2019-04-27 - Twin Vulpix


Kate and Betty have a heart to heart.

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Storyteller: N/A
Date: April 27th, 2019
Location: Local Fair, NY

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The Rockland Free Fair is runnign this weekend and it seems that Kate has decided she'd like to go for the evening. Right now, the pair are walking pat the gigantic top that works at the center of the event, the brightly lit ferris wheel lighting the sky in the distance. There is someone not too far away who is practicing blowing fire whilst waving a torch, and other classic acts are out mingling with people and showing off. A large man with a number of swords walks past on the pair's left.

For her part, Kate is eyeing the rides in the distance - and the enormous section set aside for food tents and trucks off to their left. It's the Carnival, and it's only running for two mroe nights.

"So. WHat would you like to do first? We could always do… Anything, actually. It's a Fair." Kate has an edge of excitement to her soft, even voice that isn't usually there. "I never really went to these when I was younger…"

"I didn't either," Betty smiles gently. "I did, sometimes, when I was little, but once Ben got a bit bigger, well." Shrugging, she leaves that memory where it belongs. Tonight, Betty is dressed in something more casual; jeans, sneakers, a comfortable shirt and something light on her arms for the lingering Winter chill. Her hair is up and her demeanor is care-free.

"I adore the food at fairs. Funnel Cake, candy apples, cotton candy…corndogs! Christ, I haven't had a good corndog in ages." She eyes the games, the rides, and then points off in a direction. "Do you like Pokemon? I do, but if you don't, well…you can pick something else. Com'on!" Betty decides, taking Kate's hand and dragging her along.

"Corn dogs sound nice. I actually love food with a lot of grease—- hey!" Kate makes a face, but she's grinning when she's dragged off by Betty despite the fact she makes osme grumbling noises and stumbles a little as they walk. It's not any real resistance.

"Okay. Pokemon? What?" There's a blink from Kate, who is now staring up at the rows of plushies in front of her. She tilts her head, then arches a brow and looks over at Betty. Silence follows for a long time. "…I really liked vulpix when I was a kid," Kate admits quietly. "Because she was red. Like my hair." It's stated in the most carefully deadpan voice ever.

Betty Brant smiles and looks around, trying to find the fox in question. "I liked just about all of them. Well, after you get passed first gen, I'm a little lost but, they're very cute." A smile, she looks Kate's way. "Charmander and Eevee are my favorites. Eevee a bit more, I think." She smiles and keeps looking. Grinning, she spots what she was searching for and for a moment stalls between a normal Vulpix or one with the dotted, derpy face of a Ditto. Few knew the nerd part of Betty Brant.

Digging out some cash she offers it to the stand employee, her painted fingers reaching down and holding around a yellow softball. "A Vulpix for the lady. If I get enough points, I want both." She tells the attendent before tossing a ball and hitting its mark. Smirking, she winks toward the man running the game. Apparently, Betty knew exactly how it was played.

"Eevee too. And… Mew," Kate continues to admit in that quiet voice. She's whispering. Few know the softer side of Marine Kate. But she's sharing that with Betty now. She stares at all of the toys ahead of them before glancing at the ball Betty is holding.

"No one ever wins these things," Kate begins, arching a brow. Despite her voiced skepticism she is staring at the vulpix in question with an uncharacteristically wide-eyed gaze. Far from the usually self-assured, slightly sarcastic Katherine Kane.

"Same. I can get them all, if you'd like." Betty promises, tossing another ball and slotting it perfectly. "Snorlax. Squirtle. Geesh, we should just get all of them." One last ball and it flies in, gives a spin and tempts itself to fall away, losing the game. With a look, urging it to stay, the sphere just does so and Betty yells out a happy noise before bouncing up. "Ha!" Clearing her throat, she points to the toys she wants. Handing out the twin foxes, she smiles Kate's way. "Here you go."

Kate takes the vulpix. She's oddly subdued as she holds it up to loo kit in the eyes for a second. Then the woman tucks it under her arm and holds it close agianst her side. She looks over at Betty then back to the pokemon and nods slowly. "Maybe we should keep going. I have nothing else to do, and I think you scared the guy running the booth." Then again, he doesn't seem bothered. They are, after all, paying customers.

"Maybe next time. For now, I did what I wanted to do." She smiles, tucking the Ditto faced fox under her own arm. "I vote food now. Horrible, horrible, I'll hate myself for eating it, food." Turning with the red-head, Betty starts walking and keeping a steady pace with Kate.

