2019-04-27 - Two truths and a lie


Loki comes to talk to Amora and get her help

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Storyteller: {$storyteller}
Date: 04/27/2019
Location: Asgard Embassy

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Midgard 'telephones' seemed a lot more novel and quaint before Amora's started ringing off the hook. Perhaps the 'functional antique' motife has backfired, because, GOD, the ringing. Amora is hunched over a wide desk, holding an phone to her ear with one head and shifting through various documents with another whens he's not pinching the bridge of her nose, speaking with a kind of patience that's rapidly wearing down. "No, we have nothing new to say at this time. No, it is- we apologise *profusely* for the public scene, but it is an Asgardian matter between two- Yes. No! No comment.!"

It's that kinda day, where you wish you'd stayed on Asgard.

"You need to get cell phone." Comes a familiar purr. The source though is just one of many of the guards here. That is, until he nudges the door shut with his foot. Then the illusion shifts to reality. The trickster's form matches his voice, armored, but without the helm and cape. He holds up both hands. "Do not attack." swiftly follows.

Amora, usually the portrait of poise and confidence, utterly self assured in her wiles, goes visibly pale at the sight of one of the two remaining princes of Asgard, very quickly sputtering, "I'llcallyouback" before noisily pushing the phone down on the reciever with one hand, and suddenly drawing a green-hilted dagger with the other, reflexively holding it out towards Loki.

At a glance, it doesn't seem like she's actually been trained to use such a thing.

Green eyes wide, teeth clenched and visibly anxious, Amora tersely replies, "I don't know if I'd be lauded or executed if I did, Your Majesty." Funny, she always used to say that with either deference or whatever catty slant on reverance she likes to play at. Not so much right now. "What are you doing here?" She asks, though she could make a few guesses. The knife does not go down, despite your request, but it's not lunging at you either, which is something.

"There is a monster on the loose…and its not me. I found out than an assassin has come from the Otherworld…a dark, fae creature. It almost killed a former Valkyrie with its poison. Its here for Baldur, first and foremost, to finalize the destruction of at least one pantheon. To make us angry at the Tuatha De Dannon, just as we are meant to have the Egyptians angry with us. I told Baldur to do some research on Asgard, and then I killed him in public. Illusions. He's fine. The assassin has lost its primary target. Its bound to go for someone else we all like. Sif maybe. Hodr. You. Care to help me find the Olympians that have started all this?" Loki arches his brows, hands still up in a peaceful gesture.

Amora is very tense as she listens to you, gears turning in her head with an increasingly concerned look in her eyes. That said, the list of new targets that may be in danger don't illicit much visible reaction from her until she gets named as one of them, prompting a deep breath as she presses her lips together tightly in consternation.

She adjusts her slightly shaky grip on the dagger. She'd sort of like to believe him - it would be a much less complicated situation to be dealing with, politically, and would mean that she's not presently in danger from one of the more powerful Asgardians… AND it jives a bit with some of what she's seen in regards to the scarabs… but…

"… You ask me to accept a great deal on your word alone, Prince Loki." she says, managing to keep most of the shaking out of her voice. "… I'd prefer some kind of proof that Prince Baldur is alive… But I'm listening…"

"You can find a man named Wade Wilson and get the truth from him if you like, but I would much prefer it if you did not advertise my innocence. I stand to gain far more information if the enemy thinks I am potentially on their side. I need the enemy to believe that Baldur is dead. Oh…or I suppose you could go home, find Baldur there yourself." Loki winks at her then and takes some steps closer, still with his hands up. Then he drops them lower, trying to lay his hand gently on her forearm that is holding the shaking dagger.

Amora's hand is steadied by Loki's grasp, and Amora looks up at him uncertainly. More or less at this point, an equation finishes turning in her head. If he's innocent, then this is fine and could benefit her. If he's guilty, she may survive longer or learn something from playing along.

If he's going to kill her? She can't actually stop him.

