2019-04-26 - Welcome Home, Falcone


An attempted assassination attempt on a mob boss is thwarted!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Apr 26 14:13:08 2019
Location: Mario's Pizza

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It's a night of celebration. Mario's Pizza has been rented out, and decorated. 'Welcome Home' signs have been hung up, pizzas are fresh in the oven - the good wine is being broken out. As the candles are lit and the tables are set, the crowd is already pretty full in the pizzeria. Apparently someone important is coming.

Standing on a nearby rooftop, the shadows move slightly, as the Batman has taken up the watch. He's away from Staten Island tonight - and there's a good reason for it. That reason arrives shortly as a black sedan pulls up to the curb.

The driver gets out and steps around to the back of the car. Opening the door, a older gentlemen, dressed in an expensive suit, steps out and looks around. His hair is slicked back, light grey in color as he reaches in to help out a woman that's years younger than he is. And as he enters the pizzeria, there's a loud cheer.

Carmine Falcone is out of prison. Again.

Hell's kitchen is getting more and more safe as long as days pass, and that means that things to do, for the blind and red vigilante named Daredevil, are not as many as they used to be. The thing is that Matt is simply unable to stay home and do his average life, so lately moving out of his neighbourhood to fight crime and make sure the city is safe is becoming a quite common thing.

At the moment, the man without fear is wearing his armoured red costume, with the billy club sheathed on his left hip, or at least it sheathes there as soon as Matt lands on the rooftop in front of the one occupied by Batman, just above the car from which someone is coming out.

Theres a third figure in the area, walking down the street. Female, one might assume, considering the cheap and poorly fitted second hand clothing, the dirty hoodie worn up over her face. There's a hint of some blue in the otherwise black hair, and her eyes look sick, as if she's going through withdrawals. Arms are tucked close to each other to prevent herself from itching uncontrollably, and as she walks, there's a certain fidgeting nature to her movements.

This young woman, her hands curled up and clenching the inside of her oversized hooded sweatshirt, eyeballs the car with a certain sense of desperate fear. The well dressed man and his woman are halfway to the entrance of the pizzeria before she musters her courage and approaches, lifting her voice. "'Scuse me! Scuse me, kind sir? I r… really don't wanna bother you, b-but, I'm… I really just need some bus fare?"

There's a lift of a brow beneath Batman's cowl as the girl approaches Carmine. He hadn't expected that. Already, his inboard lens HUD is trying to get a facial reognition on the hooded woman.

Carmine, on the other hand, pauses. "This city." he sighs. "Always looking for a handout."

His wife pats his arm gently. "We should help, darling." she coaxes gently.

"I am feeling generous tonight." he admits, as he starts to reach into his wallet.

From down the block, a car starts to accelerate. Matt's senses will pick up the sudden acceleration of the vehicle as it approaches the pizzeria, the windows on it going down as a pair of black barrels come protruding from the passenger and back passenger windows.

"Time for you retire, Falcone!" calls out the passenger, as both guns start to blaze at the front of the pizzeria, shattering glass, as bullets dance towards the man and wife that the young woman set up perfectly to be out in the open.

Matt Murdock started to reach for the handle of his club almost as soon as he noticed the accelerating car, because really, who would accelerate like that? The club comes out from its support and the grappling hook goes flying, Matt swinging down from the rooftop to get to the street below as fast as possible. Even if he's acrobatic, there's no way he'd be able to just hit the barrel of the guns on a moving car so the only alternative that comes to mind, right now, is getting the targets on the street safe, and that'd involve swinging down from above, hitting Falcone, his wife and even Anya if she doesn't move out of the way, in order to throw them to the floor. Might not be that elegant, not even free from pain, but better to be hit by a man than a bullet for sure.

The young, would be junkie keeps her hood worn closely, as if she only wanted someone to see her face if they were looking directly at her, and even then, only the lower half of her face. This, in and of itself, isn't at all uncommon… especially among those looking for a handout, or looking to cause trouble. She turns toward Falcone's wife, and there's a smile upon her lips. "Thank you," she says, and begins moving her hands to expose them from within her oversized sweatshirt. There's a moment when they become visible, and they appear to be… covered in black. That's odd. It may still be cold in the city at night, but not exactly that cold.

The young woman's lips turn into a smirk as Falcone's wallet comes out, but the voice coming from the car brings her pause. There's a reason the young woman is so adept at playing this role; she grew up around it, and has seen plenty of it. She's also seen plenty of drive-by's, and the moment she hears a voice shouting from a car, in a place like this, at a time like this? Instinct takes place.

