2019-04-27 - Seven in a hit


Daredevil and the black canary stopped a group of wannabe bank robbers as they were trying to plan the hit.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Apr 27 15:41:20 2019
Location: Hell's Kitchen

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Tonight, hell's kitchen is as alive as a part of new york can be at barely past midnight, but most of the people are on the street or inside of their homes, or clubs, or wherever people go on a saturday night.
Daredevil is, currently, sitting on the edge of a building high above the street, dressed in his red costume and with his club sheathed on his left hip. The building is not one chosen randomly, however, since behind the windows of the top floor of the building directly in front of it, it seems some men are working while the rest of the town is partying. The nature of their work, however, seems to be planning a bank robbery, at least judging by what the seven people gathered around a table are talking about behind the protection of their glass window.

Dinah was wearing her street clothing, leather jacket and black skirt certainly perfect for completing the look. Fortunately for her? It was rather easy to conceal a costume underneath. One skirt undone, one jacket unzipped and a mask out of her pocket was all she needed to be 'Black Canary' once more. Tonight she wasn't just wandering the city, she was hunting down a lead.

In the darkness of the lounge she'd been singing in earlier in the week? One of the thugs had gotten a little too chatty. A slip of the tongue was all she'd needed to commit the meeting place to memory for later. Her bike pulls into the alleyway a few buildings over, but it was as close as she dared go without risking her bike's rumble giving her away. One quick change made and she moves to draw closer. Time to ruin some bank-robber's day.

The street below is not that full of people right now, at least not the one under Matt's feet, save for someone that seems to be approaching after dismounting for a motorcycle that, even if probably not hearable for average people, was still something probably daredevil could've picked up. Slowly, he stands up on the rooftop's edge, a red silouette seen from the street, drawing his club and twirling it a bit in the air experimentally.
The men, behind the glass window, are apparently discussing plans, pointing occasionally at a map in front of them detailing one of Hell's kitchen's banks and, considering the small amount of arguing, they don't seem to be agreeing on a single strategy, giving the idea of a not so organized group of people. The only thing that could make them dangerous, it seems, are the various knives that each one of them seems to have attached to their belt on the left, and the glok19 visible on the right. Not organized maybe but surely with some good weapons on them.

Everything about the skin that Dinah's outfit shows or the color of her hair might be eye-catching, so it's almost startling how well she slips into the shade. Moving through the dark, she drifts closer through the darkness of the floor. She was good, very good, but there were too many to pick off if they're looking at each other like that without it turning worse.

Plan B then.

A deep breath, the woman steps through the dark and looks towards the light. That breath released, the high-pitched note screams through the air to shatter lights and plunge the room into darkness…and throw both the table and thugs sliding across the room.

Alright subtle didn't help.

Matt Murdock was considering how to make his entrance, but apparently someone else already decided for him! His hears pick an almost painful sound, then his senses register what is happening behind the window in front of him on the other side of the street.
Matt swings his grappling hook in the air, then jumps off the side of the building, legs forward and both feet impacting with the window. The glass shatters and the man rolls forward, his hook already retracting into the club that swings to the side, catching one of the thugs behind his neck. The darkness of the room is surely an advantage, for him at least, but he would have to be extra careful considering maybe now someone is in there that is not a bank robber, or a wannabe bank robber.
A bit of the room's actual condition could be revealed in a brief flash of light, showing two thugs already down, three considering the one just hit by Matt, and the other two taken out by the table. THe other four are in various states of recovery, one of them however managed to draw his gun and the brief flash of light that eluminated the room, unfortunately, happens to be said gun firing blindly in the air.

Canary was already moving, her own movement a rush through the dark towards the silhouettes. Her heeled boot was already colliding with her first foe. There's the sound of her own clubs snapping open, extending into a pair of collapsable battons before they lock together in a simple quarterstaff. She turns to the next…only someone or 'something' else was already upon him. It didn't look like one of the 'bats', but at least the mystery vigilante appeared to be on her side. Twisting around, she brings her weapon clashing across the blind-firing thug's gunhand to send his weapon clattering across the floor before she twirls her staff and brings one end crashing into his chin.

Matt Murdock Doesn't really recognize the woman fighting with a quarterstaff, not right now at least, and it is not like he has that much time to focus since the gun fires and then the gunner is dropped by the abovementioned woman. He turns too, his foot hitting the head of another thug and his club swinging downward to take another one out of the games.
Originally there were seven of them in the room, two were hit first by a table, a third by Matt upon entering. A fourth by the unknown woman and then a fifth still by her, counting the two dropped by daredevil right now, the room is considerably quiet, and it took just a couple of seconds!
Sheathing his club on his left hip again, and listening carefully the heartbeat of the thugs, to make sure they're all passed out, the red dressed man nods slightly "looks like they're down, for now… Someone'll have to replace the window, though…"

Over and done with, Dinah exhales a small breath before she looks towards the man in red. There's a pause, a tilt of her head before she lowers her weapon. "So…'Devilman' or something huh?" she questions before turning towards the fallen men on the table. "Neat." At least there's a likelihood the cops are on their way after her cry.

Moving towards the tabletop, she bends to the desk and turns the plans over. There was still the question of where they got their info, but she'd have to leave that to the cops.

Matt Murdock straightens up, moving in the room to check every occupant in turn, apparently with no troubles at all no matter the darkness. "sort of, they use to call me daredevil, or the devil of Hell's Kitchen, or anything on that line…" he explains,, approaching the woman and inhaling deeply the scent of all the room, discerning the single parts and people "looks like one of them was an employee of that bank, at least, judging from the fact he seems to have been working there all day." fact given away by the smell of paper, money, people and a couple of other bank things still lingering on him. "and cops will be here in, hmm…" he focuses, his hears picking up the sound of sirens and police cruisers "two minutes, I'd say…"

"Leave it there for the cops," Dinah answers, glancing over the unconcious thugs and raising an eyebrow as the 'Devil' steps closer to her and sniffs like that. Of course, he'd probably be able to pick the mix of leather, motorcycle fuel, sweet and the sweeter notes of shampoo and perfume that make up her scent, but she'd hardly be able to guess that. Instead she turns towards the door, already making her departure. "Lets be out of here in one minute then. They're not going to get much better evidence than this after all…"

One last nod, she pauses at the door. "Black Canary," she offers in introduction. "See you around 'Daredevil'." Then she's out the door.

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