at least.

The lower levels of Hells Kitchen showed a different look than the rooftop. Here, the roads still were actively used by some. Some of them ordinary people. Some of them the night crowd. Some of them gangers. One of them, a Hacker on the prowl. She has her Laptop running in the Messanger bag at her side as she walzes through the faded crowd, the few people remaining more or less a steady stream of footsteps up to the rooftops. A steady white noise that reflects of the walls and windows, like a constant backdrop.

Matt Murdock scans the various sounds and even inhales the various smells of the town below, and even starts to get almost bored. Something not at all original, then, has him stand up and start sprinting towards the opposite edge of the rooftop, namely the scream of someone yelling for her purse to be returned by, using her words, a couple of sons of a mother who runs some body selling on the corners of streets.
The grappling hook fires from the extremity of Matt's billy club, and he swings downward, to land in an alley directly in front of a pair of young guys probably in their twenties, one of them holding a definitely not masculine purse.

Jane doesn't speed her steps at the yell, she doesn't hustle, but her hand reaches behind the messanger bag, pulling out a short stick. She doesn't change her speed as she turns into the side alley, moving up to the burglers and the Daredevil. It's jsut a slight hiss that hints about the short stick extending. But she doesn't give the two a talk, she just lifts the hanbo and stabs with it for the knee of the guy in front of her, a short spark along the metal plates on the end hinting of the high voltage that was meant to incapicitate people.

Matt Murdock Flicks his wrist, the hook retracting into the club, and swings said club to hit the side of the neck of the man who is not being zapped by a recently arrived woman. The force behind the swing is perfectly calibrated to render unconscious, more than to really cause any damage. His hears pick up the sound of the electrical charge, then his senses register the reactions of the probably unconscious man, and the purse falling to the floor. The billy club returning to the apposite sheath on Daredevil's left hip, he now seems to considers Jane, his senses focused on her now "nice job on that one…" he comments

The girl scoffs as the brute just collapses under the electroshock and the hit to the knee, but it is not usually enough to make somebody go unconscious. She lifts the Hanbo to turn the body to his back, pressing the tip against the neck of the man, making sure he was down and out. "Nice job? Dunno…" she mutters, her eyebrow twitching. That phone… did she know it?

"not everyone just zaps people that well, you know…" Matt comments, his senses registering the various details of the woman, his memory trying to find any corrispondences with people he could've met in the past. Something, maybe a memory, is trying to be recalled, the sound of a crowded place, pool tables…

"Not everybody slumps to the ground on some volts to the knee. Most need that to the chest or neck." Jane answers, the staff still on the neck of the felled one, just applying a little pressure. "You whacked the other one out. Concussions leave more marks."

Matt Murdock chuckles a bit at the woman's words "true that… But really, it will fade in a few days, time that this man will probably use to reflect on the fact that stealing purses is not healthy."
he falls quiet for a couple of seconds, then adds "and I guess the owner of the purse just called the police. And she is approaching herself, will be here in, mhm, a minute, maybe less, if she keeps running like that."

To that, Jane just shrugs, lifting the staff and have it collapse back into itself with an audible zip sound, stashing it back to the bag. "As if police is gonna arrive here in less than 15 minutes." she retorts, eying him over again before starting to move, just enough to pass him. "You know, you should get a secondary phone for the nightjob. Would be bad if the movement protocol of a lawyer showed them in the area of goons being beaten up…"

"oh they can react fast, when they want…" Is the answer that Daredevil gives to the police's speed, even if a shrug after those words indicate that when they want is usually not really that often. His eyebrows, then, rise behind the mask at the comment and his mind starts probably working as quickly as possible "that's true, I probably should…" and he is now likely both cursing himself for the lack of this basic defense, and trying to guess how did the girl find it out. "I trust not that many people can make the connection, at least for now… After all, not all of them have your, talents, I hope."

"You don't need talent to check machine IDs nearby with a basic Bluetooth and WiFi scan. And guess what? Those earpieces use Bluetooth." Jane chuckles as she taps her own ear, a small plastic piece in it. Actually more an alibi than actual device, but it was there. "The main problem is, the cellphone company saves from which tower your cell logs in, and if you are not practicing out of Hells Kitchen or close, and someone looks at the file, they might want an explanation."

Matt Murdock tilts his head slightly to the right "I am not that good with technology, I'll admit, but at least I know to turn off both bluetooth and wifi when I go around. If not for anything else, because it saves on battery and all…" the other part of the conversation, however, is surely something that has him thinking, or probably will have him planning for the rest of the night. "and then, you don't get to know someone is a lawyer just from checking his phone with bluetooth or wifi, because well, I didn't call it lawyer's phone, nor did I use my name on it, so…" he however seems to pull out a half smile "but then I guess people asking for explanations will not consider me as that much of a threat…" he mumbles.

"Nope, but your phone happily pings the tower with its phone number, and that is enough to do a backwards search." Jane chuckles as he claims to be a threat, or not one… "Plus, I had had that phone near my laptop earlier the month. Which means it recognized it, so no backup search needed."

Matt Murdock chuckles again "what I mean, is that you can't do all of those things while your laptop is sitting in your bag, and when I last met you, you wern't using it either… So, well, looks like we both know a thing about the other, sort of…" he turns slightly towards the end of the alley "and the owner of that bag is almost here…"

"Bud in the ear, daring. Got a bud in the ear telling me what phones are close. Who owns them on a bip." Jane notions as she shrugs again, the story being at least plausible to most. "So, you want to get outa here… I see. I think I will call this lawyer and ask for a meeting then." She starts to move slowly.

Matt Murdock can't refrain a bit of amusement now, his club coming out from the sheath "ah, really? Ok, then, if you say so…" and yes, the amusement is definitely audible in his voice "I look forward to the call…" he admits, his mind memorizing the scent of the woman just in case he needs to find her instead "and I want a prototype of that earpiece that manages to communicate without making any sound, that looks cool to have" he chuckles, the club moving upwards and the grappling hook firing from its tip to attach itself to a nearby building, then Matt jumps upwards and is gone over the rooftop, where he'll probably turn off his phone immediately just to be sure.

St.Roe shrugs again before dashing into the night, this time with more speed. Well, he had called her bluff, but she might come up with a bud that was almost silent… Bone conducting headphones!

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