"Hey, I wanted to talk to you about a few things if that's ok. It's a fun night, and I don't want to make things too heavy. So, if you'd rather not have 'a talk', I'm fine with that."

"Talk is fine," Kate will reply resolutely. Still clinging to the vulpix with an uncharacteristic degree of closeness as they walk. Even if she didn't comment otherwise. They areheaded toward the tents now, with Kate just barely in the lead due to the length of her stride.

"Anyway, you don't need to hate yourself. Besides. Corn dogs. You know you want at /least/ one to go with all the funnel cake. So… Self loathing later. Fried fair food now."

Betty Brant agrees, lining up for their treat of dog in cornbread. Her side of choice? Ketchup. An odd mirror of Kate, with stuffed animal in one hand and 'dog in the other, she takes a bite and strides. "Well, I've been thinking about a lot of things." She begins. Few conversations go well this way.

"I enjoy my time with you more than I origially thought I would. You're so kind and sweet to me. Honestly, it's terrifying." Confession made, she glances Kate's way. "I, before I assume anything and look like an idiot, what, um…were you hoping we'd be something? I mean, these are dates, aren't they?"

"You're enjoying time with me more than you thought you would? I'm not sure if I should be offended or not." The faint smile that follows betrays Kate's teasing, however, and the redhead takes a moment to study Betty while she considers what she'll say next. There's no tension there, just a refusal to rush to speak.

"It's alright if you don't want to date me, you know," Kate begins carefully. "I was hoping. Yes. I thought we had something going. Though, ever since I kissed you that first night…"

Kate pauses there and then gives a shrug. "I want you to enjoy yourself. So. It doesn't have to be anything you don't want. But I've really been enjoying hanging out together."

"No! No." Betty frets at the teasing, her face faultering into that normal apologetic look. Never one to want to rock the boat (at least not when she didn't want to). "I mean I enjoy you, being with you. Hanging out. I don't know good I'd be as a partner. I've been honest with you, though, about things happening in my life. I want to get those squared away."

Silencing herself with eating, she tosses the small wooden stick away in a passing bin. "I think we have something going, too. It just scares me. Horribly. That's all me."

"Elizabeth Brant," Kate replies, arching a brow as she does. "I can't lie to you. She takes a deep breath and holds it for a few long seconds, letting them count away as green eyes seek Betty's slightly more varied ones.

"One or both of us might get hurt. I'm… Not always a prize catch myself, you know. I told you all about how I usually do the 'dating' thing.

"But I don't want to let maybes get between us. Not you and me." A beat. "… SO what do you really want out of this? Forget what I want. Forget being afraid for just a second. Tell me you don't want 'us' to be a thing and I'll drop it. But I don't think you'll say that."

"I," she stalls out now, holding the Ditpix in her arms protectively. Staring at Kate, she doesn't relent in the gaze, only breaking it away to see where they were. The people around her, the noise, it all started to get to be too much. Reaching down she takes the woman's hand, urging her to walk with her. Silent, for now, she waits until the pair are finally in a cart of the ferris wheel and swinging up into the sky.

"I want love." She nods to herself then. "But I know it's not that easy. I want to enjoy myself for awhile yet. Remember what it's like to flirt and tease and have a good time." Looking to Kate, she smiles again. "I want you in my life. I know that much. I just don't know how to handle what I'm feeling."

"No one ever does, " Kate replies softly but then she'll give a slow nod. She scoots closer then, putting an arm around Betty and leaning her head onto the blonde's shoulder. "But I want to try. So…" Kate twists slightly so that she can face Betty more fully. "Do I have permission to kiss you?"

Vulpix is sitting beside Kate, watching. It does not appear to be very judgmental.

"It's horrible of me to say 'I want the world' and then ask for Kate Kane to be my girlfriend. Isn't it?" Betty asks, smiling at the red-head even as her own arm moves to wrap around the woman's lower back. The question of permission is given a nod, a nod and then a press forward by the dirty-blonde who hugs her lips to Kate's own.

"Horrible isn't how I'd put it," Kate replies earnestly, shifting her weight forward into the embrace as Betty leans into her. Their lips meet, soft nad sweet at first, though the kiss deepens as they reach the top of the brightly lit ferris wheeel. At that moment they could look out and see the entire fair, sparkling beneath the night sky. But right now Kate hardly seems to care.

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