So, not for the first time, Amora gambles a bit. The dagger vanishes in a brief silent sparkle of green light, and Amora sighs gently, closing her eyes, and lowering her head.

When she looks back up at him again, the charm's back on, a mask of grateful relief on her enchanting face. "… I knew there must have been some kind of mistake, My Liege…"

The Prince of Lies lets his grip slide down her fingertips, then away. He's still rather close, definitely in her personal space. "Mmm." He hums at her relief. "I believe it is the Olympians causing all this trouble. They have not chosen a side…and they do not wish to pinpoint themselves, but have done so anyway by using creatures from other pantheons besides ours. And none hate us both so well. So…have you heard of any Olympians milling about New York?" He turns around and starts pacing.

Amora feels some amount of relief when she doesn't immediately die upon lowering her guard. Not that she's not keeping an eye out, but, well, she's not typically a fighter. Not a fair or close-range fighter anyway. She listens quietly and shakes her head softly. "None that I've been made aware of, no." She says, though she brings her hand to her chin thoughtfully. "Though now that you mention it, it *is* curious. The Scarab I was investigating last you were here. It was inscribed to draw on the power of beings of many pantheons, though the man who brought it to me believed they were trying to divert attention away from their true source." She purses her lips slightly. "… I do not specifically recall the Olympians being among them. I'd be curious to re-check that."

Loki nods faintly. "Yes…this is exactly why I have come to you. We need to know who the true enemy is…so that Asgard can clear its reputation with the other pantheons, and also so we can destroy the ones that did this. Whatever you need to do to get closer. Tuatha…Olympian, these are those who have a history of hating us, AND the Psedjet."

Amora smiles faintly despite herself. "Well, I do have my ways~. I'll look into it, with urgency." She tilts her head slightly. "Though I confess, it would be considerably easier if I could call upon *others* who are aware of the broader situation. Is there no one else you've trusted with this secret, Your Majesty?"

"You are the first I have told of everything. But…Fenris is also out there. Hod and Sif were called out by the Egyptians for murder as well. They can help. I suppose you may mention it to /Thor/…and of course when Baldur shows back up, which he is certain to eventually do." There is a pause in his thoughts. "I have to admit, I am not fully certain that Hodr isn't too bitter these days."

Amora seems genuinely surprised, crossing her arms and saying, softly, "Well… I'm honored!" And if Loki's on the level, maybe she actually will be! She nods along silently, furrowing her brow at the mention of Hod, and unable to suppress a small smile at the mention of Thor. "I'll use discretion, regardless. Honestly… innocent or not, I don't know if it's worth it to place any trust, or even involve ourselves with Hod. Ragnarok still rests on his shoulders." She sighs. "Honestly, it puzzles me that King Odin 'merely' exiled him." Amora winces faintly and adds, "With all respect and deference, my liege."

Loki draws in a deep breath. "It troubles me a great deal to see Fenris again…as glad as I am also to see him. That he…and Hod…are in the same city. Yes, troubling." Loki exhales and lifts his hand. "But I am not a prophet. I just know we have a duty to try to break /this/ one. I believe that is what father hoped for. That we would not become what we were foretold to be." A frown. "But he has a hilarious way of showing that…exiling people at a fair frequency."

Amora merely smiles somewhat wryly and says, for the umpteenth time today, "No comment." in regards to Odin's frequent reaction to 'troublemakers' in the pantheon. If Loki's faking, he's playing the long con. She can respect that. But she's mostly begun to believe him at this point. Insofar as she trusts anyone. "But if your assassins are tied to the scarabs, I'll discover it. I'll… leave Hod to his own devices, so long as Prince Baldur is safe on Asgard."

Why Baldur ever risks travel to Midgard while Hodr is on the same planet, Amora can not guess. She supposes it has something to do with all that 'courage' that gets talked up in royal circles. Seems needlessly risky to her, but who is she to question? Openly?

Loki nods faintly. "Let me know if he does show up, will you?" Then, Loki waves his hand and he changes back into the Asgardian guardsman…nothing to see here!

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