A split second before Daredevil strikes her, the young woman leaps into the air with a strength that defies humanity. Her body flips end over end and she lands upon the side of the building, right above the sign advertising the pizzeria, and clings there by one hand and both feet. The hood falls, revealing a black mask that covers the upper half of her face, with two large white eye patches and a shock of hair poking out from the back.

The other hand sweeps forward, fingers arched, and thin lines of a black substance stream forward toward the speeding car's rear end.

Falcone is thrown to the ground, his wife crying out in shock as Daredevil takes them both down. The pair hit the ground, as the vigilante wanted them to, the wallet sliding away from the mafia boss. Inside the restaurant, there's reaction as others that weren't hit are starting to come out of the restaurant.

The car is snagged by the woman's 'webs' and is yanked hard, bringing it to a sudden halt that slams the passengers within against the dashboard and headrests. Stumbling out of the car, one of the passengers is holding his gun.

One of the goons from within the restaurant reaches into his belt to pull out a pistol. "Thanks, lady, you just made our life easier."

And that's how the pair may find themselves in the middle of a potential crossfire.

As the goon starts to pull his pistol, a sound is heard from the shadows, and the man screams as a batarang strikes his hand, forcing him to drop the pistol.

Moving from the shadows and off the rooftop, Batman drops down on top of the getaway car, staring down at the assault weapon would-be assassin.

When Carmine sees this - he frowns. He doesn't say a word. His goons know what to do - and he knows what may happen if he orders the hit. At least four other men are starting to come out of the restaurant now.

Matt Murdock rolls forward on the floor and is back on his feet as soon as Falcone and his wife are out of danger, sort of. His billyclub is held in his right hand at the ready and it swings in an arch, the grappling hook shooting towards the pistol of the goon that wasn't disarmed by the batarang, the man without fear crouching down to offer a smaller target "no firefights in the middle of a street, guys… Please…"

The masked woman slips a little - that's the whole problem with wearing shoes! However, the black webline holds, and she barely avoids slipping off the side of the building by sheer force of will. Stopping all of that machinery and the horsepower with it? Not easy.

With a frustrated grunt, she kicks one foot after the other, causing the shoes to fall off, revealing more black. Now she can grip the wall with both feet. Now she really has the advantage. Or so she thinks.

Anya is about to yank that car backward when suddenly, there's a cowled figure in black, a large figure, dropping into it from above. Frowning, she flicks her hand and releases the webline, then leapfrogs across the face of the building so that she's away from the sign and has greater visibility.

Another mask, in red? Clearly she's not the only one who heard about this little party and decided some people needed to be taught a lesson.

With a grunt, Spider-Girl flings both hands forward, releasing herself from the wall. A pair of weblines fall from above, snatching up to pistols that are promptly yanked free and thrown high into the air. Now falling from the building, she aims her body toward the third of those four, knowing full well that she can take the impact. She's not so sure about the goon, and that has her grinning.

Spider-Girl slams into the crowd, two of the pistols are taken away. The third is hit, but the fourth aims swing a punch at the girl as she lands on the ground. When the baton hits against the other would-be street assassin's weapon knocking it aside. He starts to reach for a pistol when Batman is suddenly on him, slamming him face first into the side of the car.

Carmine, however, gains his senses. "That's enough!" he calls out. His men? To a man, stop what they're doing as they're moving to put away their weapons, glaring uneasingly at the masked heroes as Carmine rises to his feet as he dusts himself off. "These men.. and woman.." a glare at Anya. "…saved my life. We won't atack them - I want them to find out who tried to kill me." He puts his hands up in the air. Technically, he, nor anyone else has yet to fire a shot.

Carmine may be old - he may not be the most dangerous - but he's one of the smarter mob bosses. Right now, there's not a crime to charge him with - if anything, he's the victim.

Matt Murdock stands up, straightening himself, the hook returning to his club and it sheathing on his left hip again.
"well, the ones near that car, I'd say…" Matt replies, pointing in the direction of the would be assassins without even turning to glance at them, for obvious reasons, but the pointing at least is accurate as it could be. "not even guessing the reason…" he adds in a mumble, and even starts walking towards the failing assassins, already with his senses on high alert to pick up every detail about them. Their scent, for a start, and every other detail he could gather with his four senses, both about the two men and the car.

The punch lands into Spider-Girl's torso, but she doesn't even flinch. Instead, her hand flips around to grasp the attacker's forearm, but the shout from Carmine stops her from breaking his arm. She turns to face the mob boss, then releases his goon with a gruff sound.

"Don't forget your wallet," the girl quips, before casting a look toward Batman and Daredevil. The oversized pants and hoodie are annoying, so she rips at least the hoodie off and tosses it toward one of Falcone's goons, revealing more of the black and white costume beneath.

"I could tell you the reason," she murmurs in response to Murdock, though she really wasn't intending for anyone to hear that.

The men stink of Staten Island. They come from the Bat's part of New York. The other two men in the car are out-cold - taken out by Spider-Girl's sudden deceleration of the vehicle. The one in the back seat gives a little moan, alerting the man with no fear that he's starting to come around.

Falcone stares at the young woman as she reveals herself. Picking up his wallet, he gives a dry huff of a chuckle. And then he pulls out a Benjamin and offers it to Anya. "Not as creative as the other wall-crawler. Here's your 'bus fare'." is said with a smirk as he holds it out for the lithe woman as she moves to approach the others.
RAs for Batman himself? He's hard to get a read on. Almost as if he is able to mask most everything about him, as he twists the gunner around and pins him to the car. "TALK." he demands of the man. One word, really, it's all it takes.

The guy looks between the Bat and the Man with No Fear and swallows. "Leggy dame, she's in charge now. Pulling all the strings. Says that Staten Island's got too many chiefs, not enough indians, you dig? Told us to get rid of the old chiefs. Not just us - sent out a lot of us. The Boss, he's pulling her strings, says it's time for the Island to come to heel, and then we take care of the Bats.."

Matt Murdock moves around the car, opening one of the doors, the one next to the awakening man, and a quick pressure under his jaw should be enough for him to keep sleeping for another bit. Two are already enough, anyways.
Turning in the direction of spidergirl, hearing her comment, he stiffles a low chuckle "eh anyone with a bit of brain would probably guess that quite easily, I think, hm?" he comments, again for her hears only considering the low volume of his voice. "I confirm his words, anyways. The car comes from staten island." and this time, his words are addressed to Batman.

"Pandejo," is Spider-Girl's response to the offer of money, and a particularly vulgar dismissal of Carmine in general. She lightly leaps out of the ugly, baggy sweat pants next, and flings them at another one of Carmine's goons for good measure, before pausing to eyeball Batman and his strategies. Her arms come to cross over her chest and she just watches, likely with an eyebrow cocked beneath the concealing half-mask.

"I guess the whole, supply and demand thing applies to everyone," she remarks with a surly tone, but one simply can't hide the Latina origin to her voice.

Batman frowns as he looks towards the two, and he gives a grim nod of his head. "Power begots power." he rumbles quietly, a sharp forearm to the head of the last assassin to take him down. "I know who he speaks of." There's a glance to Carmine. "The new is always wanting to replace the old - and this is how they do it in their world. He's going to have enough looking over his shoulder to do. These three will be in custody soon enough." he comments, before looking to the others.

"I've seen your work in Hell's Kitchen. I've also heard about the kidnappings there. I've had the same. We should speak on it." Though his attention drifts over to the young woman. "You still have a lot to learn." he says to Anya, before his attention returns to the rooftops, and the sounds of sirens in the distance. And taking out his grapple line, he fires off a line to head off into the darkness again.

"we should speak, yes…" Daredevil answers to batman, his nostrils already trying to pick up his scent from behind the mask, a good tracking tool for sure. Checking briefly the pulse of the passed out men to make sure they'll not cause troubles anytime soon, he turns in spidergirl's direction "police will be here in approximately half a minute…" he informs her, then draws his club and shoots the grappling hook upwards, latching on the edge of a building to swing upwards on the nearest rooftop"

Is that… did Spider-Girl just make a face at Batman? That's a big yes. She forces a big, overdramatic frown, her mouth moving in silent, sarcastic non-words.

He's right, of course, and she knows it.

"Practice makes perfect," she remarks, before flinging a hand in a quick gesture. A ball of webbing shoots forth and slams right into the groin of one of Falcone's thugs, eliciting a groan and a bending of the knees, not to mention an irritating webwork over his pants that's gonna keep him from being able to properly go to the bathroom for a couple of hours.

A quick upnod is given to Daredevil, and the young woman spins and leaps into the air, her own legs vaulting her a good twenty feet up before a webline is fired in a third, unrelated direction; uptown